Married with Passion


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They were at their son’s wedding. The day was turning into a memorable one. Their son and his bride were happy. So were they.

At first glance no one would suspect, but Tom turns to mush at weddings. He saw the bride, but he always thought of Valerie, remembering their wedding night and praising God again for how fortunate he was to have her as his wife.

Valerie loved this about Tom.

Tom treasured Valerie as a gift from God and Valerie counted this among the many blessings that she and Tom shared. They had five children of their own, an income that provided a sound house, and a church family who cared and shared with them both the good times and the bad.

But, Tom and Valerie had a sweet secret. From the day they married until this very day they were red hot lovers.

Yes, their style had changed over the years. The almost nightly sessions before the first baby came, to the well planned and executed brief hours of intensity for the last twenty plus years, and now, less planned sessions that lasted as long as they could hold on.

Tonight would be one of those nights.

Weddings made Tom passionate and Valerie knew it. She began preparing weeks in advance. She got out the little black dress that Tom liked so. She made sure he saw it go out to the cleaners and when it came back.

If Tom had a short coming, it was his desire to see Valerie in classic lingerie. She made sure he saw her black panty with garters, complementing bra, and stockings laid out on the bed with her other things. For a woman of her age with five children she had a fine figure and a pair of control top pantyhose would have given her an excellent shape, but panty and stockings were extremely sexy on her, and she knew it. Valerie guessed he was just a man of his generation and took full advantage of Tom’s desire.

Valerie had a few secrets of her own. She made sure that the “the scarf” was out where Tom would see it.

Saturday morning came and Tom saw all the clues and made sure he was ready too. Valerie had a passion for something special, but Tom had to be just right for her to fully enjoy it. All of this subtle communication stirred their passions.

This was the truth of their red hot passion—communicating. Tom and Valerie had learned early on that they were such good lovers because they told each other their likes and dislikes. It was how they stayed passionate through the years with children. Today, the fact that the two had communicated with each other for thirty-two years was clearly evident.

The wedding was perfect. The reception at the country club would be remembered for years. Tom danced with Valerie many more times than normal. They both felt those special feelings as they danced on the last slow dance. Soon they knew it was time to move the evening to a different setting.

The newlyweds left to commence their wedding night soon after Tom and Valerie finished their last dance. Tom and Valerie said their good-byes to the wedding guests and drove to their hotel where they and some other guests were staying. Once at the hotel Tom helped Valerie out of the car and opened the door for her. Rather quickly both were in their room.

Although they had been sharing glances and smiles for hours now, Valerie got things rolling. “Tom will you come here and unzip me”, Valerie asked.

Tom obliged Valerie and finally saw what he had been waiting all week to see: her lacy black bra above the gartered panty, holding up silk stockings. Valerie was not large busted. She was blessed with what Tom referred to as “a perfect handful of full, womanly curvaceous breasts”; breasts that Tom seemed to worship. To keep him interested she quickly went into the bath and closed the door. Tom wasted no time in getting down to the pair of boxer briefs Valerie liked him in best. He checked the night stand drawer again to make sure everything they enjoyed was there.

Valerie soon reappeared down to her bra, panty and stockings with a strand of brilliant white pearls around her neck and accenting her cleavage. She strode to Tom sitting on the edge of the bed. He stood up, wrapped his arms around her and looking deep into her eyes slowly kissed her. They gripped each other tightly as the stood and kissed. They stroked each other’s body with perfect finger pressure.

Tom suddenly spun Valerie around and began to stroke her cupped breasts and her firm hourglass torso. Valerie relished the feel of Tom’s strong hands stroking her body. Tom kissed and tenderly gnawed at Valerie’s neck. Although their actions were almost scripted after all these years, they took pleasure in the process.

The combination of Tom’s fingers fondling and the lining of the cups caused Valerie’s nipples to harden. She began to let out gentle moans of pleasure as she pressed her hips backwards against Tom’s bulging penis. Tom picked up the scarf Valerie had left out and blindfolded her.

Valerie was excited more when she could only feel Tom’s touch, but not see what he was doing. It gave her a delicious sense of abandon.

He guided her to the bed and made her comfortable. Valerie relaxed; she canlı bahis knew that whatever was to come would feel good. Tom leaned down and kissed her long and slow. She reached up and held his head. Tom eased away, kissing her hands. He kissed up her arm to her shoulders and down the other arm. He came back and kissed her chest and nuzzled into her cleavage.

