My Cousin Tiffany: The Stripper Ch. 02


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I started waking up with a nice feeling. She had my cock in her mouth and was sucking me gently; she was slurping on my cock and seemed to be enjoying it. I opened my eyes and saw that the sun was going down as my cousin Tiffany was going down on me.

I admired the sight of my cock going in and out of her mouth slowly. I ran my hands through her hair and she smiled up at me while she was sucking me. She let my dick go from her mouth for a moment. I looked at her and the resemblance between her and Denise Richards was uncanny. I just could not get over it. Take Denise from the movie Wild Things and that is pretty much what my cousin Tiffany looks like.

“About time you wake up sleepy-head! I have been sucking you for half an hour. I am amazed you didn’t cum yet.” She said.

“It usually takes me about an hour or so to cum.” I said truthfully.

“Really?” She asked, amazed.

“Yeah that’s usually if I am hurrying to cum. If I take my time I usually can last for a few hours.” I said while yawning and stretching.

Tiffany put my cock back in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down at a face pace. She seemed determined to make me cum fast just to prove me wrong. Tiffany had her eyes closed but opened them and stared at me while she sucked me. There is nothing more exciting then to watch my cock go in and out of a woman’s mouth. It is even more exciting to have that woman look at me while she is doing it.

I grabbed the back of Tiffany’s head and held it in place as I thrust in and out of her mouth. I then let her head go after she deep-throated me a couple of times. She resumed sucking me at a fast pace. She ran her tongue around the head of my cock (which I love!). She pumped the base of my dick as it went in and out of her mouth.

She seemed to be making every effort to make sure my cock was soaking wet. She let my cock fall from her mouth.

I looked at her surprised.

“What?” I began to ask.

“Do you remember what we were talking about before you slept?” Tiffany asked.

“Ummmm, no sorry. I must have been too sleepy. Refresh my memory.” I said.

“I told you I never tried anal before and wanted to try it.” She said.

“Oh yeah.” I said.

The memory began coming back to me.

“Ok, on one condition.” I said using her desire as an advantage over her.

“What’s that?” Tiffany asked with an eyebrow arched.

“After we do that I want you to suck me and swallow my cum.” I said.

Tiffany looked doubtful at first.

“If not we can stop right now. It’s ok with me. What we are doing is wrong anyways so maybe we shouldn’t do any of that.” I said using reverse psychology on her.

It worked.

“Ok, just don’t stop. It has been awhile since I got laid and I haven’t really done it that much in my life. Please just promise me you won’t stop.” Tiffany said.

I smiled.

“Ok, if you insist.” I said acting as if I was giving in even though I was more then willing.

She got further onto the bed and kneeled doggy-style with her hands and knees resting on the bed and her ass fully exposed.

“I heard that position is pretty painful.” I said.

I read somewhere in a magazine that it was more painful for a woman to have anal sex doggy-style.

“Ok, how do we do it then?” She asked, puzzled.

Lay down. She did but on her back.

“No, on your side. Yeah like that with me to your back. Rub your pussy for me. Get it all soaking wet.” I said

She rubbed her pussy with her one hand while massaging her tits with the other.

“It already is soaking baby.” She purred.

I lay down beside her, entered her pussy from behind, and began slowly fucking her. I reached around her and pinched her nipples and she moaned.

“Oh Mike! I want you to fuck my ass!” She said as though I misunderstood her.

“I will baby! Just wait a few minutes. I want to get my cock wet enough to fuck your ass.” I told her.

I pulled my cock from her pussy a few minutes later and yabancı escort it made a “plop” sound. Good!

I put my cock at the entrance to her ass.

“Ok, this might hurt some. Just play with your pussy and bite down on your lower lip some that might ease the pain.” I said.

Tiffany nodded her head and began playing with her pussy and biting her lower lip. I put the head of my cock in her ass and a moan escaped from her mouth even through her teeth despite them digging into her lower lip.

I decided to go for broke and shoved my entire cock all the way up her ass.

“OH MY GOD!” She screamed.

“Are you ok?” I asked as I held my cock in place in her ass.

I nibbled on her earlobe from behind.

“Don’t……stop. Stay still for a moment, let me get used to it.” She said breathlessly.

I could feel her furiously rubbing her pussy and moaning. I gently began pulling slowly out of her ass until only the head of my cock was in her. She gasped and I shoved my entire cock back inside of her. She moaned loudly but it wasn’t a scream this time.

