My Sister Gill


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My sister is older than me by 18 months, for all of our lives I’ve found her look and style to be attractive and ever since I spied on her wanking her boyfriend off in our kitchen whilst I was outside watching through the window, I have wondered how good it would be to fuck her myself. I know that this type of thought is morally wrong and have been able to suppress it for so long but by chance last week things changed and this is my tale of my lovely sister.

I called Gill to say I was in the area and wondered about popping in for a coffee as I’d not seen since she left her husband, she was renting a cottage in the country and knowing that she works from home quite often I thought I might catch her at home.

When I arrived Gill was dressed in a short skirt, stockings and a blouse that allowed me to see the shape of her breasts and bra quite clearly, instantly my gaze was drawn to her tits and with out doubt she noticed me looking at her. Gill kissed me a gave me a hug and said she put the kettle on, I followed her into the kitchen and sat myself at the kitchen table, Gill filled the kettle at the sink and as she did the light through the kitchen window formed a silhouette of her figure showing her firm tits causeing my dick to stir.

We laughed and caught up with each others gossip and the longer we talked the more I began to feel aroused by my sister, I couldn’t tell you what it was but there was an air of excitement or sexual tension developing and I was beginning to think that Gill was thinking the same, she asked me about my love life and reminded me of a few old girlfriends I’d have brought home,

“I remember one time” she laughed “when you were going out with that Julie girl who worked at the building society”

“Oh you mean Julie Doors” this brought a smile to my face thinking about what we used to get up to, “what about her?” I quizzed

“Well I remember one night when dad was away, she stayed over and you must have been fucking each other for a good hour, I could hear everything”


“Yes, everything, she moaned that much you kept me awake, in the end I watched you through the crack in the door”

“You dirty cow” I said, pretending to be shocked “I hope I gave a good performance”

“You did, when I looked you were fucking her from behind and I could see everything, you were doing her nice and slow and from where I was standing I could see your dick sliding in and out of her wet pussy”

Well I was now thinking of my sweet sister standing on the landing of our house playing with her pussy,

I needed to know more “So did you enjoy the show?”

“Oh God yes! I went back to bed and made myself cum real hard!” she almost looked coy and shy as she spoke but I was thinking she wouldn’t be telling me these things if she didn’t want me to know.

Then she surprised me by telling me that it wasn’t the only time she watched me fuck Julie or other girlfriends. My dick was already rock hard with the thought of my lovely sister masturbating after watching me fuck someone, so when she told me she’d seen even more I had to know details.

“Well” she said “There was a time when I watched you through the patio curtains when you first brought Heather home from the pub”

My mind went into recall mode and after a few seconds the details of that evening came back to me. Heather was the barmaid at our local, she was about six years older than me, dark skinned and had massive tits, every bloke in the boozer wanted to see her tits but I managed to charm her back to our house and fucked her all over the place, she took some persuading at first but once I got hold of her nipples there was no turning back.

Gill continued “I saw you and Heather going in home when I came up the street behind you, I gave it a few şişli rus escort minutes and went round the back to see if I could see anything and lucky for me the patio curtains were slightly parted, I remember thinking that you might not get anywhere with her but you made my wait a worthy one”

I was now thinking about adjusting myself as it was getting a little uncomfortable and Gill knew it, “excuse me a mo, all this talk is making me a little uncomfortable” and I partly stood up and rearranges myself.

She knew exactly the situation and seemed perfectly happy with it. She continued with her story “I remember you opening her blouse and seeing those big tits for the first time, it made ME horny watching you”

Was this really my own sister talking about another woman’s tits? I asked myself

“I watched you all the way and I think I enjoyed that night as much as you did!”

“So you were outside in the cold playing with yourself whilst I fucked heather?”

“I tell you this as well” she laughed out loud “I was so horny watching you fuck her that I even took my skirt and knickers off”

“What, outside our patio window!!”

“Yep, Right outside the window, only feet from where you were fucking her”

I was about to chip in with the time I watched her wank her boyfriend off but Gill gave me a questioning look and said “Anyway, your not telling me you’ve never spied on anybody before…. Are you?”

