Mari and the Masseur


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Arriving on time at the downtown high-rise, she located his listing and buzzed his apartment. The harsh snap of the door latch unlocking made her jump, but she soon had the presence of mind to push the door open, and walk through. As Mari waited in the lobby for the elevator up to the top floor, she was starting to have second thoughts about this whole adventure.

Her best friend had talked her into having a massage session. June was Mari’s closest friend and confidante about all things, including the ups and downs of life, especially their two decades of married life with their respective husbands. It took quite a bit of convincing from June that Mari would be assured a perfectly relaxing, pleasant time. She had already met John at one of June’s parties, and had spent quite a bit of time at that party chatting with him. He seemed so open, interesting, and generally great to converse with. She also found him physically attractive for a slightly older man, and he was definitely worth meeting again, although June’s arrangement to meet him for a massage was maybe a bit too wild. Nevertheless, she resolved, after a lot of convincing by June, that it would be fun.

The elevator opened, and she entered. It started its slow ascent, with Mari its only occupant. The elevator seemed to take forever, giving Mari time to think collectively about troubles at work, with kids, with relatives, …

As the door slowly rolled open at the top floor, she sighed deeply, and had resolved she was going to put all those problems aside, and have a good time. June had assured her John was very safe and very skilled. Besides, Mari knew how nice he was from the first time they met. Mari, being somewhat modest, was however a little concerned about being practically naked in the presence of a strange male, whether he was a professional or not (As you would expect, she consciously chose female physicians wherever possible, because of her modesty).

But June had assured Mari “Everything will be covered.” Mari thought it very odd, though, how June said this with a strange smirk on her face. When Mari continued to show some doubt, June said, “Oh go ahead and enjoy your self for goodness’ sake! How often to you get to put aside all your troubles for two hours to just enjoy being alive?”

“Two hours!? Isn’t that a long time? ” Mari asked, even though the thought of being with John again was intriguing to her.

“Believe me, it will go by like no time, and you will find yourself wanting more. I am arranging this for you because I am your friend and I know you need this.” Mari recalled these words as she left the elevator, to further reassure her self that June was probably right.

She lightly rapped at John’s door. Shortly, it quietly opened. John stood half behind the door and said, “Please, come in”. His voice sounded warm and inviting, and Mari’s impression of him as she walked past him was that he was better looking than she could remember from the party. Mari walked by him, giving him a sideways glance and smile. While passing him in the front hall, she noted the subtle scent of aftershave, possibly British Sterling, her favorite. She walked to the center of the apartment and gave a quick look around, but wanted badly to turn back to check out John more carefully.

John had been quietly studying her as she made her way into the apartment, and was still holding the door open and studying her when she stopped and turned. As her eyes met his, he slowly shut the door, walked to her, and took her hand. He did not really shake her hand so much as hold it tenderly, as he thanked her for the opportunity to see her again. Mari felt a slight rush as he held her hand for a few extra seconds.

Before she could sit down, he offered her a glass of wine. “Would you like some German white? It’s a QMP, and not too sweet.”

“…Yes, please.” Mari was impressed that he seemed to know what she liked in wine. He handed her a fairly large glass, and then invited her to sit on the leather sofa off to one side while he made some preparations.

As he arranged some towels, massage oils, and other items, he spoke with her, asking her more about her job and home life. She was beginning to relax, partly from the wine that seemed to be going down easily, and partly from his seductive sounding voice. She found herself admiring his physique as they talked.

Sometimes, he would ask very specific questions about her hobbies, activities, and work environment, so he could determine where she was likely to benefit most from his touch. He also was interested in the things causing stress or unhappiness in her life, and Mari surprised herself by admitting her marriage was “not all that perfect.”

He paused for a moment at that comment, then asked, “Has the passion died in your marriage?” His gaze was piercing, causing Mari to momentarily freeze before she could answer.

“Well … we still love each other, it’s just …” Her words tailed off, as she canlı bahis looked out the window.

