Mild Panic


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As the plane began its descent, Bailey suddenly felt panicked. She had been so certain she was ready, but now she wanted nothing more than an exit. She felt her heart racing. What if after all this time, she wasn’t enough? What if they couldn’t make it work? What if it was awkward? What if the close connection they had shared for so many months simply didn’t translate to the physical world? She felt sick. She felt glued to her seat. Everyone around her was standing and gathering their bags, but she felt like concrete. She took a deep breath as she watched the last person walking down the aisle. No more time. She stood, gathered her purse and moved down the aisle to exit the plane.

Every step closer to exiting the airport terminal was met with more trepidation. Bailey thought she may be sick, but she continued to put one foot in front of the other. Suddenly, she was out of the terminal. She looked around, surprised she had made it, and wanting to bolt. And then her eyes met his. He was impossible to miss, towering over everyone else around him. For a moment, he looked almost nervous too- and then his face calmed and he smiled. She ran excitedly toward him, no longer feeling afraid, no longer wondering. All she could think of were the many nights that she had fallen asleep to his voice in her ear; the long conversations they had shared. His eyes gave her all the comfort she needed. She ran to him, squealing in delight as he leaned down and opened his arms. She didn’t slow. She pushed through the last of the crowd and threw her arms around his neck, squeezing him tightly as he scooped her up and cradled her, picking her up easily off the ground. She giggled as she wrapped her legs comfortably around his waist and pulled back just enough to smile at him, a quick kiss on his lips.

“Hi Daniel,” she grinned at him as his eyes sparkled with amusement.

“Hello, love.” He responded simply. He slowly let her down, carefully setting her on the floor and placing a hand on her back. He lead her toward the carousel as they exchanged small talk about their travels. When her bag came around, he grabbed it without even asking her. He held it up to her, raising an eyebrow and smiling a bit at the colorful sea otter luggage tag. She nodded, blushing a bit and reached for his hand, noting how impossible tiny hers felt in his as they made their way to the car.

Daniel let go of her just long enough to put her bags in the trunk, then walked to the passenger side where she stood. He started to reach for the door handle, but shifted, reaching to caress the side of her face, his own face softening as he did so. He bent, moving toward her and she did not hesitate to meet him. She sighed a bit as their lips finally met for their first real kiss. He was so sweet and testing in his kisses, tasting her, savoring the moment. In one swift and sudden move, he put both of his hands on her ass, lifting her effortlessly and setting her on the hood of the car, never losing connection with her. His kisses intensified, became more demanding as his lips parted and hers followed suit. Bailey met his intensity with a need of her own. Her hands were twisted in his shirt, wanting to hold him to her. His head dipped and he kissed her neck, trailing kisses down her collarbone, to the exposed tops of her breasts. She silently thanked herself for choosing the lower cut shirt. She began to whimper into his ear and writhe with a sudden and intense need. He stopped as suddenly as he started. He took a deep breath and straightened, smoothing her hair and bending to kiss her on the forehead before helping her off the car.

“Let’s get you settled in,” he said calmly, guiding her to the door and opening it for her, waiting for her to get comfortable inside before closing the door behind her. She stared at him as he walked around the car, still slightly short of breath. As she stared, she found herself wondering if she would ever grow used to how well he matched her physical ideal. She had always loved contrast and he was definitely an opposite of her; he was impossibly tall, with deep caramel skin. His body was something from a magazine-every line and contour easily defined, lean and simply delicious. She was short- over a foot shorter than he. Her skin was pale, no matter how much time she spent outdoors. Her body was soft and rounded, undeniably feminine. She grinned as she caught him staring at her, knowing full well that she was his physical ideal as well.

The drive was comfortable, with equal parts of easy conversation and comfortable silence. She stared out the windows, taking in the views and asking questions about the sights worthy of note. They had agreed that Bailey should have a hotel room, a safe place of her own, rather than staying with him. Somewhere she felt comfortable, without pressure. At the hotel check in, he moved smoothly and confidently in front of her. She started to argue as he pulled out his credit card to finalize the room, but with a simple stern look from him, she stood quietly to the side and let him pay for canlı bahis the room.

“You didn’t have to do that.” She blushed again as he handed her the room key and he rolled his eyes dismissively, walking her to the elevator.

