New Desire


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She sat at her desk, attempting to focus on the work in front of her, but as soon as she would fall into a rhythm of typing, her mind would begin to wander. Thoughts of behaving badly crept into her brain, and images of being bent over a desk and fucked hard would flash into her vision. Anna shook her head, trying to extinguish the dark and dirty fantasies, but time and time again they would creep back in.

She let out a long breath as she imagined how it would feel to have a man sliding inside of her. It had been months since she’d last had sex, and the dry spell didn’t show signs of ending soon. A chill ran down her spine and her muscles tightened, she could nearly feel it. She bit her bubble gum pink lip as she thought of the late nights she spent scouring her latest discovery, a blog filled with images and stories of good girls behaving badly, and of daddies claiming them.

At first she’d been so nervous when she stumbled upon the site, it seemed so forbidden, so wrong, but as she explored it deeper, she found a longing building inside her. She saw herself in the characters, pictured herself as she read the stories. She shared their thoughts of wanting a daddy, and their longing to let go of their good girl status. At first she’d just peeked. A glimpse of an image or two here, skimming the occasional story there, but now each night she found herself diving deeper and deeper into the forbidden fantasy, and she didn’t want to stop.

There was no one she could confess her new desires to, so they simply grew within her, burning stronger and stronger each day. She was struggling to focus on work, and she often got lost in fantasies that left her panties wet under her dresses. She would leave work each day, speed home, and instantly begin to touch herself while slowly scrolling through his blog. Each day she came for him over and over, and each day she began craving it more and more. The blog was like a drug she couldn’t get enough of. She had discovered a darker, naughtier side of her sexuality, and she craved further exploration.

Letting out a sigh she tried to roll her shoulders and release some of the tension in her neck. Her entire body was tight and no amount of self-induced orgasms seemed to help. Every time her body shook and she came to daddy’s words, she just found herself craving more. She was chasing a high that seemed unattainable, and she sighed as she realized that, short of being able to find a daddy who would teach her how to be a good baby girl, she might never find true sexual satisfaction again.

“Anna?” a voice pulled Anna from her train of thought. It was one of the secretaries from her office. “Mr. Stone wanted to see you before you leave for the day.” Anna nodded, and thanked the woman for her message. She massaged her temples as she tried to pump herself up for a visit to Mr. Stone. He oversaw several departments, including hers, and more often than not she would end up doing his grunt work. She’d passed him in the hall a few times, and been in some of the same meetings as him, but this was the first time she’d been summoned to his office. She hoped she hadn’t messed up any of her assignments for him, but also dreaded the thought of being assigned another one of his never-ending projects.

She half-heartedly finished the things she was working on, and made her way to his office with a notepad and pen. Most people had taken the next day off for a long holiday weekend, and were already gone, so Anna walked past empty cubicle after empty cubicle, envious of the lucky ones who were getting a long weekend. Mr. Stone’s door was half open, so Anna peaked her head in, and knocked as she said, “Mr. Stone, Kelly said you wanted to see me?” Mr. Stone looked up from his computer at her. His eyes studied her for a long moment before he gestured for her to come in and sit down. As he looked back to his computer Anna opened her notepad and prepared to receive her assignment.

“Anna, how long have you worked here?” Mr. Stone asked suddenly.

“I’ve been with the company for two and half years…” Anna replied, unsure of what prompted the question. He nodded and glanced back at his screen. “Well as you know the annual employee satisfaction survey is coming up, and we’ll need some communications drafted up. If you have a few minutes, I’d like to go over what all you’ll need to do.” Anna smiled politely.

“Of course.” She said, groaning internally. She began to jot a few things onto her notepad. As she did Mr. Stone loosened his tie a bit, and began rolling up the sleeves of his dress shirt. Anna peeked over the top of her notepad, still writing, and watched him. Her mouth went dry as she took in the site of him. Dress shirts with sleeves rolled up had always been a weakness of hers, and after so many nights of masturbating to the image of Daddy in his office and dress clothes taking his naughty sluts, the image held even more erotic appeal. She swallowed hard as she tried not to stare at Mr. Stone. Why hadn’t she ever bakırköy escort noticed how attractive he was before? His arms looked strong. The kind of arms that could pin a girl against a wall… Anna bit down on her tongue, trying to shake away the thought.

