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Luckily I had no check-in luggage when I arrived at the airport or I would have missed my flight altogether, my fucking publisher dragging his heels at our meeting as usual, the prick. I had made a quick visit to discuss some changes I wanted to make to the manuscript for my new book before it went to print. It was only a short hop of fifty five minutes on the domestic flight and I hadn’t needed an overnight stay so traveled light with just a shoulder bag I could carry on. I had flown out earlier that morning and was returning on the afternoon flight and just managed to make it to the boarding gate before they closed. I was last getting on the plane and all the other passengers had settled into their seats as I tottered down the aisle in my high heeled shoes towards my seat at the back. Usually in these situations there are several astute gentlemen who will see an opportunity in the restricted space of the narrow aisle of an airplane to cop a little brush up against an attractive lady’s hip as she passes.

I was wearing a short, figure hugging black dress with a cropped jacket so there was plenty of my curved hip and thigh to rub up against the shoulders and upper arms of these gentlemen as they leaned out into the aisle expectantly. I obligingly swayed a little more unsteadily on my heels and had to lean my hip heavily against their arms to keep my balance as I passed each dirty opportunist in his turn. One really good looking silver fox received a good rub of my stockinged thigh on the back of his bare forearm as I almost toppled over and nearly ended up on my arse in his lap. Goodness me, however did that happen, I feigned a look of annoyance at the imaginary object which had snagged my high heel on the floor as I composed myself before moving on. I must admit I like the older dirty men.

Looking out for the next opportunist to treat to my brazen brush up, I saw HIM!

He wasn’t leaning into the aisle expectantly or openly staring, or even noticeably glancing but he couldn’t fool me. The pose he had adopted is an all too familiar one to me. He kept his head down, seemingly engrossed in his, what was it? Motorbike Review, not really my type, aging bikers. His eyelids came up slowly to look over his, so old fashioned gold framed spectacles to look at me. He thought the downward tilt of his head and the frame of his glasses obscuring his eyes would conceal the fact that he was ogling me, mentally undressing me, getting me bare arsed naked in his dirty little mind. But with those bright blue eyes he was never going to get away with it. The wanton lust in them was far too obvious to hide and his devious manner in trying to check me out was annoying.

“Fuck him” I thought to myself, “I’ll teach him a lesson.”

I noticed with satisfaction as I arrived at my seat that he was only a row behind me on the opposite side of the aisle, perfect for me to tease him. I totally ignored him of course as I placed my shoulder bag on my seat and turned my back to him to rummage in my bag for my manuscript and my black rimmed reading glasses. As I did, he was no doubt taking in my long silky black hair hanging down the back of my cropped jacket, the sharp taper of which emphasized my broad shoulders and narrow waist. He was appreciating the flare of my hips and the roundness of my arse in my tight black dress. His eyes were wandering up and down my stockinged legs from the backs of my firm thighs to the sculpted muscle of my well defined calves. I know he was loving my high heeled shoes, all men do and lots of women too. I wondered momentarily would it turn him on to know that as much as I enjoy sucking a hard, stiff cock I sometimes like to lick a nice wet cunt as well. I fucking bet it would have.

After teasingly prolonging the rummaging in my shoulder bag I extracted my manuscript and glasses and bent forward to place the bag beneath my seat, obedient little airline passenger that I am. In a practiced manner I bent my knees, pushed my arse back towards him and leaned forward as I tried to get the stubborn bag under the seat just right. I knew the hem of my skirt would rise up the backs of my legs so that he would be able to see the elastic bands of my stocking tops and maybe even some creamy thigh flesh. Did he? Did he get a glimpse of the backs of my bare legs just then? I couldn’t be sure but it would really have moistened my ‘unavailable to him’ cunt to know that he did.

I eventually managed to get the bag under the seat and straightened up, placing my feet generously wide apart so that I could maintain my balance on my high heels while I reached my hands up to gather my long hair into a loose plait at the back of my head. My dress was so tight that it remained stretched across my upper legs and my stocking tops were still partially visible under the hem. I pulled my loosely plaited hair in front of me, draping it down my chest and tucked it under one side of my cropped jacket, groping my braless tit through my dress and giving the nipple a little pinch between my thumb and forefinger canlı bahis şirketleri as i did. Fuck would he have done if he’d known that I was squeezing my own tit and nipple while he ogled my stocking tops. I wriggled my arse provocatively as I pulled my dress back down to cover my stocking tops again and turned sideways about to sit into my seat, my manuscript and reading glasses in my hand.

