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My mother went out of town on tuesday. Before she left, she called to ask me to check in on my father, sister and two brothers. My father’s not much of a cook, and she was concerned that, if left to their own devices, my siblings would only eat ice cream and cereal.

On wednesday, I made the short drive from my apartment to my parent’s house. I arrived around one in the afternoon. You see, I wanted to have time to myself to make a grocery list, check my e-mail, stuff like that, before the youngest of my family got home from school. It didn’t go as planned, because my father had decided to play hooky from work on his first day without his wife.

He was sitting on the couch in his weekend clothes, jeans and a ratty t-shirt, and pretended not to notice me when I walked in the door. I said hi, and asked him what he was doing there, he just grunted.

The next hour passed just like that, and so I left at two or so to go purchase the items my parents refrigerator was lacking. Milk, eggs, veggies and meat. My little brother Jake was home when I got back, and my father had gotten dressed. They were sitting at the kitchen table doing addition problems, my brother drinking Yoo-hoo from a straw.

They both looked up and greeted me with happy smiles, but I just grunted. My father glared at me, but I didn’t care. Jackass wasn’t going to be nice when we were alone, why should I be nice now? It wasn’t like I had to be there, I was doing them a favor after all.

My other siblings, the twins, got home around five. They were excited to see me, because I rarely came over, so while I chopped vegetables they spouted off everything they did that day and everyday for weeks prior. When we finally sat down to dinner, Jake begged me to sit by him.

Dinner was quick, the twins were in a hurry to catch their favorite TV shows, and Jake wanted to show me his new Lego set. It was a Millennium Falcon replica, and for an eight year old, he’d done a pretty good job building it.

At eight-thirty I got Jake to brush his teeth and retire to bed. The twins were already holed up in their rooms, so I told my father I was going home.

“Wait Karen. We never spend any time together, maybe you should stick around awhile. We could watch a movie or something.” He said.

“That’s funny, actually, ’cause earlier you didn’t seem to want me around. What changed?” I asked.

He ran his fingers through his hair, letting out a long breath. “Okay, look. This is going to be awkward. I was, well, I was watching porn. Your mother never lets me, and I thought I was going to be alone until at least three. Then, you showed up, and here I was, well, you know. I’m sorry.”

“Uh. Well, yes, that is awkward. Awesome, Dad. I don’t think I even wanted to know that. You couldn’t pendik escort make up something better? Seriously?” I was embarrassed, to say the least. My father patted me on the shoulder, saying he was sorry again and readdressing his invite to stay.

I agreed. He went to pick out the movie, and I laid down across the couch. I expected him to sit in the armchair across from me, but instead, he lifted my legs and sat under them. He just held my legs on his lap, for the better part of the first half of the movie, but then, during one scene that was quite racy he began to rub my calf.

I really though nothing of it, until I noticed his fingers working their way onto my bare skin, under the hem of my pants. He rubbed the front of my ankle, then worked up slowly to my inner knee. My knee is one of the most sensitive spots on my body, I love it when my boyfriends rub me there. It was weird that my father was doing this, but I didn’t think he knew it was turning my on, so I let him keep rubbing.

His other hand was resting, rather firmly, on the top of my upper thigh, and he gripped harder when his hand moved from my knee up to my inner thigh. He worked his fingers in deeper circles than before, all the while pretending to focus on the movie. My heart was starting to beat faster, my vision was getting blurry, and my own father was feeling up my leg.

After almost a half an hour of both of us pretending, I felt my father’s fingertips graze my panties. I looked up at him with surprised clarity to find his eyes searching my expression. Then he lowered himself to me, shushing me and then dragging his tongue over my cheek.

He played with my ear, made wet circles on my neck, then stood up and left me pulsing on the couch. He returned minutes later, assuring me that my brothers and sister had all fallen asleep, then switching the movie to a budget porn film that featured three girls and nine men. Each scene was one girl being fucked in all holes.

My father looked at me for a moment, studying me, obviously thinking. He must have made up his mind quickly, because in an instant he was naked before me. I looked away momentarily, before lowering my gaze to my father’s erect penis. It wasn’t huge, by any standards, but it was bigger than ones I’d had in me before.

I knew what was going to happen, and I accepted it, even partly wanted it. I let my body move the way it was craving to move, my hips and breasts pulsing up and down as I lay in front of him. Sounds of sex floated and gyrated in the background, and my father moved toward me, his naked flesh shining blue in the television light, his penis bouncing with each step.

He reached my side finally, and I moved to sit up. He put one arm around me behind my back, lifting me only slightly toward maltepe escort him. He ran the tip of his penis over my lips, urging me to part them. He then slid his cock easily into my mouth, and I closed my lips around it, suckling and licking the way I knew how. He pumped in and out of me, and with each press inward the tip of his dick poked the back of my throat, causing me to gag in time with one of the girls on the TV.

