Night Class: The Final Chapter


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As he helped her from the car, Bill pulled her close again. The day had been bright, clear and cool. Now it was becoming late afternoon and chilly. He held her, warming her with his body.

“This has been very fast, love. I am going to make it even faster. You have seen my home. I am a wealthy man, but you have added to my wealth immeasurably today, by agreeing to marry me. You need to know that I am the President and CEO of Branson Enterprises. I know the money means nothing to you, but you do need the information. I love you. I promise to make your life wonderful and happy. Now, tonight is for you. It is your choice. We can go inside and have a wonderful party, celebrating our future marriage and just enjoy the evening. Or, we can go inside, hug and kiss our guests and be married. Tonight could be the start of our lives, unless you want a long engagement…..”

Allison’s mind whirled. She knew Bill had money once she saw his house, but never expected this. Suddenly, visions of the Branson Building, the premier office building in the skyline, popped into her head. Oh, my! She almost missed the next part. Party or wedding? Could that be what he said? A long engagement? Today had been long enough. She wanted to begin her new life, she wanted to meld her life with his. Blushing, she also thought about being in his bed, learning with him, free to touch and be touched, with no restrictions. Yes, she was ready. There were no doubts that he was meant for her and she wanted everything he offered her.

Looking into his dear face, she nodded, not trusting her voice. He beamed and wrapped his arm around her, guiding her forward. As they entered the building, Allison realized they were at the nursing home where they spent Thanksgiving, only a few days before. The huge hall was decorated with bells and streamers, silver hearts and intertwined rings. All her new friends were there, dressed in their finest clothes, ready to celebrate with them. As Allison looked at the guests, she had another surprise. Her family was here!

Bill whispered that he couldn’t marry her without her parents’ permission, without meeting the people who had created her. He had flown in her entire family, even the nieces and nephews, while he diverted her all afternoon.

Allison was so happy. She loved him, wanted to marry him, but there would have been something missing, not sharing the occasion with all her loved ones.

Bill had thought of everything. A priest stood ready to perform the ceremony. After the exchange of vows, and their first kiss as a married couple, the party began. He had brought in a swing orchestra and the air was filled with songs from the 40’s. They danced together, the only couple on the floor, their bodies fitting together so wonderfully. It reminded Allison that tonight their bodies would fit together again, even closer and more intimately. She blushed and Bill noticed. He held her close, whispering to her, reassuring her, promising her all the time she needed.

Her family loved him. How could they not? He was welcomed by them all, particularly the pretty little girls who kept asking him to dance. He was wonderful with children, a fact not lost on Allison.

The food was plentiful and varied. Again, not knowing exactly what to order, Bill had selected all sorts of foods, something to suit every taste. His own family, the nursing home residents, welcomed Allison heartily. They congratulated themselves istanbul escort on foreseeing this from the minute they had met her.

The party went on into the night. Everyone was happy, thrilled to be part of this great love story. It was exactly how Allison would have wanted her wedding. She and Bill stayed close together, holding hands and gazing hungrily into each other’s eyes. Finally, neither could wait another minute. They kissed their friends and family goodnight and left, encouraging the celebration to continue.

Bill drove to his house. He had a honeymoon planned, but they wouldn’t leave until late tomorrow. As they entered the gate, he turned to her, asking “Happy, Mrs. Branson?” She loved her new name, she knew she would love her new life. She rested her head on his shoulder, tired from all the activities, uable to believe all that had happened since she woke beside him this morning. She watched him drive, a gold band on his left hand matching the smaller one on her own. They were married! She was his and he was hers. Now, they were going to begin the life of happiness and joy she had always dreamed about.

He pulled up to the front door. Helping her from the car, he kissed her and nuzzled her neck. “Welcome home, Mrs. B. I have waited for you my entire life. Thank you for being mine.”

He carried her over the threshhold, unwilling to put her down. He continued up the staircase, his hands warming her through all of her clothes. When he set her down, she was in the master bedroom. It was elegantly furnished, the centerpiece being a huge king size bed that was high off the floor. Reading her thoughts, Bill brought a step stool and placed it on the right side of the bed, marking it as Allison’s from this night. She stood shyly, mesmerized by the bed and anticipation of the activities to be conducted there. Bill hugged her and went into the bathroom. She heard running water. She began to undress, uncertain of the etiquette of tonight. She hadn’t gotten very far when he returned. “Here is your dressing room, darling. You have closets here, an armoire for your lingerie, shoe racks. I have bought some items for you and had them placed in here. Everything is for you.”

Allison walked into a room bigger than her bedroom at home. Dresses and other items filled the rods. The armoire drawers were full of delicate underthings and gowns. She removed her wedding dress and carefully hung it on a satin hanger. She kicked off her shoes, grateful to feel her muscles pull as she became barefoot. She stood in the center of the dressing room, unsure of what to do. Bill walked in quietly behind her. He turned her until she faced the wall of mirrors and saw them standing together. Bill, so tall and handsome. Ally, short and in her lingerie, looking scared and pale. Then he placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed her neck, warming her entire body with desire. He wrapped his arms around her, and she watched his hands as they touched her body and marked his territory. With one final kiss, he left the room, calling her into the bathroom. The huge bathtub was filled with fragrant bubbles and candles illuminated the extravagant room. He slowly undressed her, touching lovingly all the skin he unveiled. Then he helped her into the tub. She sank down gratefully, suddenly so tired she could barely move. He left her there, and went to start some avcılar escort music and prepare the bedroom.

