Plumber’s New Toy: The Beginning


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I always get nervous when I have to make a service call for something in my home. I’m not very trusting of people in general and the thought of letting a strange man into my home especially if my husband isn’t home; is something I avoid. I like to stick to the same companies and the same servicemen. This way I know who to expect especially in those times my husband can’t be home with me. I guess this particular serviceman must have gotten past my guard because I began looking forward to his calls. Despite the bill incurred, his visits always made for a fun day.

This particular day we had a water emergency so I had to make last minute arrangements with the company. They said they would send my rep out in the afternoon. I went about my day keeping my phone close by waiting for my 30 minute window. I was about to head home when the call came through so I wrapped up and headed home. Because of the suddenness of the situation, and the day, my husband wasn’t home. Again, I didn’t think twice about it.

You arrived at the house and I had to tease you for having to come back to my house since it’d only been a couple weeks since you had been here. My husband had teased me after your last visit “That plumber would love to fuck you. He’s good looking. You should go for it.” I laughed it off. My husband likes to flirt and while I won’t say I haven’t, but sex hasn’t been on my mind. Mostly my husband was giving me a hard time and possibly trying to get me to flirt a little so I’d be more understanding of him. However, I could never imagine doing so.

I’ll admit it, you are good looking. I love that you are a little taller than me and dark hair but the real kick is a smile that just spells trouble. Your fun personality where you can laugh and joke around has always had me looking forward to your visits. I never really thought much into flirting or hooking up with anyone as I don’t consider myself to be someone that catches a guy’s eyes. I’ve never been skinny as a toothpick, and I have picked up some weight over years that I’m trying to lose. I’ve always been very self-conscious, especially about my body. I’ve hit my late 30’s and escort numaraları eryaman have dark hair that I like to keep red, dark eyes and my weight keeps going to my breasts which have grown to a 36DDD yet again.

When you asked me, “Is it OK if I flirt with you?” your question caught me off guard for sure. It didn’t seem like a big deal, I guess add in that I’m naive. I know you tried to warn me your flirting is personal, but I mean, what’s the harm right? I’m sure my curiosity overrode my typical sensibility.

It started with a game of 20 questions the sex edition while you did your work. You asked me tons of questions ranging from “show me your breasts to how many guys I’ve had sex with, to what positions. I could answer the questions without much hesitation except showing my breasts. The hardest part was me asking you questions. It took some time but I did ask some questions back. Near the end of our time alone I did a partial show where I lifted my shirt. You asked about a kiss, but not thinking, I hesitated. That cost me in a way I never imagined — waiting! I’ve learned the first rule of this new adventure; don’t wait because the price is the torture of time. You did lightly feel me up and I tell you I wasn’t resisting. I just had to make sure I could live with my choices.

While you were there that day my husband had asked me to see how much another job would cost and go ahead and have you do it because we were in a bind. Not only did you agree, but you gave me your number. I wondered where this would go next.

So a couple days later we spent the day texting and it was getting steamy. Only a tiny part of me wondered what I was getting into. The rest of me was already diving in the lake. Time began passing so incredibly slowly. Finally we arranged a time for you to start the latest job and the countdown was on.

You arrived and went straight to work. While it was awesome to watch you work, I was dying to have your arms squeeze around me and give me that kiss you’d offered before. I wondered what it would feel like to be kissed by another man knowing we were both married. Heck, I wondered ankara bayan escort what it would feel like to be kissed as it had been a long time for me. At one point you asked me if I’d found those thigh highs and heels yet. I went around the corner to find them. I knew I should have gotten them ready but at least I did know where they were.

I put on the thigh highs, heels and a dress I found quickly since it would be senseless to put my shirt and jeans back on with these. I was well rewarded when I saw your reaction. Then you pulled me close and kissed me. The passion of the kiss while you played with my tongue and lip just make me melt. Then you move to my neck and kiss it softly. All the while, I’m melting more and more. At this point you can ask almost anything of me. I feel pretty and appreciated for the first time in a long time. You remembered so much from the “20 Questions” and completely used the answers against me, but I was not about to complain.

Finally you take another break from work and you join me on the couch. I start with a light massage with lotion. While our kissing really helped me lose some of my self-consciousness, it was still there a bit. As I’d said before, I’ve always been more on the submissive side of things. After a bit you take the lead back over.

Your hands begin to roam and our lips meet again. My body craves the attention. Questions and doubts no longer exist. Your soft touch and intense kissing is like a downpour in a desert. My body soaks up the sensations and my mind relishes in being the center of attention. You remember my previous hesitation and the gentleness you show as you ensure that I am truly okay with each next step we take.

You continue to roam my body starting with my neck and thighs. My mind was so incredibly overwhelmed with sensation that as you played with the high thighs (wow, now I see why you like them) and then to my panties. Then when you moved the panties I felt my body relax and enjoy the attention your tongue began giving me. This has never been a comfortable position for me before. You continue to make sure I’m OK with this and elvankent escort I’m no longer thinking about not being OK with it. Then the fleeting thought happens and I remind you that it’s not necessary for you to lick my pussy, but you assure me you want to so I lay back and let my body enjoy the flood of sensations that it has never felt. Not only am I on the submissive side, but also on the side of helping others, not allowing the focus to ever be on my pleasure so I am on a whole new playing field. You find my clit and begin teasing it then taking hold of it. I have never felt this before and am not sure what to expect. The sensation is so incredibly powerful that I have to remember to breathe. I’m not sure how to handle the intensity. My mind cannot handle it and therefore never allows my body to relax to release.

This is when you decide to change focus. You come back up and engage me in more passionate kissing. You begin teasing me with your hard cock. You make sure I am okay and all I can think about is I want you inside me. I assure you that I am all in. Then I realize how large you are. You are so gentle, you let me open up and take you in. You hold gently and slowly my pussy just swallows you up. Once you are inside me you begin to move in and out. You fill me up so far inside that I can feel you pressing on something that I’ve never felt before. The pressure feels so good. I find myself having to remember to breathe and I wince, but it isn’t because of pain, just the intense pressure and that you are touching areas that have never been touched. You continue going in and out and then you reach down and start playing with my clit again. The sensation is so overwhelming I begin feeling my brain swirl. Then I feel a gush and you have cum. I can’t let the feeling stop so I continue the motion. I’m building quickly as there is something about a guy cumming inside me that puts me on a fast track. I can literally feel my pussy grabbing your cock and squeezing it. Then it hits me. I feel a powerful, intense orgasm wash over me. As my body begins to relax, you grab hold of me and you fill me up with your cum again.

How I wish we could just lay right there and not moved. However, you did come over to do some work and had to get home. So we pull ourselves up and you finish as much of the job as you can for the night. Since you had to change something, the good news is you’ll be back in a few days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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