“Get settled in and get some rest. I’ll be back to pick you up for dinner at eight,” he said as he once again reached down and brushed her hair out of her face, leaning down to place another kiss on her forehead. She melted into him, wrapping her arms around his waist and squeezing him tightly as he placed a hand on her cheek and pulled her closer, whispering, “I’ll see you soon.” And with that, he turned and walked easily out the door, not glancing back. She sighed and shook her head, opening the door to her room.

Bailey had spent hours back home trying on dresses before finding the perfect one. It fit her like it was made for her, clinging to her round ass so tightly that she didn’t dare wear panties, while showing off her breasts with a sweetheart neckline. When he returned, he had told her how beautiful she was, how wonderful she looked in it. Catching him staring on several occasions, his response was always to just smile and shrug unapologetically. But he still seemed so in control. So calm. Dinner had been wonderful. She didn’t fully understand how a single person could make her both so comfortable and so nervous at the same time. Part of her felt like she was home when she was looking at him, talking to him. Another part had never been so scared, never felt so shaky. He had been the perfect gentleman, touching her only long enough to help her from the car, guide her to the table, and pull out her chair. Now, he walked her into the hotel, to the elevator.

“I’ve had a wonderful night with you, Bailey. I look forward to spending tomorrow with you.” He smiled down at her and she cocked her head, biting her lip, meeting his gaze. Her heart raced, but she knew what she wanted.

“Come upstairs with me,” she finally got the courage to say, “stay the night.” He raised an eyebrow again, his eyes sparkling.

“You know how badly I wanted to hear that.” It wasn’t a question.

The ride up the elevator and to her room was excrutiating. She suddenly felt so awkward, so unsure. She knew what she wanted but she was so afraid- afraid that it wouldn’t be like he expected, afraid that she couldn’t do all the things they both so desperately wanted, afraid that she wouldn’t be enough. Her mind was racing and her breath was coming faster as they walked through the door to her room, into the common area of the suite. His firm hands touched her shoulders and gently spun her to look at his eyes.

“Stop. I know what you’re thinking, and you need to stop. We’ve talked about this. There are no expectations here. We both know what we want and we’ll get there in whatever way we get there. We just talk and we don’t give up, okay?” At this, Bailey nodded, tears threatening her eyes at his words.

Daniel pulled his jacket off and threw it over a chair, loosening and pulling off his tie, unbuttoning the top two buttons of his shirt and sitting on the large couch. He gestured to her to come to him and she did not hesitate. His expression was so confident, so sure, so alluring. Feeding off of his confidence and gaining some of her own, she boldly moved to sit in his lap, straddling him, her skirt pulling up incredibly short.

“I’m not going to move,” he said with a playful smirk, “you can touch me as much as you’d like and I’ll keep my hands to myself. You don’t have to worry. I’ll stay just like this.” Cocking her head, and grinning, she leaned in close to kiss him softly, then slowly trace her tongue over his lips, gently biting his lower lip and smiling even wider when she heard the soft growl he made. She pulled back to check his eyes and he nodded at her. Quickly, she began to unbutton his shirt, pulling it from his pants, and over his shoulders, gasping quietly at the vision before her. He could have been a sculpture made of marble. She placed her hands on his chest and trailed them slowly over each hard pane, tracing the outlines, and grinning as she watched a few muscles twitch at her touch. Bailey then leaned in close, her mouth now tracing the same path that her hands took, placing a series of kisses, licks, and bites along the exposed skin.

She raised her head again, desperate to taste him, greedily forcing her mouth on his and groaning in delight when he met her with equal need. His mouth opened to her, his tongue finding its way into her mouth, dancing with her tongue, and insisting on taking the lead in this one thing. But his hands did not move. He did not reach to grab her or pull her closer or force her into position. As she slid her hands around his neck and wiggled a bit, she gasped when she felt the hardness beneath her. Her eyes were wide and she pulled back a bit, staring at him as she tentatively wiggled a bit more, testing to see if she was mistaken. He grinned at her, his expression mischievous. She shook her head, surprised, sidling back bahis siteleri a bit. As she slid off of his lap, she felt the cool air touching her bare pussy, making her all too aware of the wetness gathered there. She knelt between his legs, her hands reaching for the large bulge, unzipping his pants and reaching in to free his cock. She gasped as she unsuccessfully tried to wrap her hand around it.

