Mutual Boredom Ch. 02


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Monica was beaming as she looked out into her backyard. Her last encounter with Charles had spun her mood right around, she couldn’t wait for him to come over this afternoon. She hadn’t even considered using her battery operated friend Antonio all week. Monica had special plans for this week. She had laid out a blanket in her massive backyard knowing the neighbors couldn’t see a thing.

Charles came over around one in the afternoon. He made his way around back of Monica’s house and headed for the pool area, he was stunned by what he saw. Monica was laying in a recliner taking in the sunlight wearing her skimpiest bikini. Charles took in her perfect body not believing she had two children.

He scanned up and down her slender form worshipping her gymnast’s legs, her pert breasts, and tight body. His cock was already stirring in his jeans. Monica looked back up at him with a lust in her eyes concealed by her sunglasses. She stood up in front of him and ran her hands over his chest and stomach.

Charles returned contact feeling her sides and back. He stood a foot taller than Monica, she felt so small in his arms. She leaned up and licked his lips with her wet tongue. Charles opened his mouth and let their tongues meet. They kissed tightly like two lovers reunited after a long absence. They tasted each other and felt each other all over.

Monica felt a fire igniting between her legs. Charles was the first man in a long time to make her feel like this. She pressed in closer and felt his hardness poking her. She could feel her lust growing, she wanted him bad. Charles let his hands roam over her whole body. He loved the feel of the fabric of her bikini but couldn’t wait to feel what was under.

Monica led Charles over to the blanket konyaaltı escort she’d laid out in the yard. Laying him down, she danced seductively for him. She reached down and began to strip him of his clothes. Charles’s shirt came off with ease and Monica leaned in to kiss his chest. She knew from last time that his nipples were sensitive and gave them proper attention with her tongue. She loved teasing Charles. Her hand was busy feeling his cock through his jeans. The worked his zipper like an expert. In no time she was sliding his jeans and shorts down his leg freeing his cock from it’s confines.

Monica smirked when she saw Charles had shaved for her, she loved the feeling of a smooth cock. She jerked him off slowly with her hand while returning her tongue to his nipples. Charles moaned loudly as she did this. She ran her hand up and down his thick shaft, squeezing it to bring more blood into the head. Monica ran her tongue down his body and began teasing his cock with it. She giggled as she drew out another moan from Charles.

She ran up the underside of his shaft and onto his head. She flicked her tongue over the slit tasting his pre-cum that had formed. She slowly took his head into her mouth looking up at him with a fire in her eyes. She caressed him in her mouth, moving up and down in a shallow motion. She pumped him with her hand, getting more excited by the sounds she was producing from him.

Charles didn’t know how much longer he could handle it, he was amazed by Monica’s oral skills. She expertly worked over his manhood, she loved what she was doing to him. Charles tried to concentrate on not cumming, but it was like Monica was possessed. He knew she had driven him beyond the brink, and he warned that he was going to blow. kültür escort

Monica took him out of her mouth and aimed his cock at her chest. Charles groaned loudly has his cock erupted all over her bikini top and belly. She pumped with her hand trying to get every bit out of him. She loved the feeling of his cum on her. Charles, once he regained the ability to speak, told Monica that it wasn’t over yet. He told her to run inside quick and grab Antonio.

Monica sprinted in and returned about a minute later with her little friend and a towel. She cleaned herself off really quickly and sat down next to Charles on the blanket. Charles untied her bikini top and immediately began to work on her nipples. As he alternated sucking on them, Monica felt lightning shooting through her. Charles started teasing her clit through her bikini bottoms.

It was Monica’s turn to moan as she felt Charles’s fingers playing with her clit. Charles reached over and grabbed Monica’s dildo. He switched it on and moved it over her now aching pussy. Monica stripped off her bottom and spread her legs a bit wider to show Charles her freshly shaven mound. Charles ran the vibrator over her clit eliciting a moan from Monica.

Charles swirled the dildo over Monica’s tight hole, spreading juices over it to prepare for insertion. He pushed in gently letting the vibrations melt Monica around it. Charles layed her down flat on the blanket and began to kiss up her legs as he pushed the dildo in and out of her. She nearly screamed when his tongue met her clit.

He bathed it with his saliva, taking in her feminine taste. She thought he was trying to polish her clit clean with his tongue. He moved the vibrator over her g-spot and Monica lost it. Her entire body markantalya escort shuttered as her orgasm swept over her. Her ass lifted high in the air as the sensations overtook her. Monica grabbed onto Charles’s head as the orgasm began to subside.

Charles could feel how wet he had made Monica. He pulled the vibrator out of her and switched it off. Monica was delighted to see that his cock had sprung back too life. God how she loved 25 year olds. Charles climbed on top of her and positioned he throbbing cock over her soaked slit.

Monica grabbed onto Charles’s ass and pulled him in as far as he could go. He pumped furiously inside her, her wetness provided the perfect lubricant. Monica reached down and played with her clit while Charles slammed into her. She felt a small orgasm rip through her as he glided in and out. Monica spun them over so she could control the ride. She grinded down deep, loving the feeling of Charles filling her up.

Monica and Charles switched positions a few more times, experimenting with the feelings each provided. After nearly an hour they returned to where they had started, except her legs were high in the air. Monica had grabbed her vibrator and was running over her clit as Charles thrust his cock into her.

They both felt it at the same time. The moans were getting louder as they simultaneously built to their climaxes. The vibrations on her clit were too much for Monica. The shockwave shot through her body as she went off. The sounds she was making was finally enough to make Charles blast again. He filled up her pulsating vagina with his semen.

They collapsed into each other and nearly fell asleep under the clear blue skies. After Charles went home, Monica danced around her home. Her devilish smile returned as she had a naughty thought. Her friend Violet was around Charles’s age. She wondered what it would be like to watch them, or have her watch. She pondered this for the rest of the evening, planning how she’d bring it up to Violet…

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