Never Enough


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5:15 PM

Kelly arrived home from work to find the house empty, again. “Dammit!” she muttered under her breath. This would be the third night, if he didn’t show up this evening, that Mark hadn’t come home. Worse, she knew where he was.

Kelly and Mark were swingers. Married for 23 years, they had begun to experiment almost 6 years ago, when their kids were 14 and 11, as a way to breathe new life into a marriage that seemed to be stagnating. Mark was a successful patent attorney, Kelly a stay-at-home mom, and their lives ran on such different paths that they both knew that divorce was on the horizon, if they didn’t do something. The idea was originally Mark’s. She thought back to the first time they’d discussed it.

* * *

“C’mon, Kel. It’s not such a novel thing. Lots of couples do it. I even know a few, and they’d probably be happy to work with us.” He paused, watching her face. Unreadable, but at least she wasn’t totally against the idea. “You know… just see if we like it.”

Mark had been surprised, thinking Kelly would vehemently disagree with the very notion, but, as it turned out, long days at home, filled with steamy soap operas and, of late, rented porn movies, no longer kept her satisfied. She was ripe for more. She just didn’t want to let on, yet.

“I don’t know. Doesn’t it mean we’re not in love with each other?” she asked, looking at the floor. Mark moved to wrap his arms around her, pulling her into his embrace.

“Not in love? Look at yourself…how could I NOT be in love with you,” he crooned. His hands went to her ass as he held her. “Kelly, you’re beautiful, your body’s fantastic, and, better yet, you’re the sexiest thing I know.” He pulled her against his groin, and she felt his hardness. He’d been hard ever since he first began to talk about swinging with her. The thought of watching her being fucked by another man had been a fantasy of his for years, and the possibility of him getting some at the same time was undeniably hot!

She pushed him away, even as her hand went to the front of his slacks. “If I’m so sexy, how come we don’t do this nearly often enough?” she said, stroking him through the material. She had to work at it, to appear reticent. Her hand gripped him and she squeezed, sighing. “You know the kids are home, don’t you?”

“Okay. A quick blowjob, then,” Mark argued. “In the bedroom. With the door locked. It won’t take long, I promise.” Mark was already thinking about Marissa, the secretary at the office; the one who had been after him to get Kelly involved in swapping. She and her husband Kevin had been doing it for years, and he was hot to fuck Kelly, probably suspecting that Marissa and Mark had been intimate already. As he pulled her through the bedroom door, Mark was smiling.

“Kelly? Lick my balls, too,” he breathed, as he shut the door behind her. Marissa always did that.

Kelly, obedient wife and ever-horny mother, kneeled without a word and reached for his belt. She loved his cock in her mouth, and when it was out, pointing straight at her, she allowed herself to imagine it belonged to one of the actors in the porno she had watched that morning. Just before she slid her lips around it, she looked up at Mark.

“Maybe yes, on the swapping thing,” she said, and took him inside.

* * *

That was how it had started, she reminisced. Just she and Mark and Kevin and Marissa, every few weekends. Then it evolved. She and Mark became the hit of their little group, once they got totally into it. With good reason. Mark was well-built, had a cock that was always hard, and was handsome, to boot. Even today, Kelly was still more than his equal in the looks department, and her regimen of working out 4 times a week for many years had her 42-year old body lean and defined. She had long, straight silky blonde hair, and Mark had talked her into having her tits enhanced, back when she was still unsure of her sexual appeal. They soon discovered she had an insatiable sexual appetite. They’d progressed quickly from straight swapping to 3-ways; then 4-ways, with her, Mark, and two other men. Through it all, she eagerly did whatever Mark asked her to do. She was popular; so popular, in fact, that new men were coming into the group at an alarming rate, and she was often invited to meet them ‘on the outside.’

She’d stayed true to her marriage, though. Why not? For years, she’d had a steady supply of men available to her, eager to satisfy and be satisfied. Lately, however, even that had gotten boring, and she’d found more and more excuses for them not to go to the ‘parties’ at all. For one thing, it was interfering with her recent job as a bank teller, and she was always in fear that someone would recognize her.

