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Liza is a woman I work with. She is married, and so normally I would stay far far away. However, we had recently being working together on a project to find new accounting software for our company and so I had gotten a chance to listen to her vent a little about her husband. Not that I am wishing any bad will towards him, but Liza is similar in age to myself and very attractive, so I wouldn’t mind them splitting up.

Now the way we ended up hooking up came about rather oddly — we use instant messenger in our office and the day of the space shuttle launch she and I were talking over instant messenger and I said something to her about the space shuttle launch which led into a conversation about rockets. She then made a comment about “my” rocket and how long it takes to blast off. I responded “it depends on the launch sequence” and that was the end of it.

A short time later, however, she came to my desk to see what I was doing for lunch. I didn’t have any plans so she suggested we walk to a nearby deli to grab something.

We headed to the deli and made small talk while we ordered our lunch. After it was made and we had paid for it, I suggested we sit in the park and eat our lunch rather than going back to our desks. She agreed this was a good idea and so we headed that way. While we were sitting on a bench bursa escort in the park a friend of mine saw us and come over to chat with us. He made a reference to the space shuttle launch and Liza and I both laughed — which he didn’t understand. After my friend left, Liza made another comment about “pocket rockets” which really got me going. I wasn’t sure how to respond, but I felt my pocket rocket growing and so I made a comment like “too bad I can’t show it to you..” and then though “Oh my god.. what have I done.. I sound so stupid saying that to her..” However, she surprised me by saying “Our cars are right nearby..” I looked at her and smiled. We folded up our sandwiches and walked quietly towards the parking lot. She unlocked the doors to her car with the remote entry and we climbed into her car.

We looked at each other and then I leaned over and we kissed. My heart was racing a thousand miles a minute. Her soft tongue entered my mouth and my dick was rock hard in a second. She put her hand on my crotch and said “It seems likes its close to blast off.. but lets not launch it here..” and with that she started the car.

I was still in shock at what was going on so I sat quietly, debating about saying “we should stop” but at the same time thinking about put my rocket inside HER launch pad.

We drove out bursa escort bayan of the parking lot and towards her house when I quietly said “my house is closer..” and so she headed that way.

We got to my house and went quickly inside. Once we were inside the door we began kissing passionately and removing each other clothes. Her body was incredible — she is a petite blond with nice perky breasts and a killer ass. She was wearing a thing which almost put me over the edge. I knelt down and pull her panties aside and ran my tongue across her hot pussy.

She held my head and moaned as I stuck my tongue inside her.. I brought my fingers to her wet box and stuck them inside her, feeling her warm moist tunnel. I stood up and we continued to kiss as I finger fucked her. She finished taking off my pants and I removed her bra and panties and so we were standing naked in my living room.

I picked her up and carried her to the couch. As I laid her down on the couch I ran my hand along her body.

I could not believe I was about the fuck this amazing MARRIED woman.

I got on top of her and we continued to kiss passionately while I used my hand to rub my dick up and down her hot pussy.

I teased her but entering her a little bit and then pulling out.. she giggled as I did this and then I finally slowly escort bursa put my dick all the way inside her.

The look on her face told me she liked it and I watched her bite her lip as I slowly fucked her.

I took her legs in my hands and spread her legs a little so I could watch myself enter her and I began to fuck her harder and faster.

She moaned with each thrust inside her and as the pitch of her moans increased I knew she was close to orgasm. I continued to fuck her hard and fast and she squeezed her hot pussy around my cock and began to play with her tits as she moaned more and more… and then.. she came.. I watched as she bucked while I fucked her.. I was so close to cumming myself that I pushed harder and deeper insider her but she told me “wait.. I want to suck you..”

I pulled out of her hot pussy and stood next to the couch. She took my dick in her mouth and licked the tip. I asked her if she liked the way her pussy tasted on my dick and she smiled.

She licked my dick and balls and worked my hard shaft with her hand and then brought my dick back inside her mouth.. She continued to suck me and play with my balls and I felt my orgasm building quickly inside of me.. I said to her “I’m close to blast off” which made her speed up her stroke of my dick until I finally came.. She took me all inside her mouth and swallowed my hot cum. It was some amazing watching her suck me off that I was almost instantly hard again.

She licked my dick clean and then said “I guess we should get back to work..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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