Oh Baby! What a Sitter! Pt. 04


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69 Position

You didn’t really think I was done with Todd and Kelly, did you?


Kelly had beaten me to the proposal. The little minx. Rather an indisputable confirmation that we were on the same page, emotionally.

No surprise that I had fallen hard for Kelly. Part Alice Goodwin, part Abigail Ratchford, with only her surprisingly sexy glasses to disguise the resemblance… any man would love to be with her. Somehow, though, she had fallen for me, too, and was as eager as I was to make our relationship official.

However, even with the decision and proposal made, we didn’t need to rush into things. I wanted this to be special for her, but she was being practical.

She didn’t want a storybook wedding, with a huge price tag. Special, but not extravagant, became the plan. We both agreed we would know it when we saw it.

In the meantime, with a nice engagement ring on her finger, Kelly kept going to school. Lynn was getting the best of care from Grandma during the day, and spent most evenings glued to Kelly’s hip. The only exceptions were the nights of Kelly’s jiu jitsu classes, which became my time with my little girl.

Kelly was working her way through the stripes on her blue belt, and hoped to be earning a promotion to purple within months. I must admit, I was surprised at how quickly she was progressing. Pleased, and proud, but still surprised.

I didn’t worry about her safety nearly as much as I had. Heaven help the guy who crossed the line with her now, as she had the skills to induce a lifelong limp easily.

There were side benefits to her training, as well. Her confidence was unmistakable, and confidence was something I found very sexy. Physically, the activity perfected her form. Don’t get me wrong… I loved her exactly the way she had been, and her body had never been soft in any negative way. Now, though, she had an athlete’s muscularity. She was firm, and stronger than ever, but still soft enough to be feminine. Yes, I’m talking about her breasts, which were still as big and proud as they had always been. She’d always been a head turner in a bikini. Now, she was spectacular. Maybe I owed that asshole Brad a small thank you, for the benefits that I was now reaping.

One of those benefits was my new hobby as practice dummy. There’s a lot of close contact in jiu jitsu, and I do mean close. Letting her practice new techniques on me… gently… was a great excuse to have her incredible, sexy body pressed against me for prolonged periods.

I especially liked working on her guard and mount positions, but nearly everything we worked on involved her ample chest squashed against me somewhere on my body. I could understand why she was such a popular sparring partner at her classes.

I admit to feeling a little jealous initially. There were only two women in Kelly’s class, and the other one hadn’t progressed as fast, so Kelly quickly outgrew her as a partner. That left her with only guys to try more advanced techniques on, and there was a lineup of eager volunteers hoping to be next. I didn’t like the idea of so many men getting to experience Kelly’s body quite this easily, but she told me not to worry, and invited me to watch her spar one evening. She said she had a way of dealing with overly friendly partners.

I watched her that night, and left with a new confidence in our relationship.

Kelly stood on the mat, facing her partner, then took a position on her back. My immediate reaction was not happy, as the guy, who I was later learned was named Kevin, knelt between her legs. I know it was just practice, but I couldn’t help thinking this might have been that asshole quarterback, had Kelly’s friends not been in attendance.

So, Kevin was in Kelly’s guard, as she crossed her ankles behind him. I knew what he was seeing and feeling, as I had been in this position hundreds of times. Actually, I was in this position this morning, and it was wonderful. The main difference, besides the crowd of onlookers, and clothing they both wore, was that I was there because she wanted me to fuck her.

When Kelly had outgrown her female classmate as a sparring partner, we had talked about the inevitability of contact when practising the techniques. Jiu jitsu is a close quarters fighting system. There is no stand off fighting. Her body was both the target, and the weapon. She knew that, and had no illusions that she could be a practitioner without getting touched, especially with her endowment. Those big tits were bound to get groped inadvertently, and she was fine with that. It was the intentional fondling that raised her ire, and she could tell the difference.

So when Kevin took the start position for this exercise, he had to grab her lapels, which put the sides of his hands right on her breasts. I couldn’t hear their conversation, but it appeared he was apologizing for having to touch her there, and she was easing his concerns.

So, as I understand it, the idea was for her to gain control of his hands, break istanbul escort his grip on her gi, twist her body to get her foot on his hip, and push off. Once she had him stretched out, and off balance, she could go on the offensive in several ways.