“Why do you look at me like that when asking the question” I replied

“Because I know you, your just the same as me, and anyway I know you watched me in the shower before, why do you think I used to leave the door open”

She was right; I did used to watch Gill shower and what a thrill that was.

“Well I guess I can’t deny it then can I?”

“And did you wank off afterwards” she questioned me again

“Every time”

“So I guess we are the same then aren’t we” she had a glint in her eye and a smile on her face, “We both like to watch others getting their rocks off”

I wasn’t sure where this was leading but I was seeing my sister in a different light and knew that I wouldn’t get a better opportunity to fuck her than now. I questioned her more about those times back then

“So what other times have you spied on me then?”

“Well after that time with Heather I always left the lounge curtains slightly open and watched you fuck loads of girls, I loved to watch you fuck Mandy cos her body was so sexy and when she was on top she would play with her tits which really turned me on”

“Sounds to me like you got as much pleasure seeing the girls as you did seeing me fuck em”

“Is there any thing wrong with that?” she said “after all women do look better naked than men and anyway watching anybody getting fucked is a thrill to me”

“And there’s me getting all hot and bothered thinking it was me you wanted to see” I said in a disappointed voice

“Oh don’t get me wrong, watching you fucking any of them got me really turned on but sometimes I wished I could have walked in and joined in”

“I wish you’d had, I would have given you some of the same and more!”

“You would, would you” she said “so fucking your own sister wouldn’t have bothered you”

“Damn right it wouldn’t, and by the sounds of it; it wouldn’t have bothered you either”

Gill was now looking a little flush in the face and I could see that her nipples were showing themselves to be quite erect through her bra and blouse, we sat in silence for a few seconds and then Gill dropped the biggy

“So tell me stud, would you still fuck your own sister?” she sat back and looked at me with smiling eyes

Looking down at her nipples they were clearly very hard now and with her legs slightly şişli türbanlı escort parted she painted a very erotic pose, she knew it too and before I could say anything she rocked back on her chair and exposed a little more of her stocking thighs to me.

“You can see how I feel about things” I said as I stood up from my seat and made clear the throbbing bulge in my trousers. Gill rocked forwards and sat on the edge of her chair, as she landed her legs parted quite wide but not wide enough for me to see her panties, enough though to see the tops of her hold ups and a little bare flesh.

“I must say you do look a little hard in there” as she spoke I moved forwards, close enough for her to reach out and release me if she wanted, she wanted to alright. Looking up at me with a dirty grin on her face she released my belt buckle and undid the buttons on my flies, my dick was so hard it sprang out as she open my flies and instantly she took a firm hold of it,

“My it feels even more impressive in the flesh” and gently pull my foreskin back.

The feeling was wonderful, after being hard for a good half an hour to suddenly find myself released and in the warm grip of my sweet sexy sister, Gill move her mouth to with a couple of inches and pulled on my trousers with her free hand, she struggled with them a little so I volunteered my assistance and kicked them off. There I was in my socks and shirt, my hot sister sat before me with her legs parted enough for me to stand between her knees, she looked up at me with the dirtiest grin on her face before holding my dick with both hands and drawing me gently into her mouth. OH MY WORD the softness of her mouth was wonderful as she drew me slowly and deep into her mouth, her eyes closed and her face was a picture of sheer eroticism as she sucked gently on my manhood.

I was desperate to get my hands on Gill but the pleasure she was giving me was so intense I couldn’t move, this was the softest, slowest blowjob I’d ever experienced. Looking down now I could see the cleavage of Gills tits along with her stocking thighs, reaching down I managed to pull her blouse open a little to expose more flesh but couldn’t reach any further. The view was good though and her tits looked so perfectly round and her bra enhanced my pleasure. It pushed her tits together to form a cleavage you could stand a pencil up in. I didn’t want to stop Gill giving such good head but my desire to see more was growing and I was in danger of shooting my load before even getting to strip her. I put my hand under her chin which caused to look up at me, the dirty cow looked so fucking hot with her saliva dripping from my knob.

“I want to undress you, you dirty cow, I’ve want to fuck your tits right now!”

