Love in Jamaica Pt. 02


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“Come on Claire, just stroke it a little?” Harold asked his wife standing in front of her as she sat on the sofa in their hotel room. He slowly stroked his hard cock. Ever since he had watched that couple fucking at that secluded beach this afternoon he couldn’t stop thinking of fucking. Right now he didn’t care if he was fucking his wife of 35 years or someone else.

“Oh my God will you please stop doing that?” Claire asked him as she tried to look away.

“No I will NOT stop doing this, I’m a man I have needs.” he told her as he continued to stroke himself. “If you won’t give me what I need I’ll find someone who will.” Damn but it was feeling good to him.

“Well do it someplace else.” she said as she tried to push him out of the way of the television.

Harold just stroked himself that much harder, liking the feel of his hard cock in his hand. “Look Claire, a nice hard dick.” Harold told her as he played with himself.

He would so much rather feel some wet lips wrapped around the head of his dick. But he knew Claire wouldn’t do it. Oh she had sucked him off earlier while he watched that couple fucking. But Claire hadn’t wanted to do it, he had forced her to do it. He wasn’t sorry for what he had done, he needed some release. Claire hadn’t spoken to him all afternoon, which at times could be a good thing. She spent most of her time bitching about one thing or another.

“Nope, I’m going to do it right here in front of you.” he told her loving how his cock was feeling. “Yeah, nice hard cock, wouldn’t you like me to fuck you Claire?”

“NO! I would not, I keep telling you we’re too old for that kind of thing.”

“Well you might be too old but I’m not.” Harold said as he stroked his cock with one hand and rubbed his balls with the other, ” I sure could go for some nice tight pussy, guess that leaves you out doesn’t it dear?” he said sarcastically.

Claire glared at him, “Well you won’t get it from me.” she told him as she got up and walked toward the bathroom. “If you’re going to keep acting like this you can just sleep in the spare room when we get home.” she told him as she slammed the bathroom door behind her and locked it.

“Fine! At least then I can jack off and cum anytime I want too!” he said loudly as he grabbed his clothes and quickly got dressed. Grabbing his wallet he walked out slamming the door.

Ted and Patti were relaxing on a stretch of deserted beach after a nice romantic dinner. Lying on a blanket he had his head in her lap with his eyes closed. She was running her fingers through his hair, she knew he always liked that. “This is so nice, I wish we could stay here forever.” she said as she looked around.

“Yeah, that would be nice honey but very expensive.” Ted told her. They still had a few more days at the resort. He would make sure they enjoyed every minute.

“Ummm, that breeze sure does feel nice.” she said as she pulled her tank top up and teased her nipples. Ted opened one eye and looked at her. He could see her hard nipples. He reached up and gently pinched her right nipple.

“And what do you think you’re doing young lady?” he asked as he watched her.

“Well, the beach is deserted.” she said as she felt the cool ocean breeze. “I would love to suck your cock.” she told him. One thing she wasn’t shy when it came to asking for what she wanted.

There had been times when she had just walked up to him and unzipped his jeans and reached in and stroked his cock. Knowing what it did to him, she’d suck his cock right in the living room or the kitchen. Once she even whispered to him in the grocery store “I want to suck your cock now.” they had paid for the groceries and went out to the SUV and she had gave him a blow job right in the parking lot.

“Oh you do huh?” he said sitting up they were alone and he was never one to turn down a blow job from his wife. “Show me how good of a cock sucker you are.” Ted reached up and caressed her tits. Patti moved down in front of him between his spread legs, she quickly unzipped his shorts and reached in for his dick.

“Hmmm…cock.” she whispered as she pulled his shorts and undies down. Bending down she took his balls into her hand and she rubbed them gently.

“Be gentle baby.”

“Oh I will be.” she said as she took his cock in her other hand and stroked him. The more she stroked his cock and balls the harder his cock got. She loved the feel of his hard cock in her hand or her wet mouth or her pussy. She could never get enough of him, they had always been like that from the first time they had met. Oh they’d had their disagreements and arguments but they never lasted long. The love making was always good between them.

“Ahhh, yeah just like that.” he moaned as she finally bent her head and flicked her tongue across his balls. Teasing him and taking his balls into her mouth one at a time was making her hot too.

“Mmmmm.” Patti moaned around his balls in her mouth. He reached down and put his hands in her hair, holding her down. bursa escort She was still stroking his cock she was loving it.

