Open Door


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Alex Kingston

*Ever wonder about the moments in your life when the risk seemed too great to make move on something you so much desire? Too often I think we allow those risk to seize hold of us and prevent us from fully taking the moment and enjoying our lives completely. Hope you all enjoy*

He was lying in a room, high ceilings and a thick carpet. Circumstances unbeknownst to him at the time had brought him here and his friend was most kind to give him a place to crash for the night. They had been friends for some time after all and he had spent many a night there in the past.

This night was different however. He could hear her moans in the next room. Her boyfriend had been out of town for the weekend and she was surely alone. He shifted to the other shoulder, apparently she had forgotten hospitality and failed to provide him with a pillow. The moans of self pleasure made him feel uneasy, and a bit ashamed that he was able to hear them.

His attempts at wandering his thoughts in other directions were quite futile, as the moans turned into desperate rasp of breath, and the thrashing of her arm. His mind drifted into her room, just beyond one small wall, to envision her rubbing furiously on her clit, working so diligently for her climax. It was exhilarating to see her there, in such a sexual way. A way he had not seen her in quite some time, and was not quite sure how to feel about it.

Quickly he shrugged the thoughts out of his mind, this was his friend after all and there was no point in even considering the thought of her sexually. She was involved, heck both of them were. Still the sounds of her quicking moaning and sighs tortured him, his cock getting harder and harder.

It was not long before the sounds of the event in the next room brought him to stroke his pulsing member. He had not been turned on like this in so very long and the thought of getting caught by her added to his excitement tenfold. It almost felt as if he was right there with her, laying across her bed both of them caught up in a torrid moment of self satisfaction. With her on one side of the wall getting closer and closer, rubbing her now slick clit and he on the other stoking his rock hardened cock, both were soon to erupt. The seconds melted away into minutes and time passed so quickly. Oblivious to time, he could hear her soft scream as her body writhed and quaked with orgasm. His own cock pulsing and spewing forth his own cum at the same time with an orgasm that shook his very soul.

He was very quiet and savored the moment before realizing after a short bit of time that she was suddenly stirring about in her room. He could feel her feet moving about the floor. Still holding his cum soaked cock in his hands did he realize the awkward position it could put him in if she so choose to come out of her room for a drink of water, or to take kadıköy escort a piss.

Not skipping a beat he reached for a blanket at the side of the room and quickly covered himself up with it. No sooner had he accomplished this task did she open the door between their two rooms and step into the doorway. He turned over and made an attempt to look half asleep. She had turned on her bedroom light, and was standing there holding a pillow. Wearing only a sweatshirt and what he thought to be just a pair of white panties turned him on again and he shied slightly from looking at her directly. She appeared to look very tired and her eyes were half closed as though she were post coital, which of course was his assumption.

“Kind of forgot about giving you a pillow. You can use this one,” she threw the pillow across the room to him on the floor. “It may be a bit damp, I was..uh…sort of doing something, sorry about that.”

With that she turned off her bedroom light and stepped into the darkness of her room. He could hear her fall back on her bed, probably from exhaustion. He clutched the pillow closer to his face, still looking up at the open doorway. She was right. The pillow was soaked and he could not tell if it was from sweat or from her cum. He buried his nose deep into the soaked pillow to pick up a strong familure scent of her pussy. Cum for sure, no doubt about that.

He parted his lips and allowed his tongue to partake of its taste, ashamed by the act, yet dieing to recall the taste. It was not long before he was sucking on the material for every drop of cum that had perpetuated itself into the fibers. The taste was divine and again he was completely hard and erect. For what seemed like an eternity he sucked and licked every minute ounce of cum from the pillow and it drove him mad for more.

He turned back to the open door of her room. The thoughts running thru his mind were gut-wrenching. He wanted to see her, wanted to taste her again. Her taste upon the pillow had all but dissipated with his own saliva and he longed for so much more. His sanity temporarily lost, he slowly moved to crawl over to the doorway. His eyes now adjusted back to the darkness, wandering towards her room. As he approached the open doorway and peered into her room he could see the moonlight shining in thru the window on the opposite side of her bed, upon her still body. From his low vantage point he could clearly see one of her hands and a knee slightly bent in his direction.

He had to see more, slowly he stood up and as he looked down, there she lay. On her back, her legs wide open, knees bent slightly, one arm laying over the side of her bed the other just under her left breast. She was not covered up, no surprise in the late summer. Only üsküdar escort wearing the white cotton panties that he thought she was wearing in the doorway. In the corner of her room he could make out the sweatshirt she had been wearing not all that long ago in the doorway.

