Lily’s Liberation Ch. 01


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Lily sat nervously outside of the conference room, fidgeting slightly as she adjusted her cardigan. She glanced over to the woman sitting across from her, her colleague, Sara, who was hired around the same time as her. Both of them were entry level media consultants, hired to help develop the Sabres’ web and social media presence. But there were rumors circulating throughout the office that only one of them would be kept on after 12 months; after 9 months of the job, Lily was now fighting to keep the job that she’d worked her entire adult life to have.

She tried not to be catty, but something about Sara rubbed her the wrong way. She was only 23, 5 years younger than Lily, but she carried herself with a confidence and demeanor that bordered on arrogance. Lily knew that she was probably just projecting her own insecurities at the poor girl. Nevertheless, the combination of her carriage and her dress sent the wrong signals to Lily. Maybe she was old-fashioned, but she couldn’t help thinking that Sara was unafraid to use her body to secure the job. Lily’s eyes scanned up Sara’s body, 2 inch black pumps, bare toned calfs, her legs crossed under a skirt that fell a few inches above the knee – about an inch shorter than seemed necessary – a white button-down blouse, open just enough to allow what was undoubtedly a push-up bra to create some nice cleavage.

It’s not that Lily didn’t dress well, but she tried to keep it more professional. Her tight black slacks stuck to her toned and firm calves and thighs, accentuating her butt – well-shaped from years of swimming and running. She wore a silk sleeveless top with a decent neckline, and a blue cardigan to keep her from feeling too self-conscious. She knew that lots of the men in the office stared at her ass as she walked down the hallway, and followed her tits with their eyes whenever she leaned over, hoping to catch a glimpse of her c-cup breasts. But she tried not to come off as too slutty. She really loved this job, and didn’t want to get fired for “distracting the boys.” It was Sara’s care-free attitude that annoyed her. Lily worked her ass off for years to get this job, and Sara was hired almost right out of school.

It was tempting to blame her husband, whose medical school time and expenses meant putting Lily’s career on hold while she worked a thankless but well-paying office job to support them during his studies. But now that he had finished and was employed at a hospital downtown, it was time for her career to finally get going. She couldn’t blame him; he had been thankful of her sacrifice and was supporting her career move now, even though it meant less pay. She just couldn’t help thinking that if she had gotten in when she was as young as Sara that she wouldn’t be vying for her career against a younger woman who would twirl her hair and giggle at every lewd joke a co-worker made.

Their boss finally called them into the conference room and gestured towards the chair to sit down. Sara sat down first, and Lily watched Stan’s eyes follow the hemline of her skirt up to her thigh. She caught herself from shaking her head as she sat down and took out her tablet. Sara looked up and met Stan’s eyes and smiled, before pulling out her own tablet, crossing her legs, and adjusting her skirt.

“I know you two have probably heard the rumors,” Stan began, meeting both women’s eyes, “and yes, they are true. I don’t have much control over it, but we’ve been mandating to cut costs in this department. While both of you have done excellent work, we can only afford to extend one of your contracts. The decision will be made by a committee, made up of myself, my supervisor, and an outside HR consultant.”

“When will the decision be made?” Sara blurted out.

“In August. We’ll review your work, evaluate your future potential, and meet with both of you prior to making the decision.” Stan turned to Lily, “Do you have any questions, Lily?”

“Just one,” she said, trying to make her voice larger than she felt. “Can you be more specific on the criteria for selection?”

“Like I said, we want to hire the best for the job, which is why we’re bringing in an outside consultant who will be developing some indicators that we can measure performance objectively,” he replied, slowing down and emphasizing the word ‘objectively.’ “If there’s nothing else,” he continued, “I suggest you two get back to work. You’ve both done a wonderful job, and I will be happy to write strong references for whoever doesn’t make the cut. In a perfect world we would keep both of you, but this field has gotten just as competitive as every other, and we have to keep costs down.”

Stan stood up and shook Sara’s hand, who nervously thanked him and quickly exited the room back to her cubicle. Lily stood and received his handshake, which seemed slightly longer than it should have, but Lily dismissed the thoughts. As she gathered her tablet and pen, she looked up at Stan whose eyes hadn’t left her chest.

“Can I ask you a question? Do I really have a chance? Can I be doing more? I really want to keep this job. I’ll double by output; I’ll work extra hours. Just tell me.”

