Long Distance Sucks


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“When do you think you’ll come back?”

“I don’t know. I’ve got a lot of shit to do for awhile, so it might not be until next month.”

“Damn. Oh well, I’ve got to get some sleep, I’ll talk to you sometimes tomorrow.”

“Sure thing. Night, kid.”

He clicked his cell phone shut, and rolled over, pulling his comforter close around his body. He hated when she called him “kid.” Which was of course why she did it. She loved mocking him, teasing him. She’d laugh coyly, her eyes sparkling with mischief, and he’d only think about pushing her down and kissing her mouth deeply, until the laugh escaping her bubbled into his own throat. He wished she was here now. He wanted to feel her again, they way her body molded perfectly into his, their legs entangled.

But not for another month. One month to think about being with her. One month to imagine her naked body in the shower with him, water running over her breasts as she got on her knees before him. One month to jerk off to images of fucking her.

He had just drifted off to sleep when he heard the gentle knock against his window. Grabbing his gun instinctively, he rolled to the window ready to shoot. Pushing back the blinds off to the side, he saw her smiling face, laughing yet again. His heart started beating faster, wondering if perhaps he was dreaming again. He’d had this dream before. He opened the window quickly.

“Don’t fucking shoot me, kid! God damn. I didn’t want to wake your roommates, so I thought I’d scare the hell out of you.” She pulled herself inside over the sill, using his hand as a help to her feet.

“I thought you had shit to do? Why are you here?”

“Can’t I surprise you anymore? Everyone likes surprises. I was in the car about thirty minutes out when I told you goodnight. Is that the kind of greeting I…” He silenced her with a kiss, thrusting his tongue in her mouth and shoving her hard against the wall with a resounding thud. She laughed, putting the kiss on hold for a moment.

“I came in through the window so I wouldn’t wake them up. Making noises like that is not staying very stealthy.”

“Oh. Believe me. That is one of the quietest noises that they will be hearing tonight.” She purred her happy agreement as the kiss continued. It was slow at first. They both just wanted to taste each other, explore each other tenderly. Her hips began to roll against his crotch as he pushed her harder against the wall. His hands trailed down her neck, lightly over her breasts and waist and closed over her wrists. With one smooth motion, her hands were pinned above her head, and he pulled back to stare into her eyes. With his other hand he touched her. She had worn a skirt with no underwear. She was always too bursa escort provocative, too revealing. He loved it. She was already wet; her breathing growing raspier as he neared her clit. He stopped, his fingers wet with her arousal and brought them to his mouth. He licked his middle finger, her scent invading his nostrils. Her eyes grew wide as his index finger entered her mouth. Sucking voraciously, she stared at him, moaning her pleasure. Sharply pulling his hand back, he smacked her across the face.

“Is that the way we play tonight, kid? Alright. Let’s go.” Her eyes lit up as the devilish smile crept across her lips.

“I hate when you call me ‘kid.'” He bit her neck and threw her backwards onto his bed. God he couldn’t wait to tear into her. He took a moment to stare at her as she went to unzip her skirt. “No. Leave it on.” She stopped immediately, but not before placing her hand beneath the skirt to begin playing with her freshly shaven pussy.

“Stop. Now. Put your hands over your head. Spread your legs. Don’t move.” She did as she was told. Dropping to her crotch first, he let his tongue lead from her hole up to her clit, sucking it softly. As soon as he heard the first moan escape her lips, he bit down and smacked her thigh. “You aren’t allowed to talk either. No noise. Not until I tell you it’s permissible.”

He drew himself up over her legs, his hands exploring her entire body, and straddled her pelvis. Green eyes stared up at him, never flinching, pink lips pursed together. The knife caught the moonlight as it ripped up the front of her shirt. No bra. Her perfectly shaped A tits barely needed one. He preferred her without one. Seeing the outline of those breasts inside her shirts was usually all he needed to grow hard.

But now, here she was, naked in front of him, silent, willing, and wanting him to fuck her. He leaned down to her lips, kissing her softly.

“I’m so glad you’re here.” He sucked a tit into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the areola. He felt her shudder and knew she wanted to move, wanted to gasp, wanted to moan. But he would refuse her still. His left hand trailed to her pussy, his fingers beginning to fuck her slowly, as his right hand pulled down the boxers he was wearing to release his fully hardened cock. As he added a third finger to her dripping cunt, growing more and more insistent, he heard her swallow and inhale quickly through her nostrils.

