Pleasing My King


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She didn’t know why she was summoned by the King; all she knew is that he wanted to see her. She dressed carefully in your best dress, making sure that her exquisite cleavage was exposed. She pulled her hair back on the sides, making sure that her curls wouldn’t be in the way of her face when she met him. Carefully dusting herself with a scented powder, and applying red lip color, she was ready to go to the palace.

The guards looked at her longingly as she entered the palace gates. Once she announced that the King had summoned her, their faces fell, and they let her pass. She entered the main palace doors, and was escorted to the Royal bedchamber. She was nervous, but took a deep breath, smoothed out her dress, and flowed into the room.

The King was waiting for her. He rose from the bed wearing a robe and his crown. She moved her eyes to the floor, and knelt before him in a deep curtsey. The King went to her, and placed a hand under her chin to raise her face. Their ankara eryaman escortlar eyes met. She instantly saw the sparkle in his eyes as he looked into her eyes, then his gaze drifted down to her cleavage.

“Why have you summoned me, your Highness?” she asked.

“I have summoned you here to pleasure Me.”, the King replied. “You are known in the village as a very skilled and attractive woman. I want to see for myself if this is true. If you fail me, you will be executed, so you will suck my cock as though your life depended upon it, because my sweet vixen, it does.”

The terror on her face aroused the King as he loosened his robe and revealed his half hardened cock to her.

“You will suck my cock until I cum and not waste a drop of my Royal juices, or you will be for the chop.”

She leaned forward to take him into her mouth. His cock was growing as she sucked down the shaft, licking and sucking around the base of his cock. He put a hand on the escort etimesgut back of her head to steady her. His cock was fully hard now, and it tickled the back of her throat as she sucked him in and out of her mouth a little faster each time.

“I can see that what I have heard from the villagers is correct.” the King said. “You’re doing a good job wench; I may have to use you in other ways if you successfully complete this task.”

She continued to lick and suck him. The King moaned softly, especially when she would take him down her throat. She felt her crotch getting wetter as the King grabbed her head to force himself down her throat faster and faster. The thought of being fucked by her King was too much for her, and as the King’s knees buckled and she swallowed the head of his cock, she felt her own orgasm flow down her legs. The King held her head to his hips as he rode her face. She wrapped her hands around the King’s ass batıkent escort as he continued to fuck her face. The King screamed “Suck me, bitch!”, as he rode her face with fury. She felt his final thrust, then his hot load pumping down the back of her throat. She almost choked on it, but swallowed it all down. The King kept her head pressed to him, his cock still down her throat. She waited patiently while the King relaxed, and slowly his cock shrank allowing her to breathe more freely. When he finally let go of her head, she slowly sucked him out of her mouth leaving a perfect red lip ring around the base of his cock.

“You’ve done well for yourself,” the King said.

“Thank you Sire, “she replied.

“As you are of value in my kingdom, I am granting you the title of Lady, and to fulfill the needs of your title, you must be present at court everyday. I will call upon you often, as you are to become one of my concubines.”

“Thank you Sire, you are most gracious and kind.” she replied.

“I’m not going to waste a fine piece of tail like yourself, woman. You may leave me now.” said the King.

She rose from her knees, took two steps back and curtsied again. Then she turned and left the Royal bedchamber with a smile of satisfaction on her lips.

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