Schoolgirl Trix


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All fictional parties involved are 18+ and all events inside are a work of fiction. Please enjoy my fantasy and let me know what you thought of it.


The smile on her face must have been what gave her away. That, or the slight fidgeting in her chair accompanied by the infrequent glances up from her lap to the front of the room in a poor attempt to look like she was paying attention.

Mr. Mason cleared his throat, clearly unhappy with the complete lack of disrespect for his class. It surprised him that Trixie was misbehaving, she wasn’t the class clown nor was she exactly a wallflower. Still, she was a good student and he had high expectations of her. His displeasure was only visible to anyone who looked at his face as he stalked down the aisle, approaching Trixie from behind. He had peeked over her shoulder and had caught sight of what was on her screen. He masked his surprise well, the only indication of it being a raised eyebrow.

Without hesitation he bent down and took possession of her cell phone, not making any attempt to avoid physical contact. His knuckles brushed the soft fabric of her skirt as he discovered her fingers were wet.

The look of terror and shock that washed over the little girl before him made Mr. Mason’s pants grow tight as he took the confiscated phone to his desk. He had kept his finger on the screen so that it wouldn’t lock on him.

“Now it’s time to take out your novels and read chapter seven silently.” He took a seat behind his mahogany desk, locking eyes with Trixie who resembled a deer in headlights more and more with each passing moment. When he was certain that only her fearful eyes were on him did he give a dark, knowing grin. He could have sworn he heard her whimper from across the room but his focus had shifted to the little device in his hand- and the sweet, soft pink lips that sat splayed open on the screen. The timestamp said that she had taken the picture moments before he had seized the phone, which held a slightly musky scent. Mr. Mason leisurely scrolled up in her conversation, his other hand rubbing the bulge in his dress pants.

Trixie couldn’t keep her heart from leaping out of her throat. She had her book open on her desk but the words could have been greek for all she knew. She could see him scrolling through her phone, indulging on the erotic texts she had been exchanging with a boy from another class. Not to mention the pictures she had taken both before and during Mr. Mason’s class. Watching him like this made her both so incredibly uneasy and somehow even hornier than what she was. This wasn’t right at all.

She was completely at his mercy at this point. If she called attention the fact that he was invading her privacy, Trixie ran the risk of the whole class finding out her dirty little secret. The thought of turning from an average student to an easy slut over the course of a period made her stomach turn. Mr. Mason seemed perfectly content to make her suffer silently, with the occasional glance at her with a gleam in his eye. He was enjoying this. What did that mean for her?

Her torment seemed unending, the hands on the clock ticking by ever so slowly. She was struggling with how to proceed, the helplessness proving too great and before she fully realized what was she was doing she was standing in front of his desk. Her knuckles were white as she dug her nails into her palms, her uneasiness growing as she felt the weight of his gaze on her.

“M-Mr. Mason? M-may I please.. Ah.. May I pl-please use the restroom?” That was the best she could come up with, a small reprieve from his judgemental stare sounded heavenly. He placed her phone on the desk, letting her see that he had found some unsavory videos she had taken recently and he leaned forward, hands clasped under his chin. When he spoke, his voice was low and it sent a shiver down her spine.

“You may not, Beatrice.” His eyes flickered down to her phone and then to the brim of her skirt before returning to her red face, “Return to your seat at once. Oh- and do keep your hands above your desk for the remainder of class.”

She paled considerably, a whimper caught in her throat as she whispered “Yes Mr. Mason…” before turning on her heels and making her way back to her seat. She could feel his eyes on her ass and she did her best to sink into her chair, being mindful that her hands were visible at all times while her thighs rubbed together with a need for friction.

He thoroughly savored watching Trixie sweat out what consequences she might be facing. He had finished going through her phone and finding every juicy picture she had. Mr. Mason didn’t even hesitate to send the best ones to himself. He felt that she could still use some practice with her camerawork. He casually looked over at her writhing in her seat and he grinned at her. Setting her phone on the desk he made his round of the classroom, making sure that everyone was on task.