Gill laughed a filthy laugh and sat back on her heels, “so you want to fuck your own sister’s tits do you? that’s naughty!”

With that see jumped to her feet and led me by my dick into the living room and stopped me in front of the big arm chair, she then lifted my shirt over my head before running her hands down my chest to the jeans and tugged them to the floor.

So there I was stark naked with the hard-on of a life time in front of my gorgeous sister who has already sucked my dick like a dirty whore.

“You’d better sit down and make yourself comfortable big boy” she instructed

Well who was I to argue? I sat down and admired the view; Gill was still full dressed apart from a few of her blouse buttons being open, but that was about to change.

“You know something” she said “I’ve always wanted to do a strip for you, those times in the shower when I knew you were watching as still some of the most erotic memories I have, knowing you were eyeing me up made me so hot in the shower I wanted şişli ucuz escort to call you in and fuck you under the water”

As she spoke she began to unbutton herself and she soon discarded her top, her tits looked even better than before and just as quickly she removed her skirt. Not wasting any time she dropped to her knees before me and pushed my knees apart,

“I can strip for you another time, right now I want to make you come”.

Gill moved herself forwards and now I could finally reach my goal, I ran my fingers down her straps and into the front of her lacy bra, her nipples were rock hard and she let out a little sigh as my finger tips brushed each hard teat in turn, it was a wonderful sight to see and of course my dick reacted accordingly. I was standing to attention and for my sister and she soon regained her grip on it.

“Wow you so hard bro, no wonder they all came back for more” and with another one of her cheeky smiles she bent her head down and licked the precum from my knob, in the same motion she took me deep into her mouth and let out a little groan of pleasure.

I knew that the first time was going to arrive sooner rather than later and warned Gill that it was a loaded weapon and for her to be careful of it going off in her face! She laughed and for the first time ever she kissed me sensually on my mouth, I could taste the salty taste of my knob.

“Don’t worry sweetie, we’ve got all night, any anyway I know what you want” as she spoke she grinned and reached round to unclip herself, her bra fell to the floor with the rest of her clothes and Gill instantly moved in closer, indeed she knew exactly what I wanted and she rested her beautiful firm round tits in my lap, the sight was wonderful, her nipples were dark and hard and quite large for the size of her tits, Gill took a hold of me again and this time as expected placed me firmly between her tits, she looked up at me as she cupped her tits with both hands and squeezed them around my dick,

“I want your cum all over my tits”, as she spoke she seemed to be a little more aroused and less in control of herself that before, as she began to lift her tits and massage my dick she began to breath much heavier and rock on her knees a bit more. The sight I was getting was fantastic and I knew that it was only a matter of minutes before I shot my load over my sister tits

“Oh god Gill that’s fantastic!, I’m gonna cum soon, don’t stop I’m gonna cum”

Gilly looked up at me again as her pace quickened and she squeezed harder, she certainly looked flustered and hot in the face and she was breathing much harder, as she wanked me with her big tits she was pinching her nipples between finger and thumb and obviously giving herself great pleasure,

“Come on then big boy, give it too me, let me see your cum, come on, cum for me”

Bending her head down she managed to get her lips around my dick as she pumped me towards my impending eruption and only moments later my balls released there load of hot sticky cum. Gill was fully aware of what she was about to receive and took one final suck of dick before clamping her tits hard around my shaft and watching me explode with hot sticky cum.

I came by the gallon, it seemed like I would never stop but as soon as the first blobs landed on her chest she was rubbing it into her nipples and massaging her tits with it, I just kept on cumming and cumming, and she kept of talking dirty as she received it

“Oh yes you big fucking stud, cover sis in you cum, go on cover my big tits, you know you want too”

I could do nothing but watch as she franticly played with her tits and pinched her nipples, just as I was beginning to come down from my orgasm she dropped both hands to her crotch and without getting up from her position she brought herself off to a quick fire orgasm, what an erotic sight.

Quickly Gill stood giving me a lovely view of her soaking wet panties and the dark pussy hair they covered, holding out her hand she said “Well big boy, I think its about time I got what all the other girls got, Come on take me to bed a fuck me big boy”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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