My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 46


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Okay this is just a short one to get those people caught up who asked how we all were doing. First of all thanks again for all the wonderful notes, e-mails, messages, etc. I really enjoy hearing from you and your experiences as well. So if you haven’t read anything up until now, I wouldn’t read this. At least read Chapter 45 first.


So Jocelyn and I have moved into our apartment, but I’ll start a little before that. Mom and I picked up Jocelyn at the airport. When mom and I were waiting she could just somehow sense I was nervous. She leaned against me and held my hand for a bit, and we talked about how our lives were changing. We were both happy and sad of course, but mostly happy. When Jocelyn finally arrived I was so happy to see her I actually cried. We hugged for the longest time, but didn’t kiss. We did walk hand in hand through most of the airport, which was nice, and when we finally got into the van and were driving home, we so made out. Kissing her was magical, I was just floating on air, and I looked up after a while and the two of us were just holding hands and smiling and I saw my mom peek back at us through the mirror and it made me smile even bigger if that was possible.

When we got back to mom’s house Jill, Kristen, and Carmen were all waiting at the door to great her. It was great. They had dinner waiting for us too, and we ate, but we talked for a bit first.

Jocelyn felt so welcome right away and at that point suddenly my life was different. Jocelyn moved into my room. Kristen had always had her clothes in the spare room ever since she moved in so that was no big deal. Carmen wasn’t really living with us, but she spent the night about fifty percent of the time, so finally my mom just asked her to move back in. For the next couple weeks we lived pretty simple lives. My mom basically was dating her sister, my Aunt Jill. Kristen, Jill’s daughter was dating Carmen, and I of course was dating Jocelyn.

So we are all very open of course, so occasionally we would see the other couples doing something in the pool or maybe even on the couch in the living room, but suddenly we weren’t doing group sex things anymore, and there really wasn’t any switching partners either. Now I did watch Kristen and Jill kiss one time outside by the pool and sure it got me all wet, but I didn’t feel the urge to go crazy with them.

Also occasionally I would catch my mom doing her morning pounding of Kristen with a strap-on dildo. It honestly wasn’t very often, though when it happened they went super hard and there was just so much passion and lust. To be honest that made me slightly jealous, but only that I wished it was me receiving the pounding from my mom.

It wasn’t long before Jocelyn and I had our own place and we were moving in. Her mom came up to help us move, but Jasmine her sister did not. Before the weekend was over I’ll admit that Jocelyn and I had sex with her mom. We had been doing really well up until that point of being monogamous. I think just the idea that this was sort of their last farewell, and that her mom was from out of town and she was also extremely emotional that weekend.

It started with them mostly hugging and some kissing, but soon it became petting and then squeezing and then yea they just started having sex right in front of me. Wendy even looked at me at one time and said, “I’m sorry Lucy, but you are going to have her forever. I just need her tonight.” I honestly didn’t mind and I enjoyed seeing their passion, but of course Jocelyn pulled me over and soon I was intertwined with them.

Honestly though my favorite part of the entire weekend was when we took Wendy to the airport. It was just the three of us. It was sad for sure, but Wendy actually kissed Jocelyn right there in the midst of everyone. It wasn’t like a full make-out session or anything, but it was a very sexy kiss, and one two lovers would share. I loved it that they could do that in public and no one knew they were mother and daughter.

Okay, so the rest of the summer went by and honestly there isn’t anything fun to talk about. We did go over to my mom’s pool a lot, but we never messed around with anyone, though I’ll admit that Lyndsey and I once were talking so close that our breasts were rubbing together and I won’t say I didn’t think about kissing her, but I didn’t kiss her and that is the most important thing, right?

So once school started for me I was coaching Cheer again and keeping super busy, but my favorite part of the day was when I would get home and see Jocelyn. I think we made love less often, but when we did it was so magical. And also we started having fantasies and dirty talking a lot more during sex. Jocelyn would occasionally surprise me at school as her mom gave her money and she now had a car of her own. (SPOILED, HA!) So the first time she pretended to be one of my students. School was out and I had my door locked and we messed around a little in the class room, but the second time şirinevler türbanlı escort was very wild. I had practice that night and she came and found me in the gym and at first she wanted to mess around with me in the locker room, but I thought that was a bad idea, so as we were walking up to the front of the school we ran into Mandy.

