Peggy the Pegger Pt. 02


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As per request, here is part two.

This is a work of fiction.

All characters involved at least 18 years of age.

No resemblance to real people or events is intended.


It was one year after my passionate night with Peggy that I ran into her again. It was by total chance that, as I got onto the train for London, I saw her sitting alone by the window. It was going to be a long journey from Glasgow to London, and I decided to sit by her and catch up.

She was as beautiful as the night I met her; her thick blonde mane was swept aside, away from her shaved side, and she was dressed all in black, with golden lettering on her baggy T-shirt and golden accents on her Nike trainers. She wore black yoga pants that exhibited her toned legs and her ears were pierced in several places with gold rings and studs.

“Well, well,” I said as I sat down opposite Peggy. “If it isn’t the lovely Peggy!”

She looked up, startled by the sound of my voice. She smiled broadly, showing off perfect white teeth.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed in her usual posh voice, the stud in her tongue shining as she spoke. “It’s you!!”

“I knew we’d meet again at some point, I guess,” I said as she leaned over the table and hugged me. The train was just setting off. It would only stop in York, then Birmingham and then straight on to London several hours on.

“It’s so good to see you,” she said. “It’s been a while.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I’ve missed you in a way.”

“Awww, don’t get all soppy on me,” she laughed, grabbing my hand.

“Don’t worry, it was just a bit of fun,” I reassured her.

We chatted for a while longer, but I soon had to use the toilet. There was barely anyone around; just an elderly couple at the far end of the carriage and a girl sleeping in a corner seat. I entered the little cubicle and did my business quickly, anxious to get back to Peggy. I flushed and washed my hands, then pressed the button to open the doors. I was pushed back into the cubicle as soon as the door opened and Peggy instantly closed it again, hitting the lock button.

“God, it’s been a long time since I felt your warm, hard cock in me,” she growled. “I’ve missed having you inside of me every day for the last year. Ever since we made love that one night I’ve never stopped thinking about it.” She pounced at me, kissing me hard on the mouth and forcing me against the wall.

Hungrily I kissed her back, feeling the familiar warmth and softness of her flesh in my hands. My hands caressed her perfect ass and tits, and rubbed her pussy through her yoga pants, which were already growing wet. We were impatient, though, and I pulled down Peggy’s trousers and panties roughly. I pushed her up against the wall and penetrated her, fucking her from behind.

“Oh yes, yes, yes!!” She cried. “That’s what I’m talking about. Oh, how I’ve missed your big cock in my pussy. Oh, please fuck me hard like the cock-hungry whore that I am!”

I ravaged her from behind, and she craned her neck around so that we could kiss passionately at the same time. Reaching around her, I grabbed onto her big, firm tits and laid into her harder, fucking her hard and noisily.

She soon came violently, collapsing forward against the wall as her girl-cum pitter-pattered onto the floor. I pulled out and spun Peggy around. We stared into each other’s hungry eyes, panting, feeling the animalistic lust that connected the two of us. Never breaking eye contact, I swept Peggy up into my arms and started fucking her again, slamming her body against my strokes and penetrating her roughly and deep. She cried out in pleasure and excitement as I ravaged her body, then let out a string of filthy things she wanted done to her.

“Oh yes, my big stud,” she hissed, “fuck me hard just like that. Fill me up. Punish me for being such a slutty little bitch.”

She was soon coming again, and I propped her up on the sink so that I could thrust into her easily. I pummelled her soft, wet pussy for a few more minutes, my long cock reaching deep inside her warm tunnel. Each powerful blow rocked her body back and forth, and my pendulous balls slapped against her naked butt. Soon I was cumming deep inside Peggy, who simultaneously screamed as she was hit by her third orgasm.

Breathless and quivering with pleasure, we passionately kissed until I begged her to fuck me back.

“I’m sorry babe, the one day I don’t carry my dildo around happens to be the day I need it most!”

I was disappointed, as meeting Peggy again had suddenly given me an urge for her big rubber cock inside of me. However, Peggy told me to sit on the sink and lift my legs. She propped up my legs on her shoulders and went down on my asshole, reviving that dormant sensation of her warmth and wetness on my intimate hole. She lapped at the hole until it was lubricated well before slowly sinking a couple of fingers in, arousing a moan of pleasure from me as my soft, sensitive flesh was probed by her slender, agile fingers.

