Mom’s Fantastic Tennis Ass


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They stood in the kitchen, Jake, and his mom. Jake was 19, blonde, tall, and by most standards handsome, he played in the same tennis team as his mom, her name was Ronna, she was tall too about 5’10, long blonde hair, fantastic green eyes, 38 years old, and a pair of legs, and a firm tanned ass to die for. Jake walked down the stairs, and as he entered the kitchen he got a great look at the tops of his mom’s thighs as she bent over the table to gather her racket and a drink bottle, he could almost see her panties, his 8 inch shaved cock and balls twitched at the thought of her tanned ass, he hoped she was wearing thong panties today, if she was his mind surely wasn’t going to be on winning a tennis match.

Jake and Ronna hopped into the car, Ronna was driving, as she sat down, Jake had a great look at her thighs again, and just a hint of her panties, black, seemed like lycra, he knew it was a thong, he had jacked off with her panties wrapped in his fist many times, he often pumped away with his fist entwined in her thong, as he thought about her sexy ass, his thick, fat cock would eventually twitch and spew cum over her black thong, and he’d have to wash it before he put it back in the wash basket.

Soon they were at the courts, Jake paired with his mom in the first mixed doubles game, he served first, she stood at net, as she bent in anticipation of his serve, he had a great glimpse at the bottom of her ass cheeks, his cock hardened as he saw was quite correct, she was wearing a thong, the bottom of her tanned ass cheeks just sat there, he served a fault… and ataköy escort another….double fault…

His mom looked back at him in annoyance, and Jake forced him self to concentrate on the game, they lost the first 3 games, but, an Hour later they had won, a close game, he shook hands, and went to the toilet to freshen up, he didn’t have another game for 40 minutes or so.

As he made his way to the toilet block, which was situated about 400 yards from the courts, he noticed his mom following him, she ran top catch up with him, and asked if he could join her in the training room and help her out with a cramp, he agreed at once, thinking only of her hot firm ass. They neared the toilet block, and she lead him to the training room, she lay face down on the main bench and indicated that her hamstring was the problem area.

Jake stood there transfixed by his mom’s tanned thighs just inches from his hands, he oiled up both hands and nervously rubbed her legs, down by the knees, he was some what scared to have his hands near her ass, even though it was the one thing he wanted so much. She told him to massage higher, his 8 inches was hard in a second. He leaned against the bench, both to hide his hard on, and to rub slowly against it, his mom was face down and couldn’t see his bulge. He moved his hands over her thighs, and his mom moaned ever so slightly, he wished for the courage to move his hands to her ass cheeks, but for another 5 minutes rubbed her firm tanned thighs. Suddenly his mom, reached back and flipped her tight tennis skirt ataköy eve gelen escort back, revealing her taught brown globes, her ass laid there before his eyes, his cock twitched and he nearly came there and then. With out looking up, she told him, if he wanted the ass he’d been dieing for, he’d better act now, there was about 20 minutes until their next game…

Jake stood there, he moved his hands to her ass cheeks, he couldn’t believe it, her ass, he was rubbing her sexy ass, the thing he has desired and jerked off over for about 6 or 7 years…

He ran his fingers over her sweet ass, and she moved her lags apart to allow him access to her pussy, he ran his hands over her pussy lips, even through the thong panties, he could tell she was wet, he moved his face closer to her tight ass, and moved the crouch of her panty aside slighty, her shaved pussy lips lay before him, he slowly ran his tongue over her outer lips, she shuddered, he ran his tongue from her tiny puckered ass hole back to her sweet shaved pussy. His mom mentioned again that time was running short, and asked that he bring her off quickly. Jake used both hands to spread her ass cheeks further, and leaving her skirt and spread panty on, he tongued her sweet tasting vagina, she moaned, and trembled, and clenched her fist, she whispered his name, and soon, came hard, her juices ran down her legs, and he lapped them up, like he was a thirsty man.

She still lay face down, she hadn’t moved since he started the massage, he noticed he was still hard ataköy grup yapan escort as a rock. He needed to get off, and asked his mom, if he could please enter her, no time she answered, plus they couldn’t risk him cumming in her, too messy she said. She got up slightly, until she was in a kneeing position, Jake’s view of her ass, was fantastic, her skirt flipped over revealing her ass cheeks, and the black thong panty. Jerk ya self of, quickly, she said, He pumped his fist like never before, in his mind he still couldn’t believe what was happening, his mom’s sweaty oiled ass was 2 feet away and he was jacking off like a mad man.

Tell me when you are close to coming said his mom, he moaned he was close, move over here she said, he shuffled over to her head, and watched as she sucked her index finger. She bobbed her head, and took his cock into her mouth, then gently put her moistened index finger ever so slowly between his ass cheeks, he winced, it felt weird, but the sensations off her sucking his cock were so damn great. Slower still she pushed her finger into his ass, and increased the pace of her sucking, he’s knees bucked as she gently massaged his prostate, and sucked him hard. He grunted and bucked, he came wildly, his cock slipped from her mouth, and his fist quickly closed around his dick, he jacked off, and globs of cum flew every which way, some hit his legs and belly, but a lot hit his mom in the face, running down her pretty cheeks and chin, he was so spent he feel to the floor

Quickly they cleaned up, before they left the training room, his mom kissed him hard on the lips, and she squeezed his now limp cock, there will be plenty of time for a good fuck soon enough Jake, she said, he hoped there would be, they left the toilet block, and went out onto the courts, Jake had the biggest smile ever on his face, even if he didn’t win another game all year, he was a winner….

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