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I started work for MMM Distribution in spring of 1985. I was a bright-eyed naive 22-year-old young man. It was a small company with about 12 people on board. I worked in the office area as a purchasing agent with 3 other ladies. In my little area I worked closely with Beth. Beth was about the same age as me and was working part time while she went to the local college. We got along well but were from very different backgrounds. I still lived at home and was still dating my high school sweetheart. I was soon to learn about office romance.

I liked Beth right off. We didn’t really socialize but we had a little spark. She was a very tall woman. She was 6′ tall, large breasts, and had long black hair, and a perpetual tan. She was a Midwest version of a beach babe. Her time was coming to an end at MMM as she was about to get her degree and move back east where her family is from. I asked her if she would like to have a farewell dinner before she was outta here. To my surprise she said that would be great.

We had a little send off at work for Beth her last Friday at MMM. After the day is done we agree to meet at Smittys for drinks and dinner. Beth has arrived there ahead of me and has commandeered a quiet booth. We enjoy a couple of cocktails. I always felt a little intimidated by Beth. She has a very regal manner about her. We grew pretty close in spite of our different backgrounds and interests. Beth asks if I would like to hang out at her place after dinner. I respond of course.

It’s only about 7:00pm and I made no plans with my girlfriend tonight. Beth asks me to give her a 30-minute head start so she can neaten her place up a bit. I sit at the bar and wonder what is in store for me. Beth and I have never even flirted or joked around sexually. I find her very attractive but I have been faithful to my girlfriend Kathy. We will see.

I arrive exactly when Beth asked me to. I am shocked when she opens the door wearing only a short silky robe. Her intentions are clear. At this point I become very nervous. Beth picks up on that right away. She asks if I am a virgin. I chuckle and say no but I have been very faithful to Kathy. Beth smirks and says Kathy should be so faithful.

Beth then lets her robe fall open to reveal her near perfect breasts and very trimmed pussy. Beth comes over to me and sits down. She is gently rubbing my crotch. My cock feels like a caged animal in my pants. Beth looks at me in surprise and asks how big my cock is. I tell her its over 9″ when hard. She laughs and yells “jackpot”. She tells me that the girls in the office had bets going. I asked Beth what she guessed and she tells me a mere 7″.

I tell her that I have never had sex with anyone but Kathy. Beth tells me not to worry that she will take good care of me. I stand up and Beth slides my trousers down and then feels up my giant cock in my shorts. She quickly pulls my shorts down and is clearly enamored with a thick big cock poking at her face. Beth is not a girl to let an opportunity go by and swallows about 6″ of my hard shaft. In gentle rocking motions she is bobbing back and forth on my shaft. She keeps sliding more of her mouth around my shaft.

After a few minutes she is taking me all the way down in slow deliberate motions. Beth has done this before! It isn’t long before I am having trouble standing. Beth is sensing my weakness and goes down even deeper on my cock. I let out several low moans. I ask if it’s ok to cum in her mouth and I get no response just more mouth on my shaft. I am having trouble holding on to my load as Beth has my loose big balls in her hands. Beth has her mouth down to my balls when I let loose a yelp and my cock starts spurting. Beth hasn’t budged an inch as I am firing my sperm down her throat. Finally she starts sliding her mouth back off my cock as I am still shooting my cream. Beth is smiling and laughing as she has resorted to jerking my still shooting cock. I blast her face and breasts with my wad as I fall to my knees. I have never had a blowjob like that. Kathy just doesn’t do it.

My head is resting on Beth’s thigh as she guides my face into her wet warm pussy. She is soaking wet. I have my tongue in her in short order. I gently lap at the edges of her trimmed vagina. I have three fingers inside her. I keep lapping at her large clit. Her warm wetness in intoxicating. Beth has my hair in both hands and I am sure she is close and sure enough she shudders and gyrates. She is almost crying she is so over the edge. I just hang on with my head between her tanned thighs. Finally she has let loose her cum. She lets go of my hair and slumps back on her sofa. I flop down next to her. Both of us drained.