I took that as a positive sign and began thrusting in and out of her ass slowly. She gasped but did not make another sound for a few minutes. I began to think she didn’t like it when she started moaning again.

“Oh yeah! Mike that feels so good! It feels so good having you in my ass like this. It feels forbidden. Oh, I love how your cock feels inside me! Fuck me Mike!” She screamed.

I thrust in and out of her. I thrust in all the way and stayed like that.

“Don’t stop baby!” She said.

“If you want to do it doggy-style, now would be a good time since you are used to it.” I said.

“Oh.” She moaned.

I held onto her body and stayed buried deep inside of her as we rolled over. We ended up doggy-style. Tiffany buried her face in the pillows.

“My God that feels deep inside of me!” She said.

“Quit complaining!” I said and slapped her ass.

“Ow! Do it again!” She commanded.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” I said and slapped her ass again.

I was teasing her and she knew it. I spread her asscheecks for deeper penetration as I thrust in and out of her ass. I could feel her ass tightening on me, squeezing me much like her pussy did earlier. I began thrusting faster and deeper and felt that familiar urge to cum.

“Oh yeah, oh baby I am going to cum!” She screamed.

“Oh yeah me too!” I moaned.

“Cum in my ass! I want to feel it!” She commanded.

I could feel her pussy start spasming from being inside of her and I started cumming.

“Oh yeah! I can feel your cum inside me!” Tiffany said.

We both collapsed to the bed exhausted. I rolled over onto my back and Tiffany put her head on my chest. I put my arm around her and we lay like that for a while.

“I think it’s time you lived up to your end of the deal.” I whispered to her.

She smiled and kissed me and started kissing her way down my body. She kissed my dick, licked the head gently, and took the head of my cock in her mouth. Sucking me softly with her warm, wet mouth.

“Oh yeah!” I moaned as I guided her head up and down on my cock.

She kept her eyes locked on mine the whole time, never breaking eye contact. I thrust in and out of her mouth roughly to see if it would cause her to blink, yet her eyes never left mine. She began sucking me seriously, making sloppy noises with her mouth. The noises a woman makes while sucking a cock always seems to turn me on that much more.

She rubbed her big tits against my legs teasingly. She also began rubbing her pussy again.

“Why don’t you let me do that?” I asked, as I watched her rubbing her pussy.

She moved her body until her pussy was resting over my face. She never took my cock out of her mouth, just allowed it to slide around in her mouth as she maneuvered her body over mine. I began licking her pussy as she was sucking my cock. We began competing to see who could lick yeni escort and suck faster and better. I had her moaning as I was playing with her clit and sticking my tongue in and out of her pussy.

She had me breaking out in a sweat from how good she was sucking my cock. I began thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth eagerly as she smothered me with her pussy, barely allowing me to breath. We were both licking each other at an even pace and we both were close to cumming.

“Oh yeah I want to feel your mouth on my cock when I cum!” I said between licking her.

She took her mouth off my cock for a moment.

“Only if you lick my pussy all through my orgasm too!” She said.

“That’s a deal!” I said.

Her hair began getting wet with sweat from constantly sucking me without a break. She was covered in a thin sheet of sweat on her body which made our 69 even sexier. I could smell her pussy and taste her pussy and wanted to feel her cum as I did.

I began licking her faster as she sucked me faster. We both could barely breathe but wouldn’t stop until the other came. Finally, I heard her moaning around my cock and could feel her pussy getting wetter as her orgasm approached.

“OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING!” She screamed.

“Oh yeah!” I let loose and flooded her mouth with my cum.

I came so much that drops of cum escaped her mouth and dribbled down her chin. I could see this as she stopped for a moment and looked back at me. I could hear her gulping to try to keep up with the cum flowing from my cock into her mouth. I returned to licking her pussy juices and felt her pussy spasming constantly around my tongue.

I noticed it was fully dark outside when we both stopped. It was well into the night. We lay there for a long while holding each other’s naked body.

“I never knew moving up here would be so exciting!” She said, we both laughed.

She got up and went to get us lemonades because we were both thirsty. I watched her naked body leave the room and admired her, taking a mental picture of her at the moment.

She returned a few minutes later and put the lemonades down on the night table next to the bed.

“I never had better sex in my life!” Tiffany said while leaning over my body.

I pulled her down on top of me so that her naked body lay on top of mine.

