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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.


There are many reasons why I love Megan; the way she looks in a miniskirt and boots is just one of them. Fortunately, whether because she knows she looks good wearing them or because she knows that I love how she looks wearing them, she has many, many miniskirts and several pairs of boots. Of course she can’t dress like that year-round but she makes sure to indulge me when the season is appropriate. She also knows that, when she puts on a miniskirt with a pair of boots in the morning, she is going to have my attention immediately. Typically, she also knows to allow additional time in the morning because, more often than not, we’ll need to squeeze in a quickie before work. With the entire day to think about what she’s wearing, we usually need to make sure we don’t have anything planned immediately after work, either. She always gets home before I do but she knows not to change her clothes if she’s worn a miniskirt and boots that day. I wouldn’t refuse to have sex with her if she’d changed her clothes, but I’m always more fired up if she hasn’t and that tends to benefit her, as well.

I have a hard enough time keeping my hands off of Megan in the morning when we’re getting ready for work but, when she comes into the kitchen wearing a short skirt and a pair of boots, I’m immediately feeling a rise in my khakis. I’ll take her in my arms, so she can feel my growing bulge against her, and run my hands over her ass while we’re making out. I know that, as she was getting dressed she knew what the result would be, so I’m confident that she’s already quite wet. My hands slip up under her short skirt to squeeze her nice, round ass through her panties before I start to slide them down. Once they’re below her ass, I caress the soft, smooth flesh before turning her around and hunkering down behind her. Depending on which skirt she’s wearing, I’ll either flip the hem up or slide it up so that her ass is exposed. I’ll caress it some more before sliding her panties the rest of the way down and helping her step out of them.

I can’t resist caressing her ass some more even though I know, the longer I take, the later we’re going to be for work. She’ll be bent over, leaning on the table or the counter, as I stand and open my pants, releasing my throbbing tool. I guide it into her pussy, slipping all the way in until my hips touch her sweet ass, causing her to moan. Her fingers go immediately to her clit while I start to slowly fuck her, my hands on her hips. Sliding the full length of my cock slowly in and out of her hot, slippery pussy feels absolutely amazing, but I don’t have the luxury to continue canlı bahis that, so I pick up the pace pretty quickly. Her ass jiggles just slightly each time my hips tap against it, mesmerizing me as I relish the pleasure I am feeling. I can feel her pussy quickly becoming even hotter and more engorged as I fuck her and she massages her clit.

She moans louder and longer as she pushes back against my incoming thrusts and my cock is swelling even more as I approach an orgasm. It’s very rare that I leave her in the dust and cum before she does, especially since she probably starts getting herself worked up as soon as she decides to wear a miniskirt and boots. On the infrequent occasions that I do leave her hanging, she knows that I’ll make up for it later that day. Most of the time, however, we are pretty much in synch and, when she lets out a cry and her body starts to shake as she cums, I’m just moments behind her, exploding into her hot, wet pussy. I continue to thrust into her as I’m cumming and, by the time I am completely spent, she typically is, too.

I slip out of her and she bends over farther to pick up her panties as my gaze is locked on her sweet, round ass. Panties in hand, she heads for the bathroom to clean up so that my load isn’t oozing out of her all morning while I grab some Kleenex or a paper towel and clean myself up, as well. Both satisfied, we’re able to head off to work with a smile on our faces and the knowledge that things will be even hotter once we’re both back home that evening.

Megan is always home before I am so when I walk in, she’s sitting there on the couch with her feet up on the coffee table, still wearing her miniskirt and boots. I set my bag down and join her, sliding my hand up her thigh and under her skirt as we start to make out. She spreads her legs for me as I encounter her panties, already damp, and caress the front before slipping my hand inside. My fingertips pass over her trim, well-groomed bush and are soon exploring the folds of her pussy. She is dripping with juices that I will be lapping up momentarily but I begin by alternating lightly stroking her clit with slipping a finger into her hot, slippery depths. Like me, she’s been thinking about this moment all day so I know it won’t take long for her to cum, but I try to draw out the pleasure without torturing her. We’re still making out until she has to pull her mouth from mine to let out a moan. She presses her face into my neck and gyrates her hips rhythmically as her orgasm continues to build. I remain focused even as my cock threatens to burst from my slacks, knowing that I will be abundantly rewarded for my efforts.

She lets out a cry as she starts cumming, her entire body quivering as waves of pleasure wash over her. I continue gently stroking her clit as long as she is cumming, slipping my hand from her panties and my fingers into my mouth once she’s gone still and has let out a content sigh. I give her just a few moments to recover before I move off the couch and onto the floor between the couch and the coffee table. I push the hem of her skirt up around her waist, exposing her panties before starting to slide them off. She raises her ass up for me and, once I’ve slid them down, over her boots and off, she spreads her legs, often with one boot on the couch and the other on bahis siteleri the coffee table. I kiss my way along her smooth inner thighs, approaching her dark blonde bush, trimmed neatly and cropped short.

