Seeing Double


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Disclaimer: All sexual activity is between characters over the age of 18. I hope you enjoy…


I’d been dating Amy for about five weeks, and had progressed from dating weekly to dating twice per weekend to dates almost every night. She was 26 years old to my 28, 5’5″, a long-haired blonde with an athletic build. We had met at a dance club, and after dancing together for two hours, she gave me a phone number that didn’t turn out to be bogus, and she accepted when I called and asked her out to dinner for the following weekend.

But we still hadn’t slept together. Usually, it only took me 5 or six dates to get a girl in bed, but Amy and I were up to 12 dates, and I still hadn’t gotten past second base with her. We’d go out, have a great date, whether dinner or dancing or a movie, laughed our asses off most of the time and would spend at least an hour making out in my car in front of her apartment building, before she said good night and got out of the car. And I’ll tell you, it was a damn glorious set of tatas to play with, C cups with thick nipples, and I could tell she was having little orgasms from the stimulation, but she’d slap my hand if it strayed further south and say “Not yet.”. But it never felt like she was being a cock-tease, even though my balls ached after a couple of those nights and I had to masturbate to get to sleep.

It was more like she was waiting for something, something to give her permission to go further. I didn’t know what it was, but I was willing to find out. I was already falling in love, and there was no way I was going to screw that up by being too demanding with her. I’d actually even browsed a couple of jewelry stores, because I knew she had a birthday coming up. Not an engagement ring, not yet, but I thought a necklace or some nice earrings would be a nice step in that direction.

It was a Tuesday, and she texted me that she wanted to meet after work at the food court at the mall closest to my office, and we’d see what movies were playing, and either see one, or decide where else to go. At the end of the text, she said “Love ya!”. We hadn’t said those words face to face yet, so I wondered if Amy had found her permission. I sure hoped so, my dick needed some relief.

I got done with my programming work around 6, and sent Amy a quick text saying I was on my way. The mall was only 10 minutes from my work, but I’d been expecting to be done around 5:30. But when you’re debugging code, sometimes you have to finish a problem or you’ll be thinking about it all night.

Anyways, I parked my car, and entered the mall. It only took me five seconds to spot her, over by the Chinese place. She was wearing a blue blouse that I’d seen her in before, and I walked over, leaned my head down, lifted her chin and gave her a 10-second french kiss.

“Ahem,” I heard from my right. I turned my eyes, and saw Amy looking at me with an amused expression, wearing a red blouse over the same style jeans. “What the hell?” I thought. I broke the lip lock I was in the middle of, and looked down… at Amy. Or at least I thought so. My heart skipped a beat, and It took two seconds for the light bulb to turn on, then explode. “Oh, my gawd, you have a twin?”

“Smart boy, Josh,” Amy-in-red said. “So you want to give your girlfriend at least as good a greeting as you just gave my sister Kate?” I leaned over to her in the same way, and did my best to top the first kiss. I stopped when the first moan came from Amy’s throat. We were in a public place, and I could tell that everyone, and I mean everyone, was staring at us by that point.

I sat down on the opposite side of the table from the two girls, and looked back and forth at them for 20 seconds, looking for some difference between their faces. No freckles, no scars, their hair was the same length and styled the same way. I realized that I was in shock, and finally spoke. “I’m so sorry, Kate. You two look exactly alike. I can’t see a single difference.”

Amy chuckled. “Most people can’t. Our parents actually had to give us different styled earrings as babies so they could tell us apart, and we sometimes joke with them that they got us mixed up before doing that, so I might actually be Kate, and she’s Amy.”

Kate reached her hand and touched mine, and said, “You don’t need to apologize, Josh, that kiss was worth the little bit of embarrassment. You kiss really good.”

We chatted for half an hour, talking about their childhoods, our respective jobs (Kate as an admin assistant at a marketing firm here in Boston, Amy as a manager at one of the suburban Macy’s, me as a programmer for an insurance company), when I asked the question that would seal my fate for ever more, “So, I’ve heard about identical twins sometimes taking each other’s place on dates with their boyfriends. You two ever do that?”

They looked at each other for a second, then took each other’s hand, and in unison, said “Always.”

My head spun, my vision dimmed a little, twitter porno as I looked at them both. “So… you mean…oh gosh… I’ve been dating you both?”

