Screams of Joy Ch. 02


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Big Tits

“Joy, are you still in there?” shouts Chris, before softly adding “Nah, it’s alright mate I heard her bedroom door go a minute ago.”

“Wait! Give me a minute.” I say… even as the door opens and there is Chris, with some random bloke staring at my naked lotion covered body.


Fuck is the only thing I think.

“No, wait, and that I’m going to beat Chris… Wait, I need a fucking towel.” I quickly turn to look for a towel; the only one in reach barely covers the front of my body leaving a lot of thigh and breast on display. Chris and his mystery mate are still standing there staring.

“Lauren, sorry.” Shouting as I push past them, “But your boyfriend isn’t going to have any bullocks in ten minutes enjoy them while you can!” not daring to look behind me, just reach my bedroom and slam my door for good measure.

“Really great week this has been.” I groan and sit in the middle of the floor catching my reflection in my mirror, “Well at least I shaved.” I giggle as I blow dry my hair which thanks to my recent hairdresser visit, and the old ‘I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair’ moment, was now no longer my natural strawberry blond, but bright and flaming red. My body, “well okay, I wasn’t a stick.” I have too many curves for that, my ex had said I was chubby, another said that I look like Kelly Brook but I just think I’m in okay shape although the heartbreak diet is making my hips and d-cups larger compared to my slim waist, but men seemed to like the effect.

“Wait, men had been nothing but trouble this week, so fuck them. Tonight is for ME!!” I decided as I turn Christina Aguilera’s Fighter up to the max and pull on my favourite black push up bra whilst I decided cock tease is the mood I’m in.

“Now what to wear, see through lace top and hot pants, nah doesn’t go with my mood. A little black dress? Yeah and I think I have the perfect one!” I pull my new perfectly fitted dress out of wardrobe as I look for some underwear. “Garter and stocking it is!”

Just as I’m rolling one stocking up my thigh there is a knock at the door, Chris’s mate comes walking into the room holding a glass of what looked like Lilo’s killer cocktail. Again he has caught me partly naked but by this point I don’t even care.

“Is that for me?” I gesture at the glass.

“What? Sorry, no. But you can have it if you want.” He passes me the glass and I look at him in the face properly for the first time.

“I’ve seen him before but I can’t place him, probably just someone I’ve seen at a party. Wait… Holy Crap Balls! It’s Mr. Suit from the bus! The one I had the dream, where he was licking and fucking… No, can’t think it… change your thoughts, Joy now!” I feel a blush cover my body and he notices, “Okay, I can do this.”

“So given that you have seen me naked and well,” waving my hands down my body “like this, it would be nice to at least know your name.”

“Sorry, I must have forgot my manners in all the excitement” feeling his chocolate eyes run over my body “I’m Craig, I work with Lauren.” He offers me his hand and as I walk towards him, suddenly not feeling all that exposed and pressing my pale petite hand into his large dark one.

“So this was the hot piece of ass Lauren had invited. I have to say she did well.” He had his black afro hair shaved close to his head; his face was most pleasing to the eye, given that I was still in my hating men moment. He was wearing a suit over his seemingly muscular body and I had to laugh.

“So Craig, or should I just call you Mr. Suit, are you staying or just dropping in because it isn’t a suit party?”

“No,” chuckling slightly at me as his eyes look down my legs stopping at my crotch for a few beats while he continues, “I’ve brought some extra clothes; this is just from the office.”

“Ah okay, so like me, you need to get dressed.” waving my hand down at my body almost welcoming him to have another look, but he looks at the bed and the dress that is laid out.

“Is that what you are wearing?” he asks raising an eyebrow at me.

“Yes Mr. Suit, why don’t you like it?”

“Just think red would be better, every women is going to be wearing their little black dress.” he comments.

“Really, I’ll have a look at my dresses for a red one.”

“I can stay and help you, you know pick one out if you want.” winking at me as he talks before I turn to show him my almost bare ass just covered by a small piece of lace thong.

“It’s okay, I think I can pick one out and I thought you needed to get changed?” I reply.

“Well you can always help me with my wardrobe too…” I look over my shoulder to see him staring at my ass as I start reaching to put back the black dress I had picked. I sense more than hear him walk behind me as he takes the hanger from my hand and place it back into the wardrobe. I turn to thank him for the help but I’m met with his chest only inches away from my face making me step back and lean my head back to look him in the eye.