The moment had arrived for me to deliver my coup de grace of which I have two for whatever mood suits the occasion. In one I act all coy and feign polite embarrassment which usually bolsters my voyeur’s confidence and entices them to chat me up. I use this one if I fancy the fucker ogling me and feel like delivering on the tease and getting to suck some cock at least, if not an outright casual fuck in some public toilet or up a side alley. I’ve teased hundreds of men in this fashion over the years and it has often resulted in one or other of the aforementioned finales. But sadly, more often, the men usually don’t having the fucking balls to follow their probing eyes with their probing cocks. Those times I have to endure my cunt drooling thirstily until I get home and can find a good sized cucumber in my vegetable drawer to ram up my cock starved cunt until I cream.

In my second coup de grace I normally catch the eye of my voyeur and dampen their lusty enthusiasm with a couldn’t give a fuck what you saw contemptuous glare because I’m a cold cunted bitch whose cunt you couldn’t pry open with a fucking crow bar. This I reserve for the guys I don’t fancy and who’s cocks I don’t expect to suck or fuck but with my don’t give a fuck what you saw attitude encourage them to continue ogling me, fuck do I care.

I turned to deliver this coup de grace to him and had things gone the way they should have done he would have been acutely embarrassed at having been caught and looked away, propererly chastened and with his cock withering in his jocks. But before he had registered my look of contempt he smiled and nodded appreciatively.

“Thank you.” he mouthed silently.

Totally taken aback, my glare turned to a lingering gaze as I really looked at him properly for the first time, I was so sure that he wasn’t my type. A bespectacled, salt and pepper bearded, aging biker with thinning hair and then I noticed the hearing aid behind his ear and taken by surprise, openly stared at it. He noticed me staring and I saw the previous confidence slowly evaporate from his face and be replaced by a reticent vulnerability under my inappropriate scrutiny. But a vulnerability tempered with a seasoned determination which told me to go fuck myself if I had a problem with him having to wear a hearing aid.

His initial appreciative countenance at my cock teasing altered to one which said I could stick it up my arse as he returned to perusing his bike review magazine.

It had all turned to shit, I wasn’t supposed to find him attractive for fuck’s sake!

Then I noticed the pretty stewardess who had been hovering in the aisle nearby pretending to be busy with other things, she should have insisted that I sit down a long time before this but kindly allowed me time to perform my little tease on him. Now she caught my eye and in that split second understood how the whole dynamic of the situation between him and me had suddenly changed. She raised her eyebrows and smiled sympathetically before indicating with a little nod that I should sit down and buckle up. I did, a little flustered, glancing back at him I saw how those alluring blue eyes which had earlier sparkled with interest and desire had hardened to apathy and indifference.

I tried to dismiss the whole sorry incident as the plane taxied to the runway, the engines gunned and it took off into the sky but as I feigned concentration on my manuscript I couldn’t resist turning my head enough to sneak a look at him out the corner of my eye. His posture never changed and he genuinely appeared disinterested in the generous amount of stocking clad thigh I was displaying, with a different purpose now, one leg crossed over the other. When the little light came on permitting us to open our seat belts I changed tack and shifted my position in my seat so that I could stretch my long shapely legs out into the aisle for him to admire. Still he took no notice or had suddenly become so skilled at concealing his interest that I couldn’t detect it. After a few minutes like this my legs in the aisle were causing such a distraction for the staff and other passengers that i withdrew them, defeated, tucked my calves under my seat and demurely tugged the hem of my dress as far down my thighs as it would go.

After absent-mindedly flicking through my manuscript for several minutes I slowly grew more and more irritated by him until I was eventually quite annoyed with him and his superciliousness. It’s not my fault he wears a hearing aid, the deaf cunt, and if he has a fucking problem with me having a fucking problem with him being a deaf cunt well that’s canlı kaçak iddaa his fucking problem. I turned around to tell him as much.

