My Daughter the Dancer Ch. 04


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“You know you’re dad’s a hottie right?”

“Oh shut up!” Rena squealed into her phone.

On the opposite end Lara giggled. “No really, he’s got those big arms that every woman dreams of having wrapped around her. And he’s got that smile and a tight cute butt!”

“Seriously Lara shut up. That’s my dad!”

“I know who it is, why do you think we never use my pool. All I’ve got is a pervy little brother who likes to peek on me in the shower. You’ve got that delicious daddy who sometimes brings us drinks and snacks while we’re in the pool. I just wish he looked at me the way he looks at you.”

Rena remained silent but she felt herself blushing.

“Oh, so you have noticed how he looks at you. I guess it makes sense, you do you look a lot like your mom. I mean a lot, like she should totally come with us to the club sometimes. I bet she’d give up her day job after one night of seeing what people would pay a naught school teacher to strut around the stage.” Rena could almost hear the smile through the telephone.

Without really thinking about it she started bouncing a wooden ruler gently off her knuckles. “Yeah, well age has been extremely kind to my mother.”

“It’s been kind to your parents. I like how you’re being so quiet and pretending you don’t notice your dad checking you out. I mean it wouldn’t be so obvious if my feelings weren’t hurt.”

“WHAT?” Rena gasped slamming the ruler down on her hand palm with a loud snap.


“No not nothing, you tell me what you’re talking about you little skank!” Rena shouted through the phone then immediately lowered her voice. “Tell me what you’re talking about.”

“Why ya whisperin? Don’t want Daddy to year us talking about how sexy he is or how he looks at his daughter?” Lara was practically singing now.

“He’s downstairs playing video games, he won’t hear anything. He doesn’t look at me, but I do want to know why you’re jealous. I mean if you want my dad that bad I’ll just call him.”

“Oh go ahead; I’ll ride that man into the sunset. Wooo!”

“Slut. Now why don’t you tell me what you think you saw.”

“Oh I don’t’ think I saw, I know what I saw. You remember last week? That silver bikini I bought?”

“The one with the butt floss?” Rena replied.

“Yes the one with the butt floss.”

“What about it?”

“Oh, well I didn’t wear it for you silly. I was hoping your old man would finally notice that I’m not a little girl anymore, I’m a grown ass woman, with a great ass.” Rena rolled her eyes not that her friend could see the expression. “At first I thought he was just being polite when he wasn’t looking at me. I tried everything. I mean I tried bending over in front of him, tried accidentally brushing up against him, I even tried the one thing no man has ever resisted. Ice Cream tits. I let that ice cream coat get nice and melty and then oops! It fell off the cone and between my tits, I fumbled it around for a moment smearing them and you know where you’re dad’s eyes were glued the entire time? On you lotioning up those legs of yours!” Rena could hear the pout in her friend’s voice. “I would have been embarrassed except nobody saw me so it wasn’t a big deal going to clean up real quick.”

“You’re lying.” Rena gasped. Of course she knew that she was the one who was lying to herself. She’d seen the way he looked at her ever since she’d come home. She’d been able to feel his eyes on her and she’d enjoyed it.

“No I’m not, and you know it.”

“No you’re lying, my dad doesn’t think of me like that.” Rena squeezed her thighs together tight.

“I think you’re the one who’s lying. I think you like it. I think the reason you’ve been prancing around the house in those skirts and shorts all week is because you like the way he looks at you.” Rena was pumping her legs back and forth trying, and failing to slake the fire between them. The only thing she accomplished was spreading a wetness. “C’mon, you can tell me. You like the way your daddy looks at you.”

“So what if I do?” Rena whispered.

“What? I can’t hear you.”

“What if I do?” Rena repeated a little louder this time. “What if I like the way my daddy beylikdüzü escort looks at me.” The words sounded so incredibly filthy coming out of her mouth. She actually felt her entire body warm as they passed her lips.

“Then you’re an even nastier slut than I am. Do you want to fuck him?”

“NO!” Rena gasped.

“You know that doesn’t sound really convincing. You sure you don’t want to fuck your daddy? You know you can tell me, you can tell me anything.” Lara purred.

“No I don’t want to fuck my daddy.” Rena felt her stomach twist with hunger at the idea of her father and sex. It was a depraved hunger, one she had to deny. He enjoyed looking at her, she’d made her peace with that, and she enjoyed being looked at by him but that was all it could ever be. She could never take it to the next level.

“Are you sure you don’t want to fuck him? I’d understand if you did. He is a sexy piece of beef cake. Maybe I should come over and see if I can’t find away to take his mind off you.”

“Don’t you dare he’s mi-” Rena’s eyes widened suddenly.

“He’s your what?”


“I don’t think that’s what you were originally going to sa-ay!”

