Party at Lisa’s Ch. 03


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Carolyn opened the door and peeked into Ruth’s room, where I was laying naked, propped up against the headboard and drinking my beer. My eyes got wide as I tried to take in every square inch of her scrumptious body while she crossed the room toward me. I offered her my beer and she took a swig before setting it on the nightstand and joining me on the bed. She lay her naked body on top of mine, our smooth flesh rubbing together, as we started making out. My hands went immediately down to her bare ass, where they kneaded and squeezed her fleshy cheeks. My cock was nestled against her smooth pussy and I could already feel it waking up again. She must have felt it, too, because she rolled off alongside me and took it in her hand to stroke it as we continued to make out.

Removing my free hand from her ass, I ran it over her breasts, feeling the soft flesh and hard nipples. My cock continued to grow as I moved my hand down over her stomach to her smooth pussy. I found her slit to be dripping wet and slipped my finger up into her, pumping it in and out a few times before refocusing on her clit. She pulled her mouth from mine to moan as I massaged her clit then slid her hand down to gently fondle my balls. Once I was about as hard as I was going to get, Carolyn nudged me onto my back and got up to straddle my hips. I guided my tool between her shaved lips and she lowered herself down on me, causing both of us to groan.

Sitting straight upright, Carolyn started moving on my cock as I reached up to play with her tits. She wasn’t just bouncing up and down, but sliding her hips forward and back some of the time, as well. I didn’t care what she did; her pussy felt so damn good wrapped around my engorged tool. I was enjoying fondling her tits while letting her take control of pursuing her orgasm. When I could tear my eyes away from her perfect breasts, I gazed up at her pretty face surrounded by her curly brown hair or down at her smooth slit as my cock disappeared and reappeared. The longer she rode me, the faster she was moving as her heavy breathing became outright moaning.

When I dropped my hands to the smooth curves of her waist, just trying to hold on as she rode me, she cupped her breasts in her own hands and toyed with her nipples. I wasn’t in any danger of cumming yet, despite how fantastic it felt to be fucking Carolyn, so I just enjoyed having her fuck the hell out of me. When she finally slowed down her movements and her moaning turned into one long praise of God, it was clear that she was cumming. Seeing the look of shear pleasure on her face, I was just glad to be part of providing that to her. After a few more minutes of slowly riding me and verbalizing her pleasure, she blinked as if to clear away a fog and smiled down at me. She stopped moving and started to move off me while asking if it’d be okay if she sucked my cock. I assured her that I’d be okay with that as long as I got to eat her smooth pussy at the same time. With a smile, she leaned down and we made out for a few minutes before she positioned herself over me in a sixty-nine.

Her smooth, glistening pussy was hovering just over my face when I felt her hot mouth engulf my tool. I realized that she was tasting her own pussy before I did, so I raised my head and began to lick the copious juices from between her shaved lips. She moaned around my cock as I started lapping at her pussy, pendik escort but didn’t let up in her cocksucking. She was supporting herself with one arm while her free hand held my cock, pumping it as her lips slid up and down it. When she paused to lick my balls, I also had to pause to moan at how good her tongue felt. I slipped a finger into her slippery pussy before raising my head to lap at her clit as I pumped it in and out. She moaned again, my cock now back in her mouth.

I could feel my orgasm building more the longer she sucked my cock and got the impression by the way she was moving that she felt another one on the way as well. Remembering Jim’s experience with her, I moved the hand that wasn’t pumping a finger in and out of her, which had been fondling her dangling breasts, up to her ass. After squeezing and massaging her cheek a bit, I slipped my fingertips between her cheeks and lightly massaged her anus. She moaned again at this stimulation which only served as encouragement for going further. The finger I had pumping in and out of her pussy was good and slippery with her juices, so I slipped it free, replacing it with a finger from my other hand, then pressed the slippery fingertip against her puckered anus and gave a push.

Carolyn paused and let out a longer moan, removing my cock from her mouth, as I pumped two fingers in and out of two different orifices while still licking her clit. She continued to pump my cock while rocking back against my penetrating fingers, her pussy growing slicker and more engorged with each movement. Finally, she started to shudder as an intense orgasm passed through her, further drenching the finger I had buried in her pussy. Once she’d breathed a sigh of relief, indicating that her orgasm had run its course, she returned her attention to my throbbing cock.

I pulled my fingers free and lowered my head, still gazing up at her succulent pussy while her lips again wrapped around my shaft and slid down to my pubes. Invigorated by her orgasm, she enthusiastically sucked and pumped my cock, my own orgasm continuing to well up within me. I couldn’t believe that this was the third mouth my cock had been in that night, immediately following the third juicy pussy. I realized that Ruth’s was the only pussy I hadn’t eaten, but had no doubt that I could easily remedy that before the weekend was over. Carolyn’s oral talents, along with reminiscing about all three young ladies, had my cock swollen and ready to explode. I was able to lie there and just enjoy Carolyn working her magic on my tool as my orgasm built up to its intense climax. With a moan of pleasure, I shot my load into her hot mouth.

Once she let my spent cock fall from her mouth, Carolyn maneuvered back around my way on the bed. She reached over for the beer on the nightstand and we finished it off before snuggling together and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Again it wasn’t until later that I found out how Jim and Rob had fared with their respective third partners. Ruth had walked into Lisa’s room, where Jim was pretty much expecting her, and set his beer on the nightstand as she closed the door behind her. He wasn’t disappointed when she immediately took his half-limp cock in her hand and began to stroke it. It started to respond immediately, in part due to the new hand and new naked woman attending çekmeköy escort to it and in part due to Jim mentally reviewing all the nudity and sexual activity that he’d experienced since arriving at Lisa’s house that night. Even before he was fully erect, Ruth lowered her head and wrapped her lips around his tool.