I run my tongue up her slit, slurping up her abundant juices and causing her to moan. She runs her fingers through my hair as I lick her pussy before slipping a finger into her. When I focus my tongue on her clit, she starts moaning louder and more continuously while her pussy becomes even wetter. Once again, I know that it won’t take her long before she’s cumming again because each consecutive orgasm is always a little easier so I focus on making sure she experiences the most intense pleasure I can provide in that short time. My cock continues to threaten to burst from my slacks, but I know that with each passing second, her pussy is becoming even hotter and wetter and will feel amazing to slip into. Of course that is not the only thing that keeps me going but it isn’t a bad motivator. I also happen to like not only pleasuring my best girl, but I relish the time I get to spend with my face between her thighs. I won’t be disappointed when she cums, however, because I can obviously duck my head into her lap almost whenever I want to.

She rocks her hips toward my face faster the longer I eat her and her moaning grows louder and more continuous. I can tell when she’s on the verge of cumming again not only by how wet and engorged her pussy is but also when she starts to tense up and arch her back. She tries not to force her pussy against my face while pulling my head toward it because she knows that I’m aware of how close she is to cumming, and is usually successful, but not always. When she goes limp and her entire body starts shaking, I know she is cumming like mad. I keep eating and stimulating her just as much while she is riding out a long, intense orgasm. Only when she goes completely still and releases my head do I stop and sit back on my heels. I smile then suck the juices off my finger while watching her chest heaving as she recovers.

“I’m going to ride your hard cock now,” she’ll tell me once she’s ready. I stand as she sits up, watching as she works on undoing my belt and opening my pants. My slacks hit my ankles, followed quickly by my underwear, as she cups my balls and licks the head of my cock before having me sit. Still wearing both her boots and her skirt, she swings a leg over and straddles me on the couch. I guide my cock to her pussy and she lowers herself onto it causing both of us to moan lustily. She’ll sit for just a moment, feeling my girth inside her, before starting to slowly ride up and down. I slip my hands under her skirt to caress her smooth ass cheeks as they bounce on my thighs while relishing the feel of her pussy sliding up and down my tool.

Her bouncing tits are right in front of me, still encased in both blouse and bra, so it’s usually not long before I am caressing them then helping her out of her blouse. I’ll watch her tits bouncing while still in her bra, caressing the hard nipples poking against the cups, before unfastening it and freeing them. I still can’t help but watch them bounce briefly before running my hands over the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples. I don’t know if she’s even aware of what I’m doing because she is on bahis şirketleri her way to yet another orgasm and is usually lost in the throes of ecstasy already. I can feel my own orgasm building, as well, especially as her pussy becomes even wetter and more engorged the longer she rides me. Sometimes she stays on her knees and sometimes she brings her booted feet up onto the couch, squatting over my cock while bouncing up and down on it. My hands will typically wander from her tits around to caress her ass and back to her bouncing tits again several times before she’s on the verge of cumming again.

There are times when I cum before she does, which she’s generally okay with since she’s usually already cum a couple of times, and there are times when we’re so in synch that we cum simultaneously. On the occasions that she’s a bit ahead of me, I end up with a bonus. Sometimes I try to hold out when I know she’s close and sometimes she’s just quicker to the punch than I am. She typically picks up her pace a bit as she gets closer to cumming, moaning more or less continuously, then slams herself down on my lap with a cry of pleasure. I can feel her entire body trembling as she cums and will just wait it out as she experiences a long and intense orgasm. I know she’s finished cumming when her body slumps. She catches her breath for a minute or two and, if she knows that I haven’t cum yet, she’ll climb off my cock and move to kneel on the floor.

I watch with a smile on my face as she takes my cock in her hand, pumps it briefly, then wraps her lips around it. I moan happily as she engulfs my throbbing tool in her hot, talented mouth. She pumps the base while sliding her lips up and down the length of my shaft as I relish her oral abilities. I have always appreciated Megan’s skilled cocksucking along with the fact that she appears to enjoy sucking my cock as much as I enjoy having her suck it. She can draw out the pleasure and hold off my orgasm if the moment seems right for that or she can make me cum in just a matter of a few minutes if time is of the essence. On these occasions, she’ll typically aim for a middle ground, providing me with sufficient pleasure without holding off my orgasm.

I couldn’t have made a choice if asked whether I preferred to have my cock in her pussy or her mouth. My favorite place to have my cock embedded was typically wherever it was at that moment. I loved fucking her in every possible position but I also loved sitting back and watching as she repeatedly inhaled my tool in her hot mouth (or looking up at her pussy above me while she did, right before raising my head and devouring her). As my cock swelled with my impending orgasm, I was never disappointed that the blowjob was nearly over because the level of pleasure was so intense that I was just looking forward to blasting a load of cum down her throat.

She could tell when I was right on the verge and focused her efforts on getting me the rest of the way there with the greatest amount of pleasure she could provide. When I blasted into her mouth with a moan, she would swallow down my load and continue sucking my spurting cock until I was completely spent. Once I started to go flaccid, she’d let my cock fall from her mouth and smile up at me.

“Amazing, as always,” I’d invariably tell her.

“Right back at ya,” she’d reply. We’d recover for a bit longer before getting up and changing our clothes. I was reluctant to see her put away her miniskirt and boots, but I knew that I’d be seeing them again sometime soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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