Ravi and Kate Ch. 01


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Kate hurried along the teeming central Mumbai street towards the café, checking her watch anxiously. She was already some minutes late, thanks to a traffic jam which had delayed her for nearly half an hour. She stopped for a moment to fan herself with a newspaper and to take a deep breath; after living for some months in India since her publishing company in England had sent her here on a placement, she was still finding the heat difficult to handle, and didn’t want to arrive for her meeting overly hot and bothered. Her stomach turned over in excited and nervous anticipation. She and Ravi had been emailing for some time, since she had responded to his advert, and today they would finally meet. She could hardly wait, and hoped they would hit it off in person as well as they had done in writing. He was charming, kind and courteous, and equally importantly, had a devastatingly creative sexual imagination which he had been sharing with her via email.

Finally she arrived at the café, and to her great relief spotted Ravi immediately, sitting at a table outside in the shade. He saw her too, and stood up and waved. Kate felt a grin spreading across her face. He was just like the photos of himself he had sent her, which she had found very attractive and hot, and as she walked towards him, she saw him smiling too. He was tall and slim, with a lovely handsome face, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. His spectacles gave him an appealingly geeky look which she loved. He was extremely sexy in an understated way, and the memory of the intensely erotic and explicit emails they had been exchanging kept the grin on Kate’s face.

‘Hi, Kate, it’s lovely to meet you. I’m Ravi,’ he said, shaking her hand like a true gentleman. ‘You look wonderful.’ He glanced appreciatively at her blue dress, and she felt suddenly delightfully feminine and desirable. There was no need at all to worry any longer whether she would find this man as sexy in person as she had while reading his deliciously erotic emails; the reaction of her body, nipples hardening and blood pooling in her groin, made it instantly clear that she certainly did. She hoped he was as excited and pleased to see her as she was to see him, and judging by his wide smile, she was meeting his expectations too. They had agreed that if they clicked and both felt comfortable and safe taking things further, they would begin with a sensual, tender and passionate sexual relationship, with a view to ultimately taking things further: in one email, Kate had admitted her submissive tendencies to Ravi and asked if he would like to be her Master. He had a dominant streak and had readily agreed. They were both looking forward to exploring all of these exciting possibilities once they got to know each other better.

‘Hi, Ravi, lovely to meet you too. Shall we order a drink?’

Ravi, ever the gentleman, pulled out a chair for her and made sure she was comfortable before summoning the waiter and ordering them cold drinks. They made pleasant chit-chat for a few minutes, Ravi especially keen to hear how Kate was finding her new life in India (which she was enjoying enormously, though being blonde, pale and obviously foreign, she was finding all the attention she got a little hard to cope with), before moving onto weightier topics. Both of them were keen readers and, being sapiosexual, were attracted to the other’s intelligence and knowledge. An hour and more slipped away without either of them noticing as they discussed the books they kızılay escort were currently reading, politics, history and more, darting easily and naturally from one topic to another.

Ravi sat back in his chair, took a gulp of his Coke, and smiled at her. ‘It’s so great to spend time with you finally, Kate. I’ve been dying to meet and talk to you, and if you don’t mind me saying, you’re just as lovely in person as you are in those extremely arousing pics you’ve been sending me.’ He waited a moment to check Kate’s reaction, and seeing her smile and lean towards him, continued. ‘Which, I have to say, have been making me seriously hard as soon as I see them. I love to masturbate to the pics of your gorgeous body and imagine your beautiful lips wrapped around my cock.’

‘Mmmmm,’ Kate murmured. ‘I love to excite you. Are you hard right now? I’m so wet for you. You’re everything I hoped for. I’m aching to fuck you and have been since we first got in touch.’

‘If we weren’t in public now, I’d be kissing you so hard, feeling you, starting to undress you…’ Ravi murmured.

Kate bit her lip. ‘Look, I wouldn’t normally suggest this as it’s the first time we’ve met, but I feel so safe and comfortable with you already. Shall we…shall we book into a hotel?’

Ravi smiled. ‘If you’re totally 100% sure you feel safe enough to do that. Maybe you should text a friend and tell her where you are, if that helps make you feel safer and more comfortable. I want to be totally sure you’re absolutely happy with being alone with me in private.’

