Passion Lake


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Rolling to a stop in front of the cabin, you look to the front of the building looking for any signs of life. Seeing none, you grab the bag from the seat beside you and get out of the car. Spotting my car, you know that I must be there, you just don’t know where. Walking to the steps of the porch, you set the bag down and take off your jacket, dropping it on the top of the bag. Looking around, you marvel at the vast beauty of the area surrounding this secluded, and very private cabin.

Hearing noises from the direction of the small lake that borders the property, you walk around the cabin and head for the water. As you approach the water’s edge, your eyes are already scanning the smooth surface for me. Spotting me about 30 feet from shore, you watch as I glide through the water silently. And unaware that you are there, I raise myself up, arch my back and dive beneath the surface of the water.

Noting with pleasure that I am nude, you yank your shirt over your head and drop it to the ground. Then you release the button on your shorts, pulling the zipper down, and stepping out of them. When your socks and shoes are gone, you test the water with a toe, and slowly walk into the cool lake, the water enveloping your body almost seductively.

Looking again to see where I was, you slowly and silenty swim towards me. Approaching me from behind as I tread water, your hands cut through the water and wrap around my waist, turning me to face you. Even though I knew it could only be you, I jump a little at the contact.

Smiling slyly at me, you take my face in your hands and place a feather light kiss on my lips. Returning the smile, I wrap my arms around your neck and shoulders, pulling you closer. Your desire is evident as it nestles itself between my legs. I reach down with a warm hand, grasping your cock and stroking it softly. Kissing me again, your warm tongue traces around the edges of my lips, licking and tasting, before sliding past my lips and into the depths of my mouth. My tongue wraps lovingly around yours as you deepen the kiss, pulling me even harder against your firm chest.

Taking my hips in your hands, you lift me slightly, nudging my legs apart with your knee, and slowly slide your cock into my pussy. You measure its length inch by inch as my tight hole readily adjusts to your intrusive hardness. We moan in unison when you are finally buried deep inside me. Stroking your cock slowly in and out of my pussy, you again kiss me. I wrap my legs around your hips and pull you tighter to me, trying to get you further inside. Reaching between us with one hand, you cup my tit in your hand, weighing it heavily in your palm, before drawing the taut nipple into your mouth and sucking on it. My head drops backwards as the pressure your mouth is exerting on the hard nub starts that erotic “pull” in my stomach.

As your thrusts become faster and more urgent, I begin to bounce myself on your cock, wanting to reach climax. You bury your face in the cleft of my tits, kissing and licking tenderly. My hands move up under your hair, grabbing handfuls and pulling your head tighter against my chest. You reach down with a hand and touch your fingers to my clit, rubbing it firmly. I moan loudly, my body convulsing at the intimate touch. Moving faster now, your moans tell me you are getting closer to your own climax. The water around us ripples in large circles as our bodies cause quickened disturbances in its calm smoothness.

Feeling the onset of the effects of climax, I bounce myself harder and faster, your hips and cock moving perfectly to meet me each time. Our pace quickens, both of us knowing the climax anadolu yakası escort will happen very soon. You bury your face between my neck and shoulder, your labored breathing hot against my skin, and plunge your cock into my pussy again, and again, and again. Our moans fill the air loudly, the only other sound being the rippling of the water, now much louder. Your grunt of release mixes with my cries of pleasure as we finally climax, our orgasm reaching its peak at virtually the same moment. You thrust one final, forceful time as you empty yourself far up inside me, my pussy contracting tightly around your cock as I also cum. For an eternity, the waves of ecstasy assault our trembling bodies, your arms tightening fiercely around me, my legs pulling you harder into me.

As the orgasm’s effects begin to subside, you pull your face up and look into my eyes. Kissing my mouth tenderly, you turn and begin to make your way towards the shoreline, our bodies still intimately connected. Kissing me repeatedly, you leave the water, walking past your clothes strewn about on the ground and head for the cabin. Also ignoring the things on the porch, you open the door, enter and kick the door closed behind us. Walking straight through the living room area, you head for the bedroom…..