Stan smiled and pendik escort took a step towards her; Lily nervously glanced around and noticed that the blinds of the conference room remained closed. He put a hand on her shoulder, gently squeezing it, and she followed his eyes down to her left hand, where her wedding band and engagement ring caught his eye. His hand remained on her shoulder, however, as he adjusted his eyes back to hers.

“You’re doing a fine job,” he said, speaking more softly than before, “but I’d like to see you be a bit more assertive in meetings.” Stan made another step towards her, his body only inches from her; his hand slid down her back. “I want to see you really dedicate yourself to this job, and show me why you’re invaluable.” His hand had reached her lower back, gently pulling her towards him.

Lily knew she should stop this; she should report it to HR. Get this ass fired. But then she’d be that woman, the one causing trouble; there would be no way they’d renew her contract then. She thought about her husband. He would support her. He wouldn’t have to know if she flirted back with her boss just a little bit to keep her dream job. Once her contract was renewed, she could go to HR, or transfer to another department. There was also something compelling about Stan’s confidence and his body. His tailored black shirt stretched perfectly across his firm chest and broad shoulders. His slacks drew attention to his butt and thighs. He kept his shows polished, and had a seemingly unending supply of fashionable silk ties. When his hand cupped her ass, she not only didn’t stop him, but she involuntarily took a sharp inhale, closing her eyes. Surprising herself, she found herself enjoying his attention, letting him pull her body against his. Her excitement only grew as she felt the bulge in his pants pressed against her. Alex had been so busy at work, they hadn’t fucked in over a month. She found herself strangely overcome with desire. It took everything in her not to grab Stan, pull him close, and let kiss her. She almost wanted him to ravage her right there; Alex didn’t have to know.

His hand fell back to his side, and she came back to her senses, slowly opening her eyes meeting his deep brown eyes. “Just let me know if there’s anything I can do to enhance my performance,” she whispered, trying to recollect herself, before stepping back and picking up her things. She knew his eyes were glued to her ass as she exited the conference room. She accentuated the swaying of her hips as she walked out, trying not to think about what might have happened next if she didn’t walk away. But she couldn’t help it; the image of her bent over the conference table, biting her lip to keep quiet as he had her way with her in a crowded office building flooded insatiably into her mind. She was red and breathing fast as she walked back to her desk, hoping that no one noticed her flush cheeks. She sat down, squeezing her thighs together, as the feeling of arousal continued to pulse through her body. It wasn’t even about keeping her job anymore. She still wanted that, of course, but a more primal animalistic instinct had overcome her. She grabbed her purse and headed to the ladies’ room.

Closing and locking the door behind her, she stood in a stall and slid off her sweater. She peeled her blouse down just enough and shifted her shoulders, squeezing her breasts together. She took 2 quick pictures of her well-endowed cleavage before unbuttoning and sliding down her pants. Sliding a finger over her slit through her black lace panties, she noticed a wet spot already growing. Moving her phone between her legs, she took a few pictures of her fingers rubbing herself, and sliding under her panties. Finally sliding them out of the way, she took a final picture of her pussy, her pubic hair trimmed but not shaved completely off, before redressing herself. Luckily her short stature meant that she was completely hidden by the stall. She sent the pictures to Alex with a two word message, “Need you.”

She waited all afternoon at her desk for Alex to respond, to show any sign of the desire that coursed through her veins. Every time her phone buzzed she stirred with excitement, only to be disappointed as it was just a notification from twitter or a weather alert. Her arousal hadn’t subsided, but was now fomenting into an anger at her husband. She couldn’t concentrate on her work. Her eyes kept wandering towards her boss’s office, wondering what would happen if she just walked in; her mind kept spinning elaborate fantasies involving Stan. Caught in these rapturous instincts, she had to consciously almost forcefully keep her hands pressed to the keyboard, lest they slide between her legs to give her the satisfaction she so deeply desired.