Not paying any attention to where he was going Harold walked down the beach, he rubbed his still hard cock. He’d just find a spot to sit down and relax and he’d jerk himself off. Looking around he spotted a couple on the beach. Damn, it looked like the guy was getting a blowjob. Hoping they didn’t see him Harold got as close as he could. He would jerk off while the guy got his cock sucked.

“Suck my dick little girl.” Ted told her as he tried to pull her up a bit. Moving up Patti still stroking his hard cock, she looked in his eyes and licked his cock from the base to the tip. Knowing he was watching her every move, she took her time. Nibbling his cock up and down all over, making his dick wet. “Yeah, just like that suck Daddy’s cock.” he told her he knew how much it turned her on when he called himself Daddy. Just something about that made her super hot.

Patti finally flicked her tongue across the head of his cock, sucking it into her mouth. Sucking him a bit harder she took his cock as deep as she could. Up and down she took his dick in her mouth, he was loving it. Coming up for air she gently sucked the head tasting Pre cum.

“That’s it be my naughty girl.” he told her as he pushed his cock back into her mouth. Holding her by her head he fucked her mouth. She was moaning around the cock in her mouth, she stroked him as she continued to suck him.

Harold realized this was the same couple he had watched earlier, “Yeah, suck his dick.” Harold whispered as he watched the woman suck that guy. Oh, what he wouldn’t give to have some hot, wet lips wrapped around his cock. He had gotten his rocks off earlier when Claire sucked him off, but it was nothing special. She had never liked giving him blow jobs. She did it just to get it over with.

Fucking up into Patti’s mouth Ted was loving it, the way she was sucking him gently and then suddenly putting pressure on his cock. Looking down he could see her tits hanging freely. He would love to cum on her tits, then licking his cum off of them.

Letting Ted’s rock hard cock slip out of her mouth she looked up at him, “I love sucking my Daddy’s dick.” she said as she teased him with her tongue.

“Oh you are the best baby girl.” he told her as she went back to sucking and slurping his cock deeper into her mouth.

Harold sat close enough to where he could hear what they were saying, he could hear the man’s moans of pleasure. They hadn’t even noticed him, they were in their own little world. Sitting on the sand Harold stroked his cock, imagining what it would feel like to have the woman sucking his cock while her husband watched. Just the thought of that made him even harder. He had always wanted to have a threesome. Closing his eyes he imagined her sucking and slurping his cock into her mouth.

Ted was in Heaven, watching as she sucked his cock, licking her way to his balls again. Licking him all over, flicking the underside of his balls she was driving him crazy. Hearing him gasp as she stroked him at the same time.

“Mmmm suck my dick.” Harold moaned as he continued to watch the action not far away. Stroking himself harder and faster he felt Pre cum leaking out of the head of his cock. Rubbing it all over the head of his dick he wanted to try and cum the same time the man did.

“Suck it.” Ted told her as he fucked her mouth, he was so close he needed to cum. Holding her down on his cock he made her take it all. God he loved to watch her suck his cock. In and out she took his cock. “Just like that, yeah my slut suck the cum out of my cock.” he said as he felt his balls tighten up. Glancing around he noticed a man sitting not far away, jacking off. Ted watched as the man stroked his big hard cock. He would love to see Patti take a cock like that, in her mouth or her hot pussy. He loved to watch her have fun sucking cock and then getting pounded by another man. It was some extra fun.

Patti sucked and slurped on his cock, wanting to make him cum, the feeling of him holding her down just made her hotter. She liked the feeling of being helpless, having to do what he wanted her to do.

Harold was almost at the point of no return, he stroked his cock as hard and as fast as he could. He wanted to watch her take the man’s cum. Moaning and gasping he knew he’d cum soon. “Yeah, yeah suck my cock.” he moaned loudly not caring who heard him.

Pulling out of her mouth Ted stroked his cock, “I want to cum on those beautiful girls baby.” he told her as he stood up. Patti took her tank top off and she got to her knees. Holding her tits up so she could watch as he gave her spurt after spurt of his cum. She pinched her nipples, twisting them, watching as he jacked his cock. “Take it, awww yeah baby CUMMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGGG” Ted moaned as he came all over her hard nipples. “I love to cum all over the girls.”

Harold watched as the man climaxed all over her tits, that’s bursa escort bayan all it took for his cock to explode, “Fuck yeah! Suck my cum!” he moaned as he imagined the woman on her knees in front of him sucking the cum out of his dick.