“Thanks.” blushing as I feel myself sway towards erotik film izle his body.

“No problem, and are you sure you don’t need help picking something out…” he leans down inches from my face before the door bangs open and we both groan as…

“Ooh, what do we have here?” Her laughing voices comes to us.

“We, I mean Suit…” Groaning at myself “Craig was just helping me put a dress back because I couldn’t reach.”

“Uh huh…” Lauren does her whole pout ‘I don’t believe you face’.

“Shit, she knows me too well.” I mentally groan.

“Anyway, I was just coming in to say the shower is free for you, Craig. That is if you still want a shower.” she giggles as she closes the door behind her.

“Yeah, you better shower the people are coming in just over an hour.” I say, moving back away from him.

“I think people are going to be ‘cumming’ before the hour is up.” he replies silkily.

“And I need to get actually get ready.” squirming slightly as I think of him cumming for me.

“Cold shower it is. See you in a bit, birthday girl,” as he moves away and pauses at the door “go for a red dress and you will be the hottest in the room, I promise.”

I stand staring at his lust filled eyes as he closes the door.

“FUCK!! Where the hell did my I hate men think go? I was one step away from jump on him and begging him to fuck me, for god sake. Joy, get a grip he is attractive and seems to want you, so go for it.” Shaking my head I move back over to the mirror and look at my face and decide its war paint time as I run my eyeliner over my lashes making a thin but flirty line, hoping for the ‘come hither’ look, before adding some perfectly thickened false lashes. Smiling at my handy work, not too much of a sex kitten but just enough, without looking over done. I slowly apply the rest of my makeup and think about what Su… Craig had said about a red dress.

“Wouldn’t it look too much with the hair, I’m not even sure I have a red evening dress. No, but Lauren does!” I decide on hers before running through the apartment to her room knocking and stumbling in on her and Chris in a passionate embrace.

“Shit! Joy, can’t you knock and wait like everyone else?” Chris glares at me while moving Lauren in front of his body.

“You mean like you did earlier, dickhead?” I retort.

“I love Chris really, Lauren loved him and he treated her right but I’m still pissed at him for earlier.”

“Don’t worry Lover boy, I’ll be gone in a minute. I’m just stealing one of Lilo’s dresses.” running over to her wardrobe and grabbing the exact dress I was thinking off.

“Okay for me to wear tonight?” I ask giving her innocent eyes.

“Yep.” she agrees and her hand moving behind her back as I run over and pull them apart.

“Very nice.” is all I can, as I look at my ex-lover and best friends hand around her boyfriends throbbing cock.

“Have fun, but make it a quickie.” I laugh as I shake my naked ass at them as I run out the door.

I walk happily back to my room as I hear the shower stop and walk just a little faster.

“Okay Joy, time to really get ready!” I pour a few drops of perfume down my cleavage running the fluid down my stomach in a little trail and up the inside of my thighs before dabbing my neck and wrists.

“Well might as well be prepared just in case.” I wink in the mirror before checking my watch as I remove it and find I’ve only got 20 minutes before people arrive. Running over to the dress and stepping into it, pulling it up my body as it clings. Checking in the mirror “my hips look wide and my tits look massive, but hey ho that’s me”. A knock at the door interrupts my body check and I wait for the door to open but it doesn’t.

“Come in…” I shout as I bend to get my black sky high heels.

“You… I want to real bad.” I hear Suit’s voice behind me and turn as I press my stocking covered feet into my heels.

“You cumming inside me… me too Sui… Craig. I’ve really got to get his name down.”

“What do you think, Craig?” I do a small spin for him and find myself wanting he approve.

“Nice” was all he said.

“Nice… fucking nice, is that all! I mean I know I’m no goddess, but please.” Only then do I look over his clothing taking in his black slouch jeans covering his long legs and fitted black t-shirt showing some definition in his chest, his watch sparkles on his wrist being his only flicker of light apart from the shine of his eyes.

“You look umm, nice yourself Mr. Suit.” with a hint at my inner bitch.

“Ready to party, my red headed friend?” as he fingers a strand of my hair. I don’t reply just walk out turning on one of my favourite songs and downing a shot.

“What do you think?” I pass him a shot but before he can reply the doorbell rings and the party starts.