Lara had always been like this. Rena had never figured it out but she always knew when Rena was lying to her or holding something back. It was often easier to lie to herself than it was to lie to Lara. “Fine. He’s mine and you can’t have him.”

“Who’s he?” Rena dropped the ruler and scampered to the edge of her bed. She hadn’t even noticed her father until he spoke.

“He, uh he’s nothing. Just talking to Lara. Ha ha.” Rena hadn’t really noticed how little her satin robe covered until she felt his eyes moving over her. “No big, can I help you with something Daddy?”

“I know what you can help him with Rena. Ask him if he has a woody!” Had the phone always been on speaker? Hell was speaker ever that loud?

“Quiet Lara, or do you want me telling your parents that you come over to my house so you can flaunt your body. Or that you smoke dope and drink and don’t you strip at that one club? What’s it called? The Kandy Kat?” Mr. Carson asked in a threatening tone.

“Uh. . .”

“Uh is right young lady. Now goodnight.”

“Yeah. . .goodnight. You won’t tell my folks?” Lara asked sheepishly.

“Goodnight.” Jake Carson repeated and the phone clicked silent.

Rena was silent. Her father knew about Lara and the club? Did he know she danced there as well?

She strained to remember something Lara had said; something about thinking she’d seen a bright blue sports car at the club the other night. She’d described it as the kind of car that made a girl want to jump in and roll. It could have been her father’s. He could have been at the club and seen her dance!

“Now what were you two talking about?” The way Jake was looking at her, she knew he knew.

“Nothing. We weren’t talking about anything important.” Rena was stammering trying to think of a believable lie but the only thing that was coming to mind was the truth. She wanted to mention that someone had seen his car at the strip club, that wouldn’t mean that was in it. His car stood out, they could have been driving. . . crap. The Kandy Kat wasn’t between anything and anything else; it has always puzzled Rena as a child because she’d thought it was a candy shot with the girls coming out dressed like M&Ms. There was no place she could have been driving that would have had her just casually driving past the club. Worst the parking lot was behind the building.

“You know you’re a really bad liar Rena, I could hear you guys through the door. So you think your old man is sexy?” Rena hadn’t noticed before how ripped her father was, she certainly didn’t remember him having a six pack. When had he taken his shirt off? Had he been wearing those silk boxers?

Had there always been that bulge in the front of them?

“If I say yes are you going to freak out?” Rena asked. She wasn’t intentionally stretching her legs out and pushing her finely shaped bottom up into the air but she was intimately aware of how it must have looked from her father’s perspective. She beyoğlu escort bit down on her bottom lip trying to look innocent as she waited for his answer.

“Only if you freak out when I tell you I might have been looking at you.”

“Oh Daddy.” Rena shivered. Rena could see the shame on her father’s face and the effort he was making not to keep looking at her like that but he couldn’t seem to help himself.

What was even worse was she could feel his eyes like a pair of paintbrushes or feathers lightly grazing her skin. When they grazed over her toes they wriggled in response. Then they slipped over her calves they tightened, they beckoned her buttocks upward as she pretended to stretch. The now hot pinpricks paused on her bare shoulders. Her father only needed to use his eyes to turn her over onto her back, her hands moved as if on strings behind her head pushing her breasts up for his approval. Her Father made his approval obvious when he stayed focused on her smallish breasts for a moment before moving down to her stomach and paused.

Rena didn’t know when her robe had slipped open but it was and her father’s gaze had stopped between her thighs staring straight at the narrow strip of blondish hair above her other wise smooth shaven pussy.

“Do you like what you’ve been seeing?” Rena purred, she turned towards her father and spread her legs slowly.

“Don’t.” Rena looked up matching her father’s hungry gaze with her own ravenous stare. She’d was pretty certain she knew the international signs for stop and that wasn’t it.

“Why not, I think you’re sexy you think I’m sexy.” Rena could hardly believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. It was almost like she was disconnected watching herself say things she’d never have the actual courage to.

“You’re my daughter.”

“I know who I am, and I know who you are.” Rena reached up and gripped his boxers and slowly inched them down. “Aren’t you going to stop me Daddy?” When Jake didn’t respond she kept lowering his boxers until his cock was finally freed from its silken confines and she gasped.

The organ hanging from her father’s waist was nearly as thick as her wrist and just a bit shy of being as long as her forearm. He wasn’t even fully erect yet. Jake’s massive cock strained beneath its own weight. “It’s amazing.” Rena’s father was remained silent while she stared in absolute awe. “Can I suck it?”

“Rena, baby.”

“Shhh.” Rena leaned forward and kissed the head of Jake’s cock then squealed when it lurched upward in response. The lewd serpent continued upward until it was pointed directly at her face bobbing threateningly. Rena’s tongue slipped from her mouth to wet her lips and then she opened her mouth and took the head of his cock in. She stayed like that for a moment swiping her tongue back and forth over his cock head. Rena took her time memorizing every bump, every vein and wrinkle. She wanted to remember this moment exactly when it was over.