Valerie was soon lost in Tom’s attentions. He rolled her over and slowly massaged her shoulders and back. Valerie was floating away when she felt Tom unhooking her bra. He rolled her back over and lifted the bra away.

Valerie’s breasts had changed over the years, but they were still full and sprightly and Tom’s touch could almost send her over the edge. He leaned down and fondled one while kissing the other. Breastfeeding had been a joy for Valerie. Valerie’s nipples had become bigger from breastfeeding their five children and Tom enjoyed the size and texture of Valerie’s nipples even more after the children had changed them. When Tom’s lips touched her nipples, it sent waves running through her body. As Tom suckled her, his fingers stroked her nylon and satin encased belly, hips, and thighs. Finally, his finger began to stroke the satin crotch of her panties.

Valerie was already intensely aroused as Tom tenderly stroked the lips of her sex within the slippery satiny fabric. Within moments she was moaning and unconsciously thrusting her hips upward. Tom spread the edges of satin apart and kissed Valerie’s womanhood through the damp cloth. He felt Valerie tugging at his legs, wanting him to straddle her. He resisted. Instead, Tom continued to kiss, suck, and lick Valerie’s sex; her panties becoming more wet, inside and outside, with his loving. Tom gently hooked his finger into the side of her wet panties, moving them aside. His lips and tongue were now stroking, kissing, licking, and sucking the full, engorged, and bright red lips of her labia. Tom sighed in erotic pleasure as he savored his wife’s flavor. His tongue alternated between pointed and firm and wide and soft as he directed it to her clitoris. Her nub responded by growing large as his lips surrounded it. After just a few moments, Valerie began to feel a wave of pleasure emanating from within her clitoris and spreading outward to envelope her labia, her vagina, and her now incredibly sensitive breasts. With total abandon, she moved one hand to her breast and massaged and squeezed her nipples. Her other hand moved to replace Tom’s finger that was holding her panties. “Finger my pussy and lick my clit, now!” she said huskily. Valerie only spoke with such words and tone when engulfed with sexual passion. Tom quickly obliged. In a short minute or so of Tom’s fingers playing within the inner lips of her labia and his tongue gently and wetly stroking her hard, engorged clit, that wave of pleasure crashed over Valerie. Her moans were long and throaty. Her legs tensed. The muscles in her hips, thighs, and even her inner sex and vagina clasped at Tom’s hand, fingers, and tongue. Her orgasm seemed as if it would not end.

After a long minute of climaxing, Valerie realized that this love-making was truly special. She knew that Tom’s love for her was not only spiritual and emotional and pure, but that he also desired to pleasure her in the most intimate ways that he could. He loved her.

And while these thoughts were making their way through her consciousness, she also began to realize that she was enjoying this loving sex like never before. She was still hot and horny! She wanted this sexual fervor to continue! She wanted to be done by Tom and to do Tom! Valerie released Tom from the grip of her lower muscles and with a trembling voice cried out, “Tom, please, I need you in me.” Tom eased up and took the lube from their bedside table and tenderly lubricated Valerie. They had learned that lubricant really made for more pleasurable and longer play and intercourse. And though still very sensitive from her intense orgasm, Valerie enjoyed Tom’s touch as he spread the lubricant over her labia and into her vagina.

Tom then looked at his wife and asked, “How do you want it?” Sometimes Valerie wanted on top taking his penis while other times she wanted receive his penis from underneath. Valerie seemed to growl, “You on top!”

Tom slid up on Valerie kissing her as he did. Once again, Valerie moved her hand to hold her now drenched panties to the side, this time reaching under her hip and thigh to do so. Her other hand tugging Tom’s briefs down just far enough to allow his now deep red and enlarged penis and testicles to escape their former confines. Tom tenderly opened Valerie’s lips and vagina with the head of his penis and slipped into her. She felt him press deep into her. She was always thrilled beyond description when she and Tom connected so deeply. Tom came to his knees, withdrawing his manhood nearly out of Valerie’s sex and lifted Valerie by hips, sliding a pillow under her. He remained kneeling as he slowly thrust through Valerie’s labial lips into the deep warmth of her flesh that now surrounded his penis.