Patti scooped the cum from her tits and licked it off of her fingers. Ted bent down and kissed her deeply tasting his cum on her lips. Patti glanced up and saw the man sitting not far away from them. It was obvious that the man had just jacked off as he had watched them. “Honey we have company.” she said looking up at Ted. She pulled her tank top back on.

“I know, I saw him a few minutes ago.” he said waving at the man. “You were such a naughty girl.”

“How’s it goin’?” Harold asked waving back. He put himself back together and stood up.

“Great just great.” Ted answered.

“But don’t you like me being your naughty girl?” she asked with a little pout.

“Of course I do.” he said kissing her tenderly.

“Honey, can we play with our new toys when we get back to the room?” she asked wanting Ted to tie her to the bed and tease her until she couldn’t stand it.

Ted and Patti sat back on the blanket and she got them each a cold drink out of the small cooler they had brought with them.

“Hon, that guy has a nice sized cock.” Ted whispered to her. “I’d love to watch you suck him.”

“Would you really?” she asked liking the idea of Ted and another man fucking her.

“Oh yes, it’d be so hot watching him fuck you.” he said reaching into the cooler. “Say, would you like a cold drink?” Ted said offering the man a drink.

“Oh yeah thanks a lot.” Harold said as he walked over and joined them.

“Join us, I’m Ted and this is my wife Patti.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Harold Johnson and my wife Claire is back at the hotel room.” he took a swig of his drink and he sat down. “Claire isn’t very sociable, she’d rather sit in the room and watch TV.”

“That can’t be much fun for either of you. Doesn’t she like to sight see or anything?” Patti asked thinking of Harold fucking her.

“No, she didn’t even really want to come on this trip.” Harold said, “she’d rather stay home.”

“That’s so sad.” Patti said, it must be a tough life for Harold she thought.

They found out that Harold and Claire lived in the same state they did just a couple of counties over from them. Harold was in the construction business and Claire was a teacher’s assistant at an elementary school.

“Gee I’d really like to meet your wife.” Patti said she’d love to have someone to go shopping with. Ted didn’t mind going with her but she knew it was a girl thing. He went along with her and just watched as she bought everyone she knew some kind of small gift. She said it wasn’t fair to buy something for someone and not everyone else. Ted didn’t mind he just smiled and paid for her purchases.

One thing Patti didn’t do was go crazy spending money. There were times when Ted had to force her to go out and buy herself something nice for herself.

The three of them sat on the blanket and made small talk, getting to know each other. Ted noticed that Harold kept staring at Patti. It didn’t bother Ted that men looked at his wife he liked the idea of other men admiring his wife.

Harold noticed her nipples through her thin tank top, her nipples were erect. God what he wouldn’t give to be able to touch them. Patti or Ted for that matter didn’t seem to mind that Harold was looking.

Ted reached over and pulled Patti’s tank top down to her waist, “She’s got a nice set of tit’s doesn’t she?” he asked Harold as he bent his head and took a nipple in his mouth.

Patti leaned back and moaned as Ted flicked his tongue across her nipple.

“Yeah baby.” she said watching Harold’s reaction, he licked his lips like he was a starving man. “Bite em'” she said as Ted nibbled them going from one to the other.

“She’s got a nice pair of tits alright.” Harold said as he watched. They were 38C’s just the perfect size. Not too big or too small he thought wanting to suck her nipple into his mouth.

“They used to be 38 DD’s before I had surgery.” Patti said as she enjoyed Ted sucking on them. People then just saw her as a huge pair of tits, and not a person.

“Yeah I missed seeing them that big dang it.” Ted said with a chuckle, looking at Harold he could tell the man wanted to touch his wife. “You can touch them, Patti doesn’t mind do you honey?”

“No, I don’t mind.” She said hoping that Harold would at least lick them. Patti was getting in the mood for a threesome. It had been a few months since they had done that. They had even talked about maybe meeting some people to have fun with on this trip. Maybe Harold was that someone.

“I could tell you were really enjoying that blow job she gave you.” Harold said thinking of the way she sucked Ted’s cock. Harold wished that he could get Claire to open up more. In the beginning of their marriage she couldn’t get enough sex. It seemed after escort bursa their son’s were born she had lost all interest in making love. He did love her and he had hoped this trip could be a new start for them.