Rena brought both her hands up to cradle his scrotum. Cradling her father’s enormous organ made Rena suddenly hyper aware of just how petite she was. His sack felt heavy and warm in her hands. She weighed them; one then the other then abandoned his cock to nuzzle them. She inhaled the distinctly masculine scent of her father’s musk. “If you want me to stop you better do it now Daddy. I don’t think I can stop.”

“Then I’ll just have to stop you won’t I?” Jake smiled down at his daughter and she shuddered. She knew that look; she’d gotten it from her boyfriend enough times to know they were already past the point of no return.

“Stop me Daddy!” Rena gasped.

Rena’s gasp turned into a squeal when her dad reached down and picked her up and placed her across his lap. “Someone has been a very naughty girl.” He lifted her robe up over her ass and then started running his hand up and down over her ass. Unlike her boyfriend who had soft hands her father’s hands were rough and callused lightly scratching against her ass. “Very naughty. I think you need a spanking.” Rena tried to wriggle and squirm away but her father held her in place with not obvious effort. She felt bomonti escort so small, so helpless, like an innocent about to be ravaged. Surely she couldn’t be held responsible for anything that happened here. It was all his fault!

Without another word Jake lifted his hand from Rena’s rump and then came back down with a thunderous clap. “Ouch!” She squealed, her buttocks stung and her father reached back and swatted her several more times in rapid succession.

“You’re a bad girl for tempting me like this.” He didn’t sound angry to Rena. He sounded aroused. If she’d had any doubts about his feelings they would have been completely dispelled by the now angrily throbbing club pressed up against her belly. “You’re a temptress! A hussy! A harlot! A Jezebel!” Each sentence was punctuated with an additional spanking and much to her surprise the hot sting of his palm on her ass made her wetter and wetter until she her greased thighs were gliding against each other.


“Look at you. You’re like a bitch in heat.” Her father growled. Rena had forgotten just how strong her father was but he pulled her arms up behind her back with ease holding her tiny wrists in one of his massive mitt like hands. The other pulled the belt from her robe and wrapped it tight around her wrists several times before tying it in place.

“What are you doing Daddy?” Rena gasped. She’d already known she was powerless to stop her father’s savage lust but being bound like a prisoner sent her heart into palpitations. That would be the end of the fight, anything her father wanted to do to her he’d do and she would have no choice but to endure it. She was helpless to stop the animal.

Though the throbbing almost painful feeling between her hips made it questionable how much exactly she wanted to stop him.

“I’m teaching you a lesson about why young ladies shouldn’t prance around the house teasing men. Sooner or later we always lose control and take what we want. That’s what makes us men.” Rena’s father easily hefted her off his lap and dumped her on the bed face buried in her lacey pillows and stuffed animals. He yanked one of them, a large pink stuffed unicorn he’d won for her a few years back at Magic Mountain and stuffed it under her hips.

“Daddy?” Rena whispered struggling to look back at her father. She opened her mouth to speak again but instead of words a pleasured sigh erupted from her lips in response to her father’s tongue sliding into her slit. She couldn’t form words anymore, just sighs, squeals and screams. She’d never had a man who was so expert with his tongue, he was like an artist and every single stroke of his brush was made by a master and painted pleasure over the canvas of his daughter.

Rena was just on the cusp of an orgasm when her father removed his tongue from her and instead brushed the tip of his cock against her clit. “Yes Daddy.” She purred before he asked her. She pushed back toward him. He immediately reminded her just who was in charge when he pushed her arms up slightly driving her back into her pillows.

“Maybe you don’t deserve this.”

“Please don’t deny me Daddy. I’ll be good!” Rena couldn’t believe she was pleading to be fucked. She’d never been this aroused in her entire life and to make things just a little worse it was her father!

“Maybe.” He teased for a moment then pushed his cock into her.


Rena shot up right in her twin bed gasping. She apparently been tossing and turning her sleep, her blanket was in a heap on the floor and the rest of the sheets were tangled around her legs. There was a huge embarrassing wet spot around her crotch. “Oh God.” Rena whimpered in disbelief.

“That was a rather intense dream.” Rena muttered. And it was just getting to the good part goddammit!

She already knew that going back to sleep wasn’t an option and even if it had been there was no way she was going to get back into that right dream anyway. Rena sighed in frustration grabbed her bikini and a pair of shorts, peaked her head out of her room glancing around to make sure her father wasn’t out and scampered quickly to the bathroom.

As soon as the water was hot enough for her to get in Rena was leaned up against the cold tiles with her fingers pumping in and out of her slick cunt. She hoped her father was asleep, or down stairs or out of the house all together because despite her best efforts she cried out for him when she came.

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