Mid-Week Anal Sex


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Middle of the week and I’m watching the late news in bed. The kids are long asleep and Mandy is downstairs on the phone. Eventually she comes upstairs and starts undressing.

‘Who was that on the phone?’ I ask.

‘Arlene,’ she says, stepping out of her slacks and then her panties. I admire her chunky pale thighs and dark brown thatch as she folds the slacks. She’s sexy as all hell — 37 years and two kids notwithstanding. ‘She wonders if we want to rent a beach house with her and Dave next month.’

Fuck yeah! I think. It’s only a couple of weeks since we had a real hot swinging night at their place. I get a hand under the sheets and stroke my cock remembering how Arlene blew me, eating my cum, then licking Dave’s jizz too out of my wife’s reddened stretched vagina. That woman has a prodigous hunger for sperm.

Mandy is in the bathroom, doing girl stuff. ‘Sounds like a good idea,’ I say. ‘We can probably get away.’

‘Yeah,’ she says. ‘They’ve got a place in mind down on the peninsula.’ She comes back in, only wearing a bra now, her big tits straining against the lace and a nice roll of tummy jiggling as she walks. ‘Watchya doing?’ she asks, looking at the sheet tented over my groin.

”Waiting for you to suck my cock,’ I say giving her a big shit-eating grin.

‘Stuff that,’ she replies, raching back to the clasp of her bra. ‘You owe me at least three good lickings, or…’ she drapes the bra kurtköy escort over the back of a chair, ‘…a good long arse eating.’ Those big fleshy tits hang down, the fat nipples nice and rosy.

‘How about I just shag you,’ I suggest, pulling back the sheet and revealing my cock, ready to go.

‘Hmmmm, I don’t think so,’ she says, undoing her dark hair and shaking her head so that it hangs just below her shoulders. ‘At least, not before you’ve knocked off some of your debt.’ She eases down on the bed and reaches across to squeeze my hard dick. ‘So what’s it to be — front or rear?’

This is a no brainer. She knows I’m an arse man and, apart from the fact that I get a real kick out of eating her butt, I know that arse licking leads to arse dicking. With a growl I roll her onto her froont and wedge my face between her cushiony buttocks. She coos and squirms as I tongue her salty crack then hone in on that rubbery prune. She reaches back to hold her cheeks wide and my tongue presses at her centre. I feel her bear back and as the muscle spreads, I slide my tongue through and into her rank rectum.

She grunts as I ream her, shifting slowly so that she is half up on her knees. I know what she wants and slide three fingers in her swampy puss. She sighs as I stretch her cunnie and tongue her butt hole and I know she’ll be pulling at her fat nipples as I work. I continue in a steady rhythm, the taste of her butt now malatya escort neutral after the initial earthiness. Her rubbery ring has its own flavour and I suck at it with my lips as I maintain the tongue fluttering. She groans again and I pull my hand back, add a fourth finger then slide it back in her snatch.

‘God that’s sexy!’ she gasps and I feel her pussy clenching. I work hand and tongue and her grunts come a little faster. I feel her fingers against mine as she rubs her clit and I know it won’t be long now. I speed up a little, making sure my hand goes all the way to the knuckles in her snatch each time. Her anus is pulsing round my tongue and her hips are bucking to take as much as I can give.

‘Fffuuuuucckkk!’ she screams into the pillow, her cunnie clamping down on my fingers and arse hole tightening. She heaves about and I keep in place, fingers gently flexing, tongue lapping. It is a stronger faster cum than usual and I wonder if it’s because she’s anticipating our weekend with Arlene and Dave.

Slowly I withdraw my hand, Mandy groaning as the sticky fingers slide free. I get up and go through to the bathroom, returning with the KY. Mandy hasn’t moved other than to continue rubbing her parts soothingly.

‘Mmmmmmm,’ she says as I lube her prune. With a couple of hand strokes my cock is hard as a flagpole and I kneel behind her, push her cheeks wide and press it to her greasy pucker. I feel her relax kayseri escort and my cock spreads her ring. ‘Oooooohhhhhhhhh, yeahhh!’ she sighs and pushes back. I sink slowly up her pooper and lean all my weight on her back. There’s still a couple of inches to go and I jag my hips forward, making her arch her back as she gets it all the way up her hot gut. ‘Christ that fills me up!’ she exclaims.

I bite her shoulders and neck and reach beneath to grope her tits. She squirms and pants and I use my full weight to pin her down. ‘Fuck yeah!’ she gasps as I buck in and out a few inches, my cock staying deep in her arse. ‘That is sooooo good.’

After a minute I get up on my knees and give her some good long strokes, my cock emerging streaked with brown and the room filling with arse pong. Mandy pushes up onto her hands and knees and grunts and pants as I give it to her doggy.

I’m getting close and decide to try my luck. ‘Honey,’ I gasp. ‘I wanna cum in your mouth.’

‘Fuck that,’ she replies, milking my dick with her arse muscles, trying to make me cum.

‘I bet Arlene would do it,’ I retort.

‘I bet she probably would,’ she says. ‘Maybe you can find out next month.’

The thought tips me over and with a stifled yell I jet deep in her bowels. Mandy churns her hips as I go through the pleasure strokes then fall forward on her warm back. I kiss her shoulder as I withdraw from that hot butt, then roll off her and onto my back.

‘You wanna lick out my arse?’ asks Mandy, leaning over me.

‘Fuck that!’ I pant.

‘I bet Arlene would do it,’ she says, smiling.

‘Yeah,’ I agree. ‘Let’s find out next month.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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