My Best Friend’s Mum Ch. 01


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In the north of England when you’re 18 you generally live in the pub. I did anyway, with my best mate Dave. I’m Carl by the way. Dave and me had been mates forever. I’d moved to the area when I was very young and Dave had been the first friend I made and we’d been like brothers ever since.

As we got older our interests differed to a degree, I was going to head off to uni, get my degree in history and become a teacher, eventually, Dave wasn’t academic, he left school at 16 and became a pot-man, by 18 he was a licensee and running his own pub. that was great because Dave was 13 months older than me so he’d make sure I was having nights out earlier than I really should have been.

I enjoyed 6th form, you were effectively still at school but teachers and students were all on first name terms, so you felt more mature. It was an enjoyable 2 years and I did well, an A in History, an A in Geography and a B in English Literature, I was on my way to uni.

Daves mum worked at the college, she was the principals secretary, so I’d see her around quite a lot. Becky was in her early forties, around 5ft 2, slightly built but in shape, she cycled and swam regularly, and it showed in her tight maltepe escort physique. She had short light brown hair, brown eyes, and a cute, but, as it turned out, wicked smile. Becky was the mum that all the lads fancied, the MILF amongst my group of friends.

Prior to me getting my results, at the end of term the college had its prom. My friends and I all got suited up, limo, cigars, champagne, and headed to the party. By the time we got to the venue we were all pretty drunk. It was a good night, we drank, we danced, we were silly, as you’d expect teenage boys to be. I spent some time with a girl I’d seen on and off at college, Jo.

I was not a bad looking lad, 6ft 2, muscular, I played flanker for the local rugby club and had played at college as well. Jo had noticed me early at college and while I had played the field, I believe Jo had as well, we always gravitated back to each other. As the night wore on Jo and myself found ourselves together on the dancefloor. I was heading to the bar to get the both of us a drink when Daves mum approached me.

“You and Jo look like you’re gonna have a good end to the night.” She wryly smiled, then cheekily winked at me.

“I escort maltepe hope so, it’s been a good night. You enjoyed it?” I replied.

Becky looked a little sad, “Yeah, but I’ve been to a lot of these, most of the staff are dull and I end up dancing around on my own.”

“I’ll have a dance with you, come on.” I grabbed Beckys hand and led her to the dancefloor.

“Jo might not like this. Are you sure you want to dance with an oldie like me, and I don’t wanna ruin a sure thing for you.” I liked Beckys concern for my ending the night with Jo.

“An oldie like you, are you joking? You’re easily the fittest lass here, little black dress, heels, you look gorgeous!” The drink had clearly made me say things that I wouldn’t normally say to my best mates mum.

Jo saw me with Becky and charged over “Where’s my drink and who the fuck is she?”

“Calm down” It dawned on me that I actually wasn’t that bothered about Jo, been there, done that. “I’m just having a dance with my mates mum, if it bothers you that much then do one.”

“I will” she replied, and that was the end of Jo.

Becky was a great dancer, she’d been a gymnast in her youth and had great maltepe escort bayan flexibility. “Jo didn’t look happy.” She said.

“Jealous.” I responded. “Don’t get me wrong, she’s fit, but she’s not you.” I was getting a bit more confident with my chat.

The DJ put on a slow dance song Becky looked slightly hesitant “Do you want another drink?” She asked. I didn’t. Becky looked really beautiful and I wanted to hold her close. I shook my head, put my hands around her waist and pulled her close.

She place her head in my chest as I towered over her. There was no distance between us and it felt great, we weren’t really dancing, just holding each other and swaying, but it felt really good.

Then excitement overcame me, the closeness, slight friction, her incredible scent, I started to become aroused, not fully, but enough that she’d surely feel my growing cock.

The song finished and before I was completely erect I moved myself to Beckys side and escorted her to the bar. I wanted something to happen, desperately, but I felt tonight wasn’t the right time to make my move. But that would come soon enough.

“That was nice. having a nice strong young man hold me so tenderly.” Becky said.

“It was.” I replied. “Now let’s get a drink inside us.”

We drank and danced for a while longer before I was dragged away by my mates to carry on the night in town, while sadly Becky decided she would head home.

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