Out For A Walk Ch. 01


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Big Tits

My sister just didn’t know what she did to me. Of course, she wasn’t my real sister; she was my step-sister, my mother and her father having married when we were both children, when she was eight and I was twelve. But that was ten years ago and we were no longer children. In fact she had blossomed into the prettiest girl in our village. The only person who didn’t know it was Kate.

Standing at only five foot two, her curves seemed to be accentuated by her lack of height. Blonde hair and blue eyes, she had plenty of inches in all the right places, however, with breasts and cheeks that seemed positively indecent in someone so small. The fact that she was a bubbly, eighteen year old who was full of the joys of spring only helped to make her even more attractive.

When she came bounding into my room that morning, straight out of her shower, her short towel wrapped around her, I had to force myself to concentrate on the project I was working on. It seemed the safer option when the other one was my young sister begging me to tell her what underwear she should wear on her first date. She had only recently been allowed by our strict parents to date and I suppose she was nervous but choosing her underwear was pushing it, even for Kate. Until very recently she was just my sister but, when I overheard some of my friends discussing her, and how they would like to “break her in,” I began to look at her in a new light.

“Kate, what difference does it make?” I asked, trying to change the subject and change my position on the chair, my growing erection all too obvious to anyone but my innocent sister.

“It’s not like he’s going to see them or even know what you are wearing.”

“But I’ll know,” she pleaded like the child she could sometimes still seem to be, as long as you didn’t look at her newly fully-formed breasts or round bum that any man would have loved to have enjoyed. Still she held up two pairs of panties, each one so ridiculously small that l couldn’t see how they could ever cover her decency, never mind her generous cheeks and virgin (or so I believed) pussy.

“The red ones,” I forced myself to admit, anything to stop her waving her panties about in front of my face and to get her out of my room. If I didn’t free my cock very soon I thought it was going to burst through my trousers.

“Thanks, Jack,” she smiled and I began to breathe again, thinking that would be the end of the conversation. Instead, she threw the other ones, a tiny lacy black thong on to my bed and proceeded to bend over to slip her feet into the red pair. As she straightened up I could only watch in dismay and secret delight as her towel opened a little at the bottom and I was treated to a glimpse of her bald pussy.

Seemingly oblivious to the effect that she was having on me, she didn’t even flinch when the towel gave up trying to conceal her breasts and slid open before falling to the floor.

“Oops, sorry about that,” she smiled as she bent forward to retrieve the wet towel. As she picked it up all I could do was stare at her hanging breasts and knew that both our parents would have strung me up if they had seen the way I was looking at my sister. They would have done something far worse if they could have read my mind and discovered I was dreaming about wrapping those gorgeous tits around my straining cock.

As she stood back up, they seemed to bounce back into position and Kate thought nothing of the torment she was causing in my mind, and in my trousers, as she smiled her thanks to me and rushed off to get ready for her date. To torment me even further, as she left the room, the last thing I saw of her was the creamy white flesh of her cheeks spilling out of her tiny lacy knickers. There was only so much a man can take and I rushed to the bathroom to relieve my aching cock.

That slice of self pleasure over, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate on my work for a while so I decided to go for a long hike in the hills which surrounded our village. I had grown up here and would often spend many hours just walking and climbing. Today was a gorgeous summer’s day and a strenuous workout was what was required so it was a few hours later before I decided I should head home and get back to work.

There are many secret spots in these hills and most of the locals have their own favourites for sunbathing or secret assignations. I didn’t have any of that in mind as I walked home but, as I approached my favourite spot, I saw someone at a distance who looked remarkably like Kate. She obviously didn’t see me as I had the sun at my back and her head was down, as if she was concentrating on where she was going. As I suspected, she nipped behind the large rock that hid a very private spot and I wondered if this was where she had arranged to meet her new boyfriend. Telling myself that I was merely being protective of my younger sister, I crept closer, trying to be as quiet as possible so that I wouldn’t startle her, or them. When I got there, however, it was me who was escort bostancı much more than startled.

