Overseer of the Harem Ch. 13


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The Wedding

Bagoas stood in the courtyard of the Taourit Kasbah and drew in a deep breath. Bagoas was a powerful person in the Kasbah, being Overseer of the Governor’s Harem. Today had been the wedding day of his master, Governor Glaouri of Ouarzarate. The Governor had celebrated his marriage to a daughter of the Sultan, Dahab the Golden. The Kasbah had been full of guests, and it had been up to Bagoas to shuttle the heavily veiled bride and her chaperone, Uneefa, here and there without disturbing her modesty.

Now the last guests were departing. The bride and groom had hosted a feast for the most honored of the guests, and Bagoas had been able to leave Dahab at the Governor’s side under the watchful eye of Uneefa for a short time. He knew, however, that his most important duties were just about to begin. After savoring this last moment of snatched peace, he headed toward the Harem rooms.

Two eunuchs with scimitars stood at the entrance. They salaamed as Bagoas approached. Besides being Overseer of the Harem, Bagoas was also Chief of the Eunuchs. This meant, of course, that he was himself a eunuch. Unlike many eunuchs, however, he exercised regularly and watched his diet so that he still had a strong fit body. He was an imposing figure as he entered the harem.

He stood in the doorway, noting with satisfaction that his orders were being obeyed. He saw the three slave girls standing naked, grooming each other and anointing each other with the scented oils, preparing to entertain the Governor’s most favored guests.

Saiesha was a tall Abyssinian girl, with large boobs accented by dark maroon nipples, an ample belly which she used to good effect in the belly dance, round black moons of her ass, and her clean shaven pussy. Maria was a fiery Spanish girl, with more pointed tits, a tight butt, and a shaved pussy whose lips were slightly engorged as Saiesha rubbed the scented oil into them. Brigette was a small girl from the far country of Ire-Land, white of skin with small tits whose nipples were like little rosebuds, and a patch of hair over her pubic mound which matched the blazing red hair of her head.

The girls carefully rubbed the precious oils over each others bodies. Bagoas, with a knowing eye, saw that they lingered on the soft tits and caressed the erect nipples gently. He also saw that they paid special attention to each others pussies, causing their cunt lips to engorge slightly and open up. Bagoas encouraged this sort of thing. He believed that allowing the girls to bring each other to a state of mild sexual excitement enhanced their performance with the men.

Bagoas was amused to see, sitting behind them, young Hamid cross-legged on the cushions. The boy was Bagoas’ protegee, recently reaching his eighteenth year after eight years of training under Bagoas’ tutelage. Ever since he had been cut, he had been taught the duties of a harem eunuch. Recently, Hamid, who had always been called Bagoas’ “servant”, had been amazed to hear the Overseer refer to him as “trusted assistant.” Clearly he was basking in his new dignity, watching and supervising the slave girls rather than joining in helping them prepare.

Of course neither Bagoas nor Hamid took the least erotic interest in the naked bodies before them. Their watchful eyes were solely professional. A male in his full vigor, if he had penetrated to the harem at the risk of his life, would have had a rock hard cock at the sight of the girls caressing each other.

The girls, and Hamid, looked up as Bagoas entered. They waited for his orders.

“The guests are departing,” he said. “Soon Dahab and Uneefa will return, while the Governor entertains in private the five other governors of this region, and his chief scribe Ahmed. He will require the services of all of you. First you will dance, and then each girl must service two of the men. The Governor himself, of course, will rest and prepare himself to receive Dahab later. Hamid, you will attend the slave girls while Uneefa and I prepare the virgin for her wedding night.”

Charged with this important duty, Hamid immediately began the task of seeing the girls dressed in their dancing costumes, and then bundled into the heavy robes and veils in which they would cross the courtyard. Accompanied by the two eunuchs with scimitars, they entered the small room adjacent to the audience chamber.

Peering through the small peep hole, Bagoas whispered, “All except the favored ones are departing. Uneefa and Dahab will come to us.” The door opened and the two heavily veiled women came into the compartment.

Again peering through the peephole, Bagoas saw the governor, sitting on the cushions with six men, give a slight wave of his hand. Bagoas pointed to the door. Hamid gulped, then pulled himself up and with authority led the three slave girls into the audience chamber. As the Governor was taking leave of his guests, and offering them the pleasures of his slave girls, Bagoas and Uneefa hastily took istanbul escort their charge across the courtyard and into the harem chamber.

