Lola is Invited Into a Retail Store


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I met Lola outside a large, upmarket retail store which had five floors and everything you would want. I didn’t know Lola but she said she was willing to play out a fantasy with me although she had no idea what it was about.

I took her hand and we went up the escalators to the third floor which was womenswear. We stepped out onto the floor and then I told Lola to go over to the toilet in the corner and take off her panties. Surprisingly she went without asking why … she was probably as excited as I was getting indicated by my quicker breathing and hardening cock.

When she emerged I took her hand and led her over to the circular rack of dresses. I looked around and there was no-one to be seen except for a sales lady who was attending to a customer at the central sales desk. We positioned ourselves so that our backs were to the wall and that we were both looking across the top of the rack … I slid down to my knees and then walked on them into the dresses and turned around to face Lola.

She stepped naturally into the dresses and made out she was looking at them intently with the intention to buy. The sales lady was still attending the customer at the desk and no-one else was around at this early tie. Now her pussy was just bursa escort in front of my head … she lifted her dress with one hand and fiddled with the rack dresses with the other.

I quickly move myself under her pussy which was nicely moist. I pointed up my head and out came my tongue to probe around for her clit. Lola pushed it harder into my tongue to make sure she could feel everything. I could hear he moaning softly as she squirmed around making sure no part of her wet pussy would miss out that naughty tongue. I unzipped my fly and started playing with my hard cock as I kept my other hand on her bare cheeks pulling her pussy harder into my face.

Lola seemed like she was going to orgasm when she suddenly pulled back and pulled down her dress. “The sales lady is heading in our direction,” she squeaked. I gradually got out from under the dresses and stood-up turning around to face outwards again. My face was set with pussy juices and slowly I wiped them off with my tissue from my pocket. I loved the taste.

My cock was still out of my trousers and quickly I slid it back and zipped up. The sales lady asked from across the other side of of the rack could she be of help … but Lola said no so we wandered off hand in hand. Our bursa escort bayan faces were both flushed and we were already to do it again in another store.

Lola’s apartment was just a few blocks from the department store. She and Alan proceeded there, Alan’s cock was still semi hard and Lola’s pussy still wet. In the haste to leave the store she had neglected to put her panties back on so she felt the cool air that blew up her skirt each step.

It was a Friday late morning and Lola’s roommate, Mel, would be at work so they could have the apartment for themselves for a few hours. It was over a month ago that Lola had been fucked and she was looking forward to whatever Alan had in mind.

They reached the building and the Concierge opened the door recognizing Lola. She smiled at Jim, he was a nice old man, and then she and Alan took the elevator to the 8th floor. Lola opened the door with her key and stepped in with Alan in tow.

About to turn around and kiss him she saw from the corner of her eye something that made her gasp. Mel was sitting on the sofa looking intently at her phone which was streaming a very kinky porn video. Mel had her legs spread and was furiously rubbing her clit with one hand while holding the phone escort bursa in the other hand.

Alan reacted immediately by staring at Mel with his cock instantly becoming hard and pushing against his suit trousers. He mumbled to Lola that he should help her … Mel in the meantime kept massaging her clit without taking any notice that two others had entered the room.

Her eyes were half-closed but obviously nothing was going to make her stop out of embarrassment. She was moaning softly. Alan walked over to her and gently slid his hand under hers and continued to rub her clit. He then got down on his knees and started kissing and sucking her clit which had swelled so that he could almost take it into his mouth.

Meanwhile Lola reached around Alan and unzipped him then took his hard cock out of his trousers to begin stroking it. Lola seemed to keep in synch with the movement of Alan’s mouth on Mel’s clit and pussy lips. He ran his tongue around the lips and pushed it as far as possible into her cunt.

Mel was trying to open her legs even wider than before and had taken off her top so that she could tweak her long nipples. Lola decided she wanted part of the wondrous sex going on in front of her and lifter her dress again and positioned herself over Mel’s mouth.

Mel immediately grabbed Lola’s thighs and pulled her onto her mouth to suck her pussy. Now the room was filled with wet sucking and moans.

(Anyone want to continue this story?)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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