I peeked round the rock just in time to see Kate peel off her top and release those incredible breasts that had played such a prominent part in my fantasy earlier. Not really sure what was going on but presuming she was going to indulge in a spot of topless sunbathing, I decided I wanted to remember this moment for as long as possible so I took out my phone, switched it to video mode and began to record.

Her bra quickly followed her top and once again I was treated to the sight of those beautiful tits as she shivered slightly. It certainly wasn’t cold so I could only surmise that being topless and being so bad in an almost public place was what was causing her arousal to grow by the minute. I knew mine was.

As I continued to record every moment for posterity, and every inch of her body that Kate displayed, she slipped her short skirt down which left her standing in the red knickers I had chosen for her earlier. She obviously wasn’t content with being topless and I found myself praying that my young sister was intending to bathe nude instead. I thought I was perhaps asking too much as she stood in the same position for a while, enjoying the sun on her almost naked skin, when it looked like she had made up her mind about something and down came the knickers too. Almost as if she knew someone was watching, almost as if she was performing just for me, she peeled them slowly down her legs until she was bent double, bent into a position that had my cock straining once again as I could easily see her pussy lips between her legs. What thrilled me even more, however, was, when she bent even lower to slide her panties over her feet, her cheeks parted just a little and I had my first glimpse of the tight hole between them. It was only a glimpse but it had me nearly groaning aloud in my pleasure and I knew that if I didn’t leave right there and then I would have to release my cock once again.

Of course, I also knew that there was no chance of me going anywhere as Kate lay down on the thick grass and parted her legs. It didn’t take long for her to become comfortable which was the last thing my cock was feeling so I had to release it. (Not as easy as it sounds when you’re trying to record your naked step-sister lying a few feet away, her legs wide and her pussy pointing straight at you.)
She didn’t seem to be in any rush, however, as she began to stroke first one nipple then the other, both of them becoming instantly stiff at her touch. As one hand continued to play with those tantalising buds, her other hand slipped down and began to slowly stroke her moist slit. Her lips soon began to swell and I swear I could see her engorged clit pop out of its hood. Up and down her finger went, her juices visibly flooding now, soaking her hand and the grass beneath her.

I was much more urgent as I pulled on my cock, my desire to plunge it into my younger sister’s cunt stronger than ever. I’m not sure what the recording was going to look like as my whole body seemed to be trembling but I was trying very hard not to miss a second of her youthful exploration.
Releasing her nipple, Kate now concentrated her attentions, and both her hands, between her outstretched legs. Holding her pussy lips with one hand, the other stroked her dripping slit, seeming to spread those juices I’d love to taste all over her engorged clit. Then finally she made her move and allowed her fingertips to enter.

Her moan of pleasure almost made me cum but I managed to hold off. Just. She pulled her fingers back out and brought them to her mouth, licking them, tasting her own pussy. Moving her hand back down, she once again circled what must have been a very sensitive clit and I could only jealously watch as her whole body felt a small shudder running through it.

Finally she pushed her fingers back in, deeper this time, and began to plunge them in and out in earnest. I knew I wasn’t going to last long and neither did Kate.

Letting out an almighty scream, Kate’s orgasm hit her like a rocket and her whole body thrashed around on the grass, her fingers still buried deep within her. Meanwhile my cum was shooting out onto the other side of the rock which hid me but I had to bite my lip not to echo her cries of pleasure.
It was only as both of our orgasms subsided that we both became aware of the other person watching her.

“I see you’ve started before me.”

Kate jumped to her feet while I ducked down, any thoughts of filming further dismissed as the man now staring down at Kate was none other than Mr Banks, the Headmaster at the local school, Kate’s school.

I was about to creep away as silently as possible and leave my step-sister to her fate when I suddenly stopped. The sounds I could hear were not the angry reprimands of an older man but the unmistakable sounds of very passionate kissing. And what did he mean by “starting without him?”

I straightened ümraniye escort up and peeked out from my hiding place. Kate and Mr Banks were indeed locked in a passionate embrace, their mouths exploring each other’s, the Headmaster towering over his pupil. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but I knew I wanted to see how far they were going to go. Instantly I started recording again.

