Life Outside the Cult Ch. 01


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“Why the tear my tall beauty.”

I meant to cheer the lean brown haired near forty-year-old lady watching the first Panama Canal lock raise us on our way to the level of Gatun Lake. She shot me with a glare that would have been appropriate to give a convicted axe murderer.

“Sorry, the day is so young and beautiful. So are you. The tear seemed out of place. I only wanted to talk with you and hopefully put a smile on your face.”

She must have re-judged me, “Tall, mid-fifties, well dressed and graying hair — he must be harmless.” I had turned and taken a few steps away when she spoke, “I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m not used to having strangers start up personal conversations.”

“I won’t be a stranger, if we swap names. I’m Jim Thomas from Seattle.” She recoiled as I reached out and wiped the tear from her cheek with my right palm.

“That is so much better. Your green eyes sparkle nicely even without tears.”

She blushed a deep red and diverted her eyes. “Ginny Linsome from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.”

She let me reach out and shake her hand in both of mine. It was too limp. “Nice to meet you Ginny. You couldn’t be traveling alone.”

She was opening up now. She had noticed my wedding ring, “No, I’m with my friend Betty. How about you? Are you with your wife and family?”

“Just my wife. You’ll like her. Everyone does. She is wheelchair bound but loves to take cruises. We do at least two a year.”

“This is my first cruise. I’ve never traveled much.”

“No kids, hubby, etc.”

“Divorced two years ago. Ex has a church in Idaho and our two girls are married and still members there.”

“Sounds strict. Your daughters have to be very young.”

My attempt at a compliment went unnoticed. “Strict isn’t the word. Yes, they are seventeen and nineteen.”

“How about a coffee? I want you to tell me all about yourself and your traveling companion. I miss having someone to talk to early in the mornings.”

Over coffee I discovered Ginny had grown up in a near cult, married its rising star at seventeen and then rebelled at his control twenty-five years later. She desperately wanted to experience life but had no confidence or knowledge about how to do it. Her serious demeanor seemed to get even more intense as she told me about her traveling friend, Betty. She told me that Betty was in her mid thirties, a recent widow, shy, had become reclusive since her husband’s death and that this trip was her attempt to get some purpose and life back into Betty.

“I have to get back, Ginny. I hope to see you and Betty at the lunch buffet. My wife and I will be there about one.”

I was a little surprised when Ginny and Betty joined my wife and me for lunch. All three women hit it off. I got in a few words but mostly Ginny and my wife Carole talked and Betty sat quietly and smiled. Betty’s eyes glanced down every time we made direct eye contact. I was curious about that but I used cruises to catch up on my writing deadlines. I left them chatting away for a couple of hours and went to write in the library.

I was not making much progress when Betty showed up at my table. She had been sent to retrieve me. Carole was tired and wanted me to take her back to the cabin. Betty had a strange, but not shy, air about her.

“Betty sit with me a few minutes while I finish this idea. I can write while you talk; tell me all about yourself.”

She confirmed all that Ginny had told me. She had been widowed as the result of a strange hunting accident ten months ago. She really missed the strength and companionship of her husband, was fighting depression and seldom left her house. When I stood, she stood. When I took her hand, she squeezed mine. When I gathered my papers and computer, she helped. When I put my arm around her to guide her away, she molded into me and moved almost as a part of me. Now, I knew. As the elevator door closed, I took a handful of her hair and tilted her head toward me and looked deep into her eyes. She closed her eyes. I kissed her closed mouth and licked her lips. She sighed just as the elevator door opened and I returned her to her friend.


After an early evening buffet, Carol wanted to canlı bahis return to the cabin and spend a quiet evening. This is how it usually went. I wanted companionship, to talk, to dance, to laugh. So off I went to find a dance partner or two.

Ginny and Betty were shopping in one of the ship’s jewelry stores when I found them and invited them for a drink. Neither knew what to order and neither was initially at ease in the bar. Neither knew how to dance. As we talked I discovered they knew very little about anything. Under great protest, I pulled Ginny to the dance floor. She was relaxing by the end of the first song and had learned the two-step. At the end of the second song, I kissed her lightly on the lips and said, “Thank you for dancing with me.” Her eyes were as big as saucers.

Betty really did not want to try dancing. I knew she would have if I pressed the point. Ginny was not ready to see that. So Ginny and I danced for hours, getting used to our bodies touching. She did not move my hand from her butt the two times that I pulled her tightly against me. It was getting late; after one dance we pressed together more than we should have, Ginny held on and said, “Betty goes to the ten a.m. movie. Can you come get me for coffee then?”

“Dance one more dance with me and you could convince me to swim to Fort Lauderdale for you.”