“You make love infrequently, maybe only once a week or less, and it never lasts more than fifteen minutes.”

Mari stared back at him with a look of surprise. Then she looked down at her feet in shame. She wondered how he could know that.

Sympathetically, he said, “I’m sorry. I am only asking because it is important for me to know as much about you as possible … if I am to give you a good massage … in the short time we have together.”

Mari relaxed, realizing she was seeing this guy in a somewhat professional setting, just this one time. As she looked up at him, he gave her a subtle little grin. This relaxed her further, and she confided with a smile, “Ten minutes … twice a month … maybe.”

Without further comment, he came to her, and offered a hand to help her to her feet. He led her over to the table, explaining that he wanted her on her front to begin with. He pointed out where she could deposit her clothes as he walked toward the kitchen. Suddenly, Mari remembered she would have to disrobe. “Umm … is there somewhere I could get changed?”

“I will be in the kitchen, and I promise not to look or come out until you say it’s OK. There is a towel you can use over there.” As he said this, he lowered the lights and put on some soft sensuous background music.

“Sorry…I haven’t done this before…I mean had a massage…and I guess I am a little nervous…”

“Don’t worry… everything will be covered.” His last words were very soothing, reassuring, as he disappeared from the room. Mari again recalled June saying those same words to her, and again thought it odd.

She heard him making noises in the kitchen, so she quickly disrobed, folding and stacking her clothes carefully. The towel on the massage table seemed awfully small. She would have to leave something uncovered if she was not lying on her front, but she thought “I better just accept I am going to be somewhat exposed. In fact, the thought of John, such an attractive, articulate, and sensitive man seeing her naked was starting to thrill her. It was a little dangerous, exciting.

She carefully mounted the table, laid a towel John had left over her buttocks, and stretched out flat. The initial chill of the table against her skin heightened her awareness of her nakedness, but she was also hot from the anticipation of having John lay his hands on her. She lay down for some time, relaxing her body, but allowing her active mind to wander…

“Are you ready?” he called. She was thinking erotic thoughts when his question snapped her back to reality.

“Yes, OK.”

He walked in as she lay across the table, facing away from him, with eyes closed. She heard his approach, inhaled his aftershave once again, and sighed quietly as she began to think more nice thoughts about his hands touching her.

His first touch was to her shoulder blades. She was instantly pleased by the warmth and soft strength of his hands. He spoke reassuringly to her about what he was doing, since she had said a massage was something new to her. He kneaded her slowly, carefully with his full hands, making sure he always kept one hand in contact with her smooth skin continuously. The feeling and the subtle scent of the massage oil he had warmed and applied to her was intoxicating, his hands would glide over her and press so perfectly into her muscles.

John found it difficult to concentrate on his task. He had given many massages before, but not to someone as attractive as Mari. He had become enamored of her since they had met at June’s party, and June had consented to his request to try to arrange another meeting. He thought himself already incredibly fortunate that Mari had been talked into a massage. Still, he had to try to concentrate on being professional, detached, even though he could already feel the blood collecting in his lower abdomen.

Mari was enjoying herself. To her, John seemed to have a wonderful touch — firm at times, but just right. Any slight discomfort she felt from his attention to a new area of tense muscles quickly melted into the most pleasant warm feeling of relief. In particular, he found that little painful spot under her shoulder blade, and worked on it starting form her neck downward. He explained how her neck was probably sore from using a telephone and computer workstation most of the day, and how the shoulder blade was the lower terminus of the neck muscle that was over-worked, and in need of some attention.

“Whatever, just don’t stop” Mari thought. She was in bliss from his attention, and couldn’t help uttering little appreciative sighs as his hands did their magic. He ran his hands over her shoulders, kneading away the tension he found there. Then he ran his hands in little orbits down either side of her back. Occasionally, his hands would turn outward so his fingers would roam over her ribs at the side, and she could tell bahis siteleri his fingertips were just reaching around to the sides of her breasts. She wickedly imagined how those lubricated fingers might reach right around to rub her hardening nipples.