Releasing herself from his arms, Kate lay down on the grass again and shamelessly opened her legs.

“You’re turn, Sir.”

So the “boy” she had begged our parents to be allowed to date was in fact the local Headmaster, a pillar of the community, and old enough to be her father. He wasted no time in accepting her invitation and simply lowered his zip before withdrawing his already hard cock.

“Is that for me?” Kate questioned with a giggle.

She received no answer as the older man got into position between her thighs and she spread them even wider to accommodate him. He didn’t bother to undress or even to remove his trousers as foreplay was obviously out of the question. From what we had both witnessed moments earlier, we both knew she would be wet enough and he simply thrust into my young sister, filling her at once and causing her to fill the air with her moans once more. That instantly quashed my quaint idea that my step-sister was still a virgin. The way she accepted his cock was well practiced and I wondered how long this had been going on.

I was almost tempted to take my cock out again because I could feel it stirring but Mr Banks seemed to be in a hurry. He plunged in and out of her with no regard for either her pleasure or comfort but Kate didn’t seem to be complaining. On the contrary, her hips were thrusting up to meet every one of his downward plunges.

All of a sudden he pulled out and knelt back. This was obviously a practiced move as Kate quickly spun round on to her hands and knees. I’ve always loved the sight of a girl in this position. It seems such a dirty yet submissive pose, exposing her pussy and her tightest hole to whichever man is about to ravage her. But to see Kate as the one waiting to be ravaged took my pleasure to far higher level. And Mr Banks obviously intended to ravage his pupil but just before he moved back into position I caught a quick glimpse of that marvelous spot between her cheeks and wondered for a second if that was his intended target.

But his aim was lower and he entered her once more, his thighs battering against her plump backside and this time there was no stopping him. His thrusts were shorter now, more urgent as he was obviously very close to cumming. I concentrated on getting every moment on record but just before he filled her pussy, he pulled out, tugged twice on his juice-coated cock, and shot his load all over her upturned cheeks. I suppose neither of them wanted to run the risk of a teenage pregnancy but I couldn’t help thinking that Kate must be feeling cheated.

As his cock slowly softened, he used it to smear all over those wonderful cheeks before, in what was also an obviously practiced move, Kate knelt up and turned round. In an act of pure dominance, the older man wiped his cock across her face before tucking it back into his trousers and pulling up his zip.

“Same time next week, girl, and next time try to wait until I get here.”

With that, he simply strode off in the other direction and left Kate to clean herself up as best she could and get dressed. She didn’t seem too upset by his desertion and, deciding I had pushed my luck for far too long, crept away to get home before her.

It was a few hours later before she returned home, showing no signs of what she had been up to.

“What a fantastic day,” Kate thought to herself. Not only had she been well and truly fucked by Mr Banks but Jack had been there to watch too. She smiled as she thought how difficult it had been not to stare straight at him as he peeked from behind the rock but she was sure he would have enjoyed the show. If the load of cum dripping from the rock was anything to go by, he had obviously enjoyed it very much. It was especially impressive since she had already heard him playing with himself in the bathroom this morning after her little “accidental” performance in his bedroom. She loved how embarrassed he looked when her towel slipped but she also smiled when she remembered that he didn’t turn away.

The only thing that could have made the day perfect was if Mr Banks had had the time to spank her again. She would have loved Jack to have seen that. She wasn’t sure what it was that turned her on so much from lying across someone’s lap and letting them punish her. Was it the humiliation of having her skirt thrown up and, preferably, her panties pulled down? Was it the exposure that such a position put her in, her punisher having a very clear view of her most private bumhole? She didn’t know what it was but it always left her wanting something even dirtier when they had finished.

“Kate, kartal escort bayan is that you? Can you come up here for a moment, please? I’ve got something to show you.”

Wondering what her lovely brother had for her, she ran up the stairs and this time she was the one to get a shock.