But when I did, he was leaning towards me with his head turned to one side, a hand cupped behind his hearing aid to listen to what I was about to say and a stupid grin on his stupid fucking face, the big stupid adorable fucking cunt. We both burst out laughing.

I turned back in my seat to face him as he leaned forward towards me and to my great surprise we began chatting across the aisle like old friends. Our instant rapport and obvious sexual attraction seemed to fizzle in the air about us making those passengers in close proximity edgy with anticipation and expectation. My cunt was moistening and I saw him shift occasionally in his seat to adjust his position to better suit his ever hardening cock.

While we talked, his eyes kept wandering to the hem of my dress high on my thighs which I had parted generously for him by then, allowing him as much of a view as possible without actually throwing my legs wide and blatantly showing him my wet, welcoming cunt. I deliberately let my eyes fall to his crotch and he obligingly turned his pelvis towards me and let me have an eyeful of his cock, bulging in his jeans. A plan began formulating in my head as we both grew hornier and hornier and I wondered if I was slut enough to initiate it would he have the balls to follow it through.

I have to admit, for about two minutes I had no idea what he was talking about but was just nodding my head along to his chat while my cunt grew wetter and creamier with what I was pondering. Fuck it, I decided eventually, glancing up to see the green vacant light over the toilet at the back of the plane I made my decision to implement my plan and fuck the consequences. If the airport police wanted to interrogate me on arrival at the other end I’d just offer to fucking gang bang the lot of them, men and women alike, I was going to do it.

I couldn’t risk him not picking up on my intention, so rudely interrupting his chatting I stood up and probably flashed him my cunt as I did which would have been the first time I had ever flashed it accidentally. I leaned my mouth close to the mic of his hearing aid and said in a half whisper.

“Follow me to the loo in a minute or two.” fucking poetic or what! Then I was off.

I went into the loo and locked the door behind me just to appear to be about to use it for the purposes intended and not to arouse any suspicions in the staff, fuck the passengers, or at least the one I had serious intentions on at that moment. I waited a little nervously for a minute or two, oh, fuck it who am I kidding? I waited nervously for exactly one minute thirty six seconds before flicking back the bolt on the door to indicate on the outside that it could now be opened.

I turned to the mirror on the side wall of the small cubicle and set my legs apart on the floor, taking a lip gloss stick from my bag so that I could be nonchalantly retouching my lips when he entered, if he did. A moment or two later, oh for fuck’s sake. I know it was exactly twelve seconds later that he did enter and we looked at each other in the mirror. His cheeks had already flushed with the anticipation of what awaited him from this slut he’d only just met and who’s name he didn’t even know. He was fidgeting with his hands like an adolescent school boy awaiting instruction from his ‘mum he’d love to fuck’ school mistress.

I put my lip gloss away and locked my knees backwards stretching my legs taut and straight on my high heels as I reached for the hem of my skirt at the outsides of my thighs. Leaning forward I pushed my arse back and slowly began to hitch my skirt upwards while I watched his reaction in the smoky glass of the little airplane toilet where I was about to let him, a total stranger, who I didn’t fancy in the slightest, fuck me.

He began excitedly unbuttoning his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers and I saw his cock spring froward, the knob already glistening with pre cum. His cock looked a little bigger than average with a cute curvature to one side which gave it the appearance of having been wanked so much that it had molded itself to the shape of his hand. I found this extremely exciting because I just adore wankers and wanking myself. Noting gets me hotter than a mutual wank in public with a horny man I’ve only just met, but I had bigger things in store for him.

He was focused on watching my ever rising skirt hem which was so fucking tight across the tops of my legs that I was able to hook it under my firm buttocks and lift them upwards as I pulled my skirt up over my arse. I continued to tug my hem upwards, drawing my fleshy arse cheeks with it until they popped out from under my dress and dropped back down with a taut wobble and bounce. Then he realized that I wasn’t wearing any knickers as I continued to hitch my dress up over my bare arse to my waist.

“Oh fuck” I heard him rasp throatily and looked to see his canlı kaçak bahis reaction in the mirror.

His face was a picture, he was literally drooling into his salt and pepper beard as his bulging eyes almost popped the lenses of his glasses from their gold wire frames. I had clearly stumbled on a devout arse man and stifled a giggle as I rummaged in my bag for what I was going to need next. Fuck was he in for a treat!