The distance remaining between her fingers left her breathing heavily, and contemplating as she finally pulled it free and it came into view. She whimpered a bit, both incredibly nervous and incredibly aroused at the cock standing proudly before her. It was perfect, and it was hers. She knew this without question. All the time she had fantasized about this exact moment and now it was here in front of her. She moved her other hand to join the first, both squeezing and twisting, sliding down the length of his shaft. She heard him growl a bit louder, his hips coming up off the couch. It only aroused her need more and she leaned in to flick her tongue over the head, desperate to taste him. She had just closed her mouth around the head, straining to open wide enough to accommodate his girth and he shifted, speaking for the first time.

“No. Not yet.” She was so confused as his hand moved to her cheek, gently caressing it as he pulled her off. “It’s not time yet. Now, it’s my turn to touch you.”

She looked up at him, a bit stunned, trying to slow her breathing. Daniel’s eyes were akin to those of a patient wolf, finally seeing his moment. He stood, taking her hands in his and lifting her carefully to her feet. He leaned down and kissed her lips gently before easing her backwards, laying her back on the couch. He slowly tucked his cock back in his pants, zipping them and moving atop her. He held himself just over her, looking at her for a few moments, his expression making her breath quicken. Finally, he leaned in close, kissing her neck, her shoulder, her collar bone. He reached for her, sliding his calloused hands over her soft skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps. Dipping his head once more, Daniel kissed the tops of her breasts, sliding his tongue between them, watching her. Bailey couldn’t help herself. She reached for him, her hands on his head, trying to pull him closer, to encourage him to move lower, to stop torturing her. His lips lifted in a self satisfied smirk.

“No touching, remember?” His voice was full of amusement as he took her hands and lifted them above her head, holding her wrists in one hand as the other began moving over her again, now pulling gently at her dress, licking and kissing the newly exposed skin, “stay there,” he said firmly as he let go of her hands, reaching down to pull a breast over the top of the silky fabric. He smiled down at the sight as he treated the other in kind. She expected him to drop his head to her again, to take her breasts in his mouth one at a time and ravage her. But he did not. Instead, he began trailing his finger over her flesh again, making circles around her areola, slowly moving closer and closer to the nipple, causing her to arch her back and moan with need. As he got right to her hardened nub, he moved to the other nipple and did the same. She was writhing beneath him, she needed his touch so badly. She whimpered as he continued to tease her, finally closing his fingers over her nipple, and oh so gently pulling on them, then sliding his open palm over them repeatedly. She groaned with need, arching into him again. Her chest heaved as her breath came in short gasps, trying to calm herself beneath him, but unable to. Suddenly, his mouth closed around her nipple and he sucked hard. She let out a tiny squeal of surprise and his mouth continued to move on her, taking more of her breast into his mouth, his teeth now biting down gently, tugging. She reached for him, her hands on his head once again, pulling him to her, begging him for more. He pulled slowly away, shaking his head disapprovingly as he placed a sweet, gentle kiss on her nipple.

“I told you to stay. You moved.” His face was stern and set in disapproval, but there was amusement in his eyes.

“Oh god,” begged Bailey, “I’m so sorry… just… don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” He laughed as he looked down at her playfully.

“You do beg so beautifully, but you also need to remember to follow the rules. Stand up.” She stood carefully before him, not sure what to expect from him, but certain he wasn’t seriously upset. He walked around her, sliding his hands over the exposed skin of her back, leaning down and kissing the back of her neck softly as he slowly unzipped her dress and unsnapped her bra, leaning in to whisper in her ear.

“How do you feel? Are you scared? Do you feel safe? Are you okay with all of this?” Bailey nodded, smiling, tilting her head toward his, her cheek against his, taking a deep breath.

“Yes. A thousand times yes.” She could hear him smile and felt him nod as her dress dropped on the floor and he slid her bra over her shoulders.

“Good,” bahis şirketleri was his simple reply, “now turn to me.”