So Mandy is a secretary in our school in the attendance office and after we chatted with her for quite a while she asked us what we were up to, and she said it in a way that I knew she knew we were going to get frisky. So she ended up unlocking the office and we had this fantasy where Jocelyn was a bad girl and she was acting all slutty and flirty with Mandy at her desk and then I pretended to be the dean and I “punished” Jocelyn in “my” office. I actually took her back to my classroom as there are no cameras there. Mandy didn’t join us, but Jocelyn had definitely gotten her juices flowing.

Oh we are just two crazy nuts in love. That was the only two times we did anything at school, but we have had fantasies at home too and some pretty wild ones even for my standards, LOL.

Okay so about school, I have one lesbian cheerleader this year, and she is a very sweet girl. I actually opened up to her and she knows I am a lesbian. We have talks about things and I am happy I can be there for her. She likes a girl I will be coaching in Track next spring so we’ll see how that goes. As I know both girls I may try and set them up, although I will be very subtle.

Okay so this is why I am writing this. My mom’s birthday was coming up and I have always done something wild for her birthday. Sometimes simple, sometimes a huge orgy, but always something. This year I told my mom that Jocelyn and I would not be attending any orgies that she may or may not have. My mom said, “If I could have any present, it would be to spend a night with you alone.” So of course I kissed her when she told me that, and yes it was a hot wet full-on plenty of tongue kiss along with some breast squeezing.

Thing is I felt bad afterward and told Jocelyn what happened, and she told me she wanted me to do it. So that was my dilemma. I honestly have been doing my best to just be with Jocelyn and Jocelyn alone, and mostly I don’t even think about being with someone else, but this was my mom. And as odd as that sounds my mom was my first lover and she is still in love with me. I actually argued with Jocelyn, and she brought up that we made love to Wendy, and how was that any different? I had no argument other than I pointed out that Wendy didn’t live around here and if we start doing this with my mom then how often will it happen and where do we draw the line? Thing is Jocelyn really wanted me to do it. She thought it was important that I be with my mom on her birthday and Jocelyn told me if she went home she would definitely be with her own mom again.

I decided it was okay even though I was trying to turn over a new leaf and be monogamous. It was my mom after all. Once I got it in my head I would do it, it was all I could think about, and I started planning for her birthday weekend.

First I told Jocelyn what I had in mind. She loved the idea so much she wished it was her and her mom going on the trip. I am actually surprised how far they’ve come. When they talk on the phone most of the time it is just like a mother and a daughter talking, a normal relationship, but occasionally Wendy will call her and they will actually dirty talk. It’s kind of sexy. So anyway, I called mom and asked her what she thought of my plan and she loved it. So we picked a weekend and I started looking at specific places to stay.

We were going back to St. Louis like we had done before. That had been such an amazing vacation and I loved it that we were far enough away that we could be ourselves, and yet I also loved it that last time we had been wild and sexual in front of people who didn’t know us, but that knew we were mother and daughter. The excitement from that was so unreal, I couldn’t wait to do it again. My mom was excited too and we talked on the phone for the next couple of nights.

Then suddenly everything changed on the third night. My mom springs this news on me that Jill and Kristen want to go along too. I at first was completely against it. I didn’t want this to end up being some group thing, but then Jocelyn who was listening said, “It could be a fun mother-daughter weekend. I want to go too with my mom.” She could tell by my face that I wasn’t excited about it, but she grabs the phone from me and starts talking to my mom. “This could be so much fun,” she blurted out, and then they were off and I was suddenly just a by-stander.

So within two days from that, suddenly this was a convention. It went from mom and me to the six of us and then next thing I knew Carol and Kayla were invited and then Lacy and Erin were coming too. On a plus side though we were getting five separate şirinevler ucuz escort rooms.

I made it perfectly clear to my mom that I didn’t want any wild orgies, and she seemed confident that it wouldn’t happen and she also expressed her desires to spend a lot of alone time with me. That made me happy. I also talked to Jocelyn about my concerns and she seemed to be on the same page as me and really just wanted a fun mother-daughter weekend.