“Are you alright Anna?” he asked. She realized she’d physically been shaking her head.

“Oh, yes, fine.” She said quickly.

“Seems like your mind is already off work,” Mr. Stone said. He gave her a grin that seemed almost devilish. Anna could physically feel her body react to his grin, and she had to squeeze her thighs together tightly to contain the wetness that had begun to develop in her lace thong.

“Just a bit distracted. Long day,” Anna tried to explain her behavior away. She prayed he would give her his tasks quickly, so she could get home and try to take the edge off her cravings. Maybe an hour or two of holding a vibrator on her sensitive clit would be enough to relieve her, at least temporarily.

“I can tell. You’re a hard worker, I’ve noticed.” He said, leaning back in his chair casually. Anna blushed, not expecting a compliment from someone so many levels above her.

“Well thank you sir. I try to do the best I can.” Anna had never been good at accepting compliments. She could feel her cheeks turning pink. For a moment she could have sworn Mr. Stone’s grin deepened from knowing he had made her blush.

“You do very well.” He replied. “Of course if you’re ever struggling feel free to ask for help. Sometimes a young woman just needs a bit of guidance to find her way to what she’s looking for.” Mr. Stone continued. Anna’s ears perked up. She could have sworn she had read the exact same line in one of the new erotic stories on her favorite blog. It had to be a simple coincidence, didn’t it?

“Thank you sir…I…I will…” she stumbled out her reply. Her head was foggy from the long day, and her body was almost painfully tense. She wanted nothing more than to get out of the office and dive back into her naughty imagination. “Um, what did you need me to work on Mr. Stone?” Anna asked, biting down on her bottom lip and running a hand through her long curls absentmindedly, trying to pull herself together long enough to receive her assignment.

“Call me Alex.” He said, standing up from his chair. “You seem tense Anna, are you sure you’re alright?” he asked. He walked out from behind his desk and stepped behind her. She heard the office door click closed, and then felt a pair of strong hands kneading her shoulders. In her state of perpetual arousal the feeling of a pair of warm hands on her exposed skin was almost too much to take. A light, breathy moan escaped from her lips as Alex’s hands gently massaged the tension from her shoulders. She melted under his hands. “So tense little one. You need to relax.” He whispered softly into Anna’s ear as his hands continued to manipulate the tension out of her shoulders.

Hearing the words “little one” snapped Anna back into the moment. That wasn’t something men usually called women. That term was used by a certain group of men… Her brain swirled as the pieces began falling into place. The odd phrasing he had used earlier, the look he had given her when she blushed. ‘Call me Alex’. “Alex Stone…” she gasped softly as she realized exactly who the man behind her was. Anna jumped out of her seat and spun to face him. Her hazel eyes were wide and her jaw dropped open as she looked at him with new eyes. “You’re him.” She said softly. The man who’s words had been torturing, teasing, and pleasing her for weeks was standing in front of her.

“I knew you were a smart little kitten.” He said with a hungry grin. His eyes slowly scanned from her feet up to her still gapping lips. “It’s been fun watching you these last few weeks. Seeing you struggle to focus, watching your eyes glaze over as you day dreamt, watching you bite your lip as you imagine making your naughtiest fantasies come true.” His voice was smooth and deep as he described her behavior.

“How…how could you have known?” Anna asked, still in shock over being so close to him. She had fantasized about him a million times, but never in her wildest fantasies would she have thought she would ever actually be in the same room as him.

“I know what it looks like when a sweet girl realizes she has a dark side. I could see it in your eyes. A daddy just knows.” The word ‘daddy’ sent a chill through her entire body, and Alex could tell. Anna knew any efforts to deny his discovery were pointless.

“I can’t get it out of my mind…” Anna confessed. She could almost feel her body relax a bit as she confessed her secret desires out loud. Alex stepped close to her, and stroked her cheek with his hand.

“I know baby girl, its intoxicating. And now that you’ve awoken that side of you, you have to let it out to play. You’ll go crazy if you don’t let that naughty girl out.” He was whispering now, but his voice was still steady, deep, beşiktaş escort and powerful. Anna’s breathing thinned. She could feel his body lightly grazing against her. His lips were so close to hers it made it hard to think of anything but tasting them. She ran her hand up his chest, gripped the collar of his shirt with her fingers, and pulled his lips to hers.