Valerie actually liked wearing panties during intercourse. bahis siteleri The nice hug of the materials felt good on her skin and the touch of the cloth upon her lips and clitoris seemed to enhance her climax. Tom rocked slowly since it was more about the journey than the destination for the two of them now. Valerie reached up in a dream like fashion and began slowly to play with her breasts. Not only did she enjoy the feel, she knew that Tom would be invigorated by the sight.

Valerie began raise and lower her hips letting the satin stroke her clitoris. That along with Tom’s penis stroking her G spot were lifting her ever higher. They drifted into a dream like eternality. They were in no hurry to finish. Being connected was the main point of their physical love.

After what seems hours, Valerie began to constrict on Tom’s shaft. His pace did not change; it remained slow, steady, and deep. He knew what Valerie liked. He heard her sweet blissful moans and released himself with a great pulsating beat. Time may have diminished his output, but he still delivered it with gusto.

After a few moments, Tom reclined on Valerie. He could hear her heart pounding as he laid his head on her warm breasts and she stroked his head and back.

If they had fallen asleep like this it would have been a good night for Tom and Valerie, but she wanted, no she desired and needed more. Her passion had become even more intense with Tom’s penis filling and stroking her sex! Her sex needed more attention to abate a lust that was consuming her. She had to have more!

Removing the blindfolded, Valerie rolled Tom to one side and began kissing down his body. She pulled his boxer briefs from his hips and legs, tossing them aside. She reached for his penis taking its semi-erect form in one hand and moving the other hand to Tom’s chest. She began to gently stroke his penis while caressing and pinching his nipple that was closest to her. Tom opened his eyes to look at her face. This was different and unusual, but in a good way. No a great way. They usually rested for a few seconds and then cleaned each other up before drifting off to sleep after loving each other as they had just done. Valerie’s touching him as she was now doing was not only very enjoyable and erotic, but was new and different!

Valerie saw and sensed Tom’s bewilderment. She looked straight into his eyes and asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

“No, please continue.”

This was what Valerie wanted to hear. She acknowledged Tom’s acceptance of her pleasing him by leaning forward to begin kissing, licking, and nibbling upon his nipple. Valerie new that Tom’s nipples were very sensitive and that he enjoyed her tongue and lips upon them but that it was her gently nibbling just to the point of just a bit of pain that his nipples liked most and responded to with a hardness made Valerie to want to nibble even more. It was her nibbling combined with her gentle stroking of his penis that quickly brought his penis back to a state of complete firmness. It was Tom’s realization and thoughts that his wife still desired more sex that caused a hardness that seemed to even exceed his previous erection.

Valerie had now moved her attention to Tom’s other nipple; her breasts gently brushing the skin of Tom’s chest; his chest hair teasing her nipples. The hand on his penis was now also gently massaging his testicles; her fingers tracing and teasing the area directly beneath his scrotum and massaging the flesh of his inner thighs. She ever so slowly drew a fingernail gently from this most sensitive area upwards along the seam of his sac up the underside of his penis to the now bulging head. Her fingers played with its tip. A drop of clear lubricant appeared at the tip’s opening. Her fingers and his penis head became slick with the moisture.

After a minute of her pleasuring Tom, Valerie stopped and moved to stand beside the bed. She placed one foot on the side of the bed. She then unhooked the garters from one of her stockings. Tom was entranced by her actions and the sight of his sexually charged wife; her inviting breasts and piercing nipples so near, the curves of her inviting hips within reach, the sex between her hips so close. She then changed her position so the other foot was now perched near Tom. She detached the other two garters. She then stood facing Tom and so very slowly removed the panty; doing so with a very sensual and enticing dance and undulating of her hips. Her impromptu display of eroticism was transfixing as Tom could only stare at his wife’s erogenous movements. As the neat and shortly trimmed hair of her mons became visible, Tom inhaled audibly.

“You like this, don’t you?” Valerie smiled wickedly.

Tom could only moan his surrender.

