My Mother, My Soulmate Ch. 02


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May came home on Monday just after two. She had been to the hairdressers this morning; she had her hair highlighted; it suited her. The taxi was ordered for three-forty-five. Jack had already showered; she would now have a quick shower. She dressed, looking in the mirror, she was impressed with what she was wearing, the bra she was wearing pushed her massive tits up, the blouse hugged her curves, her mini-skirt and heels showed her long legs to perfection. May thought to herself, in two days, we will be in Champagne. She went downstairs five minutes before the taxi was due.

When May walked into the lounge, Jack couldn’t believe his eyes. He stood up and said, “Mum, you look stunning, your hair is unbelievable; you are going to create an impression tonight. I am so proud to be seen with you.”

The doorbell rang, the taxi had arrived. Jack took the drivers mobile number, saying he would call him later. There were not that many people there, just over twenty. They would be tasting twenty-five wines, a selection of red and white. The list had the Tasting Notes from a Master of Wine after the tasting was finished, the group started to drink any of the wines that they liked. Jack said, “I’m not impressed with any of these wines; they are ridiculously expensive and are not in any way value for money. Mum, why don’t we get the taxi to drop us off at the French restaurant, Pierre, the owner, may know some producers we could visit. Then we could walk home; it’s only a two-minute walk.”

“Jack, that’s a good idea. I wouldn’t say I liked any of the wines either. I heard the Sales Manager say that his Company had been dealing with these producers for over forty years. I think that they have complacent, call the taxi driver. Be nice to them when we leave; they are just doing a job; their buyers are the ones that are letting them down.”

Pierre was terrific; he came from Burgundy, he recommends a firm which handled the wines of over forty producers. It was based in Nuits St George; he suggested a Hotel there with secure parking. He also told them that they handled the wines of small producers from Chablis as well. Jack explained that he was thinking of setting up a Wine Import business. Pierre told him if he stocked these wines, he would buy from him.

The next tasting on Tuesday was better; the wines were better, May and Jack would have bought several of the wines that they tasted. They went straight home after the tasting; mum had prepared things that she needed to get rid of from the fridge. May had been wearing another exciting outfit. She changed into a top and leggings when she got home. She looked gorgeous. She was wearing no bra; her huge breasts swayed when she walked. As she cooked the meal, May said, “I have several tops and leggings packed, I will wear them when we are driving, I feel so comfortable in them. Jack, I have never driven a car while pulling a trailer. Can I drive a little to get the feel of it before the ferry tomorrow?”

“Of course you can, we have an hours drive to the ferry. If we leave at eight, we will easily make the ten-thirty ferry. Can you pack some of my clothes in an overnight bag, then we don’t need to take all the suitcases out of the car every night?”

Mum said, “I’ve already done that, we have two suitcases and one overnight bag. I will be up early tomorrow morning. We will have a good breakfast then leave.”

They arrived at the check-in for the ferry at quarter to ten, they went straight through, they had caught an earlier ferry, ninety minutes later they were in France, Mum had driven the car onto the boat, and she drove it off, she was an excellent driver and very confident. After an hour, they changed at a Road Toll collection point. Just after one-thirty, they arrived at the Hotel then they found a restaurant that was still serving lunch. There was a lovely French man with a beautiful smile. Jack asked for a Champagne from the village; he suggested a Premier Cru Brut. It was gorgeous. Mum said, “That’s the nicest şişli rus escort champagne that I have ever drunk.”

They were on their second bottle after a beautiful lunch when the Chef came to their table, he asked in perfect English, “Have you enjoyed your lunch?”

Jack replied, “The lunch was excellent, the Champagne is beautiful, it’s from the village. I believe?”

“Yes, it’s the Champagne of my father. I will tell him that you enjoyed it.”

“Does your father have a Distributor in the UK?”

“No, he hasn’t.”

Jack gave out his first business card and said, “I would be interested in handling your father’s Champagne.”

The Chef introduced himself as Serge; he told them that his restaurant opened two years ago. Now so many of the Champagne Houses were bringing their customers to eat there, but they wanted them to drink their Champagne, his father would be interested. He produced three Champagnes, a Premier Cru, a Blanc de Blanc and a pink Champagne made using traditional methods. It was arranged that they would have a meeting with his father tonight, he offered them the Pink Champagne, they could taste the Blanc de Blanc tonight. The Pink Champagne was delicious. They booked a table for eight then left. In the car, Jack said, “We have found the Champagne, the taste is fantastic. A Champagne of that quality would retail in a wine shop for thirty to forty pounds per bottle. I wonder how much it is?”

