Not Quite the Brady Bunch Ch. 02


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Mike watched his 18 year old stepdaughter Emma sleep in his arms for a few minutes, felt her breathing, watched her naked body slowly rising and falling. He thought back to the last couple hours, how they had ended up together like this. He kissed her head softly and stroked her face to wake her. Emma stirred, looking at him and smiling.

“Hungry?” he asked.

Emma nodded and kissed him. “Want me to make you something?”

“There are some things in the freezer we can heat up” he said starting to get up.

Watching him stand, Emma thought about how much she loved him. Blocking out all of the bad thoughts going through her mind about what would happen on Thursday when her mom came home. She had him for the next three days and was going to make the most of it. She sighed as he stood waiting for her in his boxers and the polo shirt he had not taken off.

Jumping up Emma grabbed the bottom of his shirt and started to lift it. “Can I wear it please?” Mike nodded letting her pull off his shirt and watching as she slipped it on over her naked body as he stood in just his boxers. He took her hand and they went downstairs to the kitchen, opened the fridge and stood looking at the pre-made meals awaiting them.

They picked out a meal and put it in the microwave, standing and watching it. Mike slipped his arm around Emma and held her next to him, his hand on her bare hip under the hem of his shirt. His hand absently caressing her hip and bottom as they watched the food turn in the microwave and the counter count down to zero.

Mike took the food to the table and grabbed a couple of paper plates and forks. Emma climbed up in his lap after he sat down and they ate quickly, chatting about mindless things and teasing each other. Simply enjoying each other. Mike had never had a chance to spend any real time with Emma, especially any time where she wasn’t screaming or demanding something. In a lot of ways he was surprised at how mature and thoughtful she was. He never would have expected that from the often raving brat that he had known since he met Carol.

When they finished eating they cleaned up quickly, grabbed a couple pops from the fridge and went and sat in the family room on the couch. Emma sat next to Mike and leaned against him, laying her head on his shoulder. Mike picked up the remote and turned on some music, some 70s classic rock on satellite radio.

Giggling and covering her ears, Emma tried to grab the remote but Mike kept his arm extended and just out of her reach. She tried tickling him, climbing on him and everything she could think of but couldn’t get the remote from him, so she resorted to her best weapon, she pouted. Seconds later she had the remote and had the station changed to something Mike thought must be called Death Metal.

Now that she had set the mood, Emma wanted more. She climbed in Mike’s lap straddling him and peeled the shirt off. Running her hands over his bare chest, through his thick salt and pepper chest hair, she leaned in and kissed him. She could beşiktaş escort feel his cock stiffening under her as her bald eighteen year old pussy brushed lightly over it, ensuring just enough contact to drive him wild. The Death Metal played on as she pressed a little harder, leaving a trail of her wetness on his cock that had slipped out of his boxers as it got hard.

Mike wanted to return the favor for the fantastic blowjob he had received earlier, plus he loved the taste of pussy and Carol was not fond of oral sex. He lifted her roughly and tossed her on the couch, leaning down and pressing her legs open. Emma’s initial look of shock as Mike pushed her off his cock just as she was about to slip it into her pussy was replaced with a wide grin as she realized what he was preparing to do to her.

Mike pushed her legs open and lowered his head as Emma propped herself up on a couple pillows so she could get a good look at this. He watched her reaction as his hands slid over her little bare pussy, two fingers moving to her clit and separating, pulling the hood back and exposing her clit which was beginning to grow with anticipation. Once he had it exposed Mike slid down and used the tip of his tongue to gently tease her little nub, causing her to squirm and let out a squeal of delight. Emma was not a virgin, far from it, but this was the first time anyone had given her head.

Using his tongue to slowly circle her swollen clit was just the beginning. Mike was soon sucking on it, scraping his teeth over it and letting his tongue explore her beautiful pussy. Emma grabbed his head, locking on a handful of his short hair and tried to push his face deeper into his pussy. She was on fire, experiencing pleasure that she had never felt before. She squirmed and squealed and bucked making so much noise that she thought about making sure the windows were all closed or the neighbors might hear.

As she nears orgasm Emma begins thrashing a look of amazement on her face, calling out “FUCK….FUCK…FUCK!!!!! Oh God Daddy please..FUCK…Gonna…Gonna Cum” then screaming out “DADDY!!!!!!” as her orgasm hit her. Emma’s pussy gushes warm sweet cum as she dug her fingers into his hair, her body thrashing all over the couch. She closed her eyes as the pleasure washed over her and her body stiffened before finally relaxing as she finished.

Panting hard, barely able to move and bathed in sweat Emma began to giggle, looking at Mike. “Oh my god Daddy, what the fuck did you do to me?!?”

Mike smiled and looked at her sternly. “What did I tell you about your language?”

Emma busted out laughing and grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. “I think that rule is out the window if you are going to do that to me”.

Sitting up, Mike took her hands. He stood up, reaching down and lifting her off the couch and carried her off to her room cradled in his arms. Her body is nearly limp in his arms and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he goes up the stairs. He laid her softly on her beylikdüzü escort bed and slid off his boxers, then slid into the bed with his young lover. “Will you sleep in my bed this week with me Daddy?” she asks him in the most amazingly sexy voice he has ever heard.