“This was just want I need”, I sigh happily as I talk to one of my friends, but always feeling Mr. Suits eyes on me. “Dancing, drinking, laughing, just general having a good time with my nearest and dearest, film izle perfect, well and having a hot guy watching me turns me on.” Moving over to Mr. Suit offering him my hand and tilting my head over to where everyone is dancing.

“Wanna come dance, everyone?” I shout over the music while still moving my hips in a circle to the music. He shakes his head.

“But, I want to see you dance.” pouting as I look up into his big brown eyes before he pulls me closer grabbing me around the waist as he grinds his hips into me.

“Wow!”Thankfully, I for once keep my thought inside my head but I still can’t control my blush as even through his jeans I feel his erection pressing against me.

“Dancing with strangers is not what I want to be doing with you, I think you know what I want.” His hand traces up and down my side catching the undersides of my breasts with every stroke.

“I don’t have the faintest clue…” I tease at him before moving to tip toes and whispering in his eye “you might have to spell it out for me, I’m a little drunk.” knowing full well that I’m nowhere near drunk but hiding my desire for him behind it. He spins me around until I’m sandwiches between the wall and his body; his hand tilts my face up to his before whispering in my ear.

“I want you pressed up against this wall while I fuck you.” before his lips crash mine in a hard kiss, but he ends it before I’m ready, spinning me and pushing me towards the dance area with a slap to my ass.

Thankfully the plan to hit the club after, works in my and Craig’s favour. Everyone left me and Craig there, our having made a lame excuse that we had drank too much and needed to eat but would follow them down later.

“I did say it was lame.” We move around picking a few bits of rubbish from the floor.

“Joy, just make the first move he has made it clear he wants you.” I down another drink in my room slip off my dress, and check myself in the mirror. Turning round to look at the back view to make sure my ass was perfectly framed before walking slowly in my heels back over to the speakers and change the song to Jeremih Birthday Sex and prop myself up on the desk; waiting for him to hear the song. After twenty nerve-wracking seconds he looks over to see me in the most provocative pose I can make with my stocking covered legs crossed over each other leaning forward watching him.

He gets to me in no time running his hands up my stocking legs before dragging my legs apart and pressing himself into the newly formed V, tipping my head back before his mouth touches mine in a gentle trace of a kiss.

“Are you ready for me, Joy?” he bites down lightly on my earlobe as he talks “Maybe I should check for myself.” His hands move to my hips and rips the thong down my legs before his hand rubs against my already moist entrance.

“Wet already, Ms. Joy.” Mr. Suit kisses my lips quickly before his fingers slide inside me. His mouth catches my moans of delight. He moves as deep as he can, spreading his fingers apart stretching my pussy, his alcohol laced breath filling my brain, as his hands fill my cunt. My hands find their way to his belt undoing it quickly then fumbling with the buttons of his jeans; my hands steal into his boxers and take in his size. I rub the palm over his head coating my hand in his pre-cum before wrapping as much of it around him.

“I’m ready for the wall.” I whisper against his lips.

“Patience” he breathes against me.

“NO! NOW!” my mind shouts but I know from his tone it’s his way or the highway. He smiles as I pout before nipping at my bottom lip, making me gasp, opening my mouth to his tongue; he fills my mouth coaxing my tongue to join with his. They mate slowly but he presses the kiss harder while his hands travel up and down my thigh, barely touching me, teasing me, making me spread my thighs wider. My hand tightens around his cock, before I slide my hands up and down his cock caressing every long inch of him. His mouth moves to my perfectly pushed up cleavage before he twist the front clasp releasing my breasts to his gaze. He forcefully squeezes my breasts in his large hands, making me cry out in need.

He pulls me off the table before I realise what happening he kisses me back over to the wall pressing me against it with his hard body.

“This is how I wanted you earlier, but you know that, don’t you?” His knee gliding quickly between my legs pressing against my wet cunt making me grind against him “I saw your dancing get dirty with Lauren after our chat, are you a little cock tease, Little Joy?”


“Are you sure you aren’t, Joy?” he grabs my hands, covering my breast with them before pinching the nipples that peek through. My lust filled eyes look down to watch but he tilts my head back up to his.

“I want to see your face, Baby” his hands leave mine and I watch as he drops his jeans and boxers, my hands continue to grope my breasts, my eyes lock on the sight of his large black cock standing hard out from his body.

“Now he is, Umm, Wow, well hung… seks filmi izle will it fit?” my thoughts are interrupted.