“We could always try to top it!” I said.

We kissed and I could feel her hand caressing my cock while my hands roamed her body. We continued kissing passionately, our tongues battling fiercely. My cock was getting hard when she stopped kissing me and sat up. She looked me in the eyes as she slowly lowered herself onto my cock. She slid all the way down until I was completely inside her. She then began riding up and down my cock; she leaned over and let her big tits rub against my chest.

My hands caressed her tits as she rode me and moaned.

She had a serious expression on her face as she rode me. It looked so sexy. She looked determined, horny, and beautiful as can be. She leaned over me and we began kissing again as my cock went in and out of her pussy. Her pussy was soaking wet from her orgasms and it was sloppy but it felt so fucking good! I grabbed her ass and guided her up and down on my cock faster as out tongues met repeatedly.

“Oh fuck yeah. Fuck me cousin Mike! I love feeling your cock inside me!” Tiffany screamed.

I licked and gently nibbled on her erect nipples and sucked on the flesh of her tits as we fucked.

“Fuck my brains out Mike. Oh yeah baby! I love it!” Tiffany screamed.

I watched as my cock disappeared in and out of the thin, well-trimmed, hair between her legs. Just the sight of that alone almost set me off. Tiffany then put her lips to my ear and whispered to me.

“I want to feel your cum in my pussy!” She said as she softly licked my ear.

She began riding me faster and harder. I could hear our bodies slapping against each other. I slapped her ass a few times, yenibosna escort she moaned, and I kept doing it. I rubbed the triangle of pussy hair that covered her pussy and felt my cock going in and out of her.

“Oh yeah fuck me! Don’t stop Mike! Shoot your cum deep inside of me!” She moaned.

“Oh fuck yeah! I’m going to cum!” I moaned.

“I’m cummmmmmmingggg!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

I let loose and felt my cum shoot out of my dick and into her pussy. I watched her face as I did this. It turned from shock to ecstasy in a few seconds. She sat back on my cock and stared at me.

“WOW!” Was all she could say.

“I know. Feels great don’t it?” I asked.

“Fucking awesome!” She said.

She leaned forward and lay on top of me naked. I caressed her back and slapped her ass playfully.

“Ow!” She said.

“Quit complaining. You loved it!” I said.

“Yeah, I did.” She said laughing.

We lay there together like that and were silent for a few minutes.

“I got a question.” She said suddenly.

“Ok, ask away.” I responded.

“Have you ever fucked another woman in the family?” She asked, shocking me somewhat.

I was startled. How do I answer this? I guess the truth never hurt.

“Yes.” I answered.

“Really?” Tiffany asked, sounding shocked in the darkness of the room.

I could barely see her face in the faint moonlight.

“Yes, really.” I answered.

I knew what was coming next. I dreaded it but it came anyways.

“Who?” Tiffany asked.

“Promise that it will be between you and me only.” I said.

“I promise. I mean who can I tell after what we did anyways?” She said.

“Aunt Rachael.” I said.

“WOW! You fucked aunt Rachael?” She asked.

I nodded my head.

“When?” She asked.

“Well the first time was about 3 years ago or so. I can’t remember exactly when. The most recent time was last night and this morning.” I confessed.

“Wow, I’m shocked. Was she good?” Tiffany asked.

I laughed.

“Yeah she was great.” I said.

“Better then me?” She asked.

“Nope. Almost as good though.” I said both teasing and truthfully.

“Really?” She asked and tossed her hair back smiling.

“Really.” I answered.

She kissed me and cut off further conversation as her lips met mine. We made passionate love the rest of the night. We hung out a lot that summer and fucked like crazy every chance we got.

A few years later Tiffany and her family moved back to Texas. The last time her father came to visit me, he showed me pictures of Tiffany naked on a stage. She became a stripper! I smiled thinking that maybe I had something to do with that

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Side notes: At times it was tough writing this story because of the amount of time that passed since it actually happened. True stories are cool and it is nice reading them but sometimes it can be tough remembering things years after they took place. I hoped you all enjoyed the sequel. I felt a lot of pressure writing it because of the responses to the original story. I never felt such pressure writing in my life before but it was a good challenge. Hope I lived up to the expectations. Please join my website for first looks at my stories. It is completely free and an easy way to contact me. For “Behind the Scenes” of this story and all my stories please check out my website which is located on my profile.

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