It was a classic contest of brawn against guile, with flexibility thrown in. I knew Kelly was very flexible, and our bedroom was her playground. There were few positions she couldn’t get into, and we had tried them all. Yes, I was a very lucky man.

The instructor called out the cadence for the drill, and the entire class moved through the steps of the technique in unison. I was watching one particular pair, of course. Rather, I was watching Kevin’s hands on Kelly’s pair. It did appear he was trying to keep the contact to a minimum, but this was a repetitive exercise, so they reset to the starting position several times, speeding up the steps with each cycle.

I could see it in her eyes… the point at which she felt she was being felt up with a little too much enjoyment on his part. As they repeated the routine over and over, his hands repeatedly brushed over her breasts, and I could see her warning him to watch it, or face the consequences. Apparently, he didn’t heed her words.

When they did the exercise the final time, at full speed, she added her retribution. When she had him extended, and off balance, she switched her grip to one arm, his left, and planted her right foot, rolling them over. She quickly spun around, and isolated his arm between her legs, locking in an arm bar. His hand was trapped in her cleavage by her grip.

She leaned back, applying a mildly painful punishment for crossing the line. She could just as easily break his arm. He tapped her thigh, indicating his surrender, and she relaxed her hold, but didn’t release it.

“I don’t hear an apology,” she snarled, adding pressure again.

“Ow! Jesus! Alright, I’m sorry!” he cried out, madly tapping her leg. The instructor arrived on the scene about then, as Kelly released him.

“Do we have a problem?” he asked, as Kelly stood up, adjusting her gi so that her hot pink sports bra was no longer visible.

“No, Master,” she said firmly. Kevin was rolling in pain, holding his elbow. He gained his feet again, easily towering over Kelly. She glared at him.

“No, Master,” Kevin relented, flexing his arm, and walking away.

“Good,” the instructor nodded. “Nice arm bar. Good technique. Remember; don’t let him turn the arm. Keep the thumb up,” he added, patting Kelly on the shoulder. He moved on.

The class ended and I joined Kelly, stepping down from the spectator area. She welcomed me with a slightly sweaty hug, and a smile.

“Still worried about me?” she giggled, patting her neck with a towel.

“Um, no,” I replied, bowing respectfully. “I guess Kevin won’t be volunteering as your partner again, will he?”

“Probably not,” she grinned. “At the very least, he’ll be much better behaved, if we ever do spar again. Did I ever thank you for suggesting this?” she asked.

“I think so, but you can repeat it if you’d like,” I laughed. “I feel much safer with you being able to take care of yourself. Maybe it’s a carry over from losing Amy, but I worry about losing you too… or at least, I did. Now, I’m more concerned about the health of those you practice on.”

“Well, between you, Lynn, and this class, I feel like a totally different woman,” she smiled, adding a kiss. “I love you.”


We made it home before our emotions bubbled up. Just barely, but we made it.

In a happy coincidence, Lynn was spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa. She was headed there tomorrow morning anyway, so my Mother had suggested we might like an evening alone. She had that little twinkle in her eye when she said it, too, not even pretending she didn’t know we’d be taking maximum advantage of Lynn’s absence. Let the fucking begin!

Hence, Kelly was discarding her gi as we walked in the front door, and turned to beckon me after her.

“Shall I take a shower, or…?” she asked, kicking her shoes away.

I answered by ducking under her extended hands, and taking her over my shoulder. Not a takedown… More of a takeup, she kicked her feet wildly and giggled like a schoolgirl as I hauled her down the hall to the bedroom and tossed her on the mattress.

Like most guys, I liked the look of my lady in her bra. Sure, I’d rather have her without it, but lingerie has a definite appeal. Most sports bras didn’t fall into that category, so you wouldn’t expect to find it sexy. This one was.

I’m not sure where she got it. I’m not even sure how she found one that would harness her fabulous rack without squashing it. Somehow though, this bra fit her big boobs like a moulded second skin. I had seen it sitting on the shelf without her in it, and it was an impressive facsimile.

On her? Fuck me! Full coverage or not, it held those major melons in their round perfection. avcılar escort She was smiling up at me, peeking through the deep valley of cleavage the garment caused.

She was wriggling her pants off over her hips, and I caught the colour of her hi-cut panties. The pants succumbed, and she kicked them off the bed.