“Oh yes she does give the best head.” Ted told Harold. “The wife here loves sex, she can’t get enough.” he explained, as Harold reached over and caressed Patti’s left tit.

“She sure seems to know what she is doing.” Harold commented wondering what it would feel like to have her suck his dick. “She does have a nice pair that’s for sure.” he said leaning over and taking her nipple into his mouth. Damn it had been years since he had sucked on a tit. Sucking noisily he bit down on her nipple. Patti gasped and he pulled away. He was afraid he had hurt her. “Sorry.”

“She can handle it.” Ted told Harold, “She’s got a tight pussy too.” he told Harold as he slipped his hand under her skirt and felt her naked pussy. She hardly ever wore panties. “Mmmm nice wet pussy.” Ted said as he slid two fingers inside of her as he kissed her deeply. “Let’s go back to our room for a drink and get comfortable.” he suggested as he pulled his fingers away from her pussy and he licked his fingers. “I sure do love to watch my wife get fucked by another man.” Ted said watching the reaction from Harold.

Harold thought this might be his chance to get some pussy, his wife sure wasn’t going to give him any.

Ted pulled Patti’s tank top back up and he helped her up off of the blanket. Gathering their belongings they headed back towards the hotel.

“Our hotel isn’t too far down the beach.” Ted said as they strolled down the beach. “we’ve got a great room on the 11th floor with a hot tub.”

“I’m staying at the same hotel room 1109.” Harold said realizing they were at the same hotel.

“Really?” We’re in room 1107, right next door!” Patti exclaimed wondering if he heard them the night before when she had gave Ted a blowjob on the balcony.

“Oh I guess you were the ones I heard next door last night?”

“You heard us huh? Yes, she just gets me going and we just can’t help ourselves.” Ted admitted liking the thought of someone hearing them as they made love.

“So, your wife doesn’t like doing things together?” Patti asked Harold as they entered the lobby of the hotel.

“No, she’s more interested in her cooking shows on TV then spending time with me.” he said as he noticed Ted grabbing Patti’s ass.

“Ummm baby I like that.” she said with a smile.

“I know you like it, why do you think I grab.”

“You know I’d give anything to have a great relationship like you two have.”

Harold admitted when the elevator stopped on their floor.

“Well, we’re very open with each other, we’re not shy about showing each other affection.” Ted said “We like to play and have fun even having others join in.” he explained. “I just love to watch Patti sucking another man’s cock and then getting fucked.”

“Really??? I haven’t had any pussy in at least five years. It gets old jacking off.” Harold said as they arrived at Ted and Patti’s room.

“Five years! Damn, I can’t go five days without sex much less five years.” Patti said not being able to imagine going that long without sex.

“Yeah Claire thinks sex is dirty and she won’t have anything to do with it.”

“Doesn’t she ever you know get horny?” Patti asked sitting down on the bed.

“If she does she never says anything.” Harold sadly admitted sitting on the love seat. “I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

“You know Patti even makes naughty videos and puts them on adult sites.”

“Yeah? I’d like to see them.” Harold said wanting to watch her up close.

“Oh yeah, we even have some private video’s we’ve done at our home.” Ted explained as he got on the laptop and pulled up the video’s. “We like to watch them and then play.”

There was Patti on her knees in front of Ted just licking and sucking his cock, taking the head into her mouth. In and out she took his dick, stroking his cock at the same time. They watched a few of her videos, watched her playing with her toys, licking and sucking those cocks and then fucking herself bringing herself off.

Ted had noticed that Harold was rubbing his crotch. Patti was sitting back on the bed watching Harold. She pulled her tank top off and threw it on the bed. “It’s getting hot in here.” she said as she pinched her hard nipples. “I could go for some nice hard cock’s.”

“What took you so long babe?” Ted asked with a chuckle, he was surprised she hadn’t stripped as soon as they had walked into the room.

“She sure does like sucking cock doesn’t she?” Harold asked watching the video. She was taking another man’s cock as far down her throat as she could, almost gagging on it.

“No, she LOVES it.” Ted said as he walked over to Patti and gently caressed her right tit. “She’s very good at it.” he bent down and kissed her.

“I want to suck your dick.” she said as she looked at Harold.

“Go for it baby girl.” Ted told her as he sat down on the bed, she stood up and walked over to Harold she went to her knees. “I want your cock.”

“Is it Okay Ted?” Harold asked not believing she was in front of him on her knees.

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