As he passed her he said in a firm voice, “See me after class.” that made her audibly whimper. bostancı escort bayan Enough so that her neighboring pupil looked over with a curious expression. Trixie avoided his gaze and only nodded in response to their teacher. The remainder of class was spent in agonizing silence for one and tantalizing anticipation with the other.

She was the last one to rise from her seat and she trudged up to his desk with ever increasing dread. Trixie didn’t know how to start or what to say to get her way out of this. Mr. Mason’s critical leer left her even more speechless than before, so he started and she could only simply stumble along behind him as her heart threatened to give out.

“I am deeply disappointed in you, Beatrice. I did not expect a fine girl like you to behave in such vulgar ways. What do you have to say for yourself?” He pressed his fingers together as he eyed her judgingly over his glasses.

“I-I d-don’t.. I was j-just.. Ahh I don’t kn-know how to explain it Mr. Mason.. St-stupid kid stuff?” She knew her reasoning was weak and she felt worse when he chuckled at her.

“Oh but Beatrice, those were very adult activities you were partaking in. And within my class. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

She went to protest but she was silenced with a dismissive wave of his hand. That hand that collected her phone in order to slowly move in front of her face in a taunting manner.

“We’ll be seeing what your parents have to say about this, little girl. I will be holding your phone overnight and you might be able to pick it up tomorrow. That of course, depends on how tonight goes. Good Day, Beatrice.”

She stood there balking at him for a few minutes longer before the next class started filling in and she had no other option but to leave. The rest of her day was spent in a haze, one that even Aiden was barely able to pull her out of. He had been complaining to her that she had left him hanging in the bathroom with a stiffy and that he had to get back to science class while still needing to burst.

Trixie apologized and promised to make it up to him somehow, as one would when making such commitments when mentally being worlds away. She didn’t quite hear what he was going on about and simply continued nodding and yessing him to death.

“So the bleachers after school. Great.”

“Yeah I’ll see you there.” She agreed, the location jarring her back to reality. She wasn’t ready to do anything at all sexually at this point, with the knots still tied in her stomach from English class but she was also undeniably horny. Maybe Aiden could help take the edge off of her anxiety. At least being with him would help kill some time before she went home to the chopping block.

They had two more classes to go before then and by the time she was convinced that she was at least not going to puke. Her last class of the day was Home Ec and this semester’s rotation was cooking. Getting her hands messy in some dough helped relax her a bit more and she was almost in a cheery mood when the final bell had rung to signal their freedom.

Trixie went to her locker, collected her things and exited out the back towards the fields. She had no way of telling Aiden she’d just meet him there so she hoped that he would be eager enough to be waiting for her. Somehow, she did have some luck on her side today and she saw him hanging off of the side of the bleachers. He jumped down when she got closer, a grin on his face.

“You’ve got a lot of making up to do, Trix. You really blue balled me this time. Not cool man.” He said, leaning back against the metal risers with a smug look on his face. She shrugged and when she went to explain herself she stopped. How would he react knowing that Mr. Mason saw their texts.. and her privates. Trixie shivered and tried pushing the thoughts from her mind, despite her best efforts she could feel the warmth in her core starting to grow again.

“I’m really sorry Aiden, things just got.. carried away today in class and I couldn’t stop it. But you’ve got me now, don’t you?” She said as sweetly as she could, running her hands around his sides into a hug. She kissed his neck and down his chest. Trixie had his jeans sliding down his legs and she teased his cock out of his boxers easily. When she dropped to her knees, Aiden rolled his eyes and groaned.

“C’mon baby, won’t you let me fuck you? Just seeing your pussy drives me wild. I need to feel you wrapped around my prick.” Aiden almost grumbled as her lips worked half of his shaft, her hand firmly wrapped around the other. He was the only guy who would whine about getting a slice of cake and wanting the whole thing. Trixie ignored him and kept at his cock, flicking her tongue over his head a dozen times.

In no time she had him groaning from pleasure instead of excessive want. “Fuck Trix fuuck” he thrust his hips into her mouth in sync with her sucking. “Your mouth n-never disappoints ughh” he gasped. When she heard the word disappoint her body stiffened and his next thrust ümraniye escort sent her into a short fit of gagging. Mr. Mason’s voice echoed in her head and for the first time she moaned quietly, squirming in the grass as she reattached herself to Aiden’s shaft with renewed vigor.