So we drove down in my mom’s mini-van. Jill, Kristen, Jocelyn, mom and I all were in my mom’s van most of the way. It was so fun. Erin and Lacy who had started with us switched to Carol and Kayla’s mini-van and rode with them the rest of the way. We were meeting Wendy there as she was flying. Our vans were together the entire way and we had so much fun on the way down. The conversation was great of course, but also we acted a little nutty and flashed the other van and they would flash us back and sometimes we were even more playful. I licked my own nipple a couple of times when Carol would glance over, and she was driving. Once when they passed us Kayla’s butt was at the window and my mom laughed so hard I thought she was going to wreck.

Then one time when my mom passed these two women Kristen, Jocelyn, and I all flashed them. I have no idea why we get so wild when we go on long drives, but it’s just fun. Nothing sexual went on at all, just harmless fun.

When we got to St. Lois, Wendy was already at the hotel. She had shown up a couple hours before us. She was sitting in the lounge when we got there and she was so happy to see Jocelyn. It was so cute how much her face lit up when she saw her, and Jocelyn was just as excited. I felt the same way. I couldn’t wait to get upstairs with mom. We all talked for a bit in the lounge and made plans to go out to eat that night, but then we had two hours to kill in the bedroom and as soon as I shut the door to our room I dropped my bags and started kissing my mom.

She seemed to just take control of me immediately. Our kiss was so passionate, and her arms around me were so strong, and she kind of led me over to the bed, and before I even knew what was happening she had my shirt up and was squeezing my breasts and sucking on my nipples. I just stood there sort of under her spell. Her full lips were sucking, pulling on my hard nipples and sometimes I would feel her teeth too.

I reached down and felt her huge breasts through her shirt and wished we were naked. I started tugging at her shirt, and she jerked away from me and pulled off her top. Her bra looked like it was about to bust. My mom has such amazingly big round boobs. I love them so much and I couldn’t wait to attack them, but even though I tried to take control, she would have none of it. She sort of pushed me back on the bed and then preceded to undress while I watched. She took her jeans off first and then her panties, and she was completely shaved for a change. She saw that I noticed. I could tell by how she was smiling at me and she said, “A fun little surprise.”

Then finally she took off her bra very slowly and when I tried to reach up to touch them she grabbed my hands and held them above my head and then crawled up on the bed and pinned my hands above my head against the mattress. She kept lowering one of her nipples down to my mouth and then before I could lick or kiss it, she’d pull it out of my reach. I said, “You are such a tease.”

She said, “How badly do you want me?”

When she said it she glided her breasts across my face. It was almost more than I could take. My heart was pounding, my pussy was soaked, and I felt tingly all over. I tried to suck her nipple, but again she wouldn’t let me. I said, “More than anyone.”

She gave me this crazy seductive smile and she released my hands, but I didn’t move, she started taking my shorts off. I took off my bra and shirt at the same time, and suddenly we were both completely naked. She took my legs up and pressed them back and I took a hold of them as my feet went up above my shoulders.

She was still gripping my legs and rubbing her nipples against my clit. I wanted so much more, but I just loved seeing her beautiful face looking at my body. Seeing here desires starting to get to the point where I knew she wouldn’t be able to control herself for much longer. I spread my legs a little wider and she ran her hands down to my thighs and began to lick my pussy. At first they were long laps up and down my lips and sliding up against my clit, then she flicked my clit for a while, and then she was trying her best to tongue fuck me, but I just wanted her to suck the hell out of my clit at that point so I actually yelled that.

She gave me this insanely lustful look, gave me a quick lick and then said, “Don’t move.” I laid there anxious while my mom found a strap-on in her luggage. The whole while she was putting it on, she just kept telling me how hard she was going şişli escort to fuck me. She didn’t lie. She started slow until she had it deep inside of me, and then she began the serious fucking. I hadn’t felt anything like that in a long while, and not only was I grunting, practically screaming while she fucked me, but she was almost as loud as me.