Jim ran his fingers through Ruth’s hair while she bobbed her head up and down, beginning to thrusts his hips upward slightly as he found himself fully rigid. Ruth blew him for a little while, but her main goal had been just to get him hard enough to fuck her. Once he was fully hard, though, she couldn’t resist sucking him a little while longer, feeling his throbbing meat between her lips. Finally, she was able to tear herself away and raise her head, then crawled up next to him on Lisa’s bed.

They started to make out as he toyed with her small breasts and hard nipples and she still fondled his hard cock. Soon, though, she rolled onto her back and pulled him toward her. He maneuvered himself over her and between her spread legs as she guided his cock into her pussy. With a slow, easy thrust, he pushed himself into her, sliding his tool all the way into her slippery pussy while lowering his face to hers to continue making out as they fucked. Jim admitted later that by this point he was feeling pretty wiped out and was content to just fuck Ruth nice and slow in the missionary position. Her pussy felt so nice as he slid in and out that he didn’t want to pull out to change positions anyway.

She reached around as they were making out and pulled him deeper into her with her hands on his ass. She also pulled her legs up and wrapped them around him, opening herself up to him as widely as possible. Jim just relished the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her snug, slippery pussy, feeling as though he’d be content to fuck her this way for hours. Ruth came pretty quickly after wrapping her legs around him and, consequently, her pussy felt even hotter and wetter as Jim continued to fuck her. Gradually, he began to feel another orgasm welling up inside him, but continued with his slow and steady pace to enjoy the slow build.

When his cock finally began to swell with his impending orgasm, Jim unconsciously abandoned his slow and steady plan and began fucking Ruth harder and faster. She was starting to moan with each of his more forceful thrusts, rocking her hips up in anticipation. When she cried out as another orgasm coursed through her, Jim felt the tremors within her pussy and was drawn to the verge of cumming himself. A few more strokes and he blasted into her, groaning with pleasure as he did.

Once he was spent and had caught his breath, he rolled off of her and to the side. They lay in each other’s arms and were soon asleep, with content smiles on their faces.

Rob and Carolyn had been finishing his beer when the door cracked open and Ruth beckoned Carolyn out. Rob figured that either Lisa or Ruth was going to be coming back in, depending on what the crux of the discussion in the hallway was. He was not disappointed when it was Lisa and couldn’t help but stare at her large, swaying breasts as she crossed the room. She was equally entranced by his large, semi-erect tool lying against his leg. The biggest boobs and the biggest cock in the house were finally together.

She climbed maltepe escort up onto the bed and knelt beside him, taking his cock in her hand and stroking it. He reached up and fondled her big boobs, brushing his palms over her hard, thick nipples. She was staring at his cock as it continued to grow, unsure how large exactly it was going to get. When it finally seemed to stop growing, Lisa leaned down and pressed her lips against Rob’s, slipping her tongue into his mouth. They made out for a few minutes with her still on her knees and leaning down. When she raised her head, Rob suggested that she stay in that position and that he’d move around behind her.

With his cock jutting out ahead of him, Rob got up onto his knees beside Lisa. Her tits were swaying enticingly as she remained on all-fours, so he took the opportunity to fondle them some more before moving behind her. With his cock right next to her, Lisa couldn’t resist turning her head and wrapping her lips around it, however briefly. Rob moaned as Lisa’s lips slid down the length of his tool and he graciously allowed her to suck it for a few minutes while he played with her tits. Lisa finally let his cock drop from her mouth and suggested somewhere else warm and wet that he could put it.

He moved around behind her, ran his hands over her plump ass, then guided his tool to her waiting pussy. Lisa moaned into the bedspread as he eased his thick cock all the way into her and his hips pressed against her ass. Taking her by the hips, he slowly began to withdraw his cock again, pulling almost all the way out before slowly sliding back in again. Once he got a good rhythm going, he released her hips and slid his hands forward to fondle her swinging breasts while she reached back between her legs to caress her clit.

Rob massaged her fleshy globes as he humped against her ass, feeling her pussy getting hotter and wetter with each stroke. The better her pussy felt, the harder and faster he wanted to fuck her. Lisa’s moaning was getting louder the longer he fucked her until she let out a cry and seemed to shudder beneath him. Rob continued to fuck her through her orgasm, the increased wetness of her pussy causing him to feel that his own orgasm wouldn’t be too far off.

Eventually, he released her tits and straightened up again, taking her by the hips so that he could pull her against his incoming thrusts. He was still using long strokes, but he picked up his pace and continued to increase it the longer he fucked her. His hips were smacking against her ass, which made her tits jiggle even more than the simple rhythm of their fucking did. He contemplated flipping her over and fucking her tits or even pulling out and trying to slip into her ass, but as his orgasm continued to build, he decided that he had no desire to stop what he was doing.

His cock swelled even thicker the closer his orgasm came, causing Lisa to moan even more as he continued fucking her. The smacking sounds of his hips against her ass came closer together as he pumped her pussy harder and faster while his breathing was starting to sound as though he’d just run a footrace. Finally, with a combined cry of triumph and relief, he shoved deeply into her and began to spew. With each subsequent spurt, he pulled out and pushed back deeply into her again. He continued thrusting until his tool became too soft, then pulled all the way out and collapsed onto the bed. Lisa let her knees slide out from under her and lay beside him. They kissed a bit and he fondled her tits some more before they, too, were asleep.

The wee hours of Saturday morning found all six of us sleeping, satiated and content, but the weekend had really just begun.

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