“Hell,” she thought. “It’s mostly a bunch of older guys, anyway,” and none of them were in the kind of shape her husband was. Even Kevin, despite his more than adequate dick, was a little on the heavy side, and couldn’t match her sexual stamina. “That damn Marissa couldn’t hold a candle to me, pendik escort either, if it came right down to it!” she thought, though she had to admit the woman was beautiful. “Maybe I should turn lesbian,” she thought, ruefully. It might satisfy the itch she had been trying to ignore so much, lately.

She walked into the bedroom and began to put away the laundry that her 17-year old daughter had deposited in a pile on the end of her bed.

Kendra came home shortly after, and Jason wasn’t far behind her.

“How was your day, sweetie?” Kelly asked. Kendra scowled and shook her head.

“Don’t ask, mom. How is any day, at school? Just…school!” She threw her purse on the sofa and headed for her room. “Shari and I are going to the mall. Did you get my clothes put away?”

Kelly sighed and looked at Jason. “Well, I hope your day was good,” she said, and laughed when he rolled his eyes.

“Again, don’t ask,” he said. “By the way, mom, Dad left a message. He’s working late again. Oh, can I use your car?”

Knowing that meant his car was out of gas, she agreed. She only had to run to the store, anyway, to pick up tomorrow’s dinner. Tonight’s was obviously a lost cause! She busied herself changing into a pair of jeans and a halter top, minus the bra. She knew where Mark would be. If he was still at the office, he was likely getting his balls emptied by Marissa on his desk. If not, he would have taken her to some cheap hotel, where they could stain the carpet without worrying about it! The thought bothered her, but she had become used to him being with someone else. Even the kids seemed to sense their anxiety around each other these days, and they weren’t around much.

She pushed her tits up inside the halter top, pronouncing her cleavage, and shivered as her fingertips brushed her nipples. They were hard. Her husband was gone. Lately, she realized, her horniness was the real problem! “How odd,” she thought, “that the one thing we’ve done together in the last 6 years is only pulling us apart.” She sighed, brushed the thought from her mind, and grabbed the keys to Jason’s car.

It didn’t take long to get her things, and when she got back, the house was empty again. She was putting them away when the doorbell rang. It was Kevin. He said he was looking for Marissa, but he seemed more interested in whether anyone was home. Kelly told him they were alone, and he moved into her immediately, kissing her with more than his usual passion. Kelly returned his kiss, familiar as it was, and felt herself getting wet. She pushed him away after a minute, though.

“Kevin,” she said. “What’s this all about?”

“Kelly, do you know where Mark is?” Kevin asked. He answered his own question. “He’s fucking Marissa again, at the office. I just talked to her.”

“So?” Kelly turned away, not wanting Kevin to see her jealousy. It wasn’t supposed to be evident among swingers. Mark pulled her close again.

“I need you,” he growled. “Right now. I want to fuck you, so bad!”

As badly as Kelly wanted this, she knew better than to fuck in her own house. She glared at him, pushing his hands away and warning him that her kids would be home soon. He was unstoppable. His hands were all over her, his cock hard against her leg, quickly bringing her own need to a boil. Finally, she relented.

“In the bedroom,” she stated. “And, Kevin,” she warned, “this is the last time. I’m getting out of this whole thing.” They both knew better. She led him quickly into the bedroom and shut the door behind him as he kissed her. His hands pawed the halter top down over her perfect breasts, and he sucked at each hard nipple as he worked the zipper of her jeans.

“Oh, lord, I need you so badly, Kelly,” he whispered, as he pulled the jeans down her legs. She wanted it, too. Desperately, she kicked the clinging denim from her ankles. Despite her protests, Kelly recognized that she was addicted to sex. She couldn’t fight it. She craved it, in every variation. The very possibility excited her. Mark had created this need in her, and now he wasn’t around to satisfy it.

“So be it,” she thought. She pulled Kevin down onto her on the bed, her body on fire.

Kevin kissed his way down Kelly’s body until he was on his knees between her legs. He let his mouth linger on her inner thighs while he divested himself of his shirt, pants and underwear, then began to tongue her cunt. She responded wildly, holding his head with both hands and humping his face, her hips pistoning up and down. She came in a rush, crying out as she gushed her wetness across his lips.

Kevin raised up, speared her quickly, and began to thrust madly. Kelly’s voice exhorted him to fuck her faster; harder. Her legs wrapped around his ass, pulling him into her. When at last he came, she was far from satisfied.