“Cute look, but you don’t match,” I smiled, gesturing to the black panties, and pink bra. At least the trim on the bra was black.

“I can fix that,” she giggled, hooking a finger under the hip of the panties.

“Oh no, not yet,” I stopped her. “That’s my job. Besides, that bra is hot!”

“Hot? It hides everything?” she said, looking down at her chest. “I don’t even jiggle in it.”

“True,” I nodded, “but it makes your boobs so round, and yummy… and you only wear it to kick ass. I like it when you kick ass. It’s sexy as hell.”

I joined her on the bed, and we kissed deeply, while my hands roamed her body. Mostly, I groped her big tits, because I was the one man who could, without facing her wrath. She sighed.

“Mmmmm, you’re much better at that than Kevin,” she smiled, kissing me again. “How did you feel about him touching me?”

“At first, I hated it,” I replied, continuing to fondle her soft breasts. “I had to remind myself that you had it under control. Then I saw you warning him, and knew it was only a matter of time. At that point, it became entertaining, in a way. Like watching a movie where you have it figured out. Like… Ooooo, he shouldn’t have done that,” I laughed, palming her left breast in demonstration.

“Yes,” she giggled, “that was the last straw. That’s when I started planning my move. It was almost too easy.”

She placed her hand over mine on her chest. I didn’t even see it coming. Before I knew it, she had twisted my hand, and rolled over atop me, grinning playfully.

“I’m kind of enjoying this,” she whispered. “Now, you will service me, my love. You will make me cum, several times.” Her commanding demeanour cracked, and she laughed. “If that’s okay with you, honey.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I nodded, playing the supplicant. “I live to serve.”

“Mmmmm, I do like the sound of that,” she smiled, and bent to kiss me again. Staying within inches, she sighed and added, “I think I’ll suck your cock now. I’ve been wanting to all day.”

Well, they also serve who only stand and wait… or lay back and wait… or just let a beautiful woman suck my cock. My kind of service.

Since I was still fully clothed, I also let her unwrap me, something she did with relish. A few minutes of unbuckling, unzipping, tugging and peeling brought my soldier out to play, as she settled between my legs and gave him a thorough inspection. He cooperated, and stood tall, doing everything but salute.

I laid back. While there was something to be said for watching a woman suck your cock, it was equally exciting to anticipate her touch without seeing it coming. I was fond of both strategies, and thankfully she was fond of sucking me.

I could feel her breath tickling the sensitive skin on the head of my dick. It made me twitch, and I whacked her on the nose with my club. She giggled, and wrapped a hand gently around the base of my shaft, stabilizing it. Her warm breath, more intense this time, told me she was very close. I tensed, waiting for contact. The suspense was killing me.

When it came, her touch was like an electric shock, as she twirled her tongue around the head, causing me to groan loudly with pleasure. She replied with a soft moan of her own, and kissed it, before easing her lips over the tip, and sliding downward.

“Oh shit, honey, that’s soooooo goooooood,” I sighed. “You suck my cock soooooo goooooood.”

“Mmmmm hmmm,” she nodded, without missing a beat, sucking harder for a few seconds. Her hand slid along the length while she tongued the hole, searching for early drops of precum.

She knew my triggers well, and ran the list. I was soon oozing into her mouth, and she was moaning softly at the reward. It seemed like every blowjob she gave me was better than the last, as she learned even more ways to drive me wild. She had even learned to slide my cock past her gag reflex, and down her throat. It was heavenly.

That’s what she was doing right now, swallowing my shaft until her lips reached my recently shaved pubes. She thought we should match, so I let her shave me, and I had to admit that I liked it. It made my dick look bigger, and was really hot to watch it splitting her pussy wide open.

I tilted my head up to watch for a while, and she immediately made eye contact, smiling as much as possible with my cock jammed down her throat.

I felt her tongue tickling my balls as it snaked along with underside of my shaft. With her beautiful brown eyes locked on mine, she pulled back almost to the tip, then reversed and swallowed the whole thing again. It felt incredible, and looked even better, lighting the fuse on my climax.

When I dropped my head back şirinevler escort on the pillow and groaned, she knew the countdown had begun, and gave me a few more full length bobs of her head, before shortening her strokes. Her tongue was swirling around the head, and her hand was pumping the shaft. The counter ticked down.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, baby… I hope you’re ready,” I grunted, putting one hand on her head. “Gonna cum, honey! Gonna cum!”