As we enter the bathroom, you kiss me again, letting my body slide warmly down yours, your cock pulling slowly out of my pussy. Leaning in, you kiss one hard nipple. Locking eyes with me, our fingers still locked together, you reach into the shower and turn on the water, adjusting it to a comfortable temperature. Pulling me toward you and kissing my lips, you lead me into the shower.

The water cascades warmly over our bodies as we embrace for another long deep kiss. I dart my tongue out and you eagerly suck it into your mouth. You reach over and grab a washcloth and soap, lathering the cloth generously. You lay the cloth on my chest and begin to work it in small tantalizing circles, first around the swells of my tits and then around each swollen nipple. Letting the water wash away the suds, you lean down, taking each nipple in turn into your mouth and sucking on it.

Pulling back, you turn me around, pushing my head forward a little, and begin to soap around my neck and shoulders. As the water again washes the soap away, you touch your lips lightly to the back of my neck, delighting in the shudder that runs through my body. Washing over my back and rinsing it away, you pull my body to lean against yours, a hand snaking around my waist and up over a nipple, pinching and fondling it lovingly. Running the cloth down between my legs, now slightly spread, you wash my pussy with tender strokes as your other hand continues its torture. You nibble lightly on my neck and shoulders as your hands stay busy with their appointed tasks.

My hand slides behind my back, taking your hard cock in my hand and begins to stroke it softly. I can hear your moan in my ear, feel the warm air against my skin as you bury your face in the valley between my shoulder and jaw. Moving your hips slightly, your cock slips between my legs, nestling hard and warm against my pussy. I reach down with my hand and stroke the head as it peeks out from between my legs. Your move your hips again, rubbing your cock along the length of my pussy, the head flicking lightly across my clit as my hand reaches further down and strokes it.

Moaning loudly, you pull your cock out and turn me around to face you again. Dropping down to one knee, you lean me back against the wall and spread my legs again. Reaching in with ataşehir escort your hand, you spread my pussy lips with two fingers and touch my clit with the tip of your tongue. I again shudder. You lick up the entire length of me with your warm tongue, your fingers pushing slowly into my wet hole.

I reach down with my hands, putting them on your head and shoulder for support, my knees suddenly weak. Your tongue feels so hot as you continue to lick and suck on my clit, your fingers moving faster. You take one of my legs and lift it, putting it over your shoulder, my pussy now wide open to your assault. I moan loudly, my voice shaky from the waves of pleasure coursing through my body. You lean in and start to lick with more fervor, more hunger, as your fingers work themselves in and out, harder and deeper. My voice, calling out in pleasure and moaning your name, drives you on with a new purpose.

Flicking your tongue quicker and harder against my clit, you push for me to climax long and hard. I can feel the orgasm starting as you nibble on my clit with your lips, and lick with your tongue. When you reach up with your thumb and rub it hard, the orgasm hits me, my body convulsing shakily, my pussy muscles tightening around your fingers. You steady me with your hand on my hip as the climax peaks, your mouth and fingers still working their magic. As I scream your name, my leg gives and I crumble in ecstasy. You stand quickly, catching me before I fall and cradling me to your body, waiting for my senses to return.

As my brain finally starts to clear, I open my eyes and look into yours. A big smile creases both the corners of your mouth and eyes. I reach for your face, pulling your mouth down to meet mine. Leaning down to pick up the washcloth, I begin to lather it with the soap. Going down on my knees, I kiss the tip of your cock, which is standing at nearly painful attention. Taking the soapy cloth and wrapping it and my hand around your shaft, I begin to soap them up and wash them clean, my mouth slowly moving down the length of your cock, engulfing you fully in my tight throat.

As I move my mouth back up to the head of your cock, my hand again begins to stroke the shaft with tight pressure. Hearing your loud moan, I am surprised when your hands grab my shoulders and lift me to my feet. Turning away from me, you rinse your body completely before turning the water off and leading me out of the tub. Quickly wrapping a towel around me and one around your waist, you take my hand and lead me into the living room…..