I knew that Jill and Kristen were on one side of us and Jocelyn, and Wendy were on the other, but I wondered who was across the hall. I hadn’t seen if it was one of our group or someone else. I admit I thought about that for a bit, and I even tried to cover my own mouth, but my mom yanked my hand away and said, “I want to hear my baby girl scream.”

Scream I did, and she pounded me until I told her I had a leg cramp. That sucked and I felt bad, but soon I was better and I was bent over the bed with my butt up high and my mom was doing me from behind. Her hands of course weren’t just on my boobs, but she was gripping, squeezing, and tugging on them as she continued to pound me.

We were like animals. I think it was simply the fact that we hadn’t been together for so long. All these feelings suppressed for so long had made us so filled with lust. She wanted so badly to please me and I needed to be fucked by her, controlled by her, to be her play thing. I would have done anything she asked me. I would have let her fuck me in the hotel lobby if she wanted. I needed her so badly.

I started yelling, “Fuck me mommy,” mostly because I knew that if anyone heard it, how dirty it would sound. I wanted people to know that my mom was fucking me, that I loved it, and that I loved her. The more I yelled the harder she wanted to go, but I could tell she was getting tired. Finally at a point where she paused, I maneuvered out from her dildo, and I pushed her onto her back on the bed.

We kissed for a long time as I squeezed her breasts. Then I devoured her nipples for a while, before I climbed back onto the dildo. I bounced up and down on it, pounding myself. Her hands were on my heavy breasts and my hands on hers. We stared at each other for a while, but soon my head was drifting back and I was leaning back as I slid up and down on the dildo. It felt so good. We were starting to calm down now. I leaned over and pushing her breasts up to her chin, I licked and sucked her nipples and occasionally she would put her own nipple in her mouth. Watching her suck her own nipples just made me want to melt. It is such a turn on, and I even sucked my own off and on.

Finally I just collapsed on her, and we kissed again. I loved feeling our bodies together. We kept kissing, and then we’d maybe put a hand on the other person’s face and smile, or maybe, run a hand through the others hair, and then just kiss again. It was so wonderful.

Then mom said, “I’ve missed this so much.”

We talked for a while, and then we took a shower together. It was very sensual. We couldn’t keep our hands off one another, and we washed each other which was really fun and sexy. By the time we made it down to the lobby to meet for dinner, we were still just as frisky. I was holding onto her arm when we walked off the elevator. Lacy and Erin were sitting on a couch together. Lacy looked amazing. She had on this cute dress that was very revealing. Her cleavage was to die for and it was tight fitting and short. It was a pale blue, and it looked stunning. My mom even said that to her. Erin looked pretty sexy herself. She was wearing black dress pants and this adorable knit tube top. I could never wear something like that as my boobs are just too huge, but she looked perfect, and she has such great skin for her age, her shoulders are gorgeous. She is in such good shape. I was wearing a sun dress and yes the girls were hanging out a little bit. I’m not much for showing them off around town as a teacher. I just don’t think that is right, but when I’m away from home I don’t mind so much.

My mom was wearing a sexy dress as well. It was one of those button down ones, where the buttons run all the way down the front. She of course had the top couple not buttoned. Which was one of the reasons why I just couldn’t keep my hands off of her. Her breasts are so beautiful.

I was actually surprised that we were the second one down. I felt like we had really taken our time upstairs. Soon enough though the elevator opened again and there was Jill, Kristen, Carol, and Kayla. They all looked great. I love getting dressed up to go out. It is so much fun. Kristen definitely caught my eye. I won’t lie to you and say I don’t still have feelings for her. That will never change and I know she loves me too. Anyway, she had on such a sexy dress. I don’t think everyone can pull off a t-shirt dress. She makes it look so amazing. When you have big 34D boobs and a great butt, and a tiny waist like she does, I suppose she makes everything look great. Hers was adorable though with holes cut out on the shoulders. I loved it.

Oddly enough I didn’t rush off to her. I was glued to my mom’s side. We were sitting close on a couch together holding hands. I can’t explain it, but I felt so in love with my mom right then. I just wanted to be her everything that night. I couldn’t bear not touching her for even an instant. Still I was smiling at Kristen and she winked at me.

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