My father didn’t want to cum in my mouth, his told me so. Instead, he hoped to release his load in my pussy. He even asked if I would like that. I felt foggy, my mind seemed locked, like I was under some sort of spell. I never let anyone spread their semen in my pussy, but my father, my own father, him I said yes to.

He smiled and lifted me from the couch onto my feet. He pulled my shirt over my head, exposing my small bare breasts. His face moved toward them, his tongue darting out to leave flecks of saliva on my now erect nipples. My head was thrown back, my breath emerging from my mouth in short gasps. My father was laughing, and continued to laugh until he took one nipple into his mouth and sucked, hard.

I cried out, but he quickly muffled the cry with a hand over my mouth. That’s when he suggested a gag. He walked away from me to where his clothes lay on the floor. He returned with his underwear and t-shirt. He bunched his underwear into a white ball and stuffed it in my mouth, then rolled up his t-shirt and tied it around my head to hold the gag in.

He smiled down at me when he was finished, and his smile grew wider as he began to unbutton my pants. Once loose, my pants fell to the floor, and I felt his hands run over my hips, fingers hooking into my panties and pulling them off. Then he pressed his hands into my back, pushing me to my knees then bending me over the couch and spreading my legs.

I closed my eyes and waited to be penetrated, but instead I felt a tongue pressing into my asshole. I cried out, but it was muffled by the underwear in my mouth. My father’s tongue dug into my ass, creating sensations I would never have expected. His fingers plugged into my pussy, one, then two, then all, pressing and stretching, making me drip.

As quickly as his tongue had been introduced to my ass it was gone, replaced by a finger digging it’s way in, covered in my own lubrication. He moved one finger in and out of my hole, grunting in time with the movement. I felt him shift behind me, then the head of his dick was at the mouth of my vagina.

My hot, wet pussy accepted the firm cock from behind as it made it’s way into me. My head was numb, all I could focus on was the amazing sensation of being penetrated by my own father. His cock was just right in my pulsing pussy, it grazed just the right spot kartal escort in me to make me moan.

I lowered my own hand to my clit, rubbing it in time with my father’s thrusts, which grew faster with every passing moment. He had left his finger in my ass, I could feel it wiggle in me. He lowered his head by mine to whisper in my ear.

“Do you want to be one of those girls? You want three cocks in you at once? You’re my little whore, aren’t you baby? Moan if you like it. Moan loud if you like your daddy’s cock in your little cunt. Oh yes, that’s it baby, moan for daddy.”

I did. I moaned loudly. I dug my fingers into the couch for support. I pushed back when he thrust into me, making his dick go deeper and deeper. I rubbed my pussy frantically, feeling my orgasm coming upon me in fuzzy waves, intense, vision stealing waves. I faintly heard my father’s load grunt, then felt him plunge deep into me. His semen filled me in bursts, almost enhancing the pleasure I felt.

When he was finished, my father picked me up off the floor, and led me back to the bedroom he shared with my mother. When he turned the light on, I noticed for the first time that my parent’s bed could be split apart. I watched as my father pushed one side away from the other, revealing what looked like cuffs hanging from the base of the bed at both the top and bottom.

Sure enough, when I got a closer look, they were cuffs. I would’ve asked my father what was up with the cuffs, but as his underwear was still tied in my mouth, I could say nothing. My father pushed me toward that bed, when we got close he picked me up and laid me down upon it. I started to try to get away, but he was strong and fast, and in no time at all he had one hand and both my feet shackled.

When he was done, I was naked on the bed, shackled to it with my bare legs and arms spread out, exposing all of me to the air. My father stood beside the bed, and laughed at me as he studied me in my vulnerable state. He lowered his head to my stomach, then ran his tongue up my body from the navel to my forehead, leaving a wet trail to cool and dry.

He pressed his fingers into my pussy again, commenting on how wet I was still. He sounded surprised, but he shook it off, reminding us both aloud that I was his little whore.

“Of course you’re still wet. You want daddy to fuck you again, don’t you?”

I nodded. “Well, baby, you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow. For tonight, I’m just going to leave you here. Don’t worry though, Daddy’s got a surprise for you.”

He walked to the closet on the opposite end of the room, and returned with a dildo and a harness. He switched the vibe on on the dildo, then pushed it inside my pussy. He then attached the harness, strapping it around my hips and across my vagina. It was tight enough to keep me from using my muscles to push the vibrator out.

He left me like that all night, I was never far from orgasm, yet never quite satisfied. Not until morning came, but that, I think, should be another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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