Linda’s Dream Cruise


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Linda Morton’s weeks of excitement were about to be satisfied as, arm in arm with her friend Sally, they made their way towards the dock where the liner was berthed. Could this be the start of her recurring fantasy turned real? Sally was obviously just as excited, as the whole way through the security area, she had gabbled about the things they might do on board.

“The cabin has a balcony, hasn’t it? We could sunbathe naked out there. And I’m dying to have a go in the casino-“

Sally went on and on, but Linda hardly heard a word, she was just too up in the air wondering what lay ahead of them. Just turned twenty, Linda was heading for her first cruise. How amazing that her long-term fantasy had been set in motion by a lucky draw in a big charity raffle. A ten-day booking for two in a first-class cabin with two thousand dollars spending money. All it needed was the hot lover who, in her fantasy, set her soul on fire.

Bad weather had delayed their flight from Billings, Montana to Miami. Consequently, they were arriving mid-evening instead of the afternoon.

Passing through a wide arch they were almost alongside the white wall which was the liner. Out on the darkening dock, Linda saw that the white wall stretched into the distance looking left or right. She heard Sally gasp, “Wow!”

Finding her voice, at last, Linda muttered, “God, bigger than I expected.”

Sally giggled, “I’ll bet you say that to all the boys.”

Linda gave her friend a look of mock disgust. She knew that compared with Sally her own sexual experience was minimal. Two desperate submissions, cum and gone, might have cooled her interest in sex forever. But Linda was certain that her insides carried warm embers just waiting to be poked into a blaze.

Sally often raved about the orgasms she’d had, but Linda wasn’t jealous, even though her only orgasms had been self-induced. Could this unexpected dip into her fantasy produce the dream lover it needed?

Sally put her arm around her, “We might both get lucky here. I’m hoping I’ll find a randy, rich, older guy who I can say that to.”

Linda could only shrug. “Come on,” she said, grabbing her friend’s arm. “I’m dying to see what it’s like.”

Sally chuckled, “I might try saying that to a guy, too.” But she followed.

In no time, Linda was awestruck by the splendor of her surrounds. The liner was one massive, gleaming floating hotel. Just too much for her tired mind to take in.

Then came the deluxe cabin, spotlessly clean, beautifully furnished. Sally flung herself back onto one of the twin beds, “God, the very ambiance of this place makes me horny.”

After each had taken a warm shower in the generously spacious bathroom, they went to their appointed dining room. Linda was already realizing how sheltered life had been on her father’s small ranch.

They sat at a table with three other couples, and after the idle introductory chat, and a delicious four-course meal, they wandered away from the tables, with Sally all-bubbly about exploring the liner. Linda looked at her watch, which showed 10.25pm.

She pointed this out to Sally, “It’s been a long tiring day. All I want is a bed.”

“But I’m aflame with excitement,” Sally protested.

Patiently Linda informed Sally how long it would take to explore a liner of this size. “We’ll be good and fresh in the morning.”

But she allowed Sally to talk her into stopping for one ‘nightcap’. They sat at a table with a walkway running past it, as they sipped a light wine, and watched couples, arms around each other, drift towards their cabins.

After a few minutes, Sally stood up declaring that she must find a toilet. She put down her half-empty glass and strolled away towards the bar.

When she had gone, Linda sat, feeling lonely in this new environment. Then she saw him! Tall, handsome with lightly curled black hair. In a pale blue shirt and pants, he strode towards her and then on past. Linda felt a thumping in her chest, like jungle drums telling her that he would fit nicely into her fantasy. She sighed. Probably on his way to his wife.

Minutes passed, and Linda was wondering what the hell had happened to Sally. Then she saw that ‘fantasy man’ was coming back. This time, he glanced down at her, a casual smile lit his face and his head gave a slight nod. Then he was gone. A little smile and a nod, Linda thought, ‘Oh, dream lover, I could sleep on that—for now.’.

Sally came back, all red-faced, and holding a large glass of wine. Linda glanced at the glass she’d left on the table. “Why have you bought another wine?”

Sandy’s head shook, as she told Linda about a guy at the bar, whose shoulder she’d accidentally bumped in passing.


Sally’s face reddened more, “I think so. Anyway, he bought me this as we chatted and—” She stopped, and a pleading look crossed her face, “Oh, Linda, he’s asked if we could finish our chat—and I know you’re tired.”