She was rewarded with spurts of his cum as he grunted and groaned her name. Trixie swallowed his load in a few gulps and she sat back, licking her lips and she smiled up at him, “No more blue balls, right?”

“God Trix, it isn’t fair you can do that to a man.” He said, sagging against the bleachers. He grabbed his bag and helped her to her feet, but her mind wasn’t with him again. She had started wondering if Mr. Mason would react in the same ways that Aiden did. The thoughts made her feel dirty and it was difficult not to finger herself on the bus ride home. She traced and teased the outline of her panties with a finger, feeling just how wet she was.

The notion of pleasing herself vanished entirely as she was greeted at the door with a stern talking to. Her mother was furious that she had been texting in class and that she had expected Trixie to be a model student for the others in school. The ranting went well into dinner and they spent the rest of it in silence.

Trixie was very aware of the fact that her mother was not scolding her for the content of which she had been texting and she was very, very grateful for that. She dared to smile to herself at her fortune, one that only lasted for so long before she remembered that Mr. Mason still had her phone in his possession. And all of her pictures. There was still that threat of discovery. And her idea of how to dissolve that threat had those very familiar knots forming in her stomach again.

Sleep did not come easy for her and when it finally did claim her her alarm sounded to steal her from it. Sliding from her bed Trixie slinked into the bathroom and turned the shower on. She wasn’t able to come up with any other option on how to keep this situation contained. It seemed almost cliche and she hated herself for it but the thought of giving herself to him had kept her mind and her fingers quite busy.

After taking a much longer shower than intended, she had to rush getting dressed in her uniform. Trixie had to wait till she was on the bus to adjust her stockings properly, while nibbling on a piece of toast. She had never been the most together person but today she was very frazzled and it was showing to anyone who took a slight interest.

And who had been taking more interest in her that day than Mr. Mason? Trixie had been in the hallway, talking with Aiden, who again felt slighted from the lack of texts. The words died on her lips as she tried telling him that her mother had taken the phone for some poor grade as she locked eyes with her teacher. The brief contact made her legs weak for some reason and she had to look away.

She excused herself from her friend and almost meekly followed behind Mr. Mason. She waited till they were almost at his room before speaking up.

“M-Mr. Mason?”

“Hm?” He turned and looked down at her, acting as if he did not know that she was there yet the inquiring eyebrow gave that away.

“Could I.. to you.. before class.. Um.. privately?”

The agitation in her voice had a knowing smile curl up on his face, one that made her uneasy and feeling as if she were walking into a trap. Even with that feeling, and watching him step aside and sweep his arm in an inviting gesture into the room, she walked into the lion’s den clutching her books to her hammering chest. She silently told herself she could still back out of this. And then she heard the door click shut.

“What brings you in, Miss Trixie? You’ve got a few minutes before class starts, I would make use of them.” He stated as he walked passed her to the board. Even with his back to her, she still felt his presence bearing down on her.

His aloofness was also making her skin crawl and she hugged her books a little closer to herself. “W-well.. I haven’t quite figured out how to.. Go about this but.. Ah fuck.. About yesterday, and my ph-“

“Language, Miss Beatrice. Foul language isn’t befitting a young lady like yourself.”

And neither is this, she thought to herself just before apologizing and continuing, “We can keep this between us.. R-right? What you saw on my phone.. What you know? Pl-please?” Her voice had cracked at the end as Mr. Mason had turned around and was giving her his undivided attention now. He remained silent, allowing Trixie time to stumble over her words. “I-I’d be willing to do wh-whatever you wanted to make it stay between us..” She bit her lip as she watched him check her out cooly, her blush creeping down her chest.

“Do you understand the weight of your offer, Beatrice? Of what you are suggesting to your teacher?” His tone was guarded, his eyes filled with dark intent.

“I-I do, yes.”

“If you think you do, prove it to me now. Take your panties off, put them on my desk escort kartal and get yourself mentally ready for class. I will not tolerate any disobedience from you. Am I clear?”

