Mel and Me


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This is another collaborative sort of thing with a guy that contacted me after he’d read Thresholds 4. It turns out he was the young man who had made the delivery to my apartment. He gave me a lot of detail about the incident but I wasn’t certain if he was BS’ing me until I asked him what color ink from the pen he handed me to sign with and with no hesitation he replied “green”, which was the correct answer. It turned out that his boss’s name was Greene and he supplied his staff with only green pens.

Anyway, it convinced me and we have had a correspondence since. He provided the general story content and I put it together, so I guess you could say that some of it is true story and some of it is my literary license taking over.


Mel just stood and stared. It was pretty obvious that she hadn’t expected to see me any more than I did her. Talk about an awkward moment.

The whole extended family was just wrapping up a week long stay at the Jersey shore. Daryl and I had been the first to arrive and had had the place all to ourselves for a whole twenty-four hours before my in laws arrived. We’d left the kids with them so that we could have a little “quality time” before they hit the scene. Morgan was two and a half and Jen only twelve months, but my mother-in-law was herself only forty-five and she assured us that she and Nick were more than up to the task of handling the two youngsters for a day in the car.

You might think that a day by ourselves would have been a great time to reconnect and have at least one round of great uninterrupted sex. Not the case. Daryl seemed to have absolutely no libido even without the distraction of our girls. She had gone into total mommy mode a year and a half earlier and no amount of romancing, cuddling, or innuendo seemed to free her from that single minded focus.

The next day Daryl’s sister Hannah and her husband Travis accompanied by their two children had shown up an hour and a half after Mel, Nick, and ours. For the next five days the summer rental was transformed into an ersatz childcare center that focused on feeding times, diaper changes, burpings, and the entertainment of four children under the age of three.

By our last day of vacation I was more than happy to trade places with Daryl’s dad on the outing to the museum. Mel had arranged to meet up with some old family friends who had highly recommended the place. Hannah, Travis, and their two had already departed and as he and I were strapping the girls into car seats Nick suggested that he go instead. I think he realized that I’d had enough of babies for a while. He seemed to never tire of attending to the girls every whim. I agreed to the proposition immediately.

What I didn’t realize cebeci escort as I headed to the second floor for a nice long shower, something that had been hard to come by over the previous few days, was that Daryl and Mel had had a similar conversation. Daryl headed out with her dad and Mel stayed behind. Mel was also unaware that Nick and I had swapped places. It was exactly the sort of miscommunication and flip flopping that had gone on with almost everything we did all week. At one point both Nick and Hannah had separately gone out to pick up chinese food, the result bing enough mu shoo pork and fried rice to feed the second battalion. Looking back on it, it was almost like a seven day long french farce.

Which leads us to the predicament Mel and I found ourselves in. Exiting the shower I realized that not only had I left my clothes behind in the bedroom, but the towel as well. Thinking it was only my wife left in the house with me I casually stepped out and headed for the bedroom through the adjacent dressing area.

Mel had evidently had similar ideas with regard to grabbing a shower and assuming it was Nick behind the frosted glass doors, was standing there in her bra and panties pinning her cheek length blonde hair up so as not to get it wet.

It was a bit of an impasse as I stood there. The towel lay beyond her and she was just staring at my crotch. We were both caught off guard, frozen in position.

Everything except my cock that is. As she stared, it took on a life of it’s own, rapidly swelling from limp and flaccid to swollen and hard. I don’t know what it was about having her stare at me like that, but it was incredibly arousing. The fact that she was standing there in her underwear added to the arousal. It was nothing fancy, just simple white bikini panties and a simple white bra with a little bit of lace, but Mel does aerobics and yoga all the time. She quite frankly has a smokin’ bod, firm and slender, at that point nicely tanned after a week at the beach. I’d seen her in a bikini all week, but, well… this was her underwear.

She was the first to speak, her voice a little crackly as she tried unsuccessfully to compose herself. “Do you always shave down there?”

I know I must have turned beet red. “Usually.”

“It’s so big.”

Wow. That floored me. I never in a million years thought I’d ever hear my mother-in-law commenting on the size of my penis. I got harder yet. It was now protruding straight out, all eight inches and there was nothing I could do to control it.

The whole thing was pretty weird but what made it weirder still was that I was enjoying the sensation of standing there like that in front of her with a raging hard-on. I was cebeci escort bayan enjoying the sense of exposure, the strange combination of both embarrassment and empowerment, and this sudden rush of intimacy with her.