As I was making my own preparations I suddenly heard an eletronic ping and noticed the little red ‘out of service’ light come on above the toilet door, she really was clued-in, that pretty little stewardess. I felt him step up between my legs and probe eagerly at my moist pussy with his cock head, searching for my cunt hole. I half turned and reached behind me to put a hand between my arse and his abdomen and push him back gently while looking into his eager eyes. With my fingers splayed out on his lower belly behind his cock I eased him back until he was reluctantly reclining against the wall of the cubicle and there was a couple of feet between us.

He frowned in puzzlement at this until I smiled reassuringly at him, took my hand away from his abdomen to grab one cheek of my arse and pull it away from the other, exposing my tight little sphincter to him. Then I brought my other hand round behind me and placed the glob of lube I had prepared on the fingertips right on my arsehole and smeared it around the puckered little crater.

“Oh fucking fuck” he whimpered gutturally, eager little cub that he was, as he watched me unceremoniously push two fingers up my arse to the middle knuckle, working the lube into my tight little hole.

What he wasn’t to know, is that I had been practicing for over a month for this moment. I had started with a short, skinny little carrot at first, working my way up to a thicker, longer one, then a banana and so on until I was able to take a good sized cucumber all the way up my arsehole and pound the fuck out of it as if I was been screwed anally by a big fucking cock. I had never been fucked in the arse before and he was the lucky guy I picked to pop that particular cherry.

After working the lubricant around the inside of my arse ring I withdrew my fingers, leaned on my elbows on the vanity unit of the airplane toilet cubicle and offered him my arsehole to fuck. I could of course have lubricated his cock which would have made it slip up me a lot easier but I wanted some rectal resistance, I wanted my arsehole to know it was been penetrated by some real man meat, at last.

His cock head nudged against my anus hesitantly before I pushed encouragingly back and felt him apply a little more pressure in response. He was being so gentle with me, not at all what I expected from an aging biker, that I felt obliged to encourage him further and reached my hands behind me to pull my arse open for him. But he withdrew his cock altogether at this, leaned back and looked down to admire this new spectacle.

“Oh jesus fucking christ” he groaned so appreciatively that I lifted my arse up higher for him and pulled my cheeks as wide as they would go, stretching my arsehole to the fucking limit.

He pressed his cock forward again and his knob sank half way into my anus before lodging once more in the tight ring of sphincters muscle. He gave a few soft, shallow pumps of his prick against the resistance and gradually his engorged cock head slipped millimeter by millimeter further into my slowly yielding arsehole. Sensing he was almost breaching the last bastion of my chastity he applied a gentle but sustained pressure until… POP! My arse ring slipped over his knob and snapped shut on his shaft as he gasped triumphantly before slowly easing his prick gently up my rectal canal.

When his prick was embedded to the hilt in my arse, nudging my colon, somewhat painfully yet pleasurably, he nestled his chin on my shoulder and looked into my eyes in the smoky mirror.

“Thank you.” he said to me genuinely “I’ve never been up a lady’s arse before”

I was overwhelmed by his kindness. Here I was being a total slut, letting him, a stranger I had only known for fifteen minutes fuck me up the arse and he was calling me a lady. I reached a hand back to stroke his bearded face, thankfully.

“Fuck me” I said “Fuck the slut lady’s tight arsehole”.

He did, slowly at first, grabbing my hips and pulling my arse back to meet his thrusting cock, he gradually built up momentum until he was pumping rapidly in and out of my ever greasing arsehole. The initial pain gradually subsided to be replaced with pure pleasure and I felt the orgasm slowly building in my cunt. I was tempted to drop my hand to my fanny and finger my clit, but I resisted. I knew I would come from the anal fucking alone as long as he didn’t spunk first and stop pumping. In the mirror I watched his face contort in ecstasy, his mouth clenched in a rictus of concentrated effort as he pummeled my arsehole with his meaty cock.

“Oh fuck. Fuck. Oh fuck, yeah” he was saying over and over as his own orgasm built in tandem with mine until in one final thrust, he lifted me out of my high heeled shoes, which clattered to the floor, and impaled me through the arse on his throbbing, pumping, spunk spurting cock.

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