Nodding their heads up and down rapidly, they said in one voice “Yuuuup!”

Amy (or at least I thought it was her, now I wasn’t so sure) started, “Josh, we’ve actually done this…

(Kate) “…since we were 16.”

(Amy) “Whenever a guy would ask one of us out for a second date…”

(Kate) “…we’d swap…”

(Amy) “… and see if he could tell.”

(Kate) “Except nobody…”

(Amy) “…ever did…”

(Kate) “… even the guys who knew…”

(Amy) “… we were twins.”

I had to push my mouth closed. “Oh my gawd, you two finish each other’s sentences, too?”

(Unison) “Don’t all identical twins?” They laughed.

“So… what happened after the second date?”

(Amy) “Sometimes we’d both decide…”

(Kate) “…not to take it further..”

(Amy) “…or we’d decide to keep going to…”

(Kate) “..see who liked him better.”

“And if that wasn’t the one he thought he was dating?” I asked.

Amy chuckled. “You’d be amazed at how well ‘I think my sister really likes you’ would work during a breakup, to get him to ask the other one of us out.”

(Kate) “Either way, we’d be exclusive…”

(Amy) “…with the guy after that, for however long it lasted.”

Kate blushed before saying, “We actually both lost our virginities to this boy named Brad that way, after we turned 18. I let him fuck me on one of my dates with him, but then broke up with him over some argument the next day but let him know Amy thought he was hot, and three dates with him later, she went to bed with him too…”

(Amy) “…then Mom found out what we were doing, and she read us the riot act for a couple of days. She didn’t actually tell us we had to stop switch-dating, but…”

(Kate) “…she made us promise her two things – that we’d never sleep with a guy when we were both still secretly dating him…”

I immediately knew why I was stuck at second base, with not one but two girls. Thanks, mom.

(Amy) “…and to never intentionally hurt him or each other by being jealous.”

“And did you ever tell any of the guys you were both dating him?”

(Unison) “You’re the first.”

“Why tell me, and are you going to tell me which of you likes me better?”

(Amy) “Why are we telling you?”

(Kate) “Because we can’t choose. You’re the first guy we’ve switch-dated this many times…”

(Amy) “…and we both think we’re falling in love with you..”

(Kate) “…which has never happened before.”

(Amy) “We decided we needed to tell you…”

(Kate) “…so YOU can choose.”

“So, how am I supposed to do that? I thought I was ready to say ‘I love you’ too, but now I’m not sure which of you to say it to. I assume I’ve been on a half a dozen dates with each of you, and I really couldn’t tell you were two separate girls. That either means that you’re very good at impersonating each other, or I’m a chowderhead, and I don’t think I’m a stupid person. Either way, I’m having a hard time thinking of any differences between you, even with both of you right in front of me.”

(Unison) “But we need you to choose!”

“How? You two obviously know how to cover up the differences between you, physically, and even emotionally. How do I know what parts of you are real, and which ones are an act? Or are you really that alike? I think a lot of guys would be really pissed at you for this, but somehow I’m not. Because my heart tells me that the parts of the two of you I like most are probably the real ones, and characteristics you really share.”

(Unison) “Thank you not being mad.”

“Tell you what. I’m not going to choose tonight. I want us to go on several more dates, both separately, and even the three of us together, if you promise to drop your acts and actually be yourselves, so I can figure out where you’re truly different, so that I have some basis for a choice.”

I paused. Should I say the thing that had just popped into my head? I decided to risk it. “Or, I might just decide that I love you both, and ask you both to be in my life. All three of us together. Would you accept that as an answer, if that’s what I want?”

They looked shocked for a brief moment. They were still holding hands, and I saw them each squeeze the other’s hand, as a silent communication appeared to pass between them. I’d have to find out if they were telepathic, too.

Amy said, “In that case, we’ve decided that we don’t want you to choose after all.”

Kate reached her other hand over to take mine. “If you’ll accept us both, to let us share you, we want that, so badly you can’t imagine. And we promise, no more acts, just us…”

(Amy) “…if you don’t mind us wishing you can’t pick between us.”