In the audience room, Hamid and the slave girls were greeted with delighted looks by the five Governors and the favored scribe. Maria and Brigette flowed onto the cushions where the men sat, rubbing their bodies against them. Saiesha, meanwhile, whirled into the belly dance of the desert. As the slave girls caressed and stroked the favored guests, Saiesha dropped first her bra and then the filmy cloth around her loins until she danced totally naked. She bent backward with her legs spread so that her pussy flashed before the men’s faces, and pumped her belly as if she was fucking them.

Hamid, having slid softly into the eunuch’s chair in a secluded corner, watched with approval. He knew the girls were to be trusted to entertain the men well. Dispassionately he observed the tenting of each robe as their hardons grew under the girls ministrations.

Now Saiesha moved onto the cushions and Maria arose and spun into a fiery Spanish dance, dropping her gown as she did so. Her boobs whirled and her legs flashed, and each kick displayed her engorged cunt lips. Saiesha was sprawled across three men now, one fondling her tits, her ass rubbing another in the crotch, and the third fingering her pussy.

Maria dropped back onto the cushions, disporting herself much as Saiesha was. Then, to Hamid’s amazement, little Brigette stood up and began to dance. It was a strange hopping dance, turning this way and that. As she pulled off her filmy top, her little tits bounced with each step, and then as she dropped her loincloth her pretty ass cheeks moved with an enticing rhythm every time she hopped. Finally, she turned and gave a series of kicks which showed off her pussy under the small patch of flaming red hair on her pubis. It was a dance like none ever seen in the desert, but Hamid noticed that the noblemen had actually stopped fondling the other girls to pay attention as Brigette danced.

Then she also dropped to the cushions again, and slowly each girl separated two men to her particular attention. Saiesha was famous for her fine buttocks and one had his shaft rubbing up and down between them, as she bent forward and captured another man’s cock between her big boobs. Both shafts worked back and forth hard and their owners gasped with pleasure.

Maria was riding on the upright cock of one of her men, and sucking the dick of the other, with a steady rhythm. Each time she rose on the one cock, the other went deep in her throat, and then as she lowered onto the standing rod her lips came out to tease the tip of the other. It was a fascinating rhythm and Hamid grinned with approval.

But little Brigette, the newest girl in the harem, fascinating to most Muslim men because of the little patch of pubic hair, was entrancing the final governor and the amazed scribe Ahmed. Rarely was Ahmed’s long faithful service rewarded in this manner and he was taking full advantage of it. His tongue was buried deep in that pale pink pussy and the red hair tickled his nose. Meantime Brigette was licking and teasing the cock of the other man.

Hamid kept a professional eye on this whole assemblage. He was delighted to see the governor’s guests so well treated. After some time, each of the men had shot his load with full satisfaction, and they lay back exhausted on the cushions. Quietly Hamid led the naked slaves into the preparation room. There, giggling, the girls showed him the pieces of gold that each had been given in appreciation. Brigette pouted a bit that Ahmed had only given her a small silver piece, but Hamid assured her that the favor of the Governor’s scribe might turn out to be worth more than gold to a slave girl.

As this was going on, and the Governor’s servants were preparing him for the wedding bed, Bagoas and Uneefa were undertaking one of the most important tasks they would ever perform. Dahab must be prepared to satisfy her new husband.

On reaching the harem room, Uneefa removed her heavy veil, and then ordered the girl to strip. She stood there naked under their gaze, not concerned that a eunuch saw her nudity.

Uneefa adjured her, “Now, girl, you make it all worthwhile. Make him happy, and all will be happy in the Kasbah, and especially in the harem.” Here she chuckled, knowing that her place as chaperone to the princess would be a sinecure if the girl satisfied the Governor.

Bagoas added his counsel, “Indeed, Princess, you must pay honor to your husband in the bed tonight, and it will be an auspicious start to your marriage. Remember all we have taught you.”

Bagoas knelt before the girl, and rubbed his smooth eunuch’s cheek over her pubic mound. He was delighted that he felt no trace of roughness there. The Princess had seen this test performed on other girls many times and was not surprised.