“Yes baby I will” he responded.

Emma beamed with delight and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hard. All this amazing fun has just been the appetizer to what she has been thinking about for years. Waiting until she was eighteen to finally get her chance. She wants her step-daddy’s dick inside her. She wants to feel what she saw her mother feel when she stood outside their bedroom door and peeked through the cracked door when she was 14 years old. She wants what she has desired since that night and she is finally going to get it.

She was so turned on, so ready that she put her hand in the middle of his chest and pushed him onto his back. She climbed up on top of him, looking down at him with lustful eyes, her hand reached down and gripped his cock stroking it lightly but it doesn’t need any help, he wants her too and is ready for her. Emma rose up and positioned his cock under her soaking wet pussy.

Looking down into Mike’s eyes, not saying a word Emma lowered herself onto his thick cock. Both let out moans as her silky pussy slid down his shaft. Emma’s eyes grew as Mike’s cock stretched her open, so much bigger than any of the teen boys she’d been with. She slid down the length of the shaft and settled, the thick head pressing against her cervix, grinding slowly and running her hands over his chest.

Mike smiled up at her and ran his hands down her sides, cupping her tight little ass. “Babydoll that feels so amazing.” He moved his hips slowly up and down, grinding his pelvis against her and stared into her beautiful eyes.

They moved slowly together like this for several minutes, Emma stared lovingly at Mike then leaning forward and buried her face in his neck, playfully nibbling, kissing and licking his neck and behind his ear. She began to move her hips up and down his shaft moaning against his neck as waves of pleasure shot through her body each time the head pressed against her cervix.

Mike slid his hands up her back feeling her soft skin, his fingertips feeling every bump of her spine. Lifting his hips to meet each of her strokes, he felt his step-daughter’s tight and velvety pussy clenching his shaft. He squeezed her tightly against him, groaning.

Emma’s breathing began to get faster and she began to whine with pleasure. “Daddy, Daddy, YES! YES! YES! AGAIN! AGAIN! FUCK CUMMING AGAIN!!!!” Her voice high, her movements urgent she fucked him harder and faster. As she clenched down on his cock she milked his cock and brought him closer.

Her arms wrapped tightly around Mike’s head, burying her face in his neck and screaming out loud as she began to cum again, her body shaking, still driving up and down on his cock. DAAAAADDYYYYY!!!!!! she screamed beyoğlu escort out as she began to cum.

Her orgasm soaked his balls and the feeling put Mike over the edge. He clamped down on her holding her shaking body tight as his cum poured into her, adding to the mess running out of her pussy and down his balls. Mike groaned loudly holding Emma in place as he pumped cum inside her, emptying his cock.

The two lovers laid together for a few minutes in silence holding each other. Emma finally lifted up and looked deep in Mike’s eyes. “I love you Daddy” then lowered her face back into his neck, nuzzling him softly.

Mike whispered “I love you too Emma”.

Emma didn’t move, keeping her face buried in his neck as she began to cry. They lay together until they both drifted off to sleep with Emma still laying on top of Mike. Neither moved until Mike’s phone rang in the pocket of his pants that were tossed on the floor across the room. Both recognized the tone as Carol’s and looked at each other, Emma looked terrified.

Mike rolled her gently off of him and beside him, giving her a quick kiss and pressing his finger to her lips and making a shhh sound. He scurried out of the bed and picked up his pants, fishing the phone out of his pocket and answering it. “Hey hun.”

Emma lay on her side watching, not sure what was going to happen, watching the man she had just made love to talking to his wife, her mother, on the phone.

“She’s been perfect hun, no problems at all.” Mike said into the phone, winking at Emma. They had a conversation about their days, normal married person chit chat. While the chat was going on Emma sat up, running her hands over body and teasing him as he watched her. Mike grinned. “You want to talk to Emma?. OK, let me get her, she’s in her room doing homework. OK, love you too hun.”

Mike covered the phone and waited a moment, “Emma you’re Mom wants to talk to you.” He handed the phone to her and smiled.

“Hi Mom. Yes, school was fine. Yes all my schoolwork is done.” Emma replied to questions from her mom. “Yes, I’m making sure Mike is OK.” a big grin crossing her face. “OK, Yes, Yes Mom I promise. Thanks, love you” she replied then pushed the end call button and dropped the phone on the bed.

Giggling wildly Emma looked at Mike. “Holly shit, that was so weird. I kept thinking she knew. Did I do OK?”

Mike slipped up onto the bed beside her and kissed her. “Yes, you did fine. I’m gonna go lock up and turn the lights off downstairs. You need to get your homework done.” He stood and walked out, making the rounds of the house before returning to her room to find her sitting naked on her bed with her books doing homework. He went to his room and grabbed a book then climbed in bed beside her, kissed her and opened his book and read while she finished her homework.

Closing her books she looked over at him and smiled. “All done.”

Mike closed his book and tossed it aside, pulling the covers of her bed back so they could slide in together. He kissed her softly and rolled her over on her side, sliding up behind her and pressing his body against her, spooning with her and wrapping his arms snugly around her. He nuzzled her neck softly and whispered “Goodnight baby.”

“Goodnight Daddy” Emma whispered back, closing her eyes with a huge smile on her face.

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