They got back to the Hotel; Jack showered; first, he was so correct, he dressed, leaving May all the freedom she needed. Jack only drank mineral water in the bar; May looked gorgeous when she came into the bar, Jack said, “You look, gorgeous mum, I’ll drive, but I will be careful with my drinking.”

Mum smiled then said, “Well, I will drive tomorrow night; we are partners, remember?”

Serge’s sister greeted them then a bottle of Blanc de Blanc was served, it was outstanding. Both May and Jack loved it. The meal was fantastic, then May said, “I spoke with an accountant that I know who has connections to the wine trade, a lot of these producers have to give sixty even ninety days credit to their customers. We have plenty of money lying in banks earning nothing. I suggest that you offer to pay on the invoice, but you want a fifteen per cent reduction on their best price, if they accept PayPal, it will be direct with no commission. I believe that this is worth a try.”

After dinner, Serge and his father came to the table. They brought another bottle of Blanc de Blanc; Jack explained the fifteen per cent discount. Serge’s father asked how many cases. Jack replied, a hundred and twenty, forty cases of each Champagne. Serge’s father thought for a moment, he then spoke in French to Serge, Serge said, “My father will offer you the price of nine euros fifty cents per bottle. He will price all his Champagne at the same price.”

Jack stood up and shook his father’s hand; the deal was done. Serge gave Jack a PayPal account. May asked for the invoice and said the money would be paid tonight. Jack said, “We will come tomorrow at ten o’clock then we drive to Burgundy. I noticed that you have a forklift truck and lots of covered storage space is it possible that other wines could be delivered here then we could fill a container?”

Serge said no problem. They then left for the Hotel. In the car, May said, “That’s wonderful Champagne, I couldn’t believe the price when people taste it, we will sell a lot. I want to spend some time here on the way back. Epernay is a lovely town. When we get to the Hotel, I will transfer the money. Could you phone the Hotel that Pierre suggested and book a room for at least two nights then send an email to the Company he recommended. I have a great feeling about this business.”

They went to their room, May phoned the Hotel, the girl he spoke with did not speak English, but he had a Chambre for Monsieur et Madame Ryan for two nights. Jack went to the bathroom first. Before şişli türbanlı escort he left the bathroom, he put some toothpaste on May’s toothbrush and left it for her. He was only wearing his boxers when he went into the bedroom. He got straight into bed then set the alarm on his smartphone for seven. May went into the bathroom then came out and kissed Jack on the cheek, she said, “Thank you.”

The next morning, Jack got up at seven, he shaved and showered, he dressed in the bedroom, May was awake and wished him a good morning. May said that she would meet him downstairs for breakfast at eight. After breakfast, Jack paid the bill and took the telephone number of the Hotel. They arrived at Serges just before ten. Serge told them that he could arrange all the transport of all the wines Jack bought. There was a transport company in the village that could do it and deliver to the UK. Serge thanked them for paying the Champagne so quickly. Jack bought three cases of Champagne for their Journey then they left.

They arrived in Nuits St George at three in the afternoon. The big surprise was that the room had a double bed. May said it was ok; Jack had an email from the Company offering a meeting at ten the following morning. Jack sent an email back confirming this. They then drove around Nuits St George and the surrounding area. They came back to the Hotel just after six; May had enjoyed driving around vineyards. Jack showered first, they had a table booked in the Hotel’s restaurant at seven-thirty. Jack went into the bar; there was a distinguished elderly gentleman there reading the London Times, Jack said, “Good evening.”

Jack then sat down to study the Hotel’s, Wine List. The gentleman replied, “Good evening, what brings you to beautiful Nuits St George?”

Jack then explained about him setting up a Wine Import business. He must have spoken for ten minutes; the man listened intently. When Jack had finished, the man said, “I’m nearly ninety. I started in this business when I was sixteen. I have two things that you must do, buy at source or as close to it that you can get, learn how to spit. What Domains are you visiting here?”

Jack told him, he nodded in approval then mum arrived, she looked stunning, Jack and the gentleman stood up, May offered the gentleman her hand and said, “May Ryan, how do you do?”

The gentleman replied, “Harry Walker, I’m doing all the better since I met you.”

Jack then offered his hand and said, “Jack Ryan, I am pleased to meet you. This gentleman has been in the wine business for an incredible seventy-four years. He has given me two wonderful pieces of advice, buy at source or as close to it as you can get. Secondly, learn how to spit.”

Jack then handed Harry the wine list and said, “Harry, please choose your favourite wine from this list so we can have a drink together.”