His attention continued downwards, down to the small of her back, where he paid particular attention. Surprisingly, she was tender in that area, and winced. He said calmly, “There is some tension and soreness here. Perhaps you have had a past injury?” She admitted to him that she had pulled a muscle in her back once, about four years ago. John’s hands were working miracles, and soon she was feeling much better.

His hands only reached to the top of her towel, which he had gently positioned only as low as the top of the cleft in her buttocks. She half wanted him to go lower, but instead he shifted one hand down to the heel of her foot before he released the other from her waist. Now, he concentrated on her leg, beginning with her foot. With one hand holding the top of her foot, he ran his other hand over her heel, pressing into her arch, and up to the ball of her foot. Then, he wrapped his fingers around her toes, giving each one an individual little pull. His hand returned to her arch, and rounded up over its side. He would then take hold of her foot, while his other hand started long broad strokes from around her ankle up her calf. John took the same care with her other foot and lower leg, and Mari eagerly anticipated his next move.

Having done her lower legs, John explained how a massage should progress its way towards the heart. Mari half-hoped he would progress it to somewhere else, but she had to accept the likelihood that John would be too professional to do that. Still, it was fun to think about the possibilities, especially as John positioned his hands around her thigh just above her knee. With probing fingers and thumbs, he massaged her muscles deeply. His hands moved slowly, by inches, up each thigh. Halfway up to the towel, he switched to her other leg.

From his position, Mari thought, he probably had quite a nice view under the bottom edge of the short towel, especially when she had slightly parted her thighs to allow his hand access between them. The thought of him seeing her was exciting, making her horny and wet.

John did indeed catch a glimpse, but then he was really no stranger to this. What was unusual was his less than professional reaction. He was very pleased to see the effect he desired in her, as he could see her lips, puffed and pink, and oozing. He said, very seductively, “We are almost done on this side.”

“Oh god it’s been wonderful so far,” Mari sighed as she shifted her legs a little farther apart. John recognized this as granting permission to go higher on each leg. Slowly, ever so slowly, his hands massaged higher on her thigh, His hand on her inner thigh was gently lifting the towel as it made its way up. As he approached within an inch of the top of her leg he could feel the wet heat radiating from her but he didn’t want to touch it, yet. Instead he teasingly kept his hand just short of the goal, while his other hand moved higher up the outside of her thigh, and over her cheek. He ran his palm in an orbit, pressing on her just the right amount to knead her gluteus. Meanwhile, his other hand lightened its touch, and he even began very slow caresses of her inner thigh.

Mari could not help but moan her approval. His fingertips pressed and circulated around her cheek firmly, while his other hand did a soft teasing dance along the sensitive smooth skin of her inner thigh. He switched to her other side, again starting midway up her thigh, and progressing so very close, then teasing her again, as his other hand kneaded her cheek. It was sweet torture, but Mari loved it anyway. John loved the reaction it was having as well. He loved the way Mari was so excited, and he wanted it to last.

“That is so good!” she said. “Please don’t stop.” Her state of arousal was made obvious by her pleading between gentle low moans.

He stopped his firm probing with his hand on her cheek, and instead trailed it ever so lightly and slowly up her spine. His other hand, still between her legs and so close, to touching her most sensitive spots, stayed where it was. As the one hand tickled its way up her spine, he repositioned the other until his thumb gently pressed into the crack between her cheeks. His travels up her spine with the other hand ended with his fingertips making little circles in her hair just above her neck. He stopped, leaned close to her ear, and whispered sensuously, “Everything …will… be …covered.”

“Oh god… ” Mari cooed. She understood now why June had looked so strange when she had said those words, and she laughed a little out loud thinking how June had helped make this happen.

John retraced his steps with his hand down her spine, and this time kept going down the cleft in her cheeks until his fingers almost touched bahis şirketleri her sensitive parts. Moving his other hand around, he got some more oil, dripping it onto her upper crack. He then took the oil, and gently, sensuously, used one hand on each cheek to pull and rub them. Mari could feel the wetness almost dripping from her, and she needed some direct contact soon. She squirmed around, raising her butt now and then as she felt his hands massaging all around.

