Married Women are Safer


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My brother and I both had a rostered day off and were just bumming around the house, catching up on housework and things like that. Just after lunch I wandered out to the mailbox to see if any snail mail had been delivered.

There was one thick envelope in the mailbox and I glanced at the addressee to see if it was for me or my brother. The answer was it was for neither of us but for some stranger. I looked at the envelope with a touch of confusion and then spotted the problem. The idiot postman had delivered the letter to the wrong address. It should have been posted next door.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t recognise the name of my next door neighbour the answer is quite simple. I hadn’t met them yet, seeing they only moved in a week ago. All I knew about them was that they were a young couple.

I ambled along to the neighbours, intending to post the letter in their mailbox. You may have gathered from my descriptions of my activities, bumming around, wandering over, ambling along, that I’m not actually a ball of fire. I tend to just take things easy, although I still manage to get things done. I just see no need to get in an unholy sweat about things when calm and steady brings about the same result.

It appeared that the young lady who’d moved in next door didn’t follow the same philosophy. I’d barely started to stick the envelope in her mailbox and she came charging out of the house, demanding to know what I was doing.

“Posting a letter,” I pointed out, holding the letter up for her to see.

“I can see that,” she retorted, “but why are you posting a letter in my mailbox?”

“Ah, because it’s addressed to you?” I suggested.

“Well why do you have a letter that’s addressed to me?” she asked, holding out her hand for the letter.

“Because it was put in my mailbox,” I explained. “You have to watch the mail you get. Our postie is either dumb or dyslectic and frequently puts things in the wrong box. We all tend to check what we’ve got and move it to the correct box.”

I waved my hand as I spoke, indicating that the ‘we’ I mentioned referred to the whole street.

“Why doesn’t someone complain to the Postal Service?” she asked, trying to grab the letter out of my hand, not succeeding due to said hand grandly waving about at the time.

“Someone did. The postie just claimed they were being racist and it wasn’t his fault.”

The poor girl looked confused.

“How can complaining about the postal service be racist?”

“A good question but the answer is it doesn’t matter. Once racism has been mentioned the complaint is dismissed so we still have to sort out the occasional incorrectly posted letter.”

“What’s going on Mike?”

My brother had seen me chatting up a sweet young thing and come out to find out what was going on.

“Just the idiot postie again,” I told him. “Posted the young lady’s letter in our box and I was delivering it to her. I’d introduce you to her but I don’t know her name.”

“I’m Megan. Can I please have my letter?”

“Hi, Megan. I’m Mike. This oaf is my brother, Rob. We’re easy to tell apart as I’m the handsome one. Of course you can have your letter. That’s why I brought it over.”

“So, do you work or are you a lady of leisure?” Rob asked. “Normally we’d both be at work but today’s our RDO, so here we are.”

“I work. It’s just that I’ve got a few days off to finish up the moving and setting up the house. I go back to work next Monday.”

I could see that Rob was running his eye over Megan, nodding appreciatively why he did so. I couldn’t blame him. I’d done precisely the same when she first came out, though not as blatantly as Rob. She was certainly worth looking at.

Megan wasn’t very tall but was slender, pixyish you might say. For all that she had the proper padding in the right places. She had dark hair and dark eyes and was currently rather attractively dishevelled, probably from her housework, but it certainly added to her attractiveness.

“What do you think, Mike? Worth asking?”

“Oh, definitely,” I agreed, “but I think I’d better be the one to ask. I have a more subtle touch than your crude self.”

“A fethiye escort matter of opinion. My right one versus your wrong one, but go ahead. I’m ready for a laugh.”

Megan was looking confused so I explained wat was on our minds.

“What Rob wants me to suggest is that since we’re both at loose ends and you obviously need a break from the tedious work of sorting out your house, you might like to come over to our place? We’ll give you fifty each for the privilege of undressing you and playing with you for a while.”

Megan wasn’t looking confused anymore. I think stunned would be a better description. She lifted her hand and waved it in front of us, probably to show off her rings. Personally, I consider this sort of thing a good sign. She hadn’t rejected the proposition out of hand, even if she didn’t realise it.

“You do realise I’m married?” she asked. “Anyway, people don’t make that type of suggestion to women they’ve just met. They just don’t.”

“We do and, yes, we know you’re married. That’s part of the reason for our suggestion.”

“What? What has my being married have to do with it?”

“Married women are a lot safer. They know what to do and they’re not going to start stalking us afterwards. They know it’s just a once off diversion and they get themselves a little spending money.”

“You’re saying that women actually accept that type of crude suggestion? I don’t believe it.”