As soon as their lips touched Anna felt like she was on fire. Heat seared through her body and the burning she’d been trying to extinguish roared to life, stronger than ever before. Alex’s lips were soft and strong, pressing against hers. She bit down on his bottom lip lightly as she pulled back. When their lips parted Anna took in a long, deep breath as she let go of any desire to leave his office before finding out exactly how it felt to fuck a daddy.

“I want you daddy.” Anna purred against his lips, pressing her body against him. She saw another devilish smile sweep onto his face and his eyes darkened with desire. Anna bit her lip as she looked up at him. She could feel his excitement growing hard against her leg, and she bit down on her bottom lip as she thought of how he might taste. In that moment she decided to fully embrace the naughty slut inside of her, and let go of any inhibitions. She gave Alex a devilish smile of her own, and slid down onto her knees.

Anna eagerly undid his belt, slipped it off, and her fingers quickly found their way to his cock. Her eyes widened and her mouth began to water as she saw his stories weren’t in anyway fictionalized. He was long, thick, and hard in soft hands. Anna wrapped her lips around his tip and sucked gently as her hand stroked his long shaft. She could feel him growing harder in her hand. Slowly her soft lips made their way over his cock, inch by inch, swallowing his length bit by bit. When she began to gag on his long cock she pulled her lips back up his shaft to the tip. She repeated the process four or five times, each time letting his thickness and length choke her a little longer. After a moment she pulled back, gasping for air as her hand continued to stroke him.

“What a good little slut you are.” He praised.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” Anna revealed, still trying to catch her breath. “It’s what good baby girls do, right?” she asked with a twinge of sass. Alex gave her a dark grin.

“Be careful little one, you may be new, but I’ll punish you for sassiness like you’ve been mine for years.” He teased. Anna licked her lips, tempted by the offer. He could tell, and was happy to oblige. Alex ran one of his hands into Anna’s long, caramel curls, and grabbed a handful. He quickly directed her soft, pink lips to his cock, and he used his grip on her handful of curls to guide her mouth over his cock. He was nice at first, being gentle, only shallowly pushing into her eager throat. Soon she was pulling against his hand, craving a deeper taste than he was giving her. “You’re an eager little slut.” He said, his voice strained as her lips manipulated the tip of his cock. Anna responded by lightly running her teeth up the length of his cock. “Fuck.” He moaned, not expecting the shy girl who had been blushing in front of him just minutes ago would be able to manipulate and please his cock better than some of the most experienced playmates he had put on their knees in the past.

Anna pulled back for another quick gasp of air, but before she could swallow Alex’s cock again, he was pulling her to her feet by her hair. He pushed her back against the desk and his lips quickly began claiming her mouth. His kiss was deeper than before, hotter, and Anna could feel her juices dripping out of her. They were trying to satisfy a deep craving, and they both poured every ounce of need and desire into the kiss. Anna’s tongue slipped between Alex’s lips, twirling with his. He pulled his lips back from hers, and trailed them over her shoulders to her neck.

His expert lips maneuvered against her skin, teasing her skin with light kisses, then deeper ones, and finally by grazing his teeth over her skin. Anna gasped as Alex’s lips found her sweet spot, and couldn’t hold back a series of soft moans as his teeth claimed the sensitive skin. Her head fell back as every kiss and nibble sent light waves of pleasure over her skin. Alex’s hands ran over her neck and shoulders, down her waist and over her legs. He lifted the thin lace skirt of Anna’s dress until it was gathered around her waist. He gave her another deep kiss, then worked his mouth down from her neck to where her tan skin met with the top of the white lace panties that were now wet to the touch.

“So wet already?” Alex asked, lightly running two fingers over the outside of the lace. “You really do want it bad, don’t you baby girl?” Anna nodded, barely able to form a coherent sentence. Her need was building to intolerable levels, and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could wait to be filled with Alex’s deliciously perfect cock. Before she beylikdüzü escort could beg him for it he knelt in front of her and began placing kisses on the outside of her panties. The teasing was slow and torturous, but Anna knew that’s exactly what he meant to do.

“Please…” she moaned softly, pleading for some kind of release, any kind of touch to help relieve the weeks of built up sexual longing.