I leaned over the table to kiss each of them in turn. They even kissed xhamster porno alike. “Well, I think we missed the showtime for that movie I wanted to take Amy to. Would you like to grab some takeout here, and take this little discussion to my house, open a bottle of wine, and see how things go?”

We ordered several dishes from the Chinese place we’d been sitting by for the last hour, The owner, who’d been watching us all that time, actually wagged his finger at me and told me I was a lucky man. Kate decided to ride with me, with Amy following in her car. Kate held my hand between us as I drove, but we stayed silent on the way, thinking our own thoughts. Mine were focussed on how hard my dick was right then.

I had a two-bedroom townhouse, bought with money I’d gotten from stock options I’d had when working for a Silicon Valley startup a few years earlier, before I moved back to Boston, and I used the second bedroom as an office. I opened a nice Pinot Noir and poured three large wine glasses, emptying the bottle. We sat in my eat-in kitchen, really having a good time, as I began to see little differences between the girls, now that they were letting their guard down with me. Kate had the louder laugh, but Amy told better jokes, and scrunched up her nose in the cutest way if I teased her about something. She hit my arm when I asked whether they’d both cum when I had been playing with their tits, then kissed me and said it was one of the things that they both loved about me. There were quite a few kisses exchanged, and we managed to finish all the food, and half the wine.

Not having any leftovers, I put the empty cartons in the trash, rinsed the silverware and plates we’d used and put them in the dishwasher. Amy asked, “Do you have Netflix on your TV? We could look for a movie, since that was what we originally intended to do tonight.”

“Yeah. I know of a couple movies that just became available this week, that I would have watched already if I hadn’t been going out with you two. And they’re even romantic comedies.” We carried our wine glasses into my living room, when the girls excused themselves to go to the bathroom, together. They set their glasses on the coffee table in front of my couch. I sat, got my TV going, and was searching for one of those flicks, when they came back from the bathroom…

…wearing nothing but the belts that had been holding up their jeans, one red, the other blue. I was faced with two visions of loveliness, everything identical, nipples erect, pussies shaved and looking very wet. My dick reacted and I was hard again before they said a word. The girl in the red belt said “We decided, that if you’re okay with being in a threesome with us, that we want to start tonight. Mom’s rule is officially toast.”

I couldn’t tell who was who, again. “Are you Amy or Kate?”

Red giggled and said – “Amy, one freckle on my left hip,” and pointed to it.

Kate pointed to her opposite side, “Kate, two freckles on my right hip. We decided we’re always going to wear these colors in our clothing for you – is that going to help you tell us apart?”

“Ladies, I think I must have died today, because I feel like I’m in heaven and the angels have just arrived. You are both so gorgeous! If you don’t mind, I think I’m going to really, really enjoy being confused as to who’s who – I’ll just have to love you equally and hope you know that I’m loving you both. Should I keep the TV on, or shall we adjourn to my bedroom?”

(Unison) “Bedroom. Now. Lead the way.”

Once we were up the stairs, and into my bedroom, the girls started pulling at my clothes, got me naked in 15 seconds, then they jumped onto my bed, and laid on their backs.

(Unison) “C’mere, handsome.”

(Amy) “Come fuck us, suck us…”

(Kate) “…whatever you want. Let us make it up to you for leaving you with blue balls for 5 weeks.”

I crawled onto the bed, and went to Amy first, settling my face between her thighs, and began to taste her, lick her and suck on her lips, before I moved to her clit. I felt some movement on the bed, and when I looked up, saw Kate beginning to lower her pussy onto Amy’s mouth.

“I take it you two are bi?”

Kate smiled at me and replied, “Just with each other. When we first started doing the whole switch-dating thing, we would tell each other every little detail about how our dates went, and found it actually turned us on more to share with each other what our dates had done with us in terms of kissing and such, than we had actually been turned on by the guys themselves. One thing led to another, and we’ve been lovers since we were 17.”

Amy pulled her mouth away from licking her sister and said, “We kept switch-dating, because it was such a turn on when we were together. But you’re actually the first guy who has ever turned us on more than we turn each other on. That’s special to us. Now, get back to work, lover. I wanna come a lot tonight!” And she resumed eating xnnx porno out Kate without waiting for an answer.

I was so turned on myself, that I really went to town on Amy, giving her three orgasms orally before I moved up and slipped my 6″ dick into her. I may not be long, but I’ve been told I have a pleasing thickness, and Amy must have agreed, as she moaned loudly as I got as far into her as I could.

“Oh, gawd, yes, fuck!” she cried. “Give it to me, Josh!”

My position brought my face even with Kate’s breasts, and I started sucking on each of her nipples in turn, as I thrust myself into and out of her twin. I saw Amy push two fingers into Kate’s pussy, pushing them in and out at the same pace as I was fucking her. When I increased my pace, Amy did, too. When I slowed down, working my hips in circles, Amy added a thumb to rub Kate’s clit, again matching my rhythm. The illusion that I was in control of what was happening to Kate through what I was doing to Amy was a huge turnon.

I felt my balls tighten, and cried “Oh, I’m cumming! Do you want it in you or on your tummy?!?”

She screamed, obviously in the throes of another orgasm, “In me! Please, I need to feel it in me!”

I came, as hard as I can remember ever cumming before. I pulled out, and slid back and to the side a bit, and began sucking on Amy’s breast, and rubbed her clit with my palm to propel her orgasm to greater heights. She screamed, with her tongue up Kate’s hole, and this triggered Kate into a beautiful-looking orgasm, her back arched and her mouth open soundlessly until she screamed “Amy, Josh, I love you both!, Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!” She collapsed, pulling herself away from Amy’s mouth and fingers.

“We love you, too!” Amy and I said in our own unison, and laughed.

Kate and I lay on opposite sides of Amy, helping to clean Kate’s juices off of Amy’s face, and Amy’s off of mine, and I’d regained my erection by the time we were clean. Time to get dirty again.

We switched positions, and I spooned Kate and entered her from the rear, thrusting firmly but slowly, while Amy was turned around in front of her, in a 69, licking Kate’s clit, lips and the underside of my dick as it went in and out. As Kate ate out Amy, I gathered some of Amy’s juices, and used them to rub her butthole, and gradually inserted a finger into her anus.

“You dirty boy!” she squealed, then moaned.

I asked, “Have you ever?”

“Nope, but I think I’m going to let you be first, if you promise to do it with Kate, too.”

I thought a split-second and said, “If that’s what she wants. There’s no reason you both have to like the same things equally. You’re not pretending to be each other any more, remember?”

Kate pulled her mouth away from nibbling on Amy’s labia, and said “What Kate wants is at least three more orgasms and a bunch of your cums in my mouth and pussy! Now stop talking and get back to the sex!”

We did just that. I increased my pace, moved her hair aside to nibble on her neck, and reached a hand around to tweak her nipple, causing orgasm

. She came even harder when Amy started giving her clit little bites, in between long licks that stroked both Kate’s pussy and my dick. And orgasm
came when I grabbed her shoulders and really started slamming into her and started sucking her earlobe. My balls tightened again, and I came again, filling her up.

I pulled out, and Amy’s tongue immediately took my place, seeking to lap all of my cum out of Kate. I sat back, and watched these two loving twins continue making their incestuous love with each other. I knew right then that I was going to choose them both, to try my damnedest to make them both happy, and never let them go.

By the end of the week, we were making plans for the girls to move in with me, ending the lease on the 1BR apartment they had. I replaced my Queen bed with a King, with enough room for all three of us to sleep together without feeling crowded, not that we ever slept without our bodies being in contact with each other.

That was five years ago. The only struggle I have ever had with our life together was a year into it when I began thinking about getting married, but knew I could never marry just one and leave the other without the same level of commitment. But I eventually decided to buy them both rings, asked if they would both consider themselves married to me. You have never heard a louder “YES” in your life! Then I found a very open-minded minister, we scheduled a commitment ceremony for the three of us, and revealed our relationship to our families, who were very accepting of us. It might not be official with the government, but we don’t care. The love we feel for each other brings out the best in us, and that’s all that matters.

My daughters, Rose via Amy, and Melanie via Kate were born two weeks apart two years ago, and Kate is pregnant again, with my first son, due in another two months. The girls call both of them Mommy. We’ve just bought a 4BR home in the suburbs, because the townhouse was getting too crowded. We got strange looks from the neighbors when we first moved in, but once they have gotten to know us, they accepted that our love is real and special.

And I still can’t tell them apart in the dark.

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