“So much for you thinking you were being subtle,” scoffed Rob. “As to women accepting our offer, surprisingly yes. I was totally shocked the first time one accepted.”

Megan now had an air of general disbelief.

“You’re kidding, right? Why would any woman agree to such a thing?”

“A variety of reasons, apparently. Oddly enough the money isn’t one of them. They tend to use the money as an excuse rather than the reason.”

“Well what reasons do they have?”

Megan seemed genuinely curious so I tried to explain.

“Let’s see. There was one girl who agreed but only on the condition that we spank her first. Another who wanted to watch herself being taken in a mirror. Another girl agreed only if we let her get on top and ride us. Another wanted to know what it would be like to be in a threesome. Some exhibitionism crops up now and then. Oh, and some voyeurism. One woman insisted on bringing along a friend so they could watch each other doing it. Maybe they want to try a position before getting their husbands to try it. Like I said, many different reasons.”

“And all these women agree to you stripping them and, ah, you know?”

“Again it varies. Some really want to be naked and can’t wait to strip in front of a couple of men. Others want us to undress them. Some only agree to partial undressing. You know, lower their panties and bending over. We’re agreeable to whatever they want, although I do prefer full nudity.”

“Do you remember Mrs Prude?” Rob asked with a laugh. “Wouldn’t remove a single stitch. Insisted that we just ease the crotch of her panties to the side and take her from behind. She didn’t even want us to get undressed, insisting we keep our clothes on and take her from behind. Not that all that seemed to stop her from enjoying our attentions.”

“Do you mean the girls you pick up are the ones who decide how they’re going to do it?” It seemed that Megan felt rather shocked at that.

“If they want to,” I admitted. “If they don’t care one way or the other then we decide.”

Megan was chewing on her lip and I could see she was dying to ask us something. I gave her a nudge.

“Go on, ask. You know you want to.”

She glared at me but asked anyway.

“Have you ever raped any of these women?”

“Yes, one, because that’s what she wanted. She wanted to be stripped and tied down to the bed so we could use her whenever we wanted. She was with us for hours. I will admit that for our own protection we recorded her asking for us to do that and gave her a safe word so we would stop if she used it. She wailed and squealed and protested quite a bit but she didn’t really struggle at any stage and she didn’t use the safe word. She also made sure she was looking at the camera escort fethiye anytime we took her. She provided the handcuffs, by the way.”

“You film what you do!?”

“Not normally, but that particular girl wanted us to. We made sure our faces were not on camera.”

“I don’t believe any of this.”

“You don’t have to. There again, it’s quite easy for you to find out for sure.”

She gave me a suspicious look and I smiled.

“Just come along with us and we’ll demonstrate. Or, if you prefer, lead the way into your house and we’ll demonstrate there. Perhaps we can help you with rearranging some furniture while we’re there.”

“You expect me to let you follow me inside knowing what you want to do?”

“Honest answer? Yes, I do. If you weren’t curious you’d have walked off as soon as the suggestion was made, not stand there and examine the proposition from all angles.”

She blushed quite fiercely, turned, and headed back to the house. Rob and I followed. When she reached the house she stopped, turned to look at us, blushed again, and entered, leaving the door wide open. Again, Rob and I followed.

She turned into the front room, turning to face us. I gave her a friendly smile and discretely palmed a couple of fifties to her, murmuring that she might like to put it somewhere. She held it for a moment and then turned and put it under a vase on the sideboard.

I was a lot more confident now about how things would go. She was genuinely curious as to what it would be like to have a couple of men, strangers really, strip her and fuck her. I moved closer to her, undid the button at the waist of her skirt and flicked it open. A little tug and her skirt slipped down to the floor.

Megan blushed, crossing her hands in front of her crotch, trying to hide her panties. That was OK by me. I simply started undoing the buttons on her blouse. There was only a few of them and it didn’t take long. I nodded to Rob who was now standing behind her. He brushed the blouse off her shoulders and slowly pushed it down her arms. She didn’t have much choice but to move her arms to her sides, letting the blouse drop away, leaving her standing there in panties and bra.

I didn’t rush her, I just stood there, letting my eyes travel over her, letting her see how much I approved. She was biting her lip slightly, now with a more delicate blush, excitement showing on her face. (And on the nipples pressing hard against her bra.)

“Take them off,” I said softly, and she moved slowly to do so, watching me closely to make sure I was watching her. Damn right I was watching her. Her panties went first and then she reached around behind her to unhook her bra. She slowly let it slide down, finally dropping it on the rest of her clothes.

Once again I did that eye thing, looking her over and nodding my approval.