His mouth released her breast. “Patience, pet. Just a few more moments and you can enjoy this as much as me.” He kicked his boxers off the bed and positioned himself in front of her. He slammed into her as fast and as hard as he could. She stiffened under him, her head falling back, her neck bursa escort bayan completely exposed. He was in heaven. Her pussy was absolute heaven. He dropped his head on her shoulder and fucked her avidly until he felt the cum building in his balls. He jerked out of her quickly, not wanting for this experience to end so abruptly, and fell onto her stomach panting, waiting for the feeling to subside. He kissed her neck again, wishing that the feeling before he blew his load would last forever while he was inside her.

“I want to hear you now. I want to feel you move under me. I want to hear you scream my name as I make you cum.”

“Well, you almost missed round one. But you stopped right before I came.”

“Get on top of me.”

She complied quickly, his dick resting against her stomach, her hand gently stroking it, her shirt still ripped in twain on her arms, her skirt barely covering her ass cheeks.

“You’re fucking beautiful. All I want is to stare at you.”

“You can do that later. Right now you need to fuck the hell out of me and make me cum over and over and over.” She slid up onto her knees and dropped down slowly onto his dick. Rocking back and forth, she got into the rhythm throwing her head back and opening her mouth.

“Fuck, don’t stop.” His hands grasped her hips, pulling himself deeper inside her. Their thrusts matched perfectly as they worked together for pleasure. Soon he heard her breath catching and her legs shaking, sure signs that she was about to cum.

Her moans intensified before she completely cried out, her right hand on his chest, her left between his legs on the bed. She was there and he could feel her vaginal walls closing around him, milking his seed. Her left hand immediately went to his balls, tugging ever so slightly, easing his urge to cum.

“I need you to last for quite a bit longer. One orgasm a night does not suit me.” Her chest was red and shiny from her exertion, but she began to rock back and forth again, knowing exactly where to hit it so that she would cum even faster this time. She bit her lower lip, feeling his hard cock deep inside, so fucking wide and long. He grabbed her breasts, pinching her nipples, and sent her over the edge for the second time. This time she felt her own cum running from her cunt and over his dick. She had to taste it.

In seconds she was on her stomach in front of his cock, smelling and tasting her shiny juices. Licking first everything between his thighs, then to his balls. She sucked them dry. His cock, still hard and erect, twitched in front of her face. She placed the tip of her tongue at the base of his shaft. Then trailed up, following the throbbing vein, sucking the head into her warm escort bursa mouth. She pulled all of him deep into her throat, tasting the mixture of her arousal and his sweat and precum. She almost came with the very thought.

Her mouth was warm, and it was all he could do to keep from exploding down her throat. He didn’t know how, but she managed to move her tongue in the opposite direction of her mouth, the two motions at once driving him insane.

She began edging around him, until her stomach met his stomach, and she offered up her dripping cunt to his tongue. She continued to suck him deftly as his own tongue tasted her again. She was so warm. Her mouth was warm. Her pussy was warm. Her stomach and breasts were warm against his skin. Her ass…

He let his fingers trail around his mouth and her cunt up to her ass. He spread the wetness of saliva over the hole, massaging it delicately, pushing slowly. He felt her mouth go slack barely as he continued to push, her ass opening up to him. As one digit popped in, she gasped and pushed against him.

“Do you want to fuck my ass? Take it. It’s yours. I want you to cum inside me.” It was all the insisting he needed. He rolled her over onto her back, pulling himself lengthwise against her body, continuing to probe at her ass, as she moaned and gasped and arched against him. He stared at her, deep into her eyes. She loved that look. The look that told her that he was in control, and he was going to get what he wanted from her. She shivered, feeling her lip tremble slightly.

“Get on your knees, now.” She rolled over again, lifting herself on her knees and elbows, offering herself completely to him. He shoved his dick back into her pussy, lubing himself up as he spit on her ass and added a second finger. She pushed into him, begging him to fuck her harder. Finally he pulled out and put the tip of his dick against her hole. As he began to push gently, waiting for her ass to relax, she surprised him as she shoved back against him, forcing his dick inside. She cried out for a moment in pain, panting, as he desperately tried to keep from losing it already.

“Grab me. Fuck me. NOW!” His hands grabbed her hip bones, flinging her forward and backward, stroking his cock with her asshole. He heard her moaning, but the sensations in his dick filled his mind and made her sound so far away. Then he felt it and he knew he was cumming. He thrust into her one last time before feeling himself explode inside her, splashing her with his semen.

“Daaaaaamn…” He pulled out and dropped beside her as she fell to her stomach, still gasping and smiling again.

“You, kid, are amazing.” She curled her body against his as he held her close, stroking her skin.

“I hate when you call me ‘kid.'” He smiled into her hair as she giggled against his chest. He felt her drift off to sleep, and he pulled her closer, knowing he’d better get a few moments sleep before she woke up ready to go again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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