A mere thirty minutes later, Kate was opening the door to a luxury hotel room, butterflies fluttering in her stomach, but sure that she was doing the right thing. The door closed behind them and immediately she and Ravi were in each other’s arms, kissing hard, bodies pressed tightly together. Kate could already feel Ravi’s erection pressed against her stomach, and pulled herself even closer to him. She gently rubbed herself up and down him and they both moaned with pleasure, tongues entwining in each other’s mouths, hands exploring the other’s body. They took a few steps towards the bed and fell onto it, laughing, still holding each other. Kate rolled on top on Ravi and looked down into his lovely face. He beamed up at her. ‘Are you OK? You’re absolutely sure about this?’

‘Completely sure, and happy, and horny as hell,’ Kate giggled. She leaned down and covered Ravi’s face with light, butterfly kisses, enjoying the smell and taste of him, his appreciative noises, and the very large and obvious erection still pressing into her.

Ravi flipped Kate over so that he was lying on top of her, kissing her hard, on her mouth, all over her face and neck. ‘I can’t wait to undress you and see you,’ he breathed. ‘I want you so, so much.’

Kate pulled at Ravi’s t-shirt, trying to pull it over his head. It got tangled on his spectacles and she giggled. ‘Oops!’ Ravi sat up and pulled it right over his head, and removed his spectacles too, laying them carefully on the bedside table.

‘Mmmmm.’ Kate feasted her eyes on her lover’s chest and arms for the first time. He was gorgeous. A slightly hairy chest which she loved, strong arms – she had a fondness for male arms – and nipples she was dying to lick and suck, and did, loving the taste of him. Ravi moaned appreciatively as she used her mouth all over his chest. He stroked her hair, whispering how beautiful and sexy she was and how he was so happy to be there etlik escort with her at last.

‘You’re so sexy yourself,’ Kate murmured back. ‘I love the contrast between your skin and mine…dark and light…so arousing.’

Then it was Ravi’s turn to undress Kate. He unbuttoned her dress slowly and teasingly, kissing her softly, nipping at her bottom lip with his teeth. Kate moaned as he exposed her push-up bra, then her panties, and finally her dress fell to her feet and she kicked it away.

‘Oh my God. Your body is so damn beautiful. Even more than I was expecting from your pics.’ Ravi ran his hands gently all over Kate’s body, enjoying the softness of her skin and her fabulous curves, madly aroused by the sight of her cleavage. He leaned down and softly kissed and licked the part of her breasts not covered by her bra, amazed and thrilled at how awesome they looked and tasted.

‘Take it off,’ Kate moaned. ‘I need you to see all of me.’

Ravi reached around her back and undid her bra clasp. The bra fell away and Kate pulled it off her arms and flung it away, and there she stood, topless in front of his admiring eyes. Her breasts were amazing; although he had seen many pics of them, he was stunned at how beautiful they really were. Her nipples stood out hard, erect and extremely pink, and he felt a strong urge to take them in his mouth. He cupped her boobs in his hands, enjoying the weight and softness of them, then pushed her back gently towards the bed so that he could lick, kiss, caress, play with and gently bite her beautiful breasts. His erection was almost painful by now; how much he wanted to fuck this woman!

For a while they lay side by side on the bed, arms and legs entwined, murmuring to each other, kissing, caressing, hands exploring everywhere. Kate pulled Ravi’s jeans off and both of them now were only wearing underwear. She felt slightly shy but also sexy and intensely desirable, as well as extremely excited, and longed to have Ravi inside her at last. It felt good though to be taking their first time slowly, taking the time to discover and enjoy each other’s bodies.

‘I need to taste you, Kate,’ Ravi whispered. ‘I want to lick your pussy, play with your clit…’

‘Do it, oh, please do it,’ Kate whimpered. She watched joyfully as her lover kissed and licked his way down her stomach, teasing her, kneeling on the floor to kiss the inside of her thighs, getting closer and closer to her pussy but not touching it yet, not even taking her panties off. She leaned down and stroked his black hair. ‘Please, Ravi, please, lick me.’

