My Twin Brother Ch. 10-13


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Chapter 10

A few weeks later I went with Mum and Dad to the Grand Final. Pete was a regular in 1st Grade now and was even getting mentions in the Sydney newspapers as a rising star. Their fullback, Tom, Nikki’s brother had just been signed to a Super Rugby contract with the Canberra Brumbies. After the game, which Sydney Uni won, we went back to the Rugby Club to celebrate.

Pete brought Nikki over to meet us. Mum and Dad fussed and said the right things about Tom and Dad realized that he had played against Nikki’s Dad sometime last century!

When the tumult had died, Nikki turned her attention to me as the boys got into some serious rugby songs. We did the small talk and I found that I really liked her. Yes, I could see her as the country Vet with Pete a successful Country Lawyer and a brace of kids to keep them busy.

We talked about her family, their squillion acre sheep station and then about Pete.

“Cate, I know you and Pete are close and he’s told me that he feels guilty about spending all his spare time with me now. I hope you understand . . .”

“Of course I do. I know Pete well and Nikki, I think he’s very taken with you. In fact, I think he loves you!” I found myself saying.

Tears came to Nikki’s eyes and she said softly: “Oh, I am so pleased because I love him so much it hurts! He is so caring and with three big brothers I haven’t had that before. He’s wonderful to be with and treats me so well. Somehow he just knows how to treat a girl! She laughed. “I can’t get enough of him!”

Nikki leaned in closer and almost whispered: “But, tell me Cate, Who was this Gina who taught him how to . . . to . . . well, treat me so well?”

Chapter 11

Fast forward to summer. First Year successfully passed — with some Distinctions for both Pete and I. Pete and I went to the beach together like we used to. Nikki was visiting her sheep station and my new muse, George . . . yes, George, was off racing his Lotus at some obscure circuit in Victoria.

When we got home we were both sunburned, just like we were almost exactly a year before. Only a year. So much had happened and as we sipped icy cold beer, we looked at each other and grinned.

“I’ll get the moisturizer!” I said. “You get a couple of towels.”

We removed our swimmers and just looked at each other, having not seen each other naked since the day of the table fuck.

“You are so beautiful Cate.”

“I love you Pete, but I know you love Nikki and George is getting to me. Although I think his first love is his damn Lotus!” I laughed.

We moisturized each other and recalled the first time we did this. I felt very at ease with Pete and he was the same. We joked, sipped our beers and moisturized each other. Jack wasn’t quite at ease but not hard either. I was a little wet down there, but not so it showed.

“Cate, have you and George . . . you know, done it yet?” Pete asked as casually as he could.

“Nuh! He thinks I’m a virgin and something of a tease. I think we are both waiting to be sure about each other.”

“So, you haven’t had sex since our famous kitchen table bash?” said Pete.

“Nuh! None, except for taking care of myself now and then.”

“Wow . . . are you horny?”

“Oh yes, I’m so horny it’s killing me and it seems that isn’t about to change soon with you and Nikki . . . you know . . . getting it on.”

“We are, but it’s pretty difficult with Nikki living in a fairly strict college and me having nowhere to go.”

“Pete, you could bring her here you know. Mum and Dad won’t mind.”

“Hmm . . . but what about you? You wouldn’t be upset if I was with Nikki here?”

“No Pete. I’m happy for you and I think Nikki is just perfect for you. You deserve to be together and to have your home to bring her to.”

“Oh Cate, you are the best!” he said as he straddled me and hugged and kissed me.

I looked up at him and down at Jack. It was almost hard now, just that lovely state where it’s big and looks so impressive, hanging slightly to the side. Pete once remarked that he’d like it to be like that all the time, except when he had a boner!

“Make love to me Pete. One last time! For us both to remember. Not like last time . . . softly. And that will be it . . . we’ll never do it again.”

Pete sat up and looked down at me for a long time. Then he said softly: “I’ve dreamed of you asking me this. I’d love nothing more. But not now. Mum and Dad are going to a dinner tonight, it’s a work thing, so they’ll be gone till at least midnight. We’ll have dinner and . . .”

“I’ll cook!” I said.

“Excellent! Can you do that Tortellini thing you do? I love that!”

“Done!” I said and moved to get up. Pete stood with his erection bouncing in front of him.

Pointing at Jack he said, “We can’t wait!” and walked towards the stairs.