I was overcome ataşehir escort by a mist of pleasure as she gently finger-fucked my ass, causing little sparks of unbelievable pleasure up and down my anal canal. As she fingered me, gradually augmenting the pace, she also went down on my cock, staring into my eyes as she bobbed up and down.

She sucked voraciously and sloppily, lathering my entire shaft in thick saliva and taking it right in the back of her throat. Suddenly she pulled back, gasping for air as she licked away the ropes of saliva that linked her lips to my throbbing organ.

“Oh, yeah, my big slutty boy,” she purred, fingering my ass furiously as she jacked off my cock with equal vigour, “you like having your little hole played with just like that, don’t you.”

I nodded my assent, before throwing my head back in a howl of pleasure as she slipped in a third finger.

“Let me fill you up,” she said, “let me make you feel like a little pussy getting nicely filled up.”

A fourth finger went in and I yelped in surprise as my hole was stretched further. She gave me some time to adapt before slipping the tip of her thumb in next to her other fingers. I whimpered in pain and pleasure as she gradually inserted her thumb into me, until her whole fist was buried wrist-deep in my asshole. I groaned, stuffed to breaking point, as she slowly fist-fucked my tight little ass.

“Hmmmm, are you sure you can cope?” she purred. “You sure you can take my whole fist deep inside your tight butthole, huh?”

She lightly spanked my ass with her free hand as her other hand pumped in and out of my rectum. Ripples of pleasure shook my body as she un-bunched her fist and tickled my sensitive inner walls with her fingers, before making a fist again and fisting me some more. She sank further and further into my anus with each stroke, until she had over half of her forearm buried inside me.

After a while, I came again, stimulated by the fist in my ass and the wet mouth around my cock. Peggy guzzled down my cum and slowly withdrew her hand from my bowels, careful not to cause me any pain. I gasped as her hand popped out, leaving my asshole gaping wide in a big O shape. Peggy licked her way around the rim of my hole with her nimble tongue and caressed the tingling inner walls until she had had enough and kissed me. I could taste the distinctive taste of asshole in her mouth. It was delicious.

After we had got dressed relatively decently and my asshole had relaxed back to its usual shape, we left the toilets, casting cautionary glances in both directions. Sitting down at our table seats, we couldn’t keep the mischievous grins off our faces. Suddenly we were interrupted by a girl’s voice.

“Hi, guys,” it said, “I couldn’t help but hear what was going on in there.”

I looked up sharply. It was the girl who had been sitting in the corner, asleep. Evidently the toilets weren’t at all soundproof, for she was now wide awake. She was pretty, with long red hair, and dressed in an alternative style.

“Anyway,” she continued, then stammered. “I heard you were looking for a dildo, and I thought I could help you.”

Surprised, and very embarrassed, I asked why she was offering.

“Well…” she said sheepishly, “as I listened to you two going at it, and you (gesticulating at Penny) you know… doing stuff to his ass, I couldn’t resist getting a bit…wet.”

“Go on,” said Peggy, amused.

“Well, I suddenly had the urge to… you know… take care of it,” she said, almost whispering in embarrassment, “and I thought that if I helped you by giving you my dildo then maybe you’d continue.”

Peggy laughed, delighted by the girl’s cute, shy confession.

“Well, if Dario here is up for another round, then we’ll definitely take it,” she said.

“On one condition, though,” the girl said.

“Name it.”

“You let me join in,” she said, thoroughly embarrassed.

Peggy laughed again, and the girl continued.

“All those sounds I heard really made me want to kind of experience it all myself,” she said.

“It’s a deal,” I said, exchanging a grin with Peggy. The girl smiled timidly and reached into her duffle bad to produce a pink, bendy dildo attached to a sort of harness.

Cooing, I took it and started walking towards the bathroom.

“Whatcha doing, babe,” Peggy said. “There’s no one here. We may as well just do this right here in the carriage.”

Warily, but too excited to be properly worried, I accepted, coming back to our seats. Opposite our table seats was a group of six seats, facing in in two rows of three. I quickly stripped down to my boxers and threw my clothes over to the table. Peggy stripped to her skimpy thong, putting her delicious, round, bouncy boobs on display. We turned towards the girl, who timidly set down her bag and started undressing.

She had a nice body, I thought. She wasn’t curvy and bouncy like Peggy, but very slender, with a toned butt and medium, perky tits. Peggy helped kadıköy escort her out of her panties to reveal a glistening pink cunt, and she took a few long licks, making the girl groan in ecstasy. I moved over and felt up her breasts. They were significantly smaller and firmer than Peggy’s, but they were warm and lovely to touch. As I felt her beautiful tits, I went down on her nipples, flickering them with my tongue and making her purr with pleasure.