Her eyes sparkled; she smiled naughtily just as the band started to play an ancient Nat King Cole make-out song. I felt her stiffen and inhale for an instant when she felt my half hard dick nestle above her pussy and throb into her belly. Toward the end of the song she had me almost hard and was enjoying her control over me.

I held her strongly, lowered my head to her neck and sucked her earlobe, letting my breath tease into her ear. “Ginny, I have really enjoyed this evening. Your body is a little touch of heaven. You have me wanting you and my head spinning.”

As we parted to go back to the table for Betty, I let my hand slip across her hip, down her belly and pressed my fingers as they crossed her cunt. Out of reflex she grabbed my wrist but then pulled my hand tighter into her instead of pushing me away. Our eyes locked for a couple of seconds. She was holding her breath.

I walked my two new lady friends to their cabin and almost platonically kissed Ginny goodnight. I turned to Betty and paused waiting for her surrender. She stood still, arms at her sides, head tilted up to me and her eyes closed. My goodnight kiss to Betty was a passionate short French kiss. Again I licked her lips. As we pulled away from each other I blatantly reached out and pulled at her left nipple. She groaned and pressed into my hand. Her eyes never opened.

Ginny was standing in shock. I brought my mouth next to her ear, “If you want me to explain what just happened, order us coffee and breakfast in your cabin tomorrow morning while Betty goes to the movie.” Then I ushered them into their cabin and returned to mine.

Ginny was radiant, wearing a light sundress and no shoes when I arrived at ten. The room had been made up, was bright with sunlight and breakfast was waiting. I poured us coffee slowly, enjoying making Ginny wait for her explanation.

“Ginny, tell me about Betty and her husband.”

“He was a big, strong man, about thirty, handsome, a vet and she was totally devoted to him. He was trying to get her out of the church when he was killed. She left afterward because that is what he wanted. She has been lost and almost morose. I’ve been afraid she might hurt herself. Now, you have to tell me what was going on between you two last night.”

“I have not led the sheltered life that you and Betty have. God has a funny sense of humor. You two want to live and have fun but do not know how. I know how but circumstances generally keep me from it.”

She bristled when I used the word “God.” I continued on, “I get the impression the church your ex leads is mostly a controlling cult.”

“Yes, I believe that now. It started to frighten me over the years.”

“A lot of great ideas get perverted into self serving doctrines. Sorry, I’m getting sidetracked. Back to Betty. Every person can have his on version of sexuality. There is not a bahis siteleri right or wrong regardless of what ignorant people have told you. Betty is a natural submissive. She probably could have an orgasm by standing perfectly still and just surrendering to a strong person that she trusted. That is what she had with her husband and why she is has been so lost.”

Again Ginny was in shock. “I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

“I’ll bet you have not been allowed to hear about, or experience, a lot. Tell me what you know. How much do you know about the pleasures a woman’s body can bring her? Do you know about oral sex? G-spots? Multiple orgasms? Dominance? Bondage? Role play? Sex in public? Tell me what you have heard. Not right and wrong judgments. Open up and tell me.”

Her discomfort was evident but she started to haltingly answer me. “All my life I have been taught that women are servants to men. I do not know a lot of what you listed and the church has not encouraged its members to learn such things. It labeled most of those acts sinful.”

“What do you believe?”

“I don’t know. Over the years, I’ve often felt bad about myself because of my thoughts and desires.”

I didn’t know Ginny well enough to take this conversation much farther without frightening her. But I did know how to play.

“I love talking with you. Your body was made for pleasure. Your sexual thoughts and desires could never be evil or sinful. Say the word, ‘Stop’ for me.”


“Good. Now just remember, I take instruction very well and you are in total control.”

I stood and walked to her side of the small table. “Close you eyes, pretty one.” I pushed my finger into the cheese and strawberry Danish and spread some of the filling across Ginny’s lips. She licked it away. “Leave some for me.” I smeared her lips again and brought my lips to hers to nibble the red and white concoction away. At first she stiffened, then she began to relax and respond to having her lips licked, kissed and sucked.

Again I dipped my fingers and spread her neck and licked more of my breakfast from her.

After again putting some of the Danish’s filling onto her neck, together we licked my finger clean. As I moved my finger from our lips, I gently cupped her breasts.


I wiped her neck with a napkin, poured us both a fresh cup of coffee and sat down at the table. Her eyes were a little dreamy and confused.

“I didn’t really mean to say ‘Stop.’ I got frightened.”

“Sometimes, we all try to run away from new, intense sensations. Tried and true may be boring but it is safe. Are you going to play safe your entire life?”

“I don’t want to.”

“Come stand in front of me then. Do you remember the word?”

She came to me. “Yes, I remember, but I don’t want to say it this time.”

I stroked her neck softly and whispered to her, “I hope you don’t. Listen to me before I touch you. I will not remove any of my clothes or have regular sex with you unless you ask. Just relax and let your body show you what it can do.”