“Umm, I was headed for the shower,” she said.

“I was headed for a towel.”

I expected her to stand to the side and allow me to pass by but instead she turned her back to me.

“This bra clasp is difficult to unfasten. Could you help me?”

Now I’ve had my share of difficulty unfastening bra straps. This unclasped effortlessly. I wished it hadn’t, as the view of her backside was exquisite. It turned out that the panties were actually a thong, the result being that her firm shapely ass was beautifully displayed.

“Thank you” she said as she slipped the bra down her arms. She tossed it onto the vanity counter and turned, offering me a view of lovely small breasts, just as I liked them, just as Daryl’s had been prior to childbirth and nursing. Firm little nipples implied that Mel was as aroused as I was. I wanted to touch them but dared not.

Slipping her thumbs into the waistband of her panties she shimmied them past her hips and they then fell to the floor whereupon she stepped out of them. There was now space to pass by her to the bedroom beyond and the towel that awaited me but I stood transfixed.

It was my turn to stare. The darkness of her tan coupled with the whiteness of the areas that had been shielded from the rays by her bikini made it seem almost as though she were still wearing something. But then there were those delectable hard nipples and a triangle of short light brown fur at her crotch. I was in total lust.

Mel’s next action caught me completely by surprise. Reaching forward she grasped my member with her slender manicured fingers and both delicately and firmly guided me alongside her as she headed for the shower.

Once inside with the tepid water running over us we embraced, our bodies tight against one another. We explored, caressed, fondled, and we kissed. It was almost like being with Daryl, or rather the old Daryl, the one I hadn’t seen in a while. It also felt both right and wrong. But ultimately it was just incredibly erotic.

We turned the water off and headed to the bedroom where we dried off one another, exploring and caressing further. Mel paid a lot of attention to my cock and once she was satisfied it was all properly dried off, proceeded to get it all wet again as she first kissed it and then licked it and then finally took the first few inches into her mouth. She spent a great deal of time sucking away and fondling my hairless balls.

Eventually Mel let me have a turn on her. I escort cebeci pushed her back onto the bed, spread her legs apart and tasted my mother-in-law’s pussy for the very first time. She was unbelievably wet and had big floppy labia as well as a much larger clit than her daughter. I savored it for at least twenty minutes before she locked her thighs to my head, cumming in total abandon.

We moved further up the bed and she spread her legs again. This time I positioned my torso between them, the head of my tool pressed against her pussy and then pushed forward. It slid in easily and then she locked her legs around me in an embrace that made it very clear that she wanted me right there inside her and that I wasn’t going anywhere else anytime soom.

Thrashing and pumping away like that, we fucked away for an hour or more. Several times I felt her pussy clench my cock as she moaned in the deep ecstasy of what I could only assume was an orgasm. Eventually I could stand no more and I erupted deep inside her, my balls throbbing as I did.

We lay in one another’s arms for a long while after, nuzzling and kissing, talking about everything the way lovers that have been together for a long time do. She wanted to know how many lovers I’d had and I told her eight. Then she wanted to know if any of them had been after I’d married Daryl and after I said no she explained that she knew that Nick had been seeing another woman for years, that it had started when she had lost interest while Daryl and Hannah had been young.

“Promise me something” she said.


“That my grandaughters will always have a father that will be there for them. My father divorced my mother when they were very young and it was always painful not to have a father around.”

“I know how things must be with you and Daryl right now. It was like that with Nick and I when the girls were young. I eventually came around but by then he had this other arrangement and I didn’t feel as though I could demand that he break it off. He’s a good man and I love him and don’t want to cause him pain.”

“You’re an incredible woman” I responded.

We showered again and then finished packing things in preparation for leaving around noon. She slipped her bikini bottom on but as she tidied up the place and stripped the beds she left the top off until we heard a car pull into the pea gravel driveway.


It’s been a year now and we’re preparing for another week at the shore. Mel and I are planning to drive one car down early to open the place up and Nick, Daryl and the kids will arrive the next day. It will be good to be alone together like that. We see a lot of one another and manage to steal time to get together to fuck each others’ brains out every chance we get. Sometimes we actually go out on a date at night, just stop for a drink somewhere. Sometimes we grab a hotel room and sometimes we just each go home, maybe a little unsatisfied but knowing that there will always be a next time.

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