Soon, Peggy was anxious to get her cock strapped on. Her naked body, sporting the big, pink dildo was the most arousing sight I had ever seen, and I literally begged her to fuck me. Much to the girl’s delight, Peggy bent me over a train seat and smoothly penetrated my ass, quickly augmenting her pace until she was fucking my hard and fast. The girl, feeling a bit neglected, was rubbing her pussy. Feeling bad for excluding her, I beckoned for her to sit on the seat in front of me and started furiously licking her out while taking it up the ass.

Her pussy was dripping wet and sweet. Her puffy lips tasted delicious and her hole was warm. The girl soon came, and Peggy told me to lie on my back along the three seats. Then, she leaned over me, bending my legs back, holding them against my chest. She penetrated me again and quickly resumed her previous pace, laying into me vigorously. Meanwhile, the girl sat on my face so I could eat her pussy some more. She sank down on me, he ass cheeks enveloping my face so that they almost smothered me. I licked hungrily at her tasty ass and pussy, muffling my cries of pleasure from my rough anal fucking.

I came soon, spurting a fountain of white up into the air. It spattered across Peggy’s tummy and breasts, and the girl gingerly leant over to taste my cum on Peggy’s beautiful body. Peggy asked the girl if she too wanted to be fucked, and she replied enthusiastically. I vacated the seats so that the girl could get on her hands and knees on them. Meanwhile, I sank to my knees and fellated the big rubber cock, which tasted like my body. I got an incredible thrill from having my mouth filled by her cock.

Peggy then positioned herself behind the girl, rubbing the head of her strap-on against her wet lips, parting them gently. She slowly entered her, causing her to let out a long, wavering moan. She obviously had less experience than me at taking dick, and Peggy, sensing this, took it nice and slow. She was eager to break the girl in gently, and I was turned on by her compassion and general decorum.

“Oh there’s a good girl,” Peggy cooed, putting on her sexy, dirty voice. “You like the feeling of my big cock inside you, don’t you.”

The girl eagerly agreed, and Peggy squeezed her butt-cheeks as she kept screwing her.

“You like the fact that I’m a girl, don’t you?” she hissed. “It turns you on, doesn’t it. You’re so wet for me right now. You love being fucked by another girl, a nasty dominant girl who can make you feel this way.”

“Yes, I love it,” she cried. “Please fuck me harder, mistress.”

Peggy, a slightly bigger and stronger girl, lifted her up and put her down on her back, laying into her pussy while staring into her eyes with animalistic lust etched on her face. Meanwhile, I crouched by the girl and she eagerly took my cock in her mouth while I encouraged and congratulated her and ran my hand through her beautiful red hair. As Peggy fucked the girl and I got my dick sucked, we looked at each other with a smile. We had a special connection and we knew it, but it was nice to be able to make someone else feel the same pleasure that we shared together. It brought us closer together in a way.

It didn’t take long for the girl to have a second, shuddering orgasm. Her pussy burst its banks, a little squirt of juice spraying out as she convulsed on the seats. Peggy swiftly picked her up into her arms, keeping her cock buried deep inside her, and started fucking her like this, thrusting up from underneath her while standing up. As she did so, she freed one hand and grabbed the girl by the face, smushing her cheeks.

“Good slut,” she growled, “good, good slut. I love using you like this. I love having your whole little body in my control. You’re mine, and I know that that turns you on.”

She released her face and lightly slapped her on the cheeks, more in a show of dominance than in an attempt to cause pain. Then, the slapped her little tits until they were blushing scarlet and tears sprang to the girl’s eyes. All the while, Peggy ravaged her cunt with her big rubber cock.

“So, my beautiful little girl,” said Peggy with a smile. “Do you want Dario here to get his nice big cock into your butthole so we can fill you up together?”

Without hesitation, the girl begged me to penetrate her ass. Peggy slowed down her fucking to allow me access. I lubed my cock with lots of saliva and pushed at her puckered opening. Her asshole was very tight, but it submitted to my hard, powerful penis. I sank into her balls deep and gave a few tentative thrusts to test the bostancı escort bayan water. A loud, shuddering moan confirmed the girl’s comfort. Peggy and I started to simultaneously fuck her, one from the front and one from behind, coordinating our thrusts so that our cocks reached deep inside her and almost met.