I called after him: “You gonna take care of that?”

“Oh yes!” he shouted over his shoulder as he took the stairs adalar escort 2 or 3 at a time.

I decided to wait. I wanted my orgasms with Pete. But I knew that he had to do it or he’d be stuck like that all day!!

Instead I went to my bathroom and prepared myself for tonight. I decided to shave myself smooth, remembering how much Pete loved my Brazillian smoothie. It was a little sexy doing this, particularly when I slipped a finger inside my labia to hold it whilst I shaved there. All done, I grabbed a hand mirror to admire my handiwork and pleased with the result applied moisturizer. That was almost too much and I resisted going further, savouring the expectation of what was to come.

In the kitchen I got out what I needed for my special dish. Pete went out and then Mum arrived home to find me preparing dinner.

“Who are you cooking for Sweetheart? Dad and I are out tonight.”

“I know, Pete took me to the beach today and has been really nice to me so I’m doing his favourite Tortellini as a thank you.” I replied.

“Oh, that’s so sweet of you.” Mum hugged me and then holding me at arms length, looked me in the eyes and said: “I know you love your brother and that he is very special to you. I know it has been hard for you since Nikki arrived in his life. I was concerned that you would grow apart. But now I see that you haven’t and that you understand. Have a special evening with Pete, Sweetheart. Then, you need to get on with your life too. What about this George fellow? Any chance for him?”

“I’m not sure yet Mum. Maybe I’ll find out after this weekend. If he can tear himself away from his car for long enough!”

Mum smiled and I couldn’t help wondering if she suspected or knew about Pete and me.

Pete arrived home just as Mum and Dad were leaving. He had some shopping including a small white shopping bag from an exclusive Jewellery store. A gift for Nikki I mused.

Mum took the time to hug us both together, told us she was so proud of us both and that she and Dad loved us very much. Then she said: “Have a wonderful evening together you two!”, kissed us and went out to the car where Dad was holding the door open for her. Chivalry was not dead.

We looked at each other, smiled and both said at one: “Does she know?”

Chapter 12

I excelled with the Tortellini and my Chocolate Mousse was pretty good too. Pete produced a wonderful Pinot Grigio and we had a fun dinner with lots of laughter and innuendo about our future sex lives, along with a bit of serious stuff about where we saw ourselves in the future.

Pete put the dishes and glasses in the dishwasher whilst I sipped the last of the wine. I was strangely content and relaxed as I slumped in my chair in our formal dining table. No Kitchen table for this dinner!

Pete disappeared for a few minutes and then, taking my hand said: “Come with me . . .” As we counted the stairs he put his arm around my waist and leaned over to kiss my head. I giggled as we reached the landing and Pete scooped me up into his arms, now so much bigger and stronger since his rugby has become a major part of his life.

My bedroom door was open and twinkling candlelights illuminated the room. There were rose petals everywhere and soft classical music played. Pete placed me in the very middle of my bed and then reached for the bottle of Veuve Clicquot on my bedside table.

The cork popped and, in slow motion, arced across my room in the candlelight. Bubble sounds as Pete poured 2 flutes and held one out to me.

“To us! And a year we will never forget!”

“To us!” I repeated and savored the magical French elixir.

Pete sat on the bed and leaned in to kiss me with just our lips touching. It was soft and tender and I melted towards him. Pete’s fingers reached for the buttons down my shirt and slowly undid them, pushing my top open as he went. Then he slipped it off my shoulders and deftly undid the clasp on my bra, which I let fall.

“Up!” he said and I balanced on the mattress as he undid the zip of my jeans and I used his head as a balance whilst he pulled them down and I wobbled and stepped out of them, accompanied by lots of giggles and Pete telling me that I was drunk! Drunk on the moment . . . yes!

I stood there unsteady on my bed in just my black lace panties, just the hint of sunburn on my tummy as I looked down. Pete was looking at my panties and slowly hooked his fingers into the waistband and pulled down. I watched him as my mons came into view. No, sound, just a look up at me, down again and then as he slowly raised his head again a beautiful smile.

As he pushed my panties down, he leaned forward and kissed me right on my smooth mound.

“Cate, you are so beautiful . . . I can hardly take my eyes away!”

I reached down and pulled his head into my tummy. I felt and heard him breath in my scent, which even I could detect. Perfume and . . . me.