Without looking at the Wine List, Harry said, “May I choose two? We can have one now which you must taste; it’s the finest Muscadet that you’ll ever taste, the other is the ultimate in White Burgundy.”

Over the next three hours, Jack and May learned so much. Jack and Harry exchanged cards. Harry said before he retired, “I wish that I was your age and starting what you are starting. I’m sure that you will enjoy every minute of it. Jack, you have my email, I’m also on WhatsApp. If you need any advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Tomorrow, I will send you a list of wines and contact details that you should have a look at, they are all from small producers. Offer them payment with order, and they will love you. Until our paths meet again.”

Jack and May went to their room; May said, “Jack, Harry is wonderful, he will help us all he can. Let’s have a bottle of Champagne. I am going to change into something a little more comfortable. I’ll use the bathroom.”

Mum came out of the bathroom wearing a pink satin dressing gown; she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. May said, “Jack, şişli ucuz escort how can we practice spitting? I felt a little uneasy with it at the two University tastings, but you spat well.”

“We could try lying in the bath with a glass and a jug of water then try to spit between our toes. I don’t think that it will take us long to learn. Harry was trying to tell us those producers would judge us on how we spit.”

May laughed then said, “I suppose that you would want me to wear my bikini when we are spitting training?”

Jack laughed and said, “That’s not fair, how could I possibly concentrate on my spitting if you were naked? Or we both could be naked that could be fun.”

They finished the Champagne; Jack went to the bathroom first; he was only wearing his boxers. May was already in bed. She was facing the window. Jack switched off the light, took off his boxers then got into bed facing May’s back. May said, “I’m enjoying this so much, I’m also enjoying being with you, Jack. It’s not like a mum son thing; I am starting to feel so attracted to you, is that bad?”

Jack moved closer to May; his cock was stiff, his head was on May’s pillow, she smelt so good. He put his hand on her shoulder and gently stroked her shoulder; May was purring with pleasure, May said, “That feels so good, you’re the first man to touch me since your father died. Don’t stop Jack; it’s been a long time for me.”

May had moved her body back in Jack’s direction. Jack then started to kiss her neck and ear lobe. His right hand found her massive right breast. It was more than a handful; her nipple was hard, he teased her nipple, May was moaning with pleasure, she then turned around, she was facing Jack, their mouths met, May’s tongue was now buried deep in Jack’s mouth, their kisses were passionate and loving. May’s hand found Jack’s hard cock; she gasped as she touched it, she said, “Jack, your cock feels wonderful, can you put the light on so as I can see it, I also want you to see me too.”

Jack switched the light on; May has pulled the sheets away; they were both lying naked and uncovered on top of the bed. Mum’s body was superb, her tits were massive, but her stomach was flat, her vulva swollen and smooth, her sex slit was perfect, long with a flawless slit. May said, “Jack, you have a magnificent cock, can I play with him? I want to get to know him. I want to love him.”

May then went down on Jack, her tongue teasing the head of his cock, she then wrapped her lips around his shaft, slowly and delicately her mouth was taking more and more of him. Jack then moved into a position that they both could 69. He spread May’s cunt lips open, out popped a sizeable hooded clit, Jack teased it with his tongue before he started to suck it. May was pushing her dripping pussy against Jack’s mouth; she was so wet. She was now taking Jack’s full length; her lips were now wrapped around the base of Jack’s cock, the head of his cock hitting the walls of her throat.

Twice as Jack sucked May’s clit and finger fucked her tight pussy, he felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth. On the last orgasm, Jack held his mum’s cum in his mouth, then he came off her and cum kissed her on the mouth. May’s tongue was transferring her cum from Jack’s mouth into her mouth. They kissed lovingly for several minutes then May said, “No man has ever done that to me before, that was so special, Jack, please take me now. Please be gentle until I get used to him.”

May spread her legs, Jack slid his stiff cock into her pussy in the missionary position, on his first push, May took half of his cock, he slowly and delicately went deeper and deeper. When she was taking his full length comfortably, he raised the tempo; he was going harder and deeper. May loved it; she said, “Jack, it’s amazing, I feel stretched, but there’s no pain, it feels so good. Your a fortunate man to have a cock like that. Ride me harder, make me cum, I want and need you so much.”

Ten minutes later, they both climaxed simultaneously; May had a body-shaking orgasm, she was so happy, she pulled Jack close to her, then kissed him passionately. May said, “Thank you for making love to me. I’ve wanted you for weeks. Jack. I am glad that we have done this. I feel so comfortable with you. I want to make love to you in the morning before breakfast.”

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