Allison nearly fell asleep. She opened her eyes to find Bill beside her, smiling at her. He had rolled up his sleeves and removed his shoes and tie. He knelt beside her, reaching into the warm water and bathing her. His hands touched her reverently, but created sensations in her she had never felt before. Suddenly, she was anxious to start the night. He whispered softly to her, “Don’t be impatient. Everything we do is foreplay and lovemaking. All will come in good time. Enjoy and learn, love. I want to pamper and spoil you. Give me this night to pleasure you.”

Ally relaxed and simply enjoyed Bill’s attentions. His hands soothed and aroused her. She felt her nipples harden and that ache between her legs again. When the bath was over, Bill helped her from the tub, treating her as a fragile doll. He wrapped her in a luxurious bath sheet and guided her to the bedroom. It was aglow with flickering candles and tiny white lights. The music was sensual, throbbing. She climbed onto the stepstool and sat on the bed, watching him now. He undressed for her, disrobing and exposing the smooth flesh she loved. Leaving his briefs in place, he joined her on the bed. She opened the towel, and rolled against him, finding his mouth with hers.

She didn’t know it would be like this. Everything he did, every word he spoke, incited her. His hands were in her hair, finding the pins holding it in place. She felt the thick curls fall onto her shoulders, his fingers combing through, caressing her scalp. Kissing him was sensual and exciting. She fell deeper into him with each kiss. He whispered to her, explaining and promising. She forgot to be fearful or shy, she wanted to belong to him totally. Her husband!

Bill couldn’t stop kissing her. His mouth and tongue traced her tender flesh, moving down the slender neck he admired, finding the tiny hollow at her throat and feasting there. His mouth covered her right nipple, just allowing the sensation to fill her. Then he slowly began suckling, pulling her hard nubbin deep into his heat. She moaned and arched her back, lost in the sensations. His fingers moved to the left nipple, teasing and scratching it lightly, keeping Ally totally aroused. This alone could make her happy, this nurturing by her husband. But there was more. His demanding mouth slid down her tummy, his tongue playing with her navel, circling it and probing lightly. His hands gripped her hips as his mouth slid into her lush curlies. She couldn’t move. His tongue was searching and, suddenly, she wanted him to reach his goal. Then she felt it. The taut tongue, sliding up and down her cleft, the heat spreading through her body. She felt herself open to him, wanted to open to him. Her legs fell apart, inviting him. She was fragrant beyond belief and Bill feasted.

He settled between her creamy thighs, his face near enough to be tickled by the thick curls. She opened for him, a succulent pussy, wanting attention. He buried his face inside of her, inhaling her fragrance, soaked by her copious moisture. He took long, slow laps of her pinkness, his tongue massaging the velvet flesh, the pleasure almost unbearable. Then, when Ally thought she had reached the summit, the tip of his tongue lightly flicked her clit. She whimpered in delight as the sensations flowed through her şirinevler escort body. Over and over again, he licked and circled, teasing the tiny nubbin into engorgement. Her hips writhed, but he held firmly, keeping her grounded as he continued his explorations. His tongue lapped and swirled, lavishing attention. Ally slipped her fingers into his hair, lacing them, holding his head in place, not willing, not able to allow him to stop.

Her first orgasm caught her by surprise. One minute, she was enjoying Bill’s delicious tongue, the next she was crying out, screaming, her hips bucking against his face. He rode the spasms, enjoying the taste and sensations against his mouth.

When her breathing slowed, Bill began again, slowly licking and nibbling at her pinkness. Now, he added one gentle finger, finding her entry and sliding into her. Over and over, with a rhythm to match the throbbing music, his finger moved into her, while his tongue lapped at her sensitive clit. This time, she recognized the signs. Her legs tightened and became hot, her breathing became rapid, and the roar in her head shut out all rational thought. Her entire mind was focused on his mouth and finger, amazed that these responses came from her. When the waves of orgasm tore through her, her breath stopped. Then she heard a guttural cry filling the room, not realizing it was from her.

Again, he gave her time to rest and catch her breath. Now, he kissed his way back up her body, lavishing kisses on every inch of flesh. When he settled beside her, his face slick with her juices, she moved against him, wanting to mold herself to him, to be one with him.

“Please, my darling, I am ready. I want to feel you inside me, I want to belong to you. I love you, Bill. Please, Sir. Now?”

Bill moved above her, looking down into the face that was most precious to him. Her legs spread for him and he settled between them, his cock so hard and hot. Her hands slid to his ass, holding him, guiding him. He entered her wetness, feeling the slick pinkness wrap around him, welcoming him. He moved slowly, trying to prevent any pain. Her fingers were tight on his hips, pulling him, eager to feel complete and one.

He tried. God, he tried. But her pussy seemed made for him, he was home, he could feel that. Finally, he began thrusting, even while thinking he should go slowly. He needed to feel this woman around him, he needed to be deep inside her. Looking into her eyes, he declared his love and his need. Then he plunged into her, removing any barriers in the way. She cried out once, stopped moving and allowed her body to assimilate this. Then she began moving under him, her hips matching his. They began the rhythm that would be theirs for the rest of their lives. Her legs wrapped around him, pulling him deeper, holding him. Her fingernails raced up and down his spine, creating tingles wherever they touched.

She felt him filling her with his heat. She quickly learned the dance of love, the dance of need. After the searing pain, she felt the desire building, the incredible joy of being joined. Bill trembled above her, she could feel his cock plunging deeply. Then he stopped, poised over her. She felt him grow even larger, felt the stillness that would precede his climax.

“I love you, Allison. I will for the rest of my life. Welcome, Wife.” With those words, he exploded inside her. His breath was ragged. His heart pounded against her. His words became a cry, her name filling the air. She held him, riding with him, holding him deeply inside. Finally, he slowed. His eyes closed and he began breathing again. Cradling her to his chest, he rolled, pulling her to his side, holding her against him and warming her.

He smiled and held her close. “Oh, welcome, Wife!”


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