They lay together for awhile, talking softly and teasing each other’s bodies. When Kevin’s desire began to manifest itself again, she rolled him over. “Let me,” she said. sefaköy escort She got to her feet and straddled him, then eased herself down onto him until he was fully inside her. Her hips began to grind forward and back as she supported herself with her hands on his chest. Kevin lay back, watching her swaying breasts, and willing himself not to cum too quickly.

Kelly moved faster. Her clutching pussy milked his organ as she rode him, her breath becoming shorter, her gasps louder. She felt the beginnings of another orgasm deep inside her, and she reached for it. Kevin’s hands went to her grinding ass, one finger probing her clenching button.

* * *

Jason threw his mom’s car keys on the counter. “Where is she?” he said to himself. He walked through the kitchen and, seeing her bedroom door closed, thought maybe she had lain down. She’d looked frazzled. He put his hand on the doorknob, thinking to tell her he was home. That’s when he heard the sounds.

Momentarily confused, he hesitated. “That’s not Dad’s car,” he thought, and then the reality hit him. “What the…?” Was that his mother in there, having sex? With who? He stood, the knob burning his hand, and made a decision. Silently, he turned the knob. It was unlocked.

Slowly, he twisted the knob until he felt the door move inward. With his heart pounding, he opened it carefully, and the sound of his mother’s gasping voice grew louder. “Oh, god!” she said. “Oh, god! Oh, god!,” repeated over and over. He craned his neck around the half-opened door, and was rewarded with a scene from a porn movie.

His mother, her body slick with sweat, was hunkered over a prone man, her feet on either side of his hips. Her knees were bent, and her hips pistoned up and down over his cock. Jason watched it, first buried deep inside her, then revealed, almost to its entire length. It wasn’t as long, but was much thicker than his. Her hair was down, creating a veil over both their faces. All he could see of the man was his legs, and that cock. His mother’s glistening pussy stroked it greedily as the man’s middle finger plunged into her asshole. He grew hard immediately.

He watched as long as he dared. When his mother’s hoarse groans grew in intensity, he knew she was cumming. Her hair whipped around as she shook her head in pleasure, and she suddenly threw her legs out and settled onto the man’s body, writhing and clutching his neck. It was a scene he would always remember; like a snapshot from a perverted family album.

Breathing hard and barely able to control his movements, Jason closed the door and hurried to the solitude of his room. Once inside, he dragged his shorts down over his hips and took hold of his raging erection. His hand a blur, he played and replayed the image of his mother over and over in his mind as he masturbated, finally sending a long stream of milky semen across the floor. There was another, and another, until there was a pool at his feet, and he leaned back against the door, exhausted.

* * *

“I’m telling you, man, this sort of thing could scar me for life!” Jason looked at his friend, shaking his head. Mike was still wide-eyed at the recounting of what Jason had told him, but wanting to know more.

“She was up on her feet, over him?” he asked. “What was that like?” He knew Jason’s mother. She had always looked sexy to him, and he tried to envision her like that. “Man, I’d love to see her ass, like that.”

Jason waved his friend’s questions away. “Man, that’s my mother you’re talking about. I don’t even want to think about it anymore.” He was lying, though. He was as hard as a rock, just remembering. Mike asked if she had ever done that before, and Jason had to smile. “Oh, I think so,” he said softly.

He’d heard his parents making plans from time to time, and seen the names and dates written on the scratch pad next to the phone. He and Kendra had speculated about it, on those times they’d been left alone. They were bright kids. The late nights getting home, their mother’s hair and makeup askew and their father’s clothes all rumpled, pretty much told them what was going on. That, and the mysterious phone calls for Kelly, from lots of different men.

Mike was teasing Jason, telling him to call him the next time he caught his mother having sex. “She probably wants a younger man, anyway,” he said. “Someone who can cut the mustard!” Jason’s mind spun, attempting to put his friend’s face on the body invading his mother’s pussy, but it didn’t work. It always became his own. Suddenly, Jason had a plan. If she was going to give it away to half the town, why shouldn’t everyone have a chance? She was just a cunt, after all. He smiled inwardly, as he realized the truth. He was going to fuck his mother! He even knew how he was going to do it. “The next night Dad doesn’t come home,” he thought, “I’m getting some of that, myself.”