I slowly reached for her, brushing my hand across her breasts and then letting it glide down across her stomach until I could slide it between her legs. Her lips were damp and pressed against me, surprising me at her being so aroused already. I took a step back, not losing eye contact, and dropped my trousers and whipped off my shirt.

Now it was her turn to run her eye over me, her blush deepening as she eyed my erection. Before she could say anything I moved closer to her, my arms going around her and pulling her flush against me, relishing the feel of her body.

“You are so beautiful,” I said softly. “Can you feel what you’re doing to me?”

Damn right she could. My erection was pressed hard against her. My hands moved down and around, away from her waist and onto her bottom, cupping her cheeks and lifting. She gave a gasp as she found herself being picked up, her body dragging against mine. I was leaning back a little so that she was half lying on me. A little higher and my erection slipped between her legs, another gasp from her telling me that she knew it.

“Legs around my waist,” I said, delighted when she did as she was told, her legs coming up and wrapping around me. That was the point where I started lowering her again.

One thing that Megan seemed to have forgotten was that Rob was in fethiye escort bayan the room with us, standing behind her, or crouching at the current moment. As soon as I started lowering her he deftly lined me up, letting me sink into her without any probing around. He now backed off and I let Megan drop down, impaling her quite neatly.

I didn’t try fucking her right from the word go. I just stayed fully inside her while adjusting the way I held her. My hands moved up away from her bottom and settled either side of the small of her back. From there I eased her away from me so that she was leaning back, me still standing there, cock well inside her.

Rob now moved up behind her so that she found herself leaning back against him, his hands coming around to close over her breasts. That was my signal to get to work, and get to work I did.

I pulled back and returned, moving gently at this stage to see how she was taking it. From the way she pressed to meet me when I thrust back in I have to say with some enthusiasm. Taking this into account I started thrusting harder, starting to really enjoy myself and observing the pleasure that she seemed to be taking. I was amused to see that her hands had come up and were covering Rob’s, holding them firmly against her breasts.

I took my time, taking my pleasure and slowly building up her arousal. (Or maybe not so slowly, the way she was reacting.) When it was finally time for me to go into overdrive and really give it to her she didn’t seem to have any complaints. She stayed the course, you might say, before finally climaxing with a soft wail, while I also climaxed, although silently.

I think she was just a little spaced out at that point as I disengaged and lowered her feet to the ground. She didn’t seem to notice that Rob was helping her to kneel and then she was on all fours with Rob kneeling behind her. I had to stifle a laugh at the look on her face when Rob drove into her, apparently having forgotten that he’d want a turn.

Not that Rob’s attentions seemed to bother her. After that first thrust her bottom started bouncing away as she showed her appreciation for what he was giving her. His hands were once more clutching her breasts as he gave her what-for, banging away at a great rate. I keep telling Rob that he needs to slow down and consider his partner but he doesn’t listen. As soon as he starts it’s hell-for-leather time. That’s why I go first, to make sure our current friend is nicely aroused and ready for his more animal like attentions.

Animal like or not, Megan certainly wasn’t complaining. If anything she was urging him on to greater efforts, with Rob doing his best to honour her wishes. The whole thing finished up with Megan climaxing again, Rob grunting away as he also let loose.

I’d dressed while Rob was busy. For his part he hadn’t even bothered to undress, just dropping his trousers and letting his favourite toy out for some playtime. Now all he had to do was stand and pull up his trousers while I politely helped Megan to her feet.

She was breathing hard, her breasts heaving nicely, and I found myself unable to resist cupping them and lightly rubbing them.

“You were amazing,” I told her. “By far the best experience I’ve ever had.”

“I can’t believe you did that,” she gasped in reply. “I can’t believe that I let you. I must have been mad.”

“Look on the bright side. It was an interesting experience even if it is one you won’t want to repeat.”

“Won’t repeat, is right,” she snapped. “Out! Now! The pair of you.”

Rob hastened away but I took my time. One must always be courteous.

“It was a delight to make your acquaintance,” I assured her. “There is one thing. Rob will be going out for a drink in a short while. If you’re feeling guilty about what happened come over after he’s gone and I’ll punish you for your misbehaviour.”

She gave me a very odd look, so I explained further.

“Well, obviously you can’t ask your husband to punish you because he’d want to know why. However, I know why, so if you come over I’ll put you over my knee and spank you. You’ll find it educational.”

From the look on her face she was already imaging what a spanking might entail and wondering if things would stop at a spanking. They wouldn’t but she might just be curious enough to come over and find out. If not today, maybe another day. Time would tell.

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