Ginny’s sundress had the bra made into it. I slipped the straps down and kissed every inch of her lovely skin as it came, ever so slowly, into view. I teased her by rubbing her breasts and kissing her nipples through the material but I did not pull the dress down enough to expose them. Her eyes slowly closed again and she moaned as I sucked and blew my hot breath through the material of her dress.

The game was not progressing fast enough for her. She pushed her right breast into my face and then stretched up enough for the cup to slip down and expose her rigid nipple to my lips. I sucked and licked; she moved to teach me how she liked to be caressed. I did not make any advances. She reached up, pulled her dress from her left breast and pushed my head to give it equal time.

When I brought my fingers to the now neglected wet nipple, I rolled it and pulled gently at it. Ginny’s knees were weak. I laid her back full length on the bed and followed, letting her feel my weight between her outstretched legs. We learned to kiss and enjoy each other’s tongues and taste while I caressed her neck and breasts.

She helped when I rose over her bahis şirketleri and pulled the dress and panties down over her hips and off her legs. I stayed at the foot of the bed holding her small feet. She opened her eyes and watched me when my lips closed over her toes. I kissed her feet and sucked each toe. Her body tensed as I pushed her feet down to the bed and began to kiss her legs. She knew where I was heading and was struggling with many conflicting thoughts.

I raised one of her legs so I could kiss behind her knee. My lips trailed to inside her thighs and licked. I could smell her excitement but her body was still resisting. As I loved her legs with my hands and lips, I could feel her relax and then stiffen again as she was getting used to being nude in front of me in the sunlight. She had quite a patch of untrimmed dark brown hair. I knew I would shave her in a day or two, but for now I opened her outer lips with my thumbs and brought my mouth to her. She felt like a board in my hands. My tongue snaked out and licked her slit from bottom to top, grazing her protected clit. She was so still and quiet. Afraid of these new feelings and yet enjoying them. I brought my thumbs higher and opened her again. Her little button peaked out pinkly into the bright room. Ginny’s eyes were wide open, starring at the ceiling.

“Don’t fight your body. Close you eyes and let all your senses go.”

I sucked her outer lips and worked upward to lick lightly over her pearl. She gasped. Again and again I lightly licked her. Her body was taking over now. Her cunt was getting puffy and reddening. I licked again and for the first time I took her clit between my lips and sucked lightly. Her hands flew to my head and pulled me into her as a long overdue orgasm ripped through her body. She thrust into me. Her pubic bone felt like a fist when it hit my nose. I matched her movements and sucked until she tried to hold me still and push me away.

According to me, her body needed a bigger first lesson. I grabbed her wrists and pushed them behind her, under her hips and pinning them with my left hand. I returned my right hand to her drenched pussy and pushed two fingers into her and pressed her g-spot. I lowered my face back to her clit and set up a slow easy rhythm of sucking outside and rubbing inside. She had not come all the way down from her first climax so she rose to the edge again very quickly. I was going to be mean to her this time. I was going to keep her on the edge until she asked for release.

Each time her belly tightened or her thighs clamped my head or her toes started to curl, I slowed my assault until she relaxed a tiny bit. Once she tried to hide the signals, trick me and cum. I bit the soft skin between her leg and her pussy telling her I knew her game. Finally, I heard, “Please.”

I did not speed up or suck harder. I did not want her to know she would get her way. When she opened and tensed she expected to be frustrated again but I did not slow. She slipped over the top and hung there. She arched, moaned, growled and pulled some of my hair out. Her cunt was sucking my fingers and pulsing to kiss my tongue. She was so sensitive she hurt. She pulled her hands free. She wanted to hurt a little more; she did not push me away. Her legs closed around my head and she rolled to one side. She grabbed a pillow and screamed into it again and then once again. Almost frantically she grabbed at my head and pushed me away from her clit. I froze, letting her come down from her high. I could see and feel contractions ripple through her entire body. As Ginny’s breathing began to return to normal she relaxed onto her back and I laid my head on her bushy mound, enjoying the present I had helped her body give her.

She was too still. She was asleep. Luckily we still had coffee. I hadn’t cum in my pants and had not selected wisely this morning. My light tan pants sported a dark wet spot from lots of pre cum.

When my new lover stirred I went to her and kissed her awake. She cuddled next to me and her body purred. I kept kissing her. Finally she spoke, “You taste like my pussy.”

“Yes, isn’t it wonderful.”

“I think I like it too.”

“Was that the first time you have been kissed that way?”

She was quiet, then sleepily said, “You gave me a lot of firsts.” We cuddled. She dozed off again. I covered her, cleaned myself, straightened up the room and then went to the library to work for a while.

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