We rest for a few minutes and cuddle. I tell Beth that I will miss her much. She tells me the same. She pulls a condom out of her robe pocket and asks me to fuck her before she leaves. She strokes my cock to its fullness and slides on a rubber that doesn’t quite fit but it will do. I get on my ataşehir escort bayan knees in front of her. I grab her ankles and lift and spread her legs. I gently guide my cock into her. I ask her to tell me when to stop. To my amazement I get my entire shaft buried in her. I have never had my entire cock inside a woman. It feels incredible.

Beth tells me to fuck her hard. I am feeling incredible as I thrust in and out of her pussy. I can actually feel her inside trying to grip my cock. I can’t hold on much longer. After a few minutes of steady thrusting I moan and shove my cock in as deep as I can as I explode inside her hot pussy. Even though I came 30 minutes ago I am cumming hard and steady. I grunt and fall into Beth’s arms. I can’t help but nibble on her firm large breasts still sticky from my first ejaculation. I crawl up on the sofa and Beth takes the beat up cum filled condom off my cock. She holds it up like a trophy and asks where I get all that cum from. I just shrug.

Beth leans over and kisses me and tells me to not be so trusting of Kathy. She also tells me that women pick up on my manhood and I shouldn’t be shy about approaching women. I give her a deep tongue in mouth kiss and we say our final good byes. I am dressed and give Beth one final peck on her cheek. I realize that I will never see her again. I tell her to enjoy life and I will think of her often.

A few weeks have gone by since my fateful night with Beth. Things have not been the same with Kathy since that night. Its like Beth awakened sexuality in me that I had not known. As Kathy and I have our usual Saturday night date I am pretty open during the evening that things need to change sexually. Kathy abruptly tells me that if I am thinking about oral sex forget it! I think back to that evening with Beth and ask Kathy if she would reconsider. Her quick response is no. I tell her that we have to end our relationship, as I need more. She cries a bit but I have been down that road with her. I drop her off at her home.

Well it feels odd to be free but I am happy. We have hired a new woman to take Beth’s part time position. Her name is Peggy. She is attending the local college and works part time. Peggy is almost exactly my age and is from the local blue-collar area that I am from. We hit it off immediately. Peggy is perky little brunette about 5’2″ and weighs about 120#. She is ever so slightly pudgy. It’s cute. She is all of a size 6 dress. Peggy wear business attire to the office which usually includes skirts, shiny nylons, and 3″ fuck me pumps. I think she caught me gawking at her nylon clad legs like the second hour she was here. Oh well.

Peggy has been here now about 2 months and she has a boyfriend that has gummed up my plans. I figure I am still in the hunt as the boyfriend is usually late or never shows up for their dates. I will keep an eye on her situation.

This particular Friday is a very busy day. We have hardly noticed its almost 5:00pm. Peggy has a big date with her low life boyfriend Kevin. I never say anything but I can’t wait forever for a crack at Peggy. As the clock hits 5:00pm she calls Kevin to firm up their plans. I can see that she is sort of teary eyed. She knows I am right here. She says that he is going to Indiana with his roommate and some buddies. I smoothly tell her most guys would be much happier right here with her. She smiles and rolls her eyes as she has gotten used to my dry sense of humor. Sensing an opportunity I ask if she would like to hang out with me tonight. She hesitates but then comes back with a resounding yes.

I am excited as I head home to get ready to take Peggy out. Peggy is more of a skirt and heels lady so I dress up a little more than I usually do on a date. I am at her apartment at 7:00pm sharp. I knock on the door and her roommate Ginny answers the door. Ginny is Peggy’s sister and the resemblance is uncanny. We chat for a few minutes and Peggy walks in the room. Wow she is dressed to kill in her best 80’s looking outfit. Short tight mini skirt, black nylons, red boots. Peggy tells her sister not to wait up for her.

We head strait for her favorite club. I think Peggy is making a point to Kevin indirectly. We have a pretty good time at the club. Peggy is pounding drinks and I sense this is not going to be the sex filled evening I had envisioned. I finally get Peggy to eat something at 10:00pm. She insists on going to another dance club. We do the same drill there with Peggy letting every friend know that she is with me not Kevin.

Its now pushing 1:00am and my Peggy is a limp pile of nylons, boots, and teased hair. I get her into the car and pray she doesn’t puke on my upholstery. I think about what a wasted opportunity this was. I get her up to her door and deliver Peggy to her sister. Ginny laughs and says that Peggy will get what she deserves the next day. I’m sure Peggy will not be well when she awakes. I head home disappointed and lonely. I guess escort kadıöy Peggy must really be hooked on this loser.