The moonlight was bright upon her as if she were on stage for a Broadway play, yet her eyes were closed and seemed to be in deep sleep. Her breast full and voluptuous in the light was breathtaking, her hair just as beautiful. His eyes danced upon her body taking all of her in until they came to her white cotton panties. He looked closely and could make out the throbbing labia beneath the thin white cloth, only it was not completely white. Moisture had seeped from her cum laden pussy and made its mark upon the crotch of her panties. Nothing to him had ever seemed so inviting.

He longed so deeply to walk into her room, kneel before her open legs and continue the feast he had started on her pillow. Torn as reality hit him, considering the consequences of such an act. Would she turn him away, tell him to go back to the other room, tell him to leave her, or worse yet, tell him that she never wanted to speak to him again. Or would she succumb to the thrill of his open mouth sucking upon her pussy, his tongue sliding between her labia and across her throbbing clit. He wanted so badly to taste her and his will broken, accepted the risks.

Slowly he made his way further into her room, holding his breath as if afraid to wake her. Watching her eyes for movement while at the same time fixing his glazed eyes upon her drenched panties. The invitation was too great for him as he kneeled down below her bed, the open legs before him and the wet pussy beneath his face. He leaned down to take in her scent, bringing his nose less then an inch above her moist sex. Again he was filled with lust for her taste and with a quick glance to her eyes he committed to his task of choice, gently placing his lips upon the cloth of the moist white panties. She did not move. Allowing his tongue to glide effortlessly across the fabric, he could taste yet again her savory sex.

It was not long before he found himself buried into her crotch. Enjoying the folds of flesh beneath the soft cotton, his tongue moving with much more pressure now against her clit between the throbbing labia. His pulse quickened at the excitement of getting caught and the wondrous element of what he was doing as well as the effect it was starting to have on her. Her breathing begin to become rampant, soft sighs as his tongue would move about her drenched pussy and over the edge of the panties to the soft skin.

She stirred, it did not stop him, he knew that she was enjoying this and did not want to disappoint her. For all he knew it could be a dream to her tuzla escort and she may not want to wake for fear that it would end. Slowly though, she begin to grind her hips into his face as he continued to enjoy the feast beneath his lips. His sucking was beginning to bunch up the drenched panties, and pull them inward to her soft center, exposing the folds of her labia. He took this opportunity to slip his tongue to the side of the material, taking an even deeper taste of her cum, running his tongue across her saturated clit. She quivered, body starting to shutter, she begin to rouse. This did not stop him, he continued as if in a trance, intoxicated by her taste and spellbound by her aroma. The deep well of her pussy poured forth and was pulsing with the anticipation for more.

Slightly sedated by what was happening to her, she woke, the pleasure streaked up her spine as she realized quickly what had brought her out of her sleep. She too begin to process the risks of what she was doing and accepted the risks for her pleasure. Reaching down she grabbed the back of his head and drove her pussy against his face not wanting this to stop. She was so very close to climax as he had worked her up in a stir before she had even awaken.

Grinding her pussy hard against his face she moaned, he knew now that she was awake and sighed deeply at the fact that he was not to be rejected, falling deeper into the oral activity that he was relishing in. Feasting on the excitement that he had brought to her. His tongue now flicking quickly across her throbbing clit, her pussy becoming more and more saturated with her cum. She moaned heavily as her body clinched up preparing for the climax to follow, holding it back as long as she could to enjoy the sweet sensations flowing across her body.

With a rough jolt, her body released, accepting the moment and savoring the feelings that were awarded her patience. Her back arched and her stomach contracted into hardened ripples from the muscles beneath. He drank deeply the cum that escaped her while she forced his head down as if to push him deeply inside. The waves convulsed her body and crashed upon her mind with pure ecstasy which pushed out a scream of enjoyment. He did not stop, his tongue still caressing the folds of her labia and her clit, forcing the sensations again more strongly allowing for another scream of pleasure to escape her lips.

The orgasm for what seemed like an eternity for both was more like a mere minute or so, but was so powerful that both were exhausted as they lay still in reflection. The breath from his lips chilling her soul as it wafted across the moist center of her sex. Feeling content, he looked up at her and smiled, she smiled back. He looked back down at his now ravished meal, and kissed it lightly.

Quietly he stood back up, and slipped back into the room next door. He knew that the moment was amazing and was not something he would soon forget. She knew that it was satisfying and though she feared the next morning decided that it would not change the friendship that she now cherished with him. Slumber would take them both and a new day would come. Their lives would remain as it had been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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