Finally, giving her a teasing grin, Ravi pulled off her panties, leaving her naked and entirely exposed to his gaze. ‘Open your legs, Kate,’ he whispered, his voice with desire. ‘Let me see you…enjoy you…all of you. You are so beautiful and sexy.’

Even then, Ravi held off using his mouth on Kate’s pussy, enjoying the sight and sounds of her writhing on the bed, whimpering, begging him to pleasure her. Eventually, he began licking, kissing and caressing the outer lips of her pussy, then spread open her inner lips and used his talented tongue there. Kate moaned with pleasure as she felt him slide his tongue inside her wet pussy. She leaned down with one hand and stroked his black hair while her other hand played with her breasts, caressing them and tweaking her erect nipples. She didn’t think she was too far off orgasm, and Ravi had, deliberately, not even demetevler escort touched her clit yet.

‘Ravi, please…lick my clit, get me off…’

He raised his head and grinned at her, an evil sexy grin. ‘I don’t think so, my darling. Not yet. If you want it, you’ll have to ask me again…and again. Show me how much you want it. And show me exactly where you want me to lick you. I’d love to see you pleasuring yourself.’

Kate wet her index finger in her mouth and reached down to rub her clit, her other hand playing with her breasts and nipples. She arched her back and sighed, her finger working harder and harder, her breath coming faster as she neared orgasm.

‘No, no, I think we’ll stop that there.’ Ravi smiled and gently removed Kate’s finger from her clit, and she moaned slightly with disappointment. ‘It’s my job and my pleasure to make you cum. Don’t deprive me of it.’

He bent his head again and flicked his tongue over her clit, making Kate gasp out loud and grab hold of his hair, possibly quite painfully. He alternated between flicking his tongue over her clit and sucking it gently in his mouth. Kate writhed and moaned, and when she felt Ravi slip a finger inside her pussy as well, and slide it in and out, faster and faster, she felt herself on the brink of orgasm.

‘Ohhhhhh…’ She came, hard, moaning out loud, grabbing Ravi’s hair, eyes closed, feeling the strength of her orgasm rip through her. It went on and on. Finally it subsided, and thighs trembling, mouth dry, she opened her eyes again.

‘Thank you…oh my god, that was amazing. Just amazing,’ she panted.

‘Don’t thank me, it was entirely my pleasure.’ Ravi smiled and came to lie beside her, his arms around her as her body experienced the after-shocks of her powerful orgasm. Kate saw her pussy juice smeared around his mouth and the sight aroused her. She kissed him hard and tasted herself on his lips and in his mouth.

‘Your turn, my love…just give me a moment to recover!’

After a couple of minutes, once her breathing and pulse rate had slowed down, Kate gave Ravi a wicked grin and knelt by the side of the bed. She pulled down his boxer shorts, and his erection sprang upwards.

‘Mmmmm.’ Kate’s mouth watered at the very sight of it. As he had done to her, she teased him, kissing and trailing her tongue down his stomach and down his thighs, getting ever closer to his cock but never touching it, even though she could see the precum oozing out of the tip and she yearned to taste it. She bent her head and licked one of Ravi’s balls, then the other, taking each one in turn into her mouth and gently sucking it. She looked up at him and smiled. He was watching her with a smile, stroking her hair. She flicked out her tongue and licked the precum off his cock; it was delicious.

‘Kate, you’re going to look so damn sexy with my cock in your mouth,’ Ravi murmured.

‘Sssh, love, just sit back and enjoy.’ Kate bent her head again and licked slowly all along the length of Ravi’s large and extremely hard cock, underneath, maintaining eye contact with him all the time. He moaned slightly. She flicked her tongue all around the sensitive tip of his cock, then took it in her mouth, just holding it there for the moment, judging his reaction. After a few moments she began sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, just a little at first, then more and more, as much of it as she could manage. More and more, faster and faster…

‘Kate, sexy creature, I’m gonna cum in a minute if you keep doing that.’ Ravi gently moved her head away with his hand. ‘And I’d much rather cum inside you…can I fuck you now? I’d love you to ride me, hard…’

The next instalment of Ravi and Kate coming soon!

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