Finally, he texted back. She had gotten up to get some water, hoping that she could cool down. When she returned, she checked her blinking phone. As she unlocked her phone, her excitement built, hoping for some naughty message or risqué image in response to what she had sent. Almost immediately her desirous smile transformed into a disappointed pout. “That’s hot babe, but I’m real busy. Might have to stay late escort pendik tonight. Don’t wait to eat with me. <3" That's it, she thought, 'That's hot.' She fumed in anger at her husband who couldn't even feign some desire or eroticism to satisfy her. If only he knew what got her so turned on. If only he knew how badly she was desiring another man at the moment. Her anger swirled with her desire, intensifying it. She would show him, even if he never found out. She felt her arousal grow as she fantasized about cornering Stan in his office and letting him do what he wanted with her. She would surely secure her job and fulfill her needs, with the added bonus of getting back at Aex. She could barely contain herself now, as her breath intensified and her eyes closed involuntarily. Her hands almost automatically began sliding up her thighs, now tightening under pressure. It was only the giggling of Sara, walking back from the water cooler with a couple of male colleagues that interrupted her fantasy. She looked up and saw her leaning against the wall, twirling her blond hair. She knew Sara would flirt her way to the top, but would Sara go as far as Lily was now considering? She passed a finger through her long brunette hair, sliding it back behind her ear. I’ll show them all, she thought. They all take me for granted, since I’m quiet and work with my head down; I’ll show them all that they’ll have to notice me now, Stan, Sara, Alex. With a confidence and purpose she hadn’t felt in a long time she stood up, grabbed some folders off of her desk for pretense, and began striding towards the closed door Stan’s office. The confidence that urged her into Stan’s office, closed the door, and locked it behind her, began to evaporate once she realized what was happening. She stood there, with an empty folder in her arms, staring at Stan who was looking up from his laptop. He had loosened his tie, and was staring intensely at her; his eyes sliding her clothes off of her body. She felt his penetrating scale, and began to blush. She no longer was so sure of what to do, and even considered leaving, before his voice interrupted the awkward silence. “Can I help you Lily?” He asked, starting to stand up, giving her the opportunity to explore his body with her eyes, imagining his pants at his ankles, her arms gripping his strong thighs and butt, his cock deep in her throat. Slowly, she began to regain some confidence, but still remained almost petrified in embarrassment. “Um, nothing much. I, um, I’m sorry; I should come back later,” Lily stammered, beginning to walk backwards towards the door. Stan continued to stand up. “No, it’s all right. I’m not busy at the moment; what can I do for you, my dear?” She rolled her eyes at his demeaning comment, but quickly looked back at him, meeting his eyes as he continued walking out from behind his desk towards her. “I was just thinking about what you said earlier,” she replied, much more softly than she intended. She swallowed nervously, trying to regain the confidence that she had but minutes before when she was imagining this interaction. The reality of the situation fundamentally changed her persona, and she now felt trapped and anxious. A smile crept across Stan’s face. “Have you now? I was hoping you would. I really want to see excel here. I think you’re a valued asset in the office. But I know that Sara is vying for attention and is very good at working people to her advantage.” He took another step forward, and Lily found her eyes wandering back down to his crotch noticing a slight bulge again forming in his pants. Lily was caught in between her timidity and her arousal. She wanted to claim something for herself; she wanted to feel wanted. She wanted to use Stan just as he was using her. But she also thought about her husband, how she didn’t want to betray him. And then she remembered his reply to her message this afternoon, how badly she wanted to feel wanted, to feel desired, and it only pushed her forward. Involuntarily she took a few steps forward, towards Stan’s desk. She looked up at him as he smiled at her, only a few steps away. He was taller than Alex, at least 6 feet, towering over her 5’4” frame. She smiled, trying to instill some confidence as she met his penetrating eyes. “Is there a project you would like some help on?” She tried her best to keep her voice even. She’d never even thought about cheating before. She hadn’t been with another man since months before she met Alex. But something about today – his absence, the threat to her job, Sara’s flaunting – had pushed her to where she hadn’t expected. She summoned all of her courage and attempted to sound as coy as she possibly could. “Perhaps something that needs a woman’s touch,” she cooed as she reached out and began stroking her index finger up Stan’s firm thigh. Stan looked past her to see that the door was closed and locked, before returning his gaze into her eyes. His grin expanded, as he moved his hands to his belt buckle. “Well there was one thing,” he whispered as he unbuckled his belt, and began to unbutton his blue pressed suit pants. Lily’s eyes began to glow with desire, as she stared pendik escort bayan intently at her boss, unbuttoning and unzipping his slacks, letting them fall to his ankles. His muscles were firm and toned, a thrilling contrast to Alex’s smaller legs, ignored due to years of school. Stan’s dick was bulging out against the contoured pouch of his tight fitting trunks. As if controlled by a latent sexual spirit, Lily immediately fell to her knees, her finger tips grasping Stan’s trunks, bringing them to the floor with her. His cock sprung out towards her face before it was immediately grasped by Lily’s hands. It was smaller than Alex’s, by only a little bit, but Stan kept his pubic hair neatly trimmed. His scrotum and shaft were completely bare and smooth.