Then he and avcılar escort Uneefa got out the precious ointments and anointed the girl’s slim young body in all its secret places. Softly Bagoas circled her nipples with oil of myrrh, smelling the musky scent. He knew that intact men would find it arousing. Uneefa meanwhile softly stroked her pussy with the same ointment. The girl wiggled slightly under her touch and Uneefa smiled. Several times she had seen the new bride masturbating in the wagon during their trip here, and she knew that the girl was capable of a fine orgasm when stimulated.

The girl’s butt and asshole were similarly anointed. Bagoas knew that the Governor seldom chose the nether entrance, but he wanted to be prepared. Henna was applied to her eyelids, her fingers, and her toes, as well as an intricate design on her belly. Carmine paste was applied lightly to her lips, her nipples, and the lips of her cunt, just sufficiently to highlight them.

Uneefa and Bagoas stepped back to admire their handiwork, just as the door opened and the three slave girls burst into the room, laughing and celebrating. As they saw the Princess, they quickly became quiet, first in fear but then in silent admiration. Their eyes checked out her nude body from top to bottom, and found no flaw.

Bagoas looked at the three girls, almost naked now that their veils were off. “Behold your new mistress!” he said. “Is she not a wonder of beauty?”

The slave girls bowed low to the Princess. Learning her new role, she gave them a gracious nod, but followed it with a kind smile.

Uneefa cackled, and said, “She goes to serve her new husband within the hour. You girls have helped over the last days in her training. Do you have a final word to say to her?”

The slaves hesitated, but Bagoas gave them a slight nod. The new bride looked toward them, her eyes wide but welcoming.

Saiesha spoke first. “Remember how I showed you to shake your ass and tease him with it.”

Maria said, “Don’t be afraid to put your mouth on his shaft. He likes that.”

Brigette took the bride’s hand and said in a low voice, “You are small like me. Being on top of him is hard work but it will be very satisfying to both of you.”

Dahab, usually so quiet, giggled and said to the girls, “I know your advice will help me. I have no other goal this night but to please my husband, your master. Your good wishes encourage me.”

Bagoas glanced at Uneefa and nodded in satisfaction at this appropriate speech. He could see friendship growing up between the mistress and the slaves, but tempered with a proper respect. This boded for peace in his harem and he liked peace.

Now the three slave girls draped Dahab in a beautiful robe of soft silk, which hugged her body. They showed her how it was carefully tied so it could be released at a single motion to leave her naked. After they dressed her, she gave each a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Come, my lady, let us go and await his pleasure,” Bagoas said. With Hamid’s help he draped the Princess in the heavy black robe and veil needed to cross the courtyard. From the corner of his eye he saw Uneefa pick up her veil also, but he turned and glared at her, and humbly she dropped it. She would remain in the harem this night.

Bagoas and Dahab entered the antechamber. He seated her on a stool while he put his eye to the observation slit cut in the tapestry hangings. Soon he saw the Governor, dressed in a soft flowing robe, enter and sit on the cushions. The master turned and made a small motion with his hand.

Bagoas took Dahab’s hand. He felt it quivering a bit, but he saw that her eyes were bright and her chin firm. They walked into the presence of the Governor. Bagoas bowed deeply, and softly backed away until he reached the chair in the unobtrusive corner.

The Governor slowly let his eyes rove over Dahab’s body in the soft silk gown. He motioned for her to turn around, and let his eyes rest on her fine round ass. As she faced away, slowly he rose up, and let his robe slide off his shoulders. He moved forward and placed his arms around her waist. Gently he pulled her to him, his hard shaft rubbing against her soft ass, and his hands moving up to clutch her firm round tits.

After a moment she moved slightly forward, and turning toward him released the single knot holding her clothing on. The silk slid down off her body, leaving her naked before her new husband.

He allowed himself a moment to enjoy her beauty, and then pulled her toward him. His hard rod ground into her pussy mound and his hands clutched her nipples. She put her little hands on his ass and pushed him into her. Then she slowly knelt before him, running her body down against him, her tits traveling over his chest, down over his belly, and then meeting his cock.

Softly she rubbed her nipples over his dick. He pressed forward a little and moaned softly. Then kneeling down fully, she let her tongue şirinevler escort come out and just tickle the head of his cock, then run up and down the shaft. Slowly she took the end of the dick in her mouth, then flicked it out again. Gently she teased him, never letting the full length of his shaft go into her mouth, but only licking and softly sucking the tip.

