My New Neighbors Pt. 06


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This is the final part of the short story of Jo’s journey.

The ending is a little short as compared to the other parts and has a twist to the ending. Either you will hate it or like it, but for me, it is different and I thought I would try it out.

I thank each and every one of you for reading my stories and giving me your comments, both negative and positive.

Well, here it goes…


Lisa, Ed and Bob and myself felt that the rehearsals went well and after a few days rehearsing, the four of us were ready for the filming.

We called it a night as we had to get up early for the limo.

Richard sent the limo and the four of us put our stuff in the trunk and off we went to the mansion, about a two hour drive.

When we got there, Richard welcomed us in and showed us to where we had to change and get ready. He introduced us to the director, the four actors and the two actresses as well as the cameramen, and took us to the set.

We went to our room and undressed. Then we went to the make up people who got us ready, then we went onto the set.

The filming starts…Scene 1

Lisa and I got into the shower and we kissed and played with each other as the water cascaded over our naked bodies. We finished and started drying off then went into the bedroom where we were accosted by two men. We thought they were going to hurt us so we told them that we would fuck them if the didn’t hurt us. They agreed.

In a few seconds they were naked and they both had huge cocks. One of them threw me on the bed and spread my legs and just rammed his hard cock in my cunt. The other guy made Lisa get on all fours fethiye escort and rammed his cock in her from behind.

We were almost in tears as they pounded our cunts. Soon, they both said they were going to cum then filled our cunts with their hot cum.

They pulled out and quickly got dressed and left.

The director yelled out to cut and the acting ceased.

We rested a bit while the director reviewed the scene and after awhile he said we could start filming the second scene.

Scene 2

I was laying naked on the bed with my eyes closed as I was ramming a huge dildo in and out of my cunt. I was so engrossed that I didn’t hear or see my 18 year old sister standing in the doorway watching me. When I saw her, I tried covering up but she told me not too.

I watched her as she approached the bed and started removing her clothes. When she was naked, she got on the bed and pulled me to her, the dildo still half in my cunt.

She kissed me and our tongues met. Our tits pressed together, my legs spread. Our hands roamed over each others nakedness. I couldn’t believe this was happening but I didn’t want it to stop.

Soon, we were both in 69 and eating each other. We both finally came in thunderous orgasms.

We fell asleep, with me on top of my sister in the 69 position.

Again, the director yelled out and the scene stopped. And, again we waited for him to check the scene before we could go on.

After awhile the direction said we could shoot the last scene, which was the orgy scene.

The director had all the actors and actresses on the bed and told us to enjoy each other and that he wanted to see a lot escort fethiye of cum shots. He told me that he wanted to see me squirting milk as well.

Scene 3

The scene started and everyone was having sex in one way or another. The guys would stick their cocks in us, fuck us, then cum and the next guy would do the same as it went on forever.

At one point, I was on all fours, two women underneath me sucking the milk out of my tits as guys were fucking me doggie style.

One shot had me on my back as the guys stood over me and came all over me. I was literally covered in cum.

Then the director said he wanted more guys to fuck me and suddenly guys were lined up and each guy stuck his cock in my cunt and fucked me until he came. I jus to laid there with my legs spread and cum pouring out of me.

Guys had their cocks in my ass and in my mouth and all I could feel was their cum shooting into me.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Nick standing there. His big cock hard as he moved to me. In an instant his cock was deep inside my cunt. I closed my eyes as he started fucking me. Everyone cheered him on. After a few minutes, he said he was going to cum. Then he must have shots stream after stream of cum into my cunt. He came so hard that his cum hurt my insides. It felt like he took 5 minutes to finish cumming in me.

Then, I don’t remember exactly when but at some point I started screaming out, “No, no, stop, no more. Leave me alone. Stop fucking me.”

And I woke up…

I looked around and I was the only one there. I felt myself and realized I was dressed in my shorts and top. There was no Bob either. It fethiye escort bayan then hit me that I must have been dreaming.

I heard the door bell and went to answer it. I opened the door and my new neighbor. She introduced herself as Maggie Johnson and brought me some cookies.

I let her in and we chatted over coffee. We talked about my fixing up the house, needing work and she volunteered to do a plumbing job for me the next day. She said her husband, Tom would also help.

For some reason, this all sounded and felt like we had done this before. I was wondering if I was still in the dream.

I made up an excuse that I had to do something and told her I would see her tomorrow and she left.

I sat down and started trembling. I started wondering if I was going crazy. The dream was so real as were the characters. How could I have dreamt something like that? Why did I dream about all that sex? Was I really a slut deep down?

I felt sick and went to bed but I was afraid to go to sleep. I then called my doctor and told her I had to see her. She told me to come right over.

It took me an hour to get there but as soon as I arrived, she took me into her office.

I explained everything to her as I was shaking. She calmed me down and gave me a pill to relax.

She asked me some questions and I answered whatever I could. After awhile she suggested I go into one of her rooms to rest as the pill she gave me would make me sleepy.

She called her nurse. When the nurse arrived, she looked like Maggie, my neighbor, but I was drowsy. When she took me to the room and opened the door, I then saw Tom, her husband, Bob, my husband and Nick. They undressed me and took me to the bed. They were all naked and laid me on the big bed. Then guys with big clocks came in. They stood in line ready to fuck me. I started screaming and screaming as the door closed.

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