With one hand she began gently rubbing the length of Stan’s shaft, feeling it grow even firmer under her shaft, while she let her other hand explore the muscled dimensions of his thighs and ass, sliding her fingers up and down his legs eventually beginning to gently massage his balls. Stan let out a slight moan and began to slide his fingers through her long brown hair, gently squeezing her scalp in encouragement. Within seconds, Lily had begun to furiously pump the length of Stan’s cock, her grip just tight enough to produce the tantalizing tension that she knew guys loved. In the back of her mind, she knew what she was doing was wrong, but she couldn’t control herself. She allowed herself to be taken over by pure desire, sliding her fingers up and down his smooth shaft. The fact that Alex didn’t know, that she was doing it in secret, that she was being risqué, only aroused her even more. She was sure that her panties were now soaked, and she was hoping that Stan would reciprocate and relieve her as well.

After what seemed like hours, but was maybe only 2 minutes, Stan gripped her head tighter, pulling her closer to his throbbing prick. “Why don’t you show me some of your other skills, my dear?” She looked up at him, nervous yet aroused, and smiled, before she began to gently circle the head of his cock with her tongue. She applied gentle pressure as she slid her tongue around and around his glans, eliciting another unconscious moan from Stan’s lips. Even more aroused, she took his head into her mouth, continuing to swirl her tongue over his sensitive tip. For the first time in years, she tasted the salty pre-cum of another man; its novelty excited her, and she found herself sliding him deeper and deeper into mouth. Stan responded with a firmer grip on the back of her head, her hair tangled up with her fingers. Lily wanted more. She wanted his cum. At first she wanted her own relief, but now she couldn’t control her desire for his cum.

Lily crept her left hand up Stan’s thigh and gripped his muscular ass, letting herself get lost in his firm glutes, as she took every last inch of Stan’s cock into her mouth. She held it there for just a second, before quickly pulling her mouth back to catch her breath. A trail of saliva and pre-cum ran from her lips to the tip of his cock, now glistening. Stan groaned as his cock left her mouth, twitching in the cold office air. Only seconds later, Lily opened her mouth again and began sliding her lips up and down his shaft. Not taking its entire length, but bobbing her head faster and faster with each motion, her left hand squeezing his ass, holding him still forcing him into her mouth at an accelerating rate.

Stan’s hips soon began rocking to match the movement of Lily’s head, and she crept her free hand – currently gripping Stan’s leg – up to his balls and began massaging them as she continued to bob on his cock. He moaned again, louder this time, seemingly forgetful of the thin drywall separating his office from a den of cubicles and workstations. The thought that someone might catch them, which should have terrified Lily, only contributed to her excitement and arousal. In response, she tightened her lips around his cock, increasing the pressure on his sensitive member and began gripping his balls even firmer. Stan’s grip tightened to an almost painful degree, and she knew she had him close. She loosened her grip on his cock and began concentrating on his sensitive head. She alternated between sucking and swirling his tongue over his glans, occasionally gently biting the edge of his head. “Oh, God! Lily,” Stan burst out, and she could feel his throbbing dick begin to twitch.

His hips began to buck, as she gripped him harder and slipped his dick deep into her mouth. She felt his orgasm begin, his muscles tensing, his cock twitching, and felt the spray of his cum in the back of her mouth, falling down her throat. Lily did her best not to gag, as he emptied himself into her willing and eager mouth, but eventually tried to pull herself back. Stan held her head firm for half a second, before releasing her. Gasping for breath, she pulled back, her mouth full of his salty seed, his cock glistening, coated in the mixture of saliva and spunk. As she pulled his cock out of her mouth, it twitched one last time, leaving a dribble of cum on her lips. Almost panting, she swallowed, trying to regain composure, before noticing the last bit dripping down from her lips to her silk blouse. Running her tongue along her lips, she cleaned herself, but not before some of Stan’s seed fell to her blouse. She looked down, frowning, muttering “dammit” under her breath.

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