Linda could not disguise her smile nor the hopeless pendik escort shake of her head, as she said, “And you’re not? Just be careful.”

“I’ll be quiet when I come in. Thanks, good friend.”

Shaking her head, Linda sat back and sipped at her wine. She would finish that and then, bed. That was when her breath caught in her throat.

Holding a half-full tumbler in his hand, fantasy man was coming back, only this time he was looking directly at Linda. Surely not. Dreams don’t start that quickly, do they? Those drums started thudding again, but much more fiercely, as he stopped in front of her, so handsome, bathing her with a warm smile. His cornflower blue eyes lingered on her face, before flickering down to her bosom.

Linda was so aware that this third appearance, as well as starting a moistening between her thighs, had caused her nipples to harden She wondered if they were pressed against her thin dress and had drawn his attention. But then his eyes were looking frankly into hers, as he said, “You’ve been alone here every time I’ve passed.” His deep brown voice thrilled her, but then he followed up with, “Mind if I join you?”

She was seated, yet her legs shook, and her voice momentarily deserted her. Did she mind? How could she answer that and sound cool? Shuffling on the long leather seat, Linda tried to keep herself calm. “If you really want to.

His look at her was as though he was surprised at her response, “Why shouldn’t I want to?”

Could fantasies become reality so readily?

Misjudging her silence, he said, “Sorry, I’ll just move on.”

He was turning away when, Linda, cursing her lack of nous, almost cried out, “No, please sit.”

He gave her a smile, those blue eyes tore into her composure, as he moved alongside her, and Linda was aware of a male fragrance from him. Intoxicating, she was thinking, as he settled and asked, “You’re not alone on this cruise, are you?”

Linda shook her head and trying to hold the gaze from those deep, almost mysterious eyes, she told him about Sally, and how she’d found company already.

“You cruise much?”

How to answer that, and not sound too square in front of this obvious man-about-town? Linda quickly realized lying wouldn’t work. She could only tell him about her lucky lottery win.

His head nodded appreciatively, “Good for you. Believe it or not, this is my first cruise too.” He gave a shrug and a smile before adding, “Only I had to pay. First time I’ve been able to afford it.”

Linda had been trying to estimate how old he could be. There was a certain boyish glint in his eye although his broad manly face made estimates difficult.

“I’m Jas, by the way. Sounds like jazz, but it’s spelled j, a, s. Jas, short for James. Jas Reed.” His raised eyebrows in her direction were clearly inviting her name.

“I’m Linda,” she said, taking a quick sip of her wine, wondering whether her face had colored at the warmth in his eyes as he looked at her. Keep looking at her like that and she might be giving him more than her name. ‘Don’t be stupid, Linda, you’ve just met.’

As she finished off her wine, she was intrigued when he told her he was an ornithologist and had written three books on birds. He shrugged as he said, “Only just kept the wolf from the door. But last year I had an idea for a novel. Quite a shock when it sold well. The success of that meant I could afford a luxury suite on this cruise. And luxury is the word for it. When I saw it this afternoon, I was amazed at how lavish it was.”

He drained his glass and his eyes turned to her, “I’m having one more. May I get you something?”

To refuse could mean breaking the spell of being with him. Linda nodded her head, “Thank you. Sweet white.” A handsome man buying her a drink on her first night? Could anything be more perfect? Steady Linda, just because Sally has scored.

Jas caught the waiter’s attention and ordered a whiskey Mack along with the white wine. As they waited Jas asked her what she did for a living.

Linda felt that on all counts she was out of his league as she told him that she helped her father on his farm, in Montana.

His eyebrows rose as he said, “Now there’s a hell of a coincidence. I’m from Canada—Saskatchewan.” He laughed as he added, “We’re almost neighbors.”

An adjoining state bordering her own, but they could be hundreds of miles apart.

Linda, while in the company of this lovely man, was being tantalized by the strange feeling that, already, she was on an upward spiral of promise. She kept telling herself that fantasies didn’t come alive this easily, but every time she looked at Jas, and their eyes met, it seemed that they moved another twist up that spiral.

Onto the new drinks, Jas had so many questions and Linda tried valiantly to make her life sound interesting. Then his first compliment came, out of the blue haze she was in. She had allowed her hair to curl loosely at her shoulder, and, as ever, a wayward strand fell across escort pendik her face. As she pushed it back, he commented, “You have gorgeous hair. That’s what made me walk past twice.”

