Remember When Ch. 06


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Edited by luvtaread


“It all started when Ashley was working late one night trying to finish up her grading before heading home,” Brandon said to the other three the next night. “I entered to find her pouring over a stack of papers…”

Brandon knocked on the door and Ashley looked up to find him standing there. She looked quite stressed but gave him a quick smile.

“Hi darling I’m just trying to finish these up before I head out.” She said returning her attention to the papers.

“Sorry to disturb you Mrs. Metcalf, but I was wondering if you could help me with my assignment I don’t quite understand it.” Brandon said ignoring her comments. As he sat, or rather tried to sit in one of the child sized desks, Ashley looked up at him puzzled.

“Darling I don’t…” She said, but Brandon silently got up and set his ‘assignment’ on her desk on top of the other papers she was grading. Looking down and seeing what written on it she smiled. “I think I can help you with that Jimmy.”

They always used the variation on his middle name for their school games as it made him sound younger. Not that Ashley had any desire to sleep with her students but just like in the cave when they had used variations on Mel and Katy’s names they changed Brandon’s a bit to for fun.

Brandon smile and sincan escort said, “Thanks Mrs. M you’re the best.” For the next few minutes they pretended to work on some assignment, but when that was over Brandon’s real assignment began.

“Thank you again Mrs. M you were a real big help I just wish I could thank you somehow,” he said moving his hand to her perfect ass and rubbing slightly.

“Ohhh,” she said but it came out more a moan than a word. “I think I can think of something Jimmy.” Ashley then began unbuttoning her blouse. As she did Brandon moved his hand under the skirt she wore and continued massaging her ass.

Minutes later Ashley’s shirt and bra were on the floor and she sat in her desk chair while Brandon was on his knees in front of her massaging and sucking her firm tits. Not long after his hand sought out and found the teacher’s dripping wet pussy. He ran his fingers over it before inserting one in her. This drew a long moan from Ashley and after giving her tits on last kiss each he shift his focus.

After bunching up the long skirt and removing her panties Brandon proceeded to bury his face in her wet pussy. Not long after he had started Ashley gripped the back of his head and encouraged him.

“Oh god darling that feels so good, don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Brandon ankara escort did not stop; in fact he went harder and began sucking on her clit. Seconds later Ashley’s body gave in and she exploded in his face. When she had finished coming down from the orgasm Brandon lifted her off the chair and carried her to a nearby empty table.

He then pulled out his painfully hard cock and pushed into her sopping wet hole. Ashley cried out in surprise but soon rode waves of pleasure as Brandon fucked her hard and fast. She came twice before Brandon could hold back no more and came in her wet pussy.

He pulled out and she climbed off the table to clean their juices off of his cock before standing up and kissing him passionately.

“Oh thank you so much darling.” Ashley said hugging him close, “I really, really needed that.”

“Rough day?” Brandon asked holding his half naked wife to him.

“You have no idea, and I got another thirty tests to finish before tomorrow.”

“Can I help?” Brandon asked.

“Seriously?” She asked looking up at him.

“Yeah seriously.”

“Well sure, that would be great. Let me just get you set up.” Ashley said walking back to her desk and digging through her papers.

“Ah, Ashley?” She looked up at him, “You’re shirt and underwear? They’re still on the etimegut escort floor and you’re still topless. As much as I enjoy the view I don’t think you want to risk being walked in on.”

Ashley blushed and thanked him before quickly putting the three items back on. Then she went back to the tests. She divided the pile half and gave him half her answer key. However before they got started she took the piece of paper he had given her and quickly scribbled something on it. She then kissed him and handed it to him.

Brandon glanced at it quickly and it said:

Jimmy’s assignment:

Help relax the teacher so she can finish her work. Grade A+

Eat teacher’s pussy Grade A+

Fuck teacher hard. Grade A+

Overall grade A+++

Teacher’s note: Student gets extra points for being the best husband ever.

Brandon smiled before setting to work on the tests Ashley had given him.

“…and that was one of many times Jimmy gave Mrs. Metcalf, or Miss Wesson depending on when he visited, a little help after hours.”

“And his teacher was grateful every time he came, he was her favorite student.” Ashley said with a smile.

“Would that be because she came every time he visited,” Katy joked. Mel gave her a playful smack.

“That reminds me Katy,” Brandon said, “I don’t think you’ve told us your most favorite moment yet.”

“Oh we’ve told a few of mine, but my most favorite since you ask is the night you gave me my Kara.”

“I agree that is an excellent one why don’t I tell that tomorrow.”

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