She slowly turned to face him, feeling incredibly vulnerable and exposed. He didn’t move to touch her- he just looked at her. She shifted uncomfortably. He continued to stare. She could feel his eyes moving over her body, taking in every bit of her. She blushed. He moved in close, his expression intent.

“You know how much I love these, right?” he asked, as he placed his hands on the undersides of her breasts, lifting them slightly. He slid his palms over her nipples again, then wrapped his hands completely around her breasts and squeezed, gripping them firmly, a low growl slipping from his lips.

“They really are magnificent.” She smiled up at him, knowing it was true. Her breasts had always been her best asset. She was stunned that his hands fit around them- with a DD cup, it had never happened before. “But… ” he started and she looked up at him, eyes wide, trying to figure out what she had done wrong, why he would be saying but. A mild panic began to fill her, “they seem to get you in trouble,” he finished as his left hand moved to cradle her breast, his right keeping its place. “I think that,” he paused, looking down at her, raising his right hand and then moving it down quickly, slapping her breast “…they need to be punished. That you need to learn to behave.”

She squealed in surprise, her eyes shutting tightly as she tried to process. He began slapping her breasts repeatedly- the tops, the sides, moving from one to the other. It only took a moment for the skin to redden beneath his hands and he smiled at his accomplishment, leaning down to place gentle kisses on each nipple again, lightly rubbing the reddened skin with his hands. She stared at him wide eyed, careful to stay still, suddenly aware of how wet she was. She was standing before him, completely naked, legs slightly spread. He pulled back and admired his handiwork. Daniel nodded at her, before saying, “that looks very nice. How does it feel?”

She blushed and glanced to the floor as she answered him, knowing it was pointless to deny. “It feels really, really good.”

He grinned, placing two fingers beneath her chin and forcing her to meet his eyes. “I want you to feel how hard you’ve made me,” he said with a throaty growl. “Take my pants off. Feel it. Feel what you do to me.”

She dropped quickly to her knees, happy to take the focus off of her for a moment, reaching to unzip his pants and slide them down, her fingers sliding under the hem of his underwear and sliding those down as well, his cock fully exposed now. She groaned as she wrapped her hand around it again, her eyes wide at the sight of it. Daniel’s cock was certainly larger than she had ever experienced, and in all honesty, larger than she had ever considered experiencing. The size made her nervous, made her question how they would make it work. The thoughts all flooded her brain at once, but more than any other was the thought that this was HIS cock. Bailey wanted him; she wanted to please him.

The cock in front of her was something she had dreamed about, longed for, something that had filled her thoughts for months now. She gripped him tightly, leaning in to caress it, sliding it over her cheek, placing soft gentle kisses over it, licking it slowly until she had gotten every inch, finally opening her mouth wide to close around the head, her jaw straining, using her tongue to attempt to work it deeper. Her head bobbed on his cock, pushing to get more in, pathetic moans and wet whimpers were the only sounds audible. His hand moved to her head, gathering her hair, holding it tightly in one hand and pushing her a bit deeper, helping her take a bit more length. She was encouraged, eager to take him. She looked up at him and met his eyes as she focused on opening wide, softening her mouth, allowing him to help her slide on him. She felt his cock filling her mouth completely, pressing at the back of her throat. She coughed a bit, gagged. She fought the reaction, wanting more. Daniel pulled her back by her hair and as his cock slid from her mouth, tendrils of saliva hanging off of it, she took in breath in long gulps. He grinned down at her once again.

“You really are a greedy little girl. I told you to feel it, NOT to taste it.” He pulled her to her feet once again and backed up to the couch, sitting down, pulling her with him and laying her over his knee like a child in need of discipline. His hand slid over her round ass and once again he let out a low growl, the only evidence of the restraint and control he was holding onto. His hand lifted and fell against her ass, a loud pop filling the room. She screeched and wiggled a bit, surprised by the force of the slap, the size of his hand. She took a deep breath as his hand fell on her other ass cheek, then gasped as the smacks continued, alternating cheeks, varying in force and sharpness. He would pause the slaps for a few moments, caressing her cheeks softly, rubbing out the sting, murmuring sweet words as he did. Then, once again, the hard slaps would repeat over and over until she was writhing in his lap. He began caressing her once again, his hand sliding gently all over her ass as he spoke.

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