Linda wondered how she could keep herself from blushing at the pleasure of his words. Compliments? Was he leading somewhere? And was she hoping that he was? Disappointment came when he started on again about his luxurious cabin.

“I’ve obviously paid over the odds because the place is so big. I thought I’d been given the captain’s quarters by mistake.” He laughed, and those blue eyes gleamed. “There’s the huge balcony, a double—” Jas stopped, and his eyes fixed on her questioningly as he asked, “Hey, rather than have me babble on about it, would you let me show you?”

“Now?” What did that response reveal to him? Her shock, her doubts, her caution or her eagerness? All of those emotions flooded through her head in a storm of confusion.

Jas held up one hand and said, “My only motive is to share the sheer lavishness of the place. I’m no Don Juan. But I quite understand your uncertainty.”

Linda hoped she kept the desperation out of her voice as she told him, “No, I’d love to see-” Her wicked side had another word in mind as she went on, “-everything.”

The genuineness of his words had swung it for Linda. Within three minutes they were in the lift heading upwards. All the way, Linda was warning herself not to expect too much from this spiral she had invented. Her blood rushing, hot through her veins could be setting her up for disappointment.

As the lift approached the A deck level and Jas stood close without touching, she wondered how such a handsome man could be unattached. Like telepathy, before the lift stopped, he was telling her that his wife had left him eight months earlier.

“I was in the middle of setting up the novel, and she just couldn’t take my involvement. First, it was birds, she said, and now a bloody novel. I wasn’t giving her any consideration. So, she left.”

“I’m sorry,” Linda said, feeling it was a useless comment, but thinking that the woman had to be crazy.

As the lift doors opened, Jas gave her another of those smiles that had kept her insides ticking since they’d met. He shrugged, “Maybe it was for the best.”

Linda’s legs were shaking as she watched Jas open the door. Inside, she was immediately stunned by the lavish room in front of her. A cozy sofa and two armchairs set around a low glass table, a huge television on the left-hand wall, and across the lushly carpeted floor, sliding doors that led to what looked like a very wide balcony.

A door on the right-hand wall had to be the bedroom.. As she stood there telling him how fantastic it looked, Jas strode to the sliding door and urged her to have a look at the balcony.

After she had viewed the room-sized balcony holding two plush sunbeds, two comfy armchairs, and a table and sufficient extra space to dance, Jas indicated the other sliding door, and as Linda expected, it led to the large bedroom.

“It’s an apartment, really,” Linda observed.

“You’re impressed?” Jas asked as he followed her to the rail.

With you or the apartment? That was the question that ran playfully in her mind, but her answer served both choices, “Very.”

She leaned against the rail, marveling at how high they were. She knew her cabin looked out over the busy port but on this side of the liner the open ocean lay, silver-speckled by the high full moon.

“Tomorrow we’ll be out there sailing towards St Kitts,” Jas said, standing so close at her side that any movement brought the skin of their arms into contact. For Linda, it meant spasms of hot, effervescence coursing through her veins.

That was nothing compared what hit her when she felt his hand cover hers on the rail. For some crazy, unexplainable reason, she pulled her hand away, stepped back and looked up into his worried face, Confusion filled her head, as he gave her an uncertain smile, and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

The turmoil in her lower body and the genuine apology on his face urged Linda’s immediate response, “Don’t be sorry. I was shaken, but definitely stirred.” A smart-ass reply? To make up for it, she went on, “In fact, I enjoyed it.”

The surprised look on his face almost had her smiling, but his next request pushed the ball firmly into her court, “Would you then, kindly allow me a goodnight kiss?”

This was fantasy-land. And Linda was suddenly aware, and the moisture between her thighs confirmed it, that she could make it all come true. That spiral of hope was reaching a peak. Her eyes looked into those gorgeous blue eyes as she said, “I would like to be kissed.” She wondered if he noticed that she had omitted the words, ‘good night’.

Anyway, with the sea far below them gently slapping against the side of the liner, Jas lowered his head, to softly place his lips on Linda’s hopeful mouth. Her heart pounding madly, Linda’s lips tingled as for pendik escort bayan only seconds they stood there exchanging a friendly kiss.

