Life At A Party


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Christine was at a party. She really wasn’t much of a party girl, but hey, her best friend was going and had invited her. She was standing in a corner, watching everything going on around her, keeping mostly to herself. She noticed one guy in particular watching her. His name was Justin, and he was the hottest guy she had ever seen.

Christine was sure that he would never pay attention to her so she paid him no heed and continued to watch the rest of the party. Her friend Jennifer came over a while later and told her that this really hot guy wanted to meet her. So Jennifer dragged her over and introduced Christine to no other than Justin himself. Christine was shocked that he wanted to meet her and shyly said hello. Justin grinned and said hello back and asked if she wanted anything to drink. Christine, without any hesitation, said “whiskey, straight up.” Justin grinned at her again and went to go get her drink.

“Isn’t he hot?” Jennifer asked Christine once Justin had walked out of earshot.

“Yes he is. I was sure that he wouldn’t pay attention to someone like me. I’m surprised that he wanted to meet me at all.” çiğli escort answered Christine.

“Don’t you have any idea how hot you look Christine?” asked Jennifer. “There are like a million girls here and at least half of them are jealous of you.”

Justin walked back at that moment carrying Christine’s drink. “Here you go. Whiskey straight up.” he said as he handed the glass to Christine.

“Thank you” said Christine quietly and downed her drink in one pull. Justin hid a look of surprise at how easily she did that. Christine smiled at Justin as if she had read his thoughts. Justin asked if Christine wanted to take a walk with him. She looked at Jennifer who gave her a supportive smile and then walked away.

Away from the noise and commotion of the party, Christine went with Justin. He took her outside across the yard to his apartment. Once inside, He showed her around and handed Christine the whiskey bottle. Christine sipped from the bottle as Justin showed her around. She started yawning soon after and Justin said it was ok for her to lie down on his bed for a while. When çiğli escort bayan she woke a couple hours later, she found that Jennifer had left a note saying that she would cover for her and not to worry about getting home that night.

Awake, she walked out into the living room area of Justin’s place. She saw him sitting in a chair reading a book. He looked up and smiled. “Feeling better?” he asked.

Christine nodded and sat down on a couch across from Justin. She looked confused when Justin French kissed her. “I had been wanting to do that for a long time.” he said.

Unused to being kissed, Christine wanted more. The tingle that she felt was good. She kissed Justin again. His hands roamed around her body. She got a sudden bold idea and took off her shirt and bra and then took off her jeans. Sitting on the couch in just her underwear was a little more than Justin could bear. He laid her down on the couch and stretched over her and kissed her deeply. While he was kissing her, he was sliding her underwear down her long legs. She gasped when she felt the cool air against her shaven escort çiğli pussy but said nothing else.

She looked at Justin with a smile on her face that bespoke of her innocence in more than one region. Slowly, Justin lubed his cock with her pussy juices that were flowing all around her. Christine looked up at him confused and excited. Justin smiled down at her and then gently pushed his now lubed cock into her ass. She gasped at the feeling of having his cock in her ass. It felt…weird and good at the same time. She wanted more of this feeling. Justin sensing that she was ready rammed his cock into her ass roughly. She gasped again and then groaned. Justin thrusted in and out of her again and again, Christine moaning each time he slammed into her hard and rough. She liked this treatment and wanted more. She started raising her ass up in rhythm to Justin’s thrusting. He flipped her over onto her stomach and used her ass. He rammed and rammed into her again and again. The more he reamed her, the more Christine moaned, the more it turned him on and made him thrust even harder. She was just so damn tight. Her ass was so tight and it felt great. He couldn’t hold back any longer and he was blasting his hot sticky cum up her ass. As soon as he was spent, he collapsed on top of Christine. Not long afterward, Justin got up and cleaned himself up. Christine had fallen asleep again, but this time with cum dripping out of her ass.

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