After a long time, or what seemed so to Mari, John lightened and slowed his touch, until he was using a single extended finger, running down from the small of her back down between her cheeks. His motion was agonizingly slow, and occasionally he would stop, retreat an inch, and move on. He introduced an extra drop of oil between his finger and her cleft, which he gently, slowly ran lower, over and around her, touching her very teasingly, gently, over her entire sensitive area between her legs. By the time his slow stroke reached the joining of her lips at her clit, he had to concentrate hard on maintaining only a teasing light contact against her involuntary undulations of her hips. She wanted more, wanted his fingers to probe her deeper. He could see her opened fully, wet, and inviting, her muscles already having little spasms.

There was only one thing to do. His forefinger of his hand was teasingly flicking from side to side near her clit. Mari could feel herself responding deliciously to his gentle teasing touch, and she knew she was going to cum soon. Without warning, and without stopping the teasing from his forefinger, John repositioned his hand, plunging his thumb into her waiting and eager wetness, as deep as it would go. She was entirely caught by surprise, and instantly felt herself contracting around his thumb with orgasmic pulsations. At the same time his fingers pressed harder, circling her clit while he curled the tip of his thumb repeatedly over her G-spot. Impaled and held tight by his hand, she thrashed through orgasm after orgasm. She had never cum so intensely, nor so many times at once. Finally, she could take no more. Sensing her exhaustion, John stopped his hand movements, but kept his hand in her and on her, feeling her spreading relaxation. His other hand gently caressed her cheeks, and up her spine again while she cooed with gratitude.

She sighed deeply, as he slowly withdrew his soaked hand from within her. He silently got a hot washcloth and lovingly applied it all over her excited sex with slow strokes, trying not to irritate her thoroughly satisfied pussy. A gentle pat dry with a towel followed, and he finished by draping a satin sheet over her naked body. She shifted to her side and he propped a pillow under her head, and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. While he gave her hair a few soft strokes, she smiled at him, closed her eyes, and drifted off to a blissful sleep.


Mari stirred from her nap, full of the beautiful afterglow of her intense multiple releases by John’s hands. Having fallen to sleep on the firm massage table, she awoke feeling a bit oily, but otherwise great. Before she could look around, John spoke to her quietly from the couch, where he had been silently admiring her in her sleep. “You would probably like a shower right about now. Please feel free. I have left a towel in the bathroom for you.”

He silently walked out of the room, leaving her somewhat dazed and disoriented. After a short time, she pulled the sheet from over top of her, and descended from the table to her feet. The towel was gone, and she considered using the sheet to wrap around herself, but then she remembered with a smile that he’d already seen just about everything she had to offer. She padded along the hardwood floor, looking for the bathroom, and she found it fairly quickly. Seeing two towels, a selection of three different soaps and some shampoos and body wash, she selected a nice-smelling bar and got in the shower.

Soon, she was enjoying the water splashing over her skin, and the slippery feel of her soapy hands over her body. She noted the showerhead was actually one of the removable types that hung on a bracket high in the shower. She wondered how it might feel to play the water stream under her hand’s direction, into all the sensitive spots…when she heard the door open.

In walked John! Surprised, she reflexively covered her breasts as John peeked in and said, “Have you got everything you need?” She remembered she was also naked below the waist, and she quickly moved a hand to cover up, though the effort was futile. John stared for a while, smiled, and said, “You know, you really have a great body, Mari. And there is nothing wrong with your breasts. They are beautiful!”

He pulled back, and started doing something in the bathroom that Mari could not make out behind the shower door. She thought it funny that she has been so modest, but soon resumed her soaping while she studied his clouded silhouette shifting around outside the frosted shower door. Soon, she was thinking more erotic thoughts, and she wanted him to look at her again, to see her naked and wet, maybe see she was exciting herself as she soaped her body all over.

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