Trixie’s heart skipped a beat or three, not having expected him to request something of her straight way. Request wasn’t the right word. His gaze was unwavering as her trembling hands slowly slipped under her skirt. Trixie was very, very careful not to lift it too high and he did not say anything to correct her as she tugged down her pink lace panties.

She deposited her article of clothing on his desk, painfully aware of the dark stain at its center and she hurried to her seat, avoiding looking at him at all costs. Trixie did glance up in time to see him slip her panties in his pocket just before other students had begun to arrive and she finally exhaled the breath she had been holding. What exactly had she gotten herself into?

Mr. Mason did not say anything else to her that day, but he did return her phone to her. She had paused at the end of class but all he gave her was a dismissive wave. She spent the afternoon in a confused, foggy haze. Trixie couldn’t wrap her head around whatever game he was playing but it ate at her nonetheless.

She went through the rest of the day texting Aiden but had declined hanging out with him, saying she wasn’t in the mood for his company.

Trixie had trouble completing her homework as her thoughts wandered to what Mr. Mason was doing with her panties. Quite possibly the same thing he had done with her phone last night. The thought turned her on immensely and she found herself hidden under her sheets, digits lost between her folds. She twisted and turned, quietly moaning into her pillow as she climaxed from filthy thoughts involving her teacher. She faded off to sleep, her hand still caressing her sex, thighs wet and clamped around it.

The next morning when she was in study hall she was surprised to get a note from another student, claiming they were sent to her from Mr. Mason.

“Today’s lunch will be in my room, as you and a few other students need to work on your drafts for your upcoming paper. I expect you to be prompt and have everything you need for class following.

Mr. M”

To say she was disappointed was an understatement. Not that she could fathom what he would do with her with the power she had given him but she had been hopeful for something. Trixie texted Aiden about it and one of her girlfriends that they had usually sat with so they knew not to expect her today.

When lunch had come around and she made her way to the room and went in to find that she had made it earlier than anyone else. Even Mr. Mason wasn’t in yet. She sat herself at her desk, took out her lunch and papers and started working on her edits.

Trixie had been particularly focused and did not hear Mr. Mason enter. He remained quiet, studying her as she erased a sentence to write down a new one. There were many, many thoughts coursing through his head and he could barely wait to play with his new toy. He knew, though, that patience was key and that if played correctly, he would be able to reap the benefits for a long time to come.

She started when she looked up to see him watching her. He smiled almost tenderly at her as he approached her desk.

“I didn’t want to disturb you just yet. It pleases me seeing you being so studious, Beatrice. You can continue working later though. For now, I have something I want to show you.. or rather, you show me.” He held his hand out to her rather perplexed figure until she took it. Mr. Mason helped her out of her seat and guided her up towards his desk, which had been completely cleared off.

He let go of hers and adjusted his glasses before he clasped his own behind his back.

“Now, there are a few rules you are going to have to follow for our.. agreement to be fruitful. You’ll find them out today and they will be effective immediately.”

Trixie’s heartbeat quickened and she nodded her head. This was new territory for her and it was thrilling. Mr. Mason managed to keep her off balance with the next thing he said.

“There is a bit of an exhibitionist in you, Trixie, and I aim to draw her out of you as much as possible. Starting now.”


“I didn’t stutter, did I? You were so very enthusiastic about offering yourself to your teacher and showing yourself off to your classmates, how could you hesitate?”

He closed the distance between them suddenly enough to send her backpedaling into his desk. Mr. Mason’s hand found her chin and he tilted it up towards his face, looking down at her and making her feel very small. She wasn’t prepared for him to be so forward, or for what followed.

“I want you to please yourself. Right here. Right now.”

She was trying to grasp at the idea still, her mouth slightly parted as if she were to voice her bewilderment. It widened in a gasp as he picked her up by the waist and plopped her on his desk. While he was still in contact with her body, Trixie was frozen in horror. He could do horrible, horrible things to her and she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to stop him. But as she was processing that fear, he lifted his hands off of her and stepped back some, taking some of her unease with him.

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