Kelly moaned, nodded, and stroked faster, pulling back to suck the head of my cock hard. I erupted, blasting a wad right down the hatch. She sighed, milking each successive spurt into her mouth happily. It would seem we both got what we wanted from the exercise.

I closed my eyes, and caught my breath, feeling her vacuum my softening member clean. Finished, she slithered back up my body, tucking in under my arm.

“Mmmmm, thank you,” she giggled. “Delicious, as always.”

I laughed at the ludicrous notion of the suck-er thanking the suck-ee.

“Oh, you’re quite welcome,” I smiled. “Anytime you need another sample, I’m all yours.”

“Damn right you’re all mine,” she grinned. “And soon it will be official.”

Yes it would. I hadn’t been doing much looking lately, but I’m sure if she came across a noteworthy scenario for our wedding, she’d fill me in immediately. Today’s tasks were much more straightforward. Time to eat some yummy pussy.

I decided to deal with her bra later, and just strip off her panties right now, hooking the waistband and dragging them off over her hips.

It was her turn to relax, and spread her legs wide, letting me make myself at home between her thighs. She was pretty juicy already, more proof that she enjoyed the blowjob nearly as much as I did. I inhaled her natural perfume, and moaned softly, then leaned closer, and kissed her clit.

“Mmmmm,” she smiled. “Does my little kitty taste good?” She ruffled my hair with one hand, and undulated her hips, searching for my tongue. I stuck it out, and let her drag her pouting labia across it. “Your tongue sure feels nice.”

I took control, rolling her hips up, with my hands holding her legs back and open. Spearing her slippery snatch with the tip of my tongue, I tasted her pungent mixture of sweet and savoury. Quite tasty indeed.

I was going to take my time with her, so I settled into a comfortable position that wouldn’t kink my neck, and licked her long and deep. A bit of motion caught my eye, and I saw Kelly struggling to free her big tits from the confines of her bra. She managed to get the straps off, and peeled the cups down to bare her nipples, which were already quite stiff. Returning my focus to her delectable cunt, I could still see her fingers tugging at them.

I just loved Kelly’s pussy. It was the most beautiful, erotic, sensual looking feminine fixture I had ever seen. Her outer lips were thick, and normally held the inner pair closed. Not today, though, as she was totally engorged and aroused, making the dangling inner labia pout open, almost as though a butterfly had landed on her slit. The prominent bump of her clit was the logical target of my attention, so I spent a large percentage of my effort swirling my tongue around it.

Yes, her clit was getting most of the stimulation, but not all of it. A little further south, just the other side of her yummy, juicy pussy, was another target that she had been getting enjoyment out of in recent weeks. We were still in the experimental phase, but Kelly’s video promise to let me have her ass was looking up.

She told me her first experience with anal sex had been less than pleasant, but she wanted to try again. With that in mind, we were taking it slow.

So, I slowly teased her service entrance with the tip of my tongue, causing a gasp, and a moan of delight. When I moved back up to her clit, my fingertip took over on anal stimulation duty, doing little circles around and over her spit soaked rosebud.

My eventual goal was to put my dick in there, of course, but I was in no hurry. She said she had taken it in the ass, with ‘taken’ being the operative word. It hadn’t been her idea, and had happened despite her protests, bringing a very quick and painful end to that particular relationship. Since I had no wish to lose her, I learned the lesson he should have, and listened very carefully to her reactions when near her butt hole. This time, she would ask for it before it happened.

Better yet, she would beg for it. Until then, I was content to play with her ass, using my tongue and fingers, adding to her orgasms with something new.

My tongue was on her clit, lapping quickly, while my index finger plucked her rim, and my thumb wiggled inside her sopping pussy. It was a very potent combination, if her moans and grinding hips were any indication. There was also her hand, pulling my face deeper into her dripping gash.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yes, honey,” she hissed, “eat me! Use that tongue on my clit! Finger my ass! Deeper! Harder! You’re gonna make me cum, baby!”

I followed her directions, sucking her clit with greater vigour. I pressed my finger in and her tight asshole popped, letting my digit drill inside. She let out a sharp gasp, and wiggled her hips, driving it deeper. I pulled my hand back slightly, then pushed both my thumb and finger back in.

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