Flicking my towel off and laying me down on a sea of pillows, you stretch yourself out on top of me. Looking up into your face, I smile as I can feel your hardness pressing against my stomach. Trying to reach between us to touch you, you grab my hand, telling me to wait or it won’t last long, that you’re ready and want to hold out. Lowering your face, you kiss my lips tenderly. Wrapping my arms around your neck, I return the kiss, deepening it. You slide your tongue between my lips and into my mouth, searching for mine. As they touch, you moan into my mouth, and settle yourself heavily on me. Pulling away from my lips, you nuzzle your stubble roughened cheek against my neck, your lips touching lightly against skin.

Kissing your way down my neck to my chest, you take a nipple in your mouth, licking and sucking it once again to hardness. Squeezing the other with your hand, you feel the nipple grow beneath your palm. Licking down my stomach to the vee of my pussy, you look in my eyes before spreading my legs and licking my clit again. My body jerks ümraniye escort convulsively. Rubbing your cheek against the inside of my thigh, you once again spread the lips of my pussy and work on my clit with your tongue. You slide first one and then two fingers up inside me. I moan softly. Flicking my clit quickly with your tongue, your fingers moving faster inside me, I moan aloud that I want your cock in my mouth. For a few seconds you ignore my plea, continuing to torture me with your talent.

Stopping abruptly, you move to lie down on your back, pulling me on top of you in a 69 position. Smiling with pleasure, I grasp the shaft, touching my lips to the head, and begin to stroke your hardness firmly. Feeling your tongue again on my clit, I sign contently. Engulfing the head of your cock in my mouth, I run my tongue around the head and suck lightly on it. My hand strokes as my mouth sucks. I can hear you moan from behind me, my own moan escaping seconds later.

I slide the entire length of your long hard cock into my mouth to the back of my throat, feeling the head slide down just past the back. The muscles in my throat tighten lovingly around the head. I can feel your fingers working themselves back into my pussy, wiggling and stroking as they slide further in. I pull my mouth slowly back off your cock to just the head, my hand grasping where my mouth had just been. As I bob my head up and down on your cock, my hand strokes the shaft in unison with my mouth.

Your mouth and fingers alternate their strokes in their passionate assault on my pussy. My moan escapes around your cock, the resulting effect causes a vibration to ripple through the shaft. I hear you moan loudly, your actions stopping momentarily. Then you continue to lick and stroke my pussy with your mouth and fingers. My mouth again moves slowly down the shaft of your cock until you are completely engulfed in my mouth, my throat tight around the head. Unable to take anymore, you lift me from your body, and your cock, and move out from under me.

Setting me on my hands and knees, you move in behind me. Placing the head of your cock just inside my pussy, you grab my hips and slowly pull me backwards. We moan simultaneously as your cock glides slowly and thickly into my warm, wet pussy. When you’re all the way in, you stop and just sit there, engulfed to the hilt of your cock, inside me. Leaning down, you kiss my shoulders and neck, your lips warm and your chest heavy and rough against my back. Pulling me back in an upright position against your chest, you continue to stroke in and out. For a few moments, your cock penetrates my pussy this way, until I fall back down on my elbows, your body coming down on top of mine.

Working faster now, knowing that climax is close, we move our bodies in unison to reach that goal. In and out, faster and deeper, your cock begins to swell inside me, my pussy so tight around you. I can feel the first waves moving in. And from the noises you are making, I know you are feeling them too.

As the orgasm hits, you thrust hard inside me, my muscles holding tight around your cock, and I feel you filling me up with your hot cum. The orgasm ripples through my body and into yours. I feel you shudder behind me. The swirls are bright behind my eyelids. I call out your name loudly, you call out mine. I collapse on the pillows, you on top of me, still intimately connected. We lay there for several long minutes trying to catch our breath, let our hearts reach normal pace again, and the shudders of passion to subside.

After awhile, you reluctantly pull your cock out of me and roll onto the pillows. Pulling me over and against your body, you kiss me tenderly. Wrapping your arms around my body, me wrapping mine around yours, we lay content as sleep approaches. I hear you sigh with satisfaction, telling you that the weekend has only just begun, and feel the low rumble from deep in your chest. I feel your lips on my forehead as we drift off to sleep…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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