“Cate, I love you like this. anadolu yakası escort So smooth and perfect. Thank you . . .” and he kissed me there again.

I sat on the edge of the bed with Pete fully clothed in front of me. His shoes and socks were first to go and although I tried to hurry, it was all happening in slow motion, now burned into my forever conscience. His shirt buttons had small blue and white layers and 4 holes in each tiny one that popped open under my slowly moving fingers.

His springy chest hair felt so good as I ran my hands up to his shoulders and pushed the shirt back to float like a deflating balloon to the floor.

His belt was black leather with a gold buckle and I recall thinking “That’s new!” as it was still quite stiff to undo.

His jeans were tight against his now washboard 6-pack abs and it was difficult to open the top metal button that said, “GAP”. The zip went down easily and I reached around his waist, pushing the jeans back as I smoothed my hand over his cotton knickered bum and pushed his jeans down. This brought my face into contact with his tummy and I playfully blew a raspberry into his belly button.

Pete trod his jeans down and stepped out of them. Only his blue cotton briefs attempted to hide Jack from my almost eye-level view.

I looked up at Pete looking down at me. We both smiled and Pete handed me my champagne from my bedside table. We both took a good sip and then with my right hand, I worked his briefs over his erection and down his legs. Jack poked straight out at me, as stiff and erect as I had ever seen him!

I took a sip of Veuve Clicquot and holding it in my mouth, slid my lips over the head of his penis and swirled it around. The bubbles burst around Jack and my tongue! Pete obviously liked the sensation as he sucked his breath in and held my head so I couldn’t pull back. I drank the champagne and pushed Jack further into my mouth and as far as I dare down my throat.

Pete moaned his approval and I sucked and swirled my tongue, then released him with a pop as I drank the Champagne!

“Wow Cate, that’s an incredible sensation! Lay down and let me try it on you!”

I was on my back in seconds with Pete between my legs, glass of champagne in hand. He took a mouthful, grinned at me and dove down to Gina. He slurped and licked but most of it ran down between my legs. It was cold! But, the bubbles were doing their thing and it was a great feeling. Another mouthful and this time Pete got a good seal and actually managed to squirt some of it up into me. Then he began to lap at my labia and clit with champagne to add to my juices. It was fun, but not the best thing we have ever done to each other.

We both started to laugh and Pete started to tickle me, a sure way to get me squirming and tickling him back. Pete was between my legs and I had him in a scissors lock. Suddenly he began sucking my nipples alternately, pulling my breast into his mouth as far as he could. I released my legs from his waist and ran them up his back, sighing in ecstasy at what he was doing to my nipples. I could feel Jack bumping against me between my legs. Oh how I wanted him to take me there and then and I thrust up at his dancing penis without success!

“Not yet Cate! I’m going to get you good and ready . . .”

Pete fell onto me with his full 96 Kgs and it almost knocked the wind out of me. But it was just divine to feel all of him pushing me down into my bed. I hugged him, ran my hands up and down his back and bum, kissed his neck and tried to breath. Pete began kissing me deeply and our lips and tongues thrust and parried. My heart was racing — from the kiss and the lack of oxygen in my lungs. Pete sensed I need a breath and raised himself on his arms, kissing my neck, my shoulders and back to my heaving breasts as I sucked in air. He began working his way down, paying attention to my belly button and using his tongue to push into my belly. It was so good and I knew what was coming.

Very slowly Pete dragged his tongue down between my labia and then with more pressure he dragged it back up. I jumped when he touched my clitoris. Then he began a circular motion around it but without actually making contact with my ultra sensitive little bud. I tried to move to bring his tongue to the right spot but he brought his lips down and made a kind of dam around my labia so he could direct his tongue where he wanted and not where I did!

Next he thrust his tongue up into me as far as it would go. Oh, it was delicious and his nose was bumping against my clit. Pete reached up, grabbed a pillow and I lifted my bum off the bed for him to put it under me. Now he had better access and soon I felt a finger sliding into me. He faced it up so the pad on the end touched and stroked that special place high up inside the front wall of my vagina. I’m sure it’s connected to my clitoris. Must look that up in my Gray’s Anatomy, I thought.

It felt as if my entire ataköy escort vulva was in Pete’s mouth. He was sucking and seemed to have pulled all of my smooth slippery wetness into his mouth. I am quite tiny down there but Pete had never done this before. His tongue was a blur, up and down my labia and around and around my clit, then up into me. Oh, it was heaven and I knew I wasn’t far from a huge orgasm. If only he’s put his tongue right on my clitoris!

