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I step up behind you as you leave the bathroom, my hands upon your shoulders as I bend to kiss your neck. The scent of your skin fills my nostrils and I slip my hands over the silk of your robe and encircle you as you lean back against me. My hand toys with the knot of the robes belt.


You gasp,

“You mustn’t, I’ve just had a bath…”

I turn you round quickly, stopping your mouth with mine. I pull the knot roughly undone and your eyes open wide as I push the robe back, off your shoulders until it slides to the floor leaving you naked, save for the towel around your hair.

You work your mouth free as my hands roam over your body,

“Hey, wait…”

But I am not to be denied and I bend swiftly and swing you up into my arms. I kiss you again, hard and you give a resigned shrug, before unwrapping the towel and throwing it aside.

“Come on then,”

You sigh, in mock resignation and I kick open the bedroom door and carry you in.

I deposit you, damp and naked, in the centre of the bed I have prepared for you. It is spread with a new, black silk, sheet, but is otherwise bare. You run your fingers over the material as you look up at me. ankara escort I unbutton my shirt, deliberately, stripping it from my body and throwing it aside. Next I loosen my belt and slide off my jeans before stepping up to the bed, dressed only in tight, black, trunks. I kneel upon the bed and, leaning down over you, I kiss you. You bring your hands up to caress my chest but I capture them with one hand. As you look at me, puzzled, I open my other hand to reveal the silk belt of your robe.

“Hey look, we’ve talked about this…You know I don’t…”

Again I stop your mouth, my body weight bearing down upon you as I pin your arms above your head. You start to struggle as I loop the soft fabric around your wrists. I kiss you, softly,


I loosely tie your wrists in a simple bow and put one end of the knot in your palm.

“If it is too much, pull and you’ll be free.”

I whisper,

“But please try, just see what I want to do?”

I kiss you again, tenderly but with a little more passion. Without waiting for an answer, I begin to kiss my way along your jaw. I can feel your pulse in your neck and I kiss it, delicately before working down, along your elvankent escort throat, to your breasts. My hands stoke your flanks, fingertips lightly teasing, the close trimmed nails lightly raking. I settle my mouth above one nipple, kiss it, then suck it, hard, into my mouth. My tongue swirls around the hard, sensitive, bud, causing you to hiss and writhe, fighting your instinct to free your hands. I let the wet nipple slip from my mouth, then inhale sharply while my mouth still covers it, drawing cool air across the sensitive flesh. I swap breasts and repeat, this time allowing my teeth to graze the stone hard tip, causing you to cry out. For a few minutes I repeat, moving from breast to breast, licking, sucking, nibbling until I can feel you trembling, then I pause and begin to inch my way down your body, my lips and tongue leaving a glistening trail. As my mouth moves down past your navel, I suddenly, roughly push your legs apart with my hands, spreading you as wide as I can. I dip my head down, pausing to look up the length of your naked body.. Your chest heaves as I slip[ down, between your spread thighs, and my rough, insolent, tongue, flickers against otele gelen escort the hardness of your excited clitoris. You spasm, despite the warning the sensation takes you by surprise, and you squirm further as I suckle upon your sensitive nub, nibbling and licking at it as your body shakes and twists in frustration. I bring my hands up and spread your sensitive labia before releasing your tormented lit, finally, from my teasing teeth.

“Please, “

You sob, then gasp as I lap at your wetness. You are hot now and even the warmth of my probing tongue is cooling against your inner flesh. I probe you deeply, my strong tongue invading you until my moustache grinds against your clit. Your bound hands claw at the sheet as I slip my hands beneath your buttocks, kneading them as I lift you up like a chalice and I worship you with my mouth. I feel your orgasm approach, your muscles clenching and I probe deeper with my aching tongue. Your thighs clamp around my head as your hips lift of the bed,

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!”

You pant as the spasms begin to subside. I let you ride my face, flicking your clit with my tongue to prolong the aftershocks and grinning to myself as you curse me. I feel your fingers in my hair as you pull me up, your hands still bound, to kiss you. As we share the tender afterglow I feel your hands gripping my hard cock. As you growl in my ear,

“Now, you better fuck me properly and then run me another bath.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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