“Please what?” Alex coaxed playfully. Now he was brushing one finger up and down the length of her slit, her panties still separating her tender skin from his touch.

“Please touch me daddy,” Anna begged. Her voice was filled with the desperation of a woman in need of a long, hard, proper fucking. It had been almost three weeks since she’d last been able to achieve a truly powerful orgasm, and the weeks of tension was built up unbearably inside her. Alex gathered her skirt in one hand, pulling it up to her waist, and used the other hand to pull the sweet white lace off Anna’s body. The innocent white didn’t suit her naughty side anyways. He placed light kisses on the outside of her slit, already able to get a taste of the juices dripping from her. He teased her mercilessly with light, teasing kisses for a moment, and just as Anna thought she would lose her mind, his tongue slipped between her pussy lips and ran up the length of her.

“Oh god,” she moaned as Alex’s tongue dipped between her lips again. He repeated the process a few more times, resulting in cum dripping down Anna’s thighs. Just as she was about to beg again, he shocked her by wrapping his lips around her clit, sucking it hard as two fingers slipped into her tight hole. Anna gasped and let a loud, high pitched moan escape as Alex manipulated her like a professional. In seconds Anna was moaning again as an intense orgasm wracked its way through her body. Her pussy gushed a puddle of warm cum, something she hadn’t been able to achieve on her own in months.

“You taste good little one.” He said, licking and teasing her pussy with his tongue. Despite having cum only seconds earlier, Anna was already soaking wet with need again.

“Please daddy, I need more.” Anna begged, looking down at Alex. “Please give me more.” Her pleas were desperate. She couldn’t hide her need for his cock for a second longer. “Fuck me daddy.” Anna pleaded in her sweetest baby girl voice. Her hazel eyes were filled with need as she begged for Alex to fill her. One of her sweet pink lips pouted out as she looked from his eyes to his cock.

“Anything you want baby girl.” He smiled. Hearing him call her baby girl caused another rush of cum to fill her pussy, dripping down her legs.

Alex, stood, and gripped Anna’s ass, giving it a quick squeeze. In one swift move he lifted her onto his desk, her legs spread on either side of him. Alex quickly pulled off her dress, revealing a thin pink bra that barely covered Anna’s large breasts. Her nipples were already hard and poking through the thin fabric. He quickly rid her of it, leaving Anna naked, wet, and desperate for cock sitting on his desk. Anna undid the buttons on his shirt as Alex stripped his pants off. Her desperate need had quickly transformed into a hungry craving, and her heart raced with anticipation. She had laid in bed night after night imagining this moment, her fingers eagerly pounding her tight pussy as she imagined daddy’s strong hands on her body. Now it was real, and she liked it. Alex had been right; she needed to let her naughty slut side out to play. He’d already given her three mind blowing orgasms with nothing but his tongue and fingers, and she wanted more.

Daddy stepped close to her, running his big hands from her ankles, up her smooth long legs, over her stomach, stopping to cup her large breasts and give her hard nipples a quick suck. As he sucked Anna could feel his hard cock brushing against her pussy. It was torture and her brain ran wild imagining how he would feel. She had been able to tell from the first moment she had seen his cock that he was bigger than any man she had been with, but she didn’t care if his cock tore her tight pussy to pieces. She wanted it, she needed it, and she couldn’t wait another second to have it.

Alex must have been able to see her desperate craving growing, because he quickly pulled her hips closer to him, positioned the tip of his hard shaft against her, and slowly began to push into her pussy. Anna’s head fell back and she moaned loudly as she felt the thick rod begin to fill her. She braced herself with her hands on the desk behind her, her eyes clenched shut and her mouth hanging open as Alex continued to enter her, stretching her tight, good girl pussy to the limits. When he was fully buried in her he paused for a moment, letting Anna adjust to the feeling of being fuller than she had ever been before. Anna clenched her muscles, tightening around his buried shaft.

“Oh fuck,” Alex moaned I surprise. Anan could see the surprise and pleasure on his face as he felt her tightening around him. “What a good little slut you are.” He said, pulling part way out.

“I’ve had a lot of time to practice, and a lot of time to fantasize daddy.” Anna said, relishing the way the word ‘daddy’ felt coming off her tongue. The simple act of saying made her wet.

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