Valerie continued to remove the panty letting it drop to the floor where she delicately stepped out of it. She then did something else that caught Tom by surprise. Both of her hands slowly moved forward and down toward her sex coming to a rest where her index fingers and thumbs framed her labia. Tom had never seen a more erotic image than this one of his wife displaying herself bahis şirketleri to him, her smile and eyes revealing a side of her that he had rarely seen. Tom became mesmerized as Valerie gently used her fingers to touch and caress and to open her labia. The slow movements of her fingers and the now shine of wetness on her labial lips and fingers were captivating and brought his level of erotic desire higher than he could ever remember. To add to her hypnotizing effect, Valerie’s hips began a slow, swaying, circular path as she closed her eyes while slightly opening her mouth and wetting her lips with a slow, sensuous movement of her moistened tongue. Tom, reaching down to grasp his penis was shocked by its incredible hardness. Valerie then took one of her fingers and dipped its tip between the folds of her sex, gathering some of the wetness. Bending at her knees, Valerie the dropped her head to where Tom’s hand was still grasping his erection. She then gently kissed the swollen head with her red lipsticked lips. Her finger with the moisture from her sex she brought to Tom’s lips where he allowed the finger to gently enter, depositing the flavorful juice onto his tongue. Valerie slowly withdrew her finger and brought it up to her lips which she erotically and gently sucked into her mouth for a long moment. Leaning farther forward, Valerie then brought her lips to Tom’s and not-so-gently deeply kissed him. Her tongue quickly found his tongue. Their tongues and lips crushing each other in a passion that neither Tom nor Valerie had often felt or experienced. The kiss was long and pure sexual and full of lust. After a timeless epoch in which Valerie and Tom allowed their lust and passion to transcend their kiss, Valerie stood up. She took each of Tom’s hands into one of hers and then pinned his hands above his head with one hand. She indicated that he should not move his hands. Finding the previously discarded scarf, Valerie gently tied Tom’s hands. Her tying was easy and meant to be symbolic. Tom was not to use his hands any more. “Would you like to climb on top of me?” Tom quietly asked Valerie. He knew that she often experienced orgasm while riding him with his penis filling her and her clitoris rubbing against him.

“Yes” was her answer. However, rather than straddling his hips, she moved up his body. Her knees came to rest on either side of his head. She straightened her back. Her sex was now directly above Tom’s face, the lips of her labia just a small breadth from his lips. He could smell the muskiness of her sex and desire. He could feel the warm wetness emanating from the folds of her flesh. The feel of her stockings against his cheeks was sensual. Who was this woman that was having her way with him?

Once again Valerie brought her hands to her mons and then down to her sex. Once again, she used delicate fingers to open delicate lips. She gently moved her sex down until her lips met his lips; her sex had found a place that she knew would sate her hunger.

Tom’s lips and tongue wasted no time in beginning their ministrations. Much like before, he enveloped the whole of her sex within his lips. He licked and kissed from one puffy outer lip to the other. He sucked upon her inner labia and allowed his tongue to explore her savory vagina, from the inner creases of which poured Valerie’s nectar. Not pressing down with too much pressure, Valerie allowed Tom to completely have all of her sex. She enjoyed the feel of his tongue and lips as they discovered all of her loving flesh. It was not long until Valerie began to feel another orgasm building within her loins, this time beginning from within her now pulsating and contracting vagina.

Now increasing the pressure of her flesh against Tom’s lips, Valerie tilted her hips to a point where her clitoris was within easy reach of Tom’s lips and tongue. Recognizing what Valerie wanted, what she needed, Tom began to concentrate upon this large, soft, but firm nub. The tip of his tongue stroked and massaged the core of her pleasure. The flat of his tongue stroked her clit from base to tip and the surrounding soft, wet, flesh from which it reared. Tom could feel the wet slick which was literally pouring from his wife’s vagina as it drenched his face, running down his cheeks and chin. Opening his mouth wide he allowed the oil from his wife’s sex to fill his mouth, relishing the savor has he drank. Valerie was now beyond simple passion and lust. The intensity of her building orgasm was building to a crescendo that was nearing an uncontrollable level. Her fingers separated her lips so that her clitoris was totally bare and open to Tom’s tongue. She moved and pressed down so that all of his oral attention was now concentrated only upon that point of extreme pleasure. As Tom encased her clitoris with his lips while stroking it with the tip of his tongue at the same time, Valerie arched her back and threw back her head. Her hands pawed for her breasts, pinching her nipples. A loud, orgasmic moan emanated from her lips as she felt every muscle in her sex contract over and over and over. The most passionate, forceful, penetrating climax of her life completely shrouded her being. Nothing existed except for this sheer overpowering pleasure that now encased her. The orgasm of her life seemed to last for minutes as wave after wave after wave of indescribable pleasure swept through her.

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