His father appeared that very evening, and his parents ate dinner in separate rooms. Jason knew they were each carrying silivri escort a burden of guilt. He watched his mother with new eyes now, his gaze lingering on the way her shorts pulled tight across her ass when she bent over to turn on the TV, and the movement of her breasts beneath the little cropped shirt she always wore at night. His dick stayed hard all evening.

* * *

The following week, everything was pretty normal. His mother and father had finally come to words about his being gone for two nights, and they were barely speaking now. Jason masturbated two or three times a day, seeing his mother’s naked body each time. Her supply of hand cream was starting to run low!

Kelly, for her part, noticed something different about her son. He watched her now, all the time. She could feel his eyes on her ass every time she passed him, and her nipples became such an issue with him that she thought of wearing a bra around the house!

This only served to keep them more stimulated. They were so sensitive that every time she noticed him looking at her, they grew erect. Her own mind began to wander. He was a strapping 19-year old, and almost as good-looking as his dad. Kelly knew he was well-endowed, from the bulge in his shorts. Lately, even that seemed bigger! Sometimes, when she lay alone in bed, she thought of him.

* * *

Tuesday night. Jason had gotten the phone message from Mark, and told his mother. She didn’t seem happy, and he knew why, now. He’d been watching his dad this past week, and now he knew that he was having an affair. He’d seen him and Marissa leaving work, and his dad’s quick peck on her cheek one afternoon had convinced him. Now he watched his mother, with renewed interest. She must be furious with him!

Instead, she was thoughtful and quiet that evening as she watched TV with Jason. Kendra was in and out, and finally announced that she was going to stay overnight with her friend Susie. When the news came on, Kelly announced she was going to bed, also, and asked him to leave the outside light on, for his father. Her tone said that she didn’t expect him to come home. Jason watched her ass as she left the room. She was wearing a pair of tight red lounging pants with blue flowers on them and her trademark beige half-shirt, and her nipples had been erect all evening. He could tell she was horny. He wondered if she slept in those clothes.

She was, and she didn’t. As soon as Kelly shut her door, she pulled the top off over her head, and padded into her bathroom. She wore no makeup, but leaned over the vanity and looked at herself in the mirror. She noted the shiny hardness of her nipples, and passed a hand over one, taking it between her thumb and forefinger. A little sigh escaped her lips.

Pushing herself away from the countertop, she watched herself as she held both breasts in her hands. Her thumbs danced over the peaks, and she felt an electric sensation shoot through her, straight from her core. She squeezed her breasts, wishing it were someone else doing it. Then her eyes dropped to her bottoms. She pushed the waistband down over her hips until her hip bones were exposed. Her belly was tight, hardened by years of abdominal exercises, and her skin was firm.

Watching herself in the mirror, she slid one hand into the front of the tight red pants. She watched the outline of her fingers as they slid down over her pubic bone, then crooked to cup her pussy. She began to rub herself, slowly. As her eyes closed, her hips began to move.

Half an hour later, she was asleep, satisfied for the moment, but not fulfilled. She didn’t hear the door swing slowly open.

Jason slipped from the darkened living room into the bedroom, his eyes on his mother’s sleeping form. He could already tell she wore no shirt to bed, and he prayed she wore nothing else. Her back was to him, which suited his plan perfectly. He would slip into bed behind her, and have his dick inside her before she knew he was even there! His blood pounding in his ears, he quickly undressed. His cock was standing straight out.

He pulled back the sheet. Her smooth back narrowed down to the swell of her hips, her perfect ass beneath. He slipped quickly into bed and pressed himself against her. She was so warm, and her skin felt so sleek against his throbbing cock, he almost came, right then!

Kelly felt the body behind her. What was Mark up to, she thought? As she came slowly awake, she considered telling her errant husband to sleep on the couch again, but his hard-on against her ass ignited her own need, and she nestled back against him. Maybe she would give him some, just this one last time, and then tell him off. His hand went around her waist and crept up to her breast.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned, her hips moving against him. His fingers were setting off firecrackers at her nipples, and she writhed in need. His leg slid in between hers, and she raised one knee, giving him access to her sex. His cock slid up against her labia, and he stroked it against her. He was so hard!

“You know, I shouldn’t be letting you do this,” she murmured, “but it feels so good.”

She felt his hips pull back, and he slid into her warmth, suddenly. Then the voice: “Ah, god, mom…” Jason pushed himself as far into as he could, just as he felt her body tense.

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