Bagoas watched with interest. Of course he took no excitement from it himself, but he knew that the Governor was enjoying it well. He realized that the Princess had indeed been paying attention to the slave girls’ advice, even more than he had thought.

Now she was letting him thrust his cock deeper into her throat. He held her head, and pumped in and out of her mouth. Abruptly, he pulled out and took her to the cushions, where he lay on his back. She understood well, but apparently remembering Saiesha’s advice, first turned so her ass was presented to his view. Softly she moved toward his cock, and let her pussy lips engulf it. Then she stopped momentarily. The Governor suddenly gave a quick thrust and buried his dick in her wet tunnel.

The girl gasped, and Bagoas smiled with pleasure. He knew that he would find the small spot of blood on the sheets in the morning and be able to display it in the Kasbah. However, he also knew that Uneefa was prepared to kill a chicken if assistance in obtaining a drop of blood had been necessary.

Now the girl began to pump herself up and down and wiggle her ass on the Governor’s throbbing cock. After a bit, she turned around, and now faced him, allowing him to play with her beautiful tits as he fucked her. They developed a beautiful rhythm together, and it was not long before the Governor raised his hips up in his orgasmic spasms.

As he did so the girl gave a little moan and twisted her hips in time with his. Bagoas knew that she could reach orgasm easily, but he wondered if it had indeed happened or if the slave girls had coached her in even this part of the act.

The Governor lay on the cushions, holding his new bride in his arms and enjoying the warmth of her body next to his. After some time, he sat up and glanced toward Bagoas sitting in the corner. “Come to us in the morning, Bagoas, I shall sleep in the arms of my bride.”

Bagoas departed, seeing his Master slumbering happily with his head cradled on soft tits and his hand resting on a firm ass. He threw some cloths on the floor of the anteroom and slept there that night.

Next morning he was at his post early. Soon the Governor rose from his sleep, and gestured toward him. Bagoas came forward quietly, raised the girl and draped her silken robe around her. He bowed to his master, and was surprised to hear the Governor say softly, “I am well pleased with my bride.”

Then Bagoas and Dahab left the room. Bagoas prepared the girl, led her across the yard, and up into the harem. When they entered, Uneefa, Hamid, and all three slaves were sitting on the cushions awaiting them. All five of them jumped up and stared at Bagoas and his charge.

Dahab lowered her eyes. Bagoas stared at the waiting group for a moment, and then softly said, “Our Master is well pleased with his bride.” Congratulatory grins went all around the chamber. Bagoas nodded to Hamid, and they quietly made their exit, seeing the girls all crowding around the Princess as they left. Bagoas knew that they all, especially Uneefa, would want to hear all the details, and he knew that the young girl would talk much more freely if he were not there.

That afternoon, Bagoas was summoned to the Governor’s presence. Wondering what comments his master would make, he entered respectfully and bowed to the Governor.

“Bagoas,” Governor Glaouri said, “I am well pleased with my new bride. The honor the Sultan does me by giving his daughter to marry me is more than matched by the beauty of this girl, and the delight she brings to me. I know that much of the credit for her skill goes to you.”

Bagoas bowed again and said, “In the name of Allah, the Loving One, the Giver of Life, I am pleased that your marriage has such an auspicious beginning. All of us in the harem are most happy to welcome your bride to live among us.”

“Yes, Bagoas, that is what I want to talk to you about. With this new honor and the prestige it gives me, I expect that I will have many more visitors and important persons come to the Kasbah to consult with me.”

“My Lord, I will see that the slave girls are always ready to welcome them …” Bagoas began.

“Yes, Bagoas, I am confident of that. But my point here is this: So many guests will require larger quarters. I have given orders that a new guesthouse be built next to the palace, with accommodations for many. My builders start work today. But you know that we have always had a few rooms suitable for high ranking guests, adjoining the audience chamber. In fact there are six rooms, with their own small garden and fountain pool.”

“Yes, My Lord,” Bagoas replied, not sure why the Governor was telling him all this.

“Bagoas, you and the girls deserve a reward, and my wife deserves nothing but the best. You shall make the guest rooms into your new harem chambers. Prepare all that is necessary, and you can move in immediately, as I do not anticipate any important guests until the new guesthouse is finished.”

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