Soon, we started just kind of lifting the girl up and letting her sink back down onto our cocks, which proved to be very effective. She moaned and squealed as she was double-penetrated hard and fast until she came violently, girl-juice running down our shafts. We released the girl, who got on her knees and sucked our cocks alternatingly. She loved the taste of her pussy fluids and the sharp flavours of her ass and cunt.

We were all quite tired, so we engaged in some oral to recover our strengths. I eagerly ate out my Peggy’s juicy pink cunt, reveling in the familiar taste. I let my tongue wander up to her butthole quite frequently, enjoying both. Meanwhile, the girl, having now gained full confidence and carrying out her desires freely, for she knew that we were totally un-judging, started toying with my ass. It was, after all, this that most turned her on about mine and Peggy’s bathroom fuck. She tentatively licked the puckered hole and my moans of ecstasy urged her on. Taking the discarded dildo from the seat opposite her, the girl slowly put it in me, then took it out, letting my ass gape in an O shape. She rimmed me and licked my insides and then, when my hole started to shrink again, she did the same, over and over.

I made Peggy cum explosively in my mouth, savouring her juices. We broke up our little chain and I seized Peggy, pushing her onto a seat, he legs pointing upwards. I spread her legs and entered her pussy, fucking her violently with maniacal lust. As I did this, the girl started sucking on her toes and licking the soles of her feet, hungry for every inch of her body. I fucked Peggy to a shuddering orgasm, then, my cock lubed by her pussy fluids, I entered her asshole, going balls-deep in one fluid movement.

Peggy opened her mouth in a scream of surprise, but my sudden penetration had taken her breath away and she could only gasp. I started pummelling her in the ass, arousing loud moans of pleasure.

“That’s right, fuck me in my tight little butt hole, like the dirty little slut that I am,” she cried. “Fill my ass with your big, hard cock!”

Pounding in and out of her, I beckoned for the girl to come over. I told her to put on her strap-on and she did so. Then, I got Peggy to get up for a moment. I sat down in one of the train seats and Peggy sat back down on my lap, slotting my hard cock back into her anus and sinking down onto me. Then, the girl entered her pussy with the big pink dildo, stuffing Peggy fully in both holes. We started fucking Peggy’s in both holes, syncopating our strokes so as to keep her in a state of constant pleasure. Peggy soon came loudly and squirted like a geyser all over the place, dousing the girl’s body.

We kept fucking her with no respite. The girl, assuming a dominant role, slapped Peggy’s face like she had done before and made her beg for her cock.

“Please, please,” Peggy cried out, aroused by this show of dominance. “Please screw me with that big rubber dick. Oh I love it so much!”

The girl, dissatisfied with such a generic answer, smacked her big, bouncing tits over and over, making them wobble like jelly with each slap.

“Oh please, mistress, I’m just a little slutty little girl,” Peggy cried out, more passionately than ever. “Please punish me for being such a cock-hungry little whore. Fill my nasty little whore pussy with your cock until I squirt all over your beautiful little body!”

“Good,” said the girl sternly, grabbing two good handfuls of her soft, spongy ass and pummelling into her with renewed strength. It didn’t take long for Peggy to cum again, explosively shooting an arc of girl-cum up into the air and screaming in ecstasy.

All this filthy talk from both girls, and the incredible sensation of being buried inside of my lovely Peggy, brought me to my last orgasm of the night. I pumped one last load of cum into Peggy’s bowels and slumped back, overcome by a wave of orgasmic bliss. Both me and the girl pulled out of Peggy, and I instantly went down on her ass, sucking my cum, flavoured by her delicious insides, out of her hole. Meanwhile, the girl presented her dripping strap-on to Peggy, who eagerly sucked her juices from the rubber shaft.

The train, now a few hours into its course, was arriving at Birmingham soon. Hastily, we cleaned up as best as we could and got dressed. As Peggy was about to pull back on her thong, I challenged her to keep the dildo concealed in her ass for the remainder of the journey to London. She accepted, and I slowly inserted it all the way to the base, which was shaped like a pair of balls. Then she pulled her thong over it and put on her hot black yoga pants.

Several people got on the train a few minutes later when we stopped at Birmingham. To stop people from sitting in the cum-soaked seats, we threw our rubbish and emptied a pack of crisps all over the seats, making it look like some messy teens had been sitting there. They certainly had, but not in the way the public thought.

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