“Hi, Jack. What’s up?” she asked innocently, until she looked at his laptop. At that her face paled instantly as she noticed what was showing on the small screen. It was the scene of her being taken from behind by Mr Banks (Jack’s favourite scene) and one which left nothing to the imagination. Her eyes were glued to the laptop as the local Headmaster withdrew from her gaping pussy and shot his cum over her rear end.

“Why the sly dog”, she thought. “He must have recorded this while he was hiding behind the rock. I wonder what he’s going to do now.”

“Please, Jack, please turn it off.” She decided to play the part of the innocent schoolgirl being taken advantage of.

Instead Jack pressed “Pause”, the action having moved on to the older man rubbing his cock across her face.

“So, Kate, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“He forced me to do it, Jack. Please switch it off”

“Don’t make it worse by lying, you little whore. I saw the whole thing and recorded the whole thing. What do you think our parents would think if they saw that?”

“Please, please, please don’t tell them about this. I’ll do anything to make it all go away.” This was getting interesting she thought.

“After seeing you in action in the hills I’m sure you would. But “anything” is a dangerous word. Are you sure that’s what you mean?”

“Oh, yes, Jack,” she promised. “Anything you want,” she promised. “I wonder if he’s going to ask me to clean his room or to do something equally mundane. Or will he finally do what I’ve wanted him to do for so long?”

“Well, if you’re sure. I want you to strip.”

She had to bow her head and bite her bottom lip to stop her from crying out in delight. Instead, she decided to playact a little longer.

“What? I can’t do that! You’re my brother, Jack. You can’t want to see me naked.”

“Well, I already have, sis, and I enjoyed it every minute of it so now I want to see it all again. Or do I have to email this disgusting episode to our parents?”

“I deserve an Oscar for keeping this going,” Kate thought as she hung her head to show him that she knew she was defeated.

“I’m waiting, Kate,” he prompted.

Slowly she reached up for the buttons on her top and began to open them, one by one, until it was finally undone. She had already flashed Jack her breasts twice today but there was something about doing it deliberately here, in his bedroom, in the house they shared with their parents, which gave her even more of a thrill. Kate knew what she had to do and shrugged the blouse off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

“Very nice, Kate. Now raise your skirt.”

Kate had been expecting him to order her to remove her skirt next so she looked at her brother in question. Answering only with an upwards wave of my hands, he watched as she took hold of the hem of her short skirt and raised it as far as her red panties, the ones he had advised her to wear.

“Now let’s see that gorgeous arse, Kate. Turn around.”

“So he thinks I have a gorgeous arse, does he? That’s nice to know,” thought the little minx. “Well, let’s give him what he wants.” She seemingly turned around with great reluctance.

“Very nice, Kate,” purred Jack. “But I think it would look better without the skirt.

“Why didn’t he just say so the first time,” she wondered, not knowing that her brother fully intended to spin this out for as long as he could.

Quite happily she undid the button on her skirt, lowered the zip land let it fall to the floor. She knew he liked her red panties; he had chosen them, after all. But now she was modelling them solely for his pleasure and she hoped he would notice the small damp spot on the crotch and realise it wasn’t due to her afternoon activities. Instead, it was due to the fact that her pussy was leaking more and more by the minute as her day took an unexpected, but very welcome, turn.

“Take them off, Kate.”

As her panties were the only thing she still wore, she didn’t have to ask him what he wanted her to remove but, like him, she didn’t see any need to rush matters. Pretending to be resigned to her fate, she hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of her red panties and slowly lowered them down her smooth legs, slightly bending forward as she did so. Straightening up, she hung her head low and handed her final piece of clothing to her brother. Even she wasn’t ready for what he did next.

Jack turned the tiny knickers inside out and brought them up to his face. Placing the crotch under his nose, he inhaled deeply, drinking in her musky aroma, already looking forward to getting much, much closer acquainted with his sister’s pussy. Looking her in the eye, his tongue slid out of his mouth and licked the soiled crotch, causing a shiver to run through his step-sister’s body, all the way from her cunt to her nipples. Pulling out the drawer on his desk, he tucked Kate’s panties away at the very back then closed the drawer.

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