Then he did. I even felt his teeth gently nipping at it. No words can describe the dam that was set to burst in my body.

Pete began to hum or something as there was a sound from him and his lips and tongue began to vibrate. That was it. The dam burst and I cried out, clutching at Pete’s head and pulling him into me. Then I pulled him by his head and then his arms, up onto me, kissing and kissing him whilst I panted and tasted myself on his lips, his tongue, his face. He was wet and sticky, but I didn’t care. I wanted to devour him!

My heart was pumping and I panted: “Pete, Pete, oh my sweet, sweet brother . . . that was truly amazing!”

We lay side by side with me running my fingertips all over Pete. He watched me and smiled. I jumped up, wet a small towel and came back to the bed and gave us both a good wipe. Pete poured more Verve and as we sipped, I moved down the bed and settled myself between Pete’s legs with his thighs over my legs. His half hard Penis lay right in front of me, looking so inviting.

Pete took a pillow and propped himself up to watch. His face was full of anticipation. I reached across him and took a hairband from my bedside table with the intension of tying my hair back. But on an impulse, I stretched it with my fingers and slipped it over Pete’s growing penis. The elastic hairband was pink and pretty tight. Jack looked adorable wearing pink! Pete groaned as his penis came to full attention.

“Oh Pete, is it hurting?” I cried urgently and went to remove it.

Pete grabbed my hand and said: “No, no, it’s OK. Actually it’s pretty extraordinary . . . feels good . . . don’t think I could take it for long though!”

I reached down and rolled it further down whilst I took the head into my mouth and sucked. Pete groaned again, louder and held my head.

“Better not come like this!” said Pete, “I might explode something!”

“You ready to come already?” I said with surprise.

“No, but you better take it off, I’m turning purple!”

I laughed and attempted to remove the band. I couldn’t get my fingers under the band so I had to roll it off back up his penis, over his glans. Pete did some serious moaning and thrashed about but I could tell it was more pleasure than pain!

When it was off, I used it for the original purpose to hastily tie my hair back, then returned my attention to Pete who was massaging Jack to return it to normal!

“Stop that!” I said, “Remember Mum said it would fall off if you do that! But, she didn’t say it would if I did it . . . lets see . . .”

I began stroking up and down his full length with my right hand that couldn’t quite reach around him. Jack had definitely thickened up since I first held him a year ago. With my left hand I cupped his balls and massaged that spot under them. Pete groaned again and thrust his pelvis up at me. The pillow he had under me was just to the side and I leaned over and slid it under his bum. Now he was within easier reach and I bent forward to take him in my mouth. Pete couldn’t help pushing himself up into my mouth and I rose up on my knees to get the angle right, taking him way into the back of my mouth as I sucked and slurped on him. He tasted so good and as I swirled my tongue around I tasted a little more of him as he leaked that special fluid that makes him so slippery and yummy. Pied back and I knew he was watching!

My entire vulva was wet, puffy and so in need of attention. I wanted Pete to see, so I let his penis free, stood up and knelt over him with my legs splayed wide, opening myself to his lustful gaze. Leaning back, I opened my lips with my fingers and thrust two fingers into myself, then dragged them back over my clitoris. I shuddered. I had never felt such a need to be fucked. I wanted him in me, but when he did enter me I wanted it to go on and on. So I knew I needed to make him last and there was only one way to do that.

Turning myself around, I put my mouth back on him and took him right into my throat. I stopped for a second to adjust, and kill the gag reflex, and then began to fuck him with my mouth with absolute wanton passion. Pete was running his hands over my bum and all around my vulva. He was bucking up into me and was set to burst any second. Right as he did, he thrust two fingers into me to the hilt. They went straight in, all the way as his sperm shot into my throat. I pulled back so that I could feel him spurt into my mouth. I swirled it around with my tongue as he came several more times whilst I swallowed . . . it was delicious and I realized how much I’d missed the taste.

“Am I supposed to like doing that Pete?” I said as I turned around to face him. “Is it OK to like how you taste?”

“I guess so. I love how you taste and licking you to orgasm is one of my favourite things!” replied Pete. “Now come here, have a rest and lets finish this Veuve!”

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