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Big Dicks

I got one of those e-mails forwarded to me today that reminded me of something that I’ve got to share. This e-mail was of several pretty girls, but the emphasis was their nipples. All had beautiful, extremely long nipples, similar to my sister in laws.

I met my wife in college when we were both sophomores. We dated on and off for a couple of years, then decided we liked each other better than others and permanently latched onto each other.

My wife Shauna has always had a beautiful ass. In college her long legs accented a well formed bottom that filled out a bikini or short shorts to the max. In later years, when she filled out a cocktail dress in equally exquisite fashion I always loved watching heads swivel checking her out as she walked through a room. Her breasts are not overly large, just enough that they accented her lower half rather than detracting from perfection. Not the firm high risers that support themselves, she always failed the pencil test. Consequently she always was able to wear thin or shear bras that would support without hiding her assets. In fact, she often wore skimpy bras and low cut, deep vee blouses that showed lots and lots of cleavage. She has large areola with large nipples that never extend much even when aroused. Even when cold or aroused her nipples never showed more than just a slight bump in her sweater or bikini. Today she suffers from the same mental defect that all middle aged women seem to get – that “I’m not 18 anymore so I’m defective” gene. I think she still looks good, but no matter how much I tell her – she doesn’t want to believe it.

I didn’t visit Shauna’s family until Christmas of our senior year. By that time we were pretty sure our futures were together. I knew little about her family, a younger brother and sister, she was the oldest. I met everyone the first day except her younger sister, who arrived the day after we did. Three years younger, she’d been going to college elsewhere and didn’t arrive until late in the day. I’d seen pictures however, and was well aware that her younger sister was very pretty.

Shelly, Shauna’s sister is a living doll. She is 8″ shorter than Shauna’s 5’6.” At 4’10” she is one of the shortest adults I’ve ever known. While Shauna looks almost like her fathers mother, Shelly is definitely from their mother’s family. Shorter than their father’s side, Shelly is the spitting image of her mother. I’ve seen pictures of their mother when she was a teenager, and except for the age of the pictures, I’d swear it was a picture of Shelly.

About the only thing they share body wise is a well formed bottom. Shelly’s short legs and firm breasts, really no larger than Shauna’s – but proportionally larger, due to her smaller body, give her a pronounced hourglass shape. When I met Shauna, I immediately liked her and when she started giving me a hard time, I started a life long tradition of teasing her in return. She said something that I can’t even remember, but my response was that it was nice to have someone in the family that could be carried around in a hip pocket. I almost immediately started calling her “pipsqueak” or “shorty,” names she’d heard before, but were only said with extreme fondness. esenyurt escort I loved Shauna’s mom and sister, and always greeted them with a hug. Do to their short stature and small size – and my 6’6″ height – it’s always been easy to pick them right up off the floor and give them a bear hug.

It was about two year before I saw Shelly in a bikini. I’d seen pictures and knew she had a gorgeous figure, but it wasn’t until a fourth of July beach party at the lake that I saw her in a swimsuit. I was immediately awestruck. She had one of the most dynamite figures I’ve ever seen. And, she had a boyfriend. And, I had a fiancé. And – oh well. I figured I was a day late and a dollar short.

Our teasing relationship always had a touch of flirting in it. One of my favorite greetings was to give her a big hug, and say to her fiancé “Nice boobs, Dave. Why don’t you get a girl to go with ’em next time?” She’d always laugh and playfully slap me, and then later she’d give me some kind of jab in return.

On one vacation or holiday visit to her parents we were washing clothes one day and Shelly brought some clothes down to wash at the same time. For the first time I saw one of her bras, and unlike my wife’s, it was of heavier, padded type construction. As we were folding clothes I commented to my wife that her bras were so much different than her sisters, and I didn’t know why she needed padded bras, she had a great figure. She told me that Shelly had started wearing padded bras in Junior High school as her nipples were so long and that she had been embarrassed by so many boys that she did it to keep them from showing so much. I realized that I’d never seen her without a bra, and remembered seeing that even her bikini had a fairly heavy lining.

We’d been married for 5 years, Shelly and Dave for two when we rented a cabin for a long weekend at Thanksgiving. The four of us got away, and had a great time – including the experience of my life.

This wasn’t a sex weekend, although we did have sex. This was just two married sisters and their husbands that got along spending the weekend at a cabin. We played games, we went for walks, and we had a good time. The second night there, a snowstorm rolled in, and we snuggled in to keep warm in front of the fire. Baileys and hot chocolate, Irish coffee, hot buttered rums. I kept the drinks fed, and before long none of us was feeling any pain. Shelly and Shauna went to put on PJ’s, and for the first time I saw Shelly’s breasts without a bra.

My wife returned first, wearing cotton PJ’s that were basically just pants and shirt. It was obvious to me she was braless. I’ve always loved the sway of free breasts, and around the house is the only time she’d ever go braless. Shauna knows I love it when she does go braless but this was the first time I’d ever seen her do it around her brother in law. Shelly came out moments later, and it was all I could do to keep my mouth from falling open. She had on a form fitting stretch body stocking that went clear below her knees. It was obvious she was totally naked beneath it, the curve of her ass, the bulge of her breasts, and particularly the nipples that, even through avrupa yakası escort the material, must have extended half an inch from her body. It was all that I could do to look away and pretend that nothing was different, but I was in awe. Her nipples were always erect, and a couple of times I thought they must have swollen even more as at different times they appeared to be even larger.

