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The morning dawns full of clouds, the diffuse light radiating through the window as I watch you sleeping. I take off the towel from my shower and lay it at the foot of the bed, crawling back in beside you. My hand on your full breast, you roll from your side onto your back and sigh, “mmmmm.. good morning,” stretching out from the night’s restful sleep, arms out above your head.

I lick your nipple and tease it with my lips as I look at you sideways, smiling, and reply, “good morning, babe.” Your arm comes down, your fingers in my hair as I give your nipple my full attention.. licking, biting, kissing. You giggle and roll towards me, grabbing me with your other arm, both hands in my hair. I grip your other breast with my free hand, and pushing them both together, chuckle deeply while I lick, kiss and nibble them both, rolling on top of you.

Your legs come up and around me, your heels rubbing against my ass cheeks as you pull me in close with your legs. My cock rests on your labia, stiff as a pole.. and I begin rubbing canlı bahis it up and down the length of your slit. The helmet bumps into your clit as I gently pump up and down, hands and mouth still working your beautiful tits. Biting your lower lip and making happy noises, you moan a bit when I push myself into a kneeling position, my swollen dick rubbing the full length across your clit, my balls against your wetness as it runs down your ass.

I take my cock in my right hand and rub the head across your clit.. back and forth, back and forth… then slap it against it several times. I rub my cock’s head up and down your slit, then slide it in to the thick base, bottoming out inside you. I pump slowly a few times, then pull out, rubbing that head on your clit.. back and forth, back and forth. I pause, then slap it on your clit.. pap::pap::pap. I thrust back inside you and pump harder this time, then pull out and rub my head on your clit again… then slap my heavy dick on it a few more times.

Your legs are tightened against me, bahis siteleri pulling me up to you, your hands trying to grab for my stomach, but can’t reach. Your head falls back and your hands go to your head, bent at the elbow as you groan heavily, your hips gyrating as I rub my dick on your clit, then slap it a few times more.

I enter you again and pick up a quick rhythm, my hands grabbing your legs and raising them high. My purple helmet’s ridge rubs against your g-spot at this angle every time I push my thickness into your soft insides. Fucking you with abandon, I watch lustily as your tits bounce and jiggle with each slam, your hands against my pectorals, nails digging in.

Both of us panting, I hammer even harder.. placing your legs over my shoulders and leaning into you, hands on the bed on either side of your hips, penetrating you to your deepest parts.. balls slapping wetly against your ass. Slamming that fat dick home over and over and over, bed moving with the force of it.. looking into your eyes and knowing bahis şirketleri you’re enjoying this as much as I am.

Feeling that throbbing and pulsing building at the base of my cock, I push your legs back down and lay directly on top of you, arms wrapping underneath you to grab your shoulders as my legs straighten out behind me, my hips rotating forward with each stroke.

The tingling in my loins builds, legs stiffening and cock swelling up inside you, pulsing until it gushes out, spurting deep inside you.. my body spasms and I groan aloud, face buried in your tits. Your fingers wrap into my hair as your pussy drenches me, draining my cock with your own orgasmic spasms as it grips me again and again, your legs trapping me in a vise, your lusty moan holding me in the perfect moment of orgasming together.

Breathing hard, I look up at you, smiling. I pull up slightly and kiss you deeply, tongue exploring your mouth, lips locked on yours. The kiss lingers and we both moan a little with the passion of it, lips pressed together and tongues flicking until our lips part and we stare into each other’s eyes. I lay atop you for a short time, then reluctantly move to get dressed for work… smiling as I know your scent will stay on me all day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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