But the moment she parted her lips, and her tongue searched out to find his, their whole calm introduction vanished. They became two ravenous beasts, with mouth and tongues seeking and fighting, arms clasping desperately around each other. Linda, moving on to a new plane of existence, had her hands roaming over the shirt on Jas’s muscular back. Her legs trembled as she felt his hands on the back of her dress, wandering down to stroke over her buttocks.

She might have protested when Jas broke the kiss, but the expression on his face as he looked hungrily down at her, told her that this could not be over.

“From the moment I saw you sitting out there, I was longing to kiss you. Now that I have, I’ll stop if you want me to. “

The thrilling words that ran through her head, could not be ignored. ‘It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen. No dream. It’s going to happen.’

She heard her own voice sounding like a desperate growl, as she replied, “I don’t want you to stop.” And she hoped her eyes, turned up to his face, would tell him what she really wanted. Linda learned very quickly how well her eyes had conveyed her message, for within seconds they were clasped together once more, their mouths mashing wetly, warmly.

Linda was so aware of the rising need as her passage exuded its juices, under the thrill of Jas’s hands being much more adventurous over her body. Starting by tracing her shape, the side of one breast down the inward slope of her waist, up to rise over her hip and then a return glide, the action repeated once more before his hand settled warmly over her left breast.

He would be finding there was no bra, as his finger tickled over her nipple jutting through her thin dress. Inflamed, Linda pressed herself against him, an action which impeded his caressing, but which had her detect the hardness pressed against her belly.

My God, she wanted to reach for it, hold it in her hand. Right on cue, Jas broke the kiss, and said, “You willing to continue this?” Even as he spoke, he had unbuttoned the top button of her dress but despite that, Linda, all aflame herself, appreciated his concern to be correct.

Her breathing was ragged as she told him, “If you want to.” And she gave him a smile to register her intended humor in that.

He gave her a swift kiss on the lips before taking her hand and leading her to the other French door, “Comfort is needed, I think.” Sliding that door to one side, revealed the stylish bedroom and leading her inside, Jas sat on the bottom end of the bed but guided Linda so that she was standing in front of him.

“Standing there,” he said gruffly, “you are bathed in a most romantic moonlight, which highlights your beauty.”

He held on to one of her hands while his other hand began to flick loose the rest of the buttons down her dress. Suddenly, Linda was totally transfixed, lost in the wonder of what was happening to her, blood pounding in her veins at the prospect of what was about to happen.

“Just shrug your shoulders,” Jas instructed, bathing her again with that smile, and willingly, Linda did as he asked, knowing that this would cause her dress to drop away, and she’d be standing more exposed to male eyes than she had ever been. Only her flimsy, blue, soaked panties covered her shaved pussy.

Looking down she saw the wild distortion in the front of his pants, as she felt his fingers loop inside her panty waist, to draw them down. What happened next as she stepped out of them, almost took her to instant orgasm.

Wide-eyed in surprise, Jas mumbled, “I’ve never touched a shaved—” He didn’t end his statement as, almost in one movement, he released Linda’s hands, to place his on her buttocks, applied pressure to draw her nearer. His head bent forward, and his face and mouth nuzzled under her bare mound.

Linda’s gasp of shock and pleasure was drawn from her as something wet, surely his tongue groped snakelike into her crease, and touched, oh, God, yes it touched her clit. Linda had known nothing like the sensations that stormed through her whole body, as Jas’s tongue claimed her. Her juices seemed to be running free onto her thighs.

Jas slid his hand beyond where his tongue was playing, and two fingers ploughed through her soaking crevice. The wild ecstasy of his touch had Linda moaning out loud, trying to vocalize her passion, “I want—I want—”

Jas moved his head up and slid both hands to her waist. Linda had the vague sense of loss as her pussy was deserted. But Jas had continued moving as he said, “You are more than ready.” And, as he turned her body to the bed, he took her hand and placed it on the incredible hardness at the front of his pants and growled, “And you see how ready I am.”

Linda’s mind was in a mad turmoil of unfamiliar impulses. Very briefly she had gripped the hefty tool that she knew would soon be fulfilling her burgeoning desires. But all the time Jas had been moving her, and now he lay her gently back on the bed, where she parted her legs wantonly. Trembling under Jas’s caressing gaze. Was it lustful? God, She hoped it was.

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