For the rest of the evening, I snuck a look whenever I could, without obviously staring. I had a reason to ogle every time I delivered a drink however, and I made sure no one else needed to make any. A couple of hours, more than a couple of drinks, and as the fire died down we headed to bed. I stoked the fire, and when I got into the bedroom Shauna was already trying to fall asleep. My erection was having none of that however, and soon we were both naked and sharing our passion.

Shauna’s nipples were never very big, but when I sucked on them they got as long as they ever would. That night it was Shelly’s that were in my head as I sucked Shauna’s. I soon brought her to orgasm and before I came she asked me to do her scissors, her favorite position where I can get really deep, easy, penetration. I slid around behind her and with long easy strokes brought us both to climax together. Afterward, still semi-hard, I started to pull out but she put her hand on my hip and said “No, stay. I love it when you’re in me.” As we lay there relaxing, I suddenly realized I could hear the bed squeaking in the next room, and it dawned on me that our own bed had been quite squeaky just minutes before. The thought of them doing it, and them hearing us do it made my hard-on expand a little more, but we both soon fell asleep.

I don’t know how long before we fell asleep, or how long we slept, but when I awoke my now soft cock had fallen out of my wifes body. Our love juices had begun to dry, leaving my cock feeling crusty. I said “Sweetheart” to tell my wife to get up and clean up with me, but her snores told me she was gone for the night. I quietly got up, walked to the door and stopped, listening. All quiet – I opened the door, naked, and stepped out to the bathroom halfway down the hall. The door was open, so without turning the light on, using just the light from the hall nightlight, took a wash cloth and washed myself. I stepped out to start back to bed, and stepping out of the other bedroom with her back to me pulling the door silently shut was Shelly.

She didn’t see me at first. As she turned, she glanced up and saw me, let out a little quiet shriek as she covered her mouth with her hand, then dropped her arm to cover her breasts. She was practically naked, her form fitting tube of before replaced with a diaphanous shoulder to waist cover that left nothing to the imagination. With my eyes acclimated to the darkness, the nightlight seemed to illuminate her as well as if the hall light had been on. She looked sheepish, and then glancing down at my rapidly rising cock giggled and said “Well at least I can see you’re a friendly prowler. I guess there’s nothing left to hide, is there?” Now I was openly staring. anadolu yakası escort Her nipples were as long as any I’d ever seen. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a neat heart shape, but it was her nipples that had my attention. I reached forward, and pulled her arm to the side, she didn’t resist. “My god Shelly, they’re fabulous.” I whispered. I looked at her face, and then back to her nipples. When I reached forward and slipped both hands under her top and ran my thumbs over them she didn’t try and stop me. Despite their length, as my thumbs and fingers fondled her nipples I could feel them growing to my touch. She reached for my neck, pulling my head to hers. I grabbed her, pulled her to me, and lifted her into our familiar bear hug, only this time my mouth was on hers, tongues parrying for control, her wonderful firm upturned breasts crushed against my chest. My cock was hard as a rock, and as I relaxed my bear hug on her, she slid down, only to find my cock resting against her opening. She spread her legs, wrapped them around my waist and without any help from our hands slid onto my cock. She was as wet as I was hard, I’m sure from her husband’s semen as well as her own arousal. I took her armpits and lifted, she helped with her legs. Raising and lowering her on my cock, I fucked her standing in the hallway. I don’t know how many strokes we did standing like that, before I turned and stepped back into the bathroom, resting her bottom on the bathroom sink so I could bend and suck her nipples.

Despite how long they’d been to my fingers, they continued to grow to my tongue and sucking. Before we climaxed they were at least ¾ of an inch long. Until today, in that e-mail from a friend, I’ve never seen nipples as long as hers were that night. We came, and as our passion for each other subsided, sanity returned. I stood there, my cock buried in my sister in law, slowly softening. “I think you’d better let me down.” I eased off, our cum dribbled from her pussy onto the edge of the sink. I took the washcloth from the rack and handed it to her. She wiped once, then hopped off the sink and turned. She washed herself up, then handed me the now warm washcloth and watched as I once again washed my once again semi-hard cock. When I finished, she took my hand and led me down the hall toward our bedrooms. She stopped at the door, and beckoned me. I bent so she could whisper to my ear. She said “Thank you,” kissed my cheek and gently pushed me toward my door. I watched her go into her own room and after the door closed, opened my own and crawled into bed. Shauna’s heavy breathing told me she was still asleep.

The following day I pretended nothing had happened, waiting to see any sign from Dave or Shelly that he might have a clue. There was nothing. Apparently neither of our spouses was the wiser. The following day we packed, cleaned and as I was putting baggage into the car, Shelly delivered more. For the first time she let me know that this was more than just a dream. “What happened last night, Dave and Shauna must never know. We were drunk, and it happened. It can never happen again.”

I turned and looked at her. “Do you regret it?” I asked?

She stood, unmoving for a moment, then slowly shook her head no. “Me either.” I heard Dave’s footsteps on the stairs approaching, so turned and picked up a bag to put into the car.

As she turned to leave, I said “Shelly?”

She turned and looked at me, “What?” Her face fearfully said “you aren’t going to say anything are you?” as her husband walked up.

“Thanks for everything, pipsqueak.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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