“Like what you see, Baby?” I vaguely nod my head back to him, scared thoughts of him being too big fill my head,

“Good baby”. He leans down kissing my lips again making me forget about the being scared. His knees spread my legs wider before grinding his cock down against my wet lips. Gripping my hips he pulls up against his body crushing my body between him and the wall. My legs wrap around him stroking the base of his cock against my lips with every arch of my body. Pushing up against my hips he makes my back scraps against the wall before my head is slightly higher than his. Looking down I watch as his tongue touches my nipple for the first time, pressing back against him, I arch my back before his teeth close around my hard nipple, sucking it into his mouth while rubbing the tip of his cock against my entrance. He pulls back from the wall and gravity slips his cock deeply inside my tight cunt. My shoulder lean against the wall as his nails dig into my ass.

Moving away, thrusting me against the wall, my breast bouncing, catching your gaze, making you fuck me harder, bumping against my cervix with every powerful thrust, I cup the underside of my breast before moving my nipple into reach of my willing mouth, sucking it into my mouth looking at his face through hooded eyes biting down on it, bordering on the pleasure pain as my pussy starts to contract around his cock.

“Fuck me harder!” I almost scream at him as my breast bounces down to join its pair bouncing frantically up and down my chest.

His finger presses against my ass, slips inside thrusting in time to his cock.

The combination sends me into my long powerful orgasm.

Moving his cock deep inside moving his hips side to side rubbing my walls as I contract him.

“Baby, you have me so close, but I want your ass.” he pants in my ear, making me somehow more aroused as my climax continues.

Carrying me to the table and roughly bending me over it, he slaps each cheek twice, scaring me slightly, but the feeling of ecstasy overshadowing the pain. He slips his hand into my still aftershock contracting cunt thrusting them hard, in and out, covering his fingers in my cum before caressing it into my ass.

“Have you ever had anyone up your ass, baby?” as he brushes my hair over my shoulder to see the side of my face, as I bite my lip and reply quickly “Only a finger in the shower earlier.”

He moves a finger into my ass, quickly I tense but relax as his other hand caresses and makes love to my clit, allowing him another finger inside.

“Baby, you are tight. I don’t know how long I’m going to last once inside.” he says as he replaces his fingers with the smooth mushroom end of his cock into my ass. His hand gropes the soft cheeks of my ass pressing them apart as his cock moves in.

He moves gently in, inch by slow inch, stopping every time I flinch, before somehow his whole cock is buried into my stretched ass. His cock seems to grow harder in my ass as I tease around him, tighten around him, as I find new powerful muscles to tease him with.

“So this is what it feels like to have your ass filled.” I think before he slaps my ass one more time before pulling back and slamming back in continuing his artfully caress on my clit, “WOW!” my body accepts him almost at once, my ass pushing back against him, craving his cock inside my forbidden hole. His hands wrap around my hair, pulling my head back as his pelvis crashes against my ass. The pleasure pain is so confusingly arousing that I don’t want it to end.

“Finger your cunt.” he orders me and my hands move without thought, two fingers thrust inside keeping to the beat of his cock.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!” I shout closing my eyes, before his hand slaps my ass making me open them again.

“Look at me when you cum!” He orders. I pant staring into his eyes as my pussy welcomes another finger, my cum drips down my thighs, his balls slapping against my hand, pressing me deeper. My ass contracts as my cunt spasms. I scream, loud unknown words… as I feel him thrust deep into my ass, coating the tight walls with stream after stream of his cum.

He pulls out of me, stroking his cock as he watches my fingers continue to move, in and out of my cunt, at a slow pace, my ass slowly drips his cum. After the last drops of cum touch my ass he turns me back around, picking me up and carries me into my bedroom, pulling me down to lay on top of him as he cock slowly starts to soften against my stomach.

“Time for clean up, Baby.” he pushes the hair back from face catching it in his hands before directing my head down his body.

“Wait, he wants me to suck his cock after its been in my ass… no way!” I stare up into my eyes yet again giving him the fuck right off look.

“Try it, you might just like it.” He prompts me, I think for a moment.

“Well, anal had felt better than painfully shitting backwards like I had heard, might as well let the adventure continue.” Move down his chest gripping his cock at the base looking up into Craig’s eyes before licking at the tip, tasting it into my mouth and taking in the flavour.

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