I get to the office on the following Mondays at 6:00am to prepare for our mid morning staff meeting. I am the only one here until about 7:30 usually. I notice a couple of lights are on that usually are off but don’t think too much of it. As I settle in to my area I hear a door squeak and Peggy’s voice. I can’t see her but I hear her calling to come over to the conference room. I walk over and jokingly ask what’s going on. I open the door and Peggy is sitting on the edge of the big table wearing only nylons and a garter belt. She signals for me to come over to her. She is just ravishing.

As I move towards her she opens her legs to reveal her shaved pussy. Peggy tells me that she wants to make up for ruining my Friday evening. I tell her that it was no problem. She insists that she intended on pleasing me that night. I am close enough to her that she can reach my shirt and starts to unbutton it. It’s not long until my slacks and underwear are at my feet.

Peggy can’t take her eyes off my big cock. I ask her if it’s a problem. She says no problem. I ask if she is used to big cocks and she says not really. She knows enough to put saliva on my now very large head. I gently start to insert my cock head into her bald snatch. I work my way in and out and move in deeper every time. After a few minutes of thrusts I am in almost all the way. Peggy is flat on her back grunting like an animal. I keep working my tool in and out slow but firm and steady.

As I have decided to take control of my sexual life I pull my throbbing cock out of Peggy. I tell her to get on her knees and suck my cock. She does as I say without hesitation. She wraps her lips around my large head and struggles to go down on my shaft. She isn’t getting very far but I am ready to cum anyway. Peggy has begun to swirl her tongue around my cock head. I tell her it wont be long now. She continues to work my head and with no warning my cock just explodes. I didn’t even know it was about to cum. I am spraying cum all over Peggy’s face. She tries flicking my head with her tongue but my streams of white cum move her back. I am finally subsiding and she wraps her mouth around my head and actually goes down about 4″ on my shaft. Peggy keeps slurping my juices from my deflating cock. She is a mess from my explosion. She sidles up to me and kisses my on my cheek and tells me this will be our new Monday tradition. I can only answer yes!

True to Peggy’s word we had an office dalliance about every Monday morning. Peggy seemed turned on by the chance of getting caught. That chance was pretty remote as no one in this company got up much before 7:00am. She became quite skilled at handling my large cock. She told me that Kevin had a very small cock and that was getting to be a big problem for her.

Peggy’s year had whipped by and she was now getting ready to move to Texas to be with a soldier she had met a few months ago. She told me he was a stud. I told her how happy she made me. We had one last encounter in my car no less after her last day of work. Peggy deep throated me and took my entire load without a flinch. We embraced and kissed passionately for 10 or so minutes. I told her that I would miss her. Peggy told me the same. I knew I would not see her again.

I am alone again in my office environment. I have to say that I have almost grown used to having a sex partner right here with me. I really had no desire to date Peggy but having a weekly romp and occasionally nighttime encounters was exactly what I needed.

For the next year or so I was quite depressed at work. My company had split our offices in two and it was just I in the office area. I supervised the logistics and warehousing. I liked it but it was a handful doing all the paper flow alone. I have had a request in for an assistant since Peggy left. I longed for the repartee I had with Peggy or Beth. Not to mention the sex! My usual interaction was with freight reps or the warehouse foreman. Not very exciting. Things were about to change.

As the years had gone by I found myself going on 27 years of age with almost 5 years of service in here at MMM. I was making good money. Had my own place now. My dating was still rather erratic as I am very choosy bordering on rude I am told. I don’t mean to but I just will not waste 5 years with a unfulfilling relationship. I missed my office hijinx.

As the calendar turned to November 1989 my work world would get more exciting. Judy from LLP freight lines had been calling for an appointment for a few weeks and I finally gave in and scheduled a meeting for today at 4:00pm.

The doorbell rings and I am pleasantly surprised to see a pretty shorthaired blonde woman. I welcome her in and we meet in our conference room. She is very pleasant and has a likeable manner about her. While she is prattling on about freight I am fantasying maltepe escort about having her. I respond in a polite manner to her questions and observations. Judy is very attractive. I would estimate that she is mid 30’s. I notice no wedding ring.

As we wind down I ask her if she would like to grab a drink or dinner some evening. She responds that she is involved right now. I feel a little embarrassed but I have learned to take my shots. Judy and I wrap up. As she is ready to leave she tells me that she would love to do something with me. I smile and tell how happy that makes me.

She says that she means right now. I give the deer in the headlights looks and mutter something like “ugh”. She laughs and says take me now. I did tell her that we were the only ones left on this dreary Tuesday afternoon. Judy already is unbuttoning her blouse. I help her slide it off her shoulders. She has on a shiny tan camisole underneath. She slides her skirt down. She looks great in her camisole, pantyhose, and white high heels. I caress her soft medium sized breasts and kiss her neck. She has worked her hands to my belt buckle and undoes my trousers.

We are moving fast like horny teenagers but the lust feeling is tremendous. Judy has my fully erect cock in her hands. She sits while she is tonguing my hard member. She asks me to fuck her doggie style. I get Judy down on all fours and slide her pantyhose down. Her pussy is dripping wet and my cock slides in very easily. I work my way in her gently but firmly. I cant get it all in but I have a good 8″ worked into her pussy. She is clutching the sofa while I glide in and out of her from behind.

She is very lively as I really am working her hard with my cock. Her moans have turned into low whimpering. I believe she is cumming as I thrust my cock into her pussy. She tries to wiggle away but I don’t let her. I keep pushing deeper as she moves her sweet pussy. She has cum twice I believe as I have kept my steady ramming up. I am fucking Judy hard and long now.

She is begging me to cum on her ass. I am moaning as I feel my jizz moving into my shaft. I let out a grunt and slap my spurting cock on her ass. I stroke my hard cock. Each stroke elicits a thick stream of cum. I am splattering her ass, back, and camisole and I empty my balls. Finally I have finished ejaculating. I apologize to Judy for messing her camisole and she just smiles. I get her a towel and get her cleaned up. She gets redressed and we still are pawing each other. She tells me that she must leave but we will do this again. Judy tells me that when we meet she will wear white high heels if all is ok for a romp.

Judy and I met about once every three weeks or so. I always scheduled Judy for late in the day when all were gone. I believe that Judy wore white high heels every time she visited me. For almost 2 years we lusted after each other. On a visit in October of 1991 she informed me that she was moving to Minneapolis and this would be our last time together.

I expected this day would come and had a gift ready for her. A gold autumn leaf broach. She loved the leaves and she cried when I gave this to her. She even asked me if I wanted to join her in Minneapolis. I told her that the thought was inviting it would just ruin the times we have had. She nodded. We kissed the long kiss and off she went. I knew we would never be together again.

Well I must confess to missing my lust fests with Judy. Things are looking up here. The company owner sent me a memo authorizing me to hire an administrative assistant. Well I am torn between hiring a sex mate or someone that gets the job done. I will have to be cautious.

I spend most of a week interviewing different ladies with no luck. My last interview of the week is Annette. She is 40 years old and recently divorced looking to get her career going. She is right on time. I meet her in the lobby and she is just my type. Lets hope she knows how to work in an office. I have doubts she can get the job done but her attitude on the phone was very enthusiastic.

She looks wonderful. She is wearing high heel boots that are knee high. She has great titties. Gorgeous eyes and bright blonde hair. I almost ask how anyone could possibly divorce her. Her interview goes well but I am leaning against her. She must pick up on that. Annette lays a little sob story on me and I cant say no to her. I tell her to be here Monday at 8:00 and we will give it a week. We shake on it and I wonder what I am getting into.

Monday morning rolls in and I almost forgot that Annette starts work today. I am in the office by 7:00. At 7:30 the bell rings and Annette is here early and is ready to get started. She is a really attractive woman. Annette is 5’7″ about 135#, firm large breasts, great legs, blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She dresses very business like which is a wild turn on for me.

We get along great. She struggles with the work but she very hard working and will cover my ass when things get crazy. At the end of her first week we have meeting Friday afternoon. I can tell she is nervous. We get together and I tell her that she has the job. She actually cries and tells me I wont regret my decision. I tell her I am counting on her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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