Secretary’s Gift


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Today was Friday. Work this week had been long and grueling. I felt exhausted, but yet there was a silver lining to this day. This was my secretary’s one-year anniversary working with me.

Rachel was a true joy – efficient and resourceful, friendly and helpful, and completely devoted to making my work life run as smoothly as possible. I truly believe I would not be able to function without her by my side. There are times when I feel like she can read my mind – she knows what I want, she thinks what I think, and she feels what I feel. And she’s just as beautiful as her personality – deep blue eyes that sparkle behind her glasses, a smile that can light up any room, and long-flowing blonde hair. I sometimes wonder to myself if she is this wonderful outside of the office.

When Rachel arrived this morning, I called her into my office. As she walked in, a smile pursed my lips. She is selfless and giving, and always thinking of others before herself. I wonder if she even knew this was her special day. I motioned for her to sit down. She had a nervous look on her face, but was soon relieved when I revealed to her the significance of her day. Her eyes widened as I presented her with a gift. Rachel has grown to be very special to me, so I felt she deserved to be treated well. She gasped as she opened the box and looked at the shining pearl necklace. My sweet secretary gave me a warm hug and I suddenly felt flush. I could feel her perky chest pressing against me. I shivered inside as I felt my cock tingle and grow warm in my pants.

I think she was surprised at the hug, because she dropped the necklace while we embraced. I moaned to myself as she bent over to pick it up. Her ass was the perfect size and shape, and I found myself wondering how smooth it would be to touch. The feelings in my body were beginning to cloud my mind. She stood back up and asked me to help her put on the necklace. I moved close behind her.

With her gorgeous blonde hair up, I could fully see the back of her neck. I reached up and touched her skin while closing the clasp on the necklace. Her skin felt warm and smooth against my touch. My cock twitched as I touched her. I knew it was wrong to feel this way, but my body was betraying my mind. My fingers lingered along her neck longer than they should, caressing back and forth very slowly. Against my better judgment, I pressed my lips to the back of her neck. She shivered at my touch, feeling my warm lips against her smooth skin. Rachel reached up and removed the clip in her hair, tuzla escort allowing it to fall freely. Her long blonde hair brushed against my face and aroused me even more. My hands wrapped around her and softly caressed her forearms. She moaned as I curled my fingertips and began dragging my nails up and down her arms. I turned her around and we faced each other once again. I looked into her eyes and saw a shy caring girl who was quickly becoming filled with lust and passion. Having never seen her without glasses – I reached up and removed them. Her deep blue eyes drew me into her even more, and I felt like I was looking straight into her soul.

The loss of her glasses seemed to energize her – she quickly lost all inhibitions. Her arms wrapped around me and she kissed my neck. She grabbed me by my tie and pushed me down into my chair, looking into my eyes with pure lust. My cock was ready to burst out of my pants, but she was well ahead of me. Getting down on her knees, her hands unfastened and removed my belt. I watched with anticipation as her fingers traced the outline of my cock through my pants. She playfully nibbled at me, making a wet spot over my cock with her saliva. I felt her undo my zipper and she worked with reckless abandon to remove my cock. She grabbed it and rubbed me erotically. She squeezed my shaft, and I saw her eyes grow large as a pool of clear pre-cum formed over my slit. It was my turn for surprise, as she took my tip and began rubbing my pre-cum along her lips as though she was applying lipstick. She looked up at me, her lips glistening with my wet and sticky juices. Warmth was radiating through my body. I moaned instinctively as her lips parted and she took in my cock. Sucking slowly at first, she increased her precision as her head bobbed up and down on my thick cock. She relished the opportunity to suck the cream right out of me. I began losing control and thought I might soon fill her throat with my cum – but she stopped suddenly and looked up at me. A string of my pre-cum joined my cock and her lips.

Things seemed to progress quickly. She slid my pants down my legs and threw them to the floor. My cock stood at attention. I wanted more. She began to remove her cute black skirt but I stopped her. I touched my hands to her legs for the first time, caressing them slowly just above her knee. I marveled at how smooth she felt against my touch. My fingertips seemed to glide across her skin. Her body was forming chills in the wake of my touch, and I could feel the tiny bumps on her skin tuzla escort bayan as my hands worked their way up her legs. Rachel moaned and drew in a gasp as she felt my fingers touch her lace panties. My fingers traced the seam along her panties so that I could feel both her skin and the lace simultaneously. I slid my fingers over the front of her panties, and my fingertips felt moisture from her pussy that had collected on them. I felt my cock twitch and pulse. To know that my touch had made her wet only served to arouse me more. I could feel her pushing her hips into my fingers, desperately thirsting for more. I pulled her panties to the side and my finger circled around her lips. She was smooth and warm to the touch. Her lips radiated heat. I brushed my finger against her clit and she moaned, pushing herself into me. With both hands I held her panties and slid them down her legs. My mind raced as I saw the black lace appear from underneath her skirt as I removed them from her body.

She looked down to my cock and then up to my eyes again. Rachel climbed up on the chair with me, pressing her body against mine. I felt my cock rubbing against her pussy. I pushed into her and we both watched as her tight lips spread apart to take me in. She was a source of warmth and wetness. Her pussy soaked me as she engulfed me with her slippery juices. I was amazed how easily I was able to thrust all the way inside her. Her pussy muscles clenched around me as she began to rock her hips back and forth against me. I held Rachel tight as my hands made their way to her ass. I caressed her smooth cheeks sensually and then squeezed them while she fucked my cock harder and harder. She moaned louder as our thrusts soon became a smooth rhythm, our bodies moving in perfect sync. My fingers craved more of her ass. I spread her cheeks in my hands and let a finger rub gently along her crack. She felt so warm against my touch. My finger rubbed down along her crack and soon found her warm, tight hole. I licked my finger and then circled around her hole slowly. It felt so amazing. I wiggled my little finger over her hole, tickling her bare asshole while she fucked me furiously. Her body thrust down faster on my cock, burying it deep inside her. My finger pushed its way inside her hole and rubbed inside her warm walls. I could tell she was nearing climax. She loved having both holes stimulated and filled. As my finger slid further up her ass, she lunged her head backward as a climactic rush of warmth and wetness released inside her pussy. escort tuzla I felt her walls pulsing and milking me. A stream of juices flooded her pussy and my cock. I felt ready to burst, but I knew I had one final gift for her.

Getting up out of the chair, I quickly cleared off my desk. I led Rachel by the hand to my desk and had her bend over my workspace. Her head and arms rested on my desk, and my body ached for her as I heard her still panting from her previous orgasm. I lifted her skirt up over her ass, exposing her most erotic spots to me. She spread her legs instinctively. I marveled at this vision before me. Her bare asshole was tight, pink, and puckered. Her pussy was smooth and tight. Her thighs glistened from the messy, sticky fluids of our first fuck. Pressing my body against hers, I spread her pussy lips and plunged inside her once more. My hands gripped her hips as I thrust my cock deep within her walls repeatedly. She whimpered like a puppy as I fucked her faster and harder. My cock pulsed more intensely with each thrust. I could feel her slippery walls gripping my thick tip as the friction continued to build inside. We were both moaning as Rachel had another intense orgasm. Her body quivered and her pussy pulsed around my thickness. My cock was soaking with her warm, wet cum. This was just the lubrication I needed.

She lay there resting as I pulled my cock out of her dripping wet cunt. Her juices flowed out of her and leaked down her thighs. I tickled her tight asshole with my finger as I readied my cock tip at her entrance. My cock was shiny, with her cum covering my hard shaft and tip. Watching my cock and her ass excited me further, and I pushed my tip into her. I gasped again as I saw her ass spread open and take me in. I have no doubts now that she loves having her ass fucked. Holding her hips, I moved mine from side to side as I began sliding my shaft inside her tight ass. Her insides felt warm and wet. I thrust in and out, each time pushing inside her ass a bit further. Her moans grew louder. I could tell her ass was a source of great pleasure for her. Ramming in her ass faster now, I felt my own climax building. A wave of warmth surged inside me as I pounded her ass and cum spurted out of me, filling her tight hole. My climax seemed to last forever, as my cock continued pulsing inside her. I lay down on top of her and we lay there resting – relaxing.

We got dressed and sat there smiling at each other. This day was an unbelievable but amazing surprise. Not quite sure what to say next, I thanked her for a nice time and asked her if she’d like to do this again. Rachel looked at me smiling, “Sure